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How to Disable Remote Assistance in Windows 10

Remote Assistance lets you—or someone who you trust—gain access to your computer remotely. It’s a useful way to let a family member or trusted tech diagnose a problem you’re having with your PC without having to be there. When not using Remote Assistance, you might want to disable this potentially vulnerable service. How to Disable Remote Assistance Open up Control Panel by clicking the Start Menu, typing “Control Panel,” and then clicking the application’s icon. From the list of settings, c...
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Deal Alert: The 16GB Amazon Fire HD 8 is Back Down to Just $50

Still kicking yourself for missing a good Fire tablet deal over the holidays? Well, here’s your chance at redemption. Right now, Amazon is selling its new 16GB Fire HD 8 for just $50. That’s about $30 less than retail. This tablet comes with “special offers”—unobtrusive advertisements on the lock screen. If you don’t want the ads, then you’ll be happy to know that Amazon’s also offering the ad-free 16GB Fire HD 8 for a discounted $65. You’re probably well aware that these tablets are great for ...
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What Camera Settings Should I Use for Street and Travel Photography

Street photography and travel photography are similar genres: really, street photography is just travel photography in your hometown. That means they use the same broad camera settings. Generally, for street and travel photography, you want a relatively natural-looking image. The viewer should almost feel like they see things for themselves. Let’s look at how to achieve that. What Lens to Use for Street and Travel Photography There are three traditional focal lengths for street and travel ph...
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The Best Wireless RF Headphones For Your TV, Music, And Media

If the short range and limited connectivity of Bluetooth is ruining your movie or music experience, then it may be time to try out a powerful set of RF headphones. Bluetooth connections only have a limited range of about 30 feet, and they can usually only connect to a single Bluetooth device. But RF signals are much stronger. The best RF headphone transmitters have a signal range of 328 feet, and they can broadcast to an unlimited number of devices. That makes RF headphones perfect for whole-ho...
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How Phone Companies Are Finally Verifying Caller ID Numbers

Robocalls are a scourge, leaving many people unwilling or afraid to pick up their phone unless they know the caller. If you’re waiting for a job interview or support callback, this is incredibly stressful—but now phone carriers are helping. New Standards Will Unmask Spoofing If you have T-Mobile service and a Galaxy S9, soon you will start seeing “Caller Verified” when calls arrive, if T-Mobile can verify the caller ID matches the real phone number. The Caller Verified message means that the ...
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What Do “7nm” and “10nm” Mean for CPUs, and Why Do They Matter?

archy13/Shuttertock CPUs are made using billions of tiny transistors, electrical gates that switch on and off to perform calculations. They take power to do this, and the smaller the transistor, the less power is required. “7nm” and “10nm” are measurements of the size of these transistors—“nm” being nanometers, a miniscule length—and are a useful metric for judging how powerful a particular CPU is. For reference, “10nm” is Intel’s new manufacturing process, set to debut in Q4 2019, and “7nm...
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Unicorn Valentines

Unicorn Valentines will be a hit with kids that love unicorns! Print them for free. Your child might like to make a matching Unicorn Valentine Box. Unicorn Valentines A rainbow lollipop stands in for the unicorn horn and provides a sweet treat. Download the file, print in color on heavy white cardstock. I typically email the file to my local copy shop and have them print for the brightest copies possible. There are 4 to a page. Print as many copies as you need! Printable Unicorn Valentines ...
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Geek Trivia: Which Star’s Height Added $150,000 To Star Wars Set Construction Costs?

Which Star’s Height Added $150,000 To Star Wars Set Construction Costs? Harrison Ford Liam Neeson David Prowse Peter MayhewThink you know the answer?
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Growing Older…Gracefully

Crystal, all decked out to celebrate her 9th birthday on January 18.  We may be a little prejudiced, but we think she looks very cute for a “senior” citizen. We all think she is very cute too, Jim! :) Sheltie Nation - Largest Community of Sheltie Lovers on the Net!
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Armless Sofas

I bought the Sodermalm armless sofa from IKEA for my little studio for the dual purpose of lounging and for styling fabrics and other upcoming projects. My friend Ingrid (who I’ve traveled with) talked me into buying this sofa, she has owned the dark gray version for five years and loves its versatility. “It seats more people than a regular sofa,” she insists, noting that if you forego the optional arms, the sofa’s ends allow for people to sit on the edges. After two months of living with it, an...
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I 'll say more about this later, just catching a thought and testing video again. Mostly the Invisible Baste aka Glue Stitch approach is relaxed and the stitch shows on the other side. But it doesn't have to... I added a video to the Glue Stitch page over at Feel Free. But really I need a more detailed version. I'll get to it. We can also consider this a form of applique. And blind stitching but I might even call it the Secret Stitch. I have no real reason to do it this way here...
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Yarn Lacing Penguin Craft

Here’s a fun Yarn Lacing Penguin Craft kids can make that encourages fine motor skills with a little bit of threading activity.  DIY Yarn Lacing Penguin Craft I love penguins! I love how they waddle and they are my favorite exhibit at any zoo or aquarium. If you love penguins as much as I do, or just want some cute little figures for your little ones to play with, this DIY Yarn Lacing Penguin Craft is perfect for you! Make one or make a bunch, they are easy to make and are great to practice s...
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Mini football garland made from wood biscuits

When Jo and I built a custom banquette and table as part of a kitchen renovation, we used wood biscuits to join the boards together for the tabletop. While doing that, we were suddenly struck with how much the biscuits looked like little footballs, and decided to revisit the idea during football season. Biscuits may vary from brand to brand, but our Ryobi #20 wood biscuits looked so much like footballs with the two strips and textured surface. We knew right away we wanted to paint some to c...
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Abode Releases 2nd-Gen Gateway with 4G and Z-Wave Plus Support

Today, DIY security system company Abode has released the 2nd-generation version of its gateway that comes with 4G cellular backup support, as well as improved Z-Wave connectivity thanks to an upgrade to Z-Wave Plus. This is mostly just an internal hardware update, as the gateway on the outside remains completely unchanged and looks identical to the previous model. However, the addition of 4G makes cellular backup a bit more reliable this time around. And support for Z-Wave Plus means that user...
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Add More HDMI Ports To Your TV With These Switches

      If you find yourself constantly plugging and unplugging HDMI cables from your TV, then it may be time to buy an HDMI switch. Most people have a handful of game consoles, digital receivers, and video players in their entertainment center. But most TVs usually have just two or three HDMI ports, a frustrating design choice that can turn a simple game night into a complicated adventure behind the TV. If only you could add more HDMI ports to your TV! Well, it’s clear that TV manufacturers are...
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Now That the Chromecast Audio Is Dead, Google Needs to Refresh the Google Home

The Chromecast Audio is no more, and while existing units out in the wild will continue to work just fine, the change just highlights how much Google needs to refresh its original Google Home. The Chromecast Audio was Google’s audio-only version of the Chromecast, and by plugging it into the auxiliary jack of a speaker or stereo system, it allowed users to beam music from their phones to their speaker system effortlessly. It didn’t matter if your sound system was decades old or brand new, if yo...
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Made By You Monday

It’s Monday show us what you’ve got. It is time to link up your crafty goodness! Please don’t forget to link back! — a text link at the bottom of your post, or link somewhere on your blog is okay! By linking up to Made By You Monday. You give permission for one photo and a link to be featured in a post, and on social media.  This is to promote you and your site. The post Made By You Monday appeared first on Skip To My Lou.
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Three Ways to Improve Your Smarthome

The initial appeal of smarthome devices can be one of intrigue. Furthermore, these products can do a lot more than you might think from first glance. RELATED: How to Put Together Your First Smarthome (Without Getting Overwhelmed) When most people think of how you control smarthome devices and what you can do with them, they most likely envision the ability to control things from their smartphones or using their voice with Alexa or Google Assistant. All of this is true, and it’s certainly the ba...
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Menu Plan Monday ~ Jan 21/19 Weekly Dinner Inspiration

Welcome to Menu Plan Monday! Hey there! I’ve dealt with a three day headache this past weekend which made planning my menu hard. Nothing was sounding good at all and I really didn’t want to do it. But experience has taught me time and time again that if I don’t do it I will only regret it later when I’m trying to wing it. Winging it stresses me out especially because I eat a specific diet. I’m sure I’ll be so thankful I did it as the week goes on. I’m not sure how many of you out there a...
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Huge Supercomputers Still Exist. Here’s What They’re Being Used for Today

Timofeev Vladimir/Shutterstock Supercomputers were a massive race in the 90s, as the US, China, and others all competed to have the fastest computer. While the race has died down a bit, these monster computers still used to solve many of the world’s problems. As Moore’s Law (an old observation stating that computing power doubles roughly every two years) pushes our computing hardware further, the complexity of the problems being solved increases as well. While supercomputers used to be rea...
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T he moon was visible. It was dark inside. Low lamplight. And as I waited I looked around. I thought eclipse might be considered as a compositional element . How new form might evolve from disappearing. The pictures were blurry but that's how thoughts begin. And then I fell asleep. I woke up early but it was too late. This morning... When you catch a thought you might hold it long enough to make it useful. Sometimes it takes a long time. What if I start with that? Thought Catching. Pa...
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Geek Trivia: Which Star Wars Actor Went On To Become A Prolific Voice Actor?

Which Star Wars Actor Went On To Become A Prolific Voice Actor? Peter Mayhew Carrie Fisher Mark Hamill Harrison FordThink you know the answer?
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Snow Bees!

Isla pounces on Finn in the Cincinnati snow – 11” of it! Looks like great fun, Lisa! Sheltie Nation - Largest Community of Sheltie Lovers on the Net!
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Valentine Candy Mix

This Easy Valentine Mix will make the perfect snack in February. Wrap it up in a mason jar for the perfect gift to give friends and neighbors. Valentine’s day is a perfect day to gift. You might also enjoy making this mix to keep in your candy dish. Valentine Candy Mix Simply Buy and mix together the following candy.  They taste perfect together. You can also change it up to be all of your favorite candy if you like. You might even want to add in valentine s day jelly beans.  Here is what I u...
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15 Meal Prep Sunday Products You Need For Easy Bulk Cooking

Dragon Images/Shutterstock It’s hard to spend $12 or $15 on a meal every day, but it can be even harder to prep and pack your lunches. Why not make meal prep painless with these great products? Taking some of your Sunday downtime to prep the meals for your work week is a great way to save money and eat healthier. But cooking a week’s worth of food can be a bit complicated, and you can end up spending hours of your day cooking and cleaning. That’s why it’s important to arm yourself with pro...
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Snow. Storm. Not. Yet...

Swinging. Rocking. Moving toward 50 degrees here. A studio day! Way down, ice later.
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The Smart TV Crapware Era Has Already Begun

Dmitri Ma/Shutterstock Geeks often ask for dumb TVs. But, as the CTO of Vizio recently explained, smart TVs are cheaper than dumb TVs. TVs are so cheap that manufacturers make their profit by tracking your viewing habits and selling ads. Why Smart TVs Are Cheaper Than Dumb TVs You’d think a dumb TV would be cheaper than a smart TV. After all, a dumb TV wouldn’t need the processing power and specialized software found on a smart TV. It could just act as a panel (like a computer monitor) a...
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Geek Trivia: Which Defunct 1990s Web Host Is Now Archived By The Pirate Bay?

Which Defunct 1990s Web Host Is Now Archived By The Pirate Bay? Angelfire Homestead Tripod GeoCitiesThink you know the answer?
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This job is exhausting!

Six month old Brody is tired out after herding the vacuum cleaner. It’s a tough but someone has to do it, Denise! ;) Sheltie Nation - Largest Community of Sheltie Lovers on the Net!
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on ice

(Thanks for all those nice words last week. I was so very touched and comforted too, by all of you on similar or relatable journeys. Oh, time!) We're only halfway through the winter season (less?), but I think it's safe... [Author: SouleMama]
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