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Disabled man got cellphone for agreeing to marry, says report in contentious Riverside County case

Tamara Mukai Mazzei wanted to be legal guardian for her twin grandsons, Ryan and Ronald. She got only half her wish. (Mindy Schauer, Orange County Register/SCNG) The identical twins play on the beach in San Clemente on Dec. 19, 2000. They were 6. Ronald Moore, right, holds brother Ryan. (Staff Photo / Eugene Garcia ) Sound The gallery will resume in seconds Ronald Moore, left, and identical twin Ryan Morris embrace after seeing each for the first time in 13 years at a court hear...
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Judge Acquits Chicago Police Officers Accused of Covering Up Fatal Shooting of Black Teen by Fellow Officer

The officer who shot Laquan McDonald was convicted of murder and aggravated battery
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Michael Cohen Says Donald Trump Ordered Him to Hire Company to Rig Online Polls

Cohen also requested that the tech company set up a Twitter account, @WomenforCohen, which depicted Cohen as a "sex symbol"
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This Takings Case Has Nothing To Do With The Wall, But Still

Let's just watch how conservatives thread this eminent domain needle while the Takings elephant is in the room.
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Thursday Thinkpiece: The Elephant in the Courtroom

Periodically on Thursdays, we present a significant excerpt, usually from a recently published book or journal article. In every case the proper permissions have been obtained. If you are a publisher who would like to participate in this feature, please let us know via the site’s contact form. Understanding Justice Needs: The Elephant in the Courtroom Hague Institute for Innovation of Law (HiiL) | November 2018 Excerpt: Project Introduction & Chapter 6: Enabling the Justice Sector Transition P...
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Allergan, Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe Ask SCOTUS To Hear Restasis Patent Case

A federal court last year put the kibosh on a deal whereby Allergan transferred to the tribe the Restasis patents, which the tribe then licensed back to Allergan, asserting tribal sovereign immunity to have generic companies' challenge to the patents dismissed.
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Alabama Judge Takes Bold Stance Against Confederate Monuments

If citizens are "repulsed" by the monument it does not have to stay.
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New York Judge Fully Annihilates Citizenship Question For Upcoming Census

We already do the Census stupidly, but a District Judge halts Trump's attempts to make it even less accurate.
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El Chapo's Encryption Defeated by Turning His IT Consultant

Impressive police work: In a daring move that placed his life in danger, the I.T. consultant eventually gave the F.B.I. his system's secret encryption keys in 2011 after he had moved the network's servers from Canada to the Netherlands during what he told the cartel's leaders was a routine upgrade. A Dutch article says that it's a BlackBerry system. Hacker News thread. Slashdot thread. [Author: Bruce Schneier]
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Revenge porn restraining order against LAPD officer extended by judge

A judge Tuesday, Jan. 15, granted a female Los Angeles police detective a five-year extension of a restraining order against the senior lead officer of the LAPD’s Central Division, who allegedly distributed sexually explicit photos of her without her permission. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge James Blancarte said the allegations against Officer Danny Reedy are among the most serious with which he has to deal. He ordered Reedy to stay at least 100 yards from Detective Ysabel Villegas and to sur...
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El Chapo Bragged About Paying $100 Million Bribe to Mexican President Nieto, Trafficker Testifies

The cartel leader is on trial in New York on drug trafficking charges
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What We Can Still Learn From American History’s First Special Prosecutor

Chief justice of the United States Morrison Waite presided over the deposition of President Ulysses S. Grant. Never before or since has a sitting president testified on behalf of a defendant in a federal criminal prosecution
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‘Dine-and-Dash Dater’ surrenders to serve jail sentence

A man dubbed the “Dine-and-Dash Dater” after walking out on checks while on first dates with women at Southern California restaurants surrendered Monday, Jan. 14, to serve the balance of his 120-day jail sentence. Paul Guadalupe Gonzales, 45, in November to three counts of defrauding an innkeeper by non-payment and one count of petty theft. In addition to the jail time, Superior Court Judge Stan Blumenfeld placed Gonzales on probation for three years. He was also ordered to pay $240 in restitu...
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How the Great Molasses Flood of 1919 Made the World a Little Bit Safer

The tank released its contents in a spectacular wave some 25 feet in height and 165 feet wide, a tsunami of syrup that moved at 35 mph.
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El Chapo Wanted to Kill IT Expert Who Later Helped FBI, Witness Says

Alex Cifuentes made the allegation on Monday at El Chapo's trial
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Suspect Decided to Kidnap Jayme Closs After Seeing Her on School Bus, Prosecutors Say

'He knew that was the girl he was going to take'
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Woman settles harassment suit with Pacoima aviation studio

LOS ANGELES – A former manager for an aviation studio settled her lawsuit with her ex-employer that alleged the CEO made unwelcome moves on women workers and coerced them to participate in after-hours pornography shoots at work. Lawyers for Talaat Captan and Air Hollywood Inc. filed court papers on Monday with Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Randolph Hammock stating that his clients and the plaintiff, identified only as Jane Doe, agreed to dismissal of her case in light of the resolution. No se...
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ATF Bump Stock Rule Demonstrates the Dangers Inherent in Administrative Actions

Opinion ATF Bump Stock Rule Demonstrates the Dangers Inherent in Administrative Actions New York – -( Agency rules must be scrutinized carefully by the courts for they have a tendency to override congressional legislation The American public has historically given little thought to the relationship between Congressional legislation and Administrative action. That must change. The new ATF Rule makes clear that the public must become aware of the intricacies of Governmental actio...
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Rejected: The Supreme Court Justice That Didn’t Want Ruth Bader Ginsburg As A Clerk

See, missing out on a Supreme Court clerkship isn't the end of your career.
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Rejected: The Supreme Court Justice Who Didn’t Want Ruth Bader Ginsburg As A Clerk

See, missing out on a Supreme Court clerkship isn't the end of your career.
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Being A Bigot Won’t Get You Protection Under Title VII

This federal appellate judge isn't here for these absurd allegations.
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Ex-Pasadena employee gets 14 years for embezzling, ordered to pay $3.7 million restitution

A former Pasadena city employee convicted of embezzling millions of dollars from the city was sentenced Friday to 14 years state prison and ordered to pay nearly $3.7 million in restitution. Danny Ray Wooten, a former management analyst in Pasadena’s Department of Public Works. (File photo) Danny R. Wooten, a 55-year-old former management analyst for Pasadena’s Public Works Department, was convicted  Nov. 6 of 53 felony counts, including embezzlement by a public or private officer, misapprop...
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Federal jury rules government can seize Mongols motorcycle club’s trademark

In a closely watched case with possibly far-reaching legal implications, a federal jury decided Friday that the notorious Mongols motorcycle club must forfeit the logos worn by its members, finding in favor of prosecutors’ novel claim that there is a direct link between the club’s crimes and its well-known, trademarked insignia. The jury’s verdict Friday marked the end of the second phase of a trial, one that focused on forfeiture of assets. Last month, the jury found the club, which was establi...
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Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Recovery is ‘On Track’, Supreme Court Says

She had surgery three weeks ago to remove cancerous growths on her left lung
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Can All Lawyers Just Admit The Wall Will Never Be Built Because Of The Fifth Amendment?

We're fighting about something that will never be built, and every lawyer knows it.
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Morning Docket: 01.10.19

* It's probably sociopathic to make "I just killed a deer" part of your online dating banter, but it's downright stupid when you make it part of your online dating banter while trying to woo a game warden. [CNN] * Ahoy maties! Maritime firms Jones Walker and Fowler Rodriguez merge. [Daily Business Review] * Coming legal developments that could revolutionize the law. [] * Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law now covers police officers shooting innocent people in the back. [Slate] * Federa...
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Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Misses 3 Days On The Bench, But This Isn’t A Big Deal

Other justices have missed MUCH more work than this.
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