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A man was paying for meals and handing out $20 bills at a Waffle House when he was shot to death

Craig Brewer was at a Waffle House in Gainesville, Florida, at nearly 3 in the morning Sunday when things abruptly turned violent.
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Good Samaritan Shot & Killed After Paying for Meals & Handing Out $20 Bills at Waffle House

Police said a good Samaritan paying for people’s meals and handing out $20 bills at a Waffle House was shot and killed early Monday morning (Apr. 8) after getting into an altercation with a disgruntled woman.25-year-old Ezekiel Hicks was charged with murder Sunday (Apr. 7) in the death of 41-year-old Craig Brewer, who was fatally shot at a Waffle House restaurant in Gainesville, Florida, just a few miles from the University of Florida.Witnesses told police “that the victim was paying for meals a...
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Good Samaritan shot dead in restaurant while handing out cash to pay for meals

Craig Brewer was shot multiple times in the head after a dispute escalated at a restaurant in Florida [Author: Tiffany Lo]
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Eddie Murphy’s ‘Coming to America’ Sequel Set for 2020 Release

Paramount Pictures has set an Aug. 7, 2020, release date for its untitled sequel to the 1988 Eddie Murphy comedy “Coming to America.” The studio hired “Hustle & Flow” helmer Craig Brewer to direct the project with Murphy expected to return as the star. The project has been in the works for several years with Jonathan […]
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Coming To America Sequel Release Date Set for 2020

Coming to America sequel release date set for 2020 The Hollywood Reporter has brought word that the Coming to America sequel release date has been set by Paramount Pictures. The follow-up to the acclaimed 1988 Eddie Murphy comedy has landed an August 7, 2020 release date. PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; PB.gptAutoRefresh = PB.gptAutoRefresh || {'gptAds':[], 'gptStandAlone':[]}; googletag.cmd.push(function() { var st...
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‘Black Panther’ Costume Designer Ruth Carter on Her Third Oscar Nomination and Why Costumes Should Not Look Like Costumes [Interview]

To read the list of films that costume designer Ruth Carter has worked on in her 30-year-plus career is to move through the history of black cinema in that time period, having worked extensively (in some cases, almost exclusively) with such filmmakers as Spike Lee , Robert Townsend , John Singleton and Lee Daniels . This week, she received her third Oscar nomination for her groundbreaking costume designs in director Ryan Coogler ’s Black Panther (she was also nominated for Malcolm ...
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Film News Roundup: Eddie Murphy’s ‘Coming to America 2’ Draws Craig Brewer to Direct

In  today’s film news roundup, “Coming to America 2” gets a director, Quincy Jones and James Blum get an honor and production begins on the Julia Louis-Dreyfus-Will Ferrell’s comedy-drama “Downhill.” DIRECTOR ATTACHED Paramount Pictures has hired “Hustle & Flow” helmer Craig Brewer to direct its sequel to the 1988 Eddie Murphy comedy “Coming to America.” […]
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Hustle & Flow’s Craig Brewer to Direct Coming To America Sequel

Hustle & Flow’s Craig Brewer to direct Coming To America sequel The upcoming sequel to the acclaimed 1988 Eddie Murphy-led comedy Coming to America has found its director in Craig Brewer, known for writing and directing the acclaimed 2005 musical drama Hustle & Flow and modest 2006 success Black Snake Moan, according to The Hollywood Reporter. PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; PB.gptAutoRefresh = PB.gptAutoRefresh || {'gp...
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‘Coming to America 2’ Finally Moving Forward with Eddie Murphy Starring and Director Craig Brewer

There have been rumblings of a Coming to America sequel since 2017. Eddie Murphy was on board to reprise his role as Prince Akeem, a young man from the fictional nation of Zamunda who abandoned his arranged marriage and found a bride that he truly loved in the most royal place in America: Queens, New York. But we haven’t heard anything on the movie since 2017. That changes today. Hustle & Flow and Footloose remake director Craig Brewer is signing on to direct Coming to America 2. The filmmaker ...
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NBC Developing New Music Drama from Nashville Producers

NBC developing new music drama from Nashville producers Fans of the country music soap opera Nashville may not have to waiting very long for another musical project from executive producers Meredith Lavender and Marcie Ulin. Deadline is reporting that NBC has given a script commitment to the duo for a music themed hour long drama. The producers will team up with Emmy nominated actor Milo Ventimiglia and Empire writer/director Craig Brewer for the series. The show will be produced by 20th Cent...
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‘Dolemite Is My Name’ Co-Star T.I. Says Film Focuses on Rudy Ray Moore’s Resourcefulness [TCA 2018]

Tip “T.I.” Harris was on a Television Critics Association panel for his BET show The Grand Hustle. Speaking with reporters after the panel, /Film asked him about his role in Dolemite Is My Name, the biopic of Dolemite creator Rudy Ray Moore starring Eddie Murphy as Moore. T.I. said the film is focused on how resourceful Moore was in making his film. “The actual story of Rudy Ray Moore and how Dolemite was created, that is the premise of the film,” T.I. said. “If you are familiar, he kind ...
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Wesley Snipes Joins the ‘Dolemite Is My Name’ Cast Alongside Eddie Murphy

Wesley Snipes is joining Eddie Murphy in Netflix’s Dolemite Is My Name!, a biopic of comedian and producer Rudy Ray Moore. Snipes will play D’Urville Martin, an actor and director who helmed the 1975 American blaxploitation film Dolemite. Say what you want about Netflix, but the streaming service is now making a movie that co-stars Eddie Murphy and Wesley Snipes – that’s pretty damn cool. THR reports Murphy is joining the cast of Dolemite Is My Name!, a biopic of Rudy Ray Moore. Moore was a ...
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Eddie Murphy to Play Blaxpoitation Icon Rudy Ray Moore in Netflix’s ‘Dolemite is My Name’

Dolemite is his name, and Eddie Murphy is game to take on the role of the famous blaxpoitation star Rudy Ray Moore. Murphy is set to star in the Netflix biopic Dolemite is My Name, which will chronicle the life of the star of the blaxploitation Dolemite films. Dolemite is back on the scene! And with him, he’s bringing back Murphy, who has been missing from the feature film scene since last appearing in 2016’s Mr. Church. But even before headlining that dramedy, Murphy’s film roles have been ...
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CS Takes a Trip Into the Jungle for The Legend of Tarzan

CS takes a trip into the Jungle for The Legend of Tarzan It’s September 9, 2014 and we are at Warner Bros. Studios, Leavesden in the Hertfordshire area of southeastern England to visit the set of The Legend of Tarzan, Warner’s fresh take on Edgar Rice Burroughs’ classic King of the Jungle hero. While there have been numerous films based on the character over the years — including 1984’s Oscar-nominated Greystoke and Oscar-winning animated Disney film Tarzan — this is by far the largest scale ...
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The inside story of Three 6 Mafia's historic Oscars win that...

Craig Brewer will never forget when he tried to write a rap song in the script that would become "Hustle & Flow." "I would try to put in some flow, just a paragraph to get it going, and then I realized..." Brewer paused.
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Fox Pulls Plug on - Urban Cowboy' Pilot

The network had ordered a pilot written and directed by Craig Brewer based on the 1980 film starring John Travolta . It decided not to move forward with the project after delivery of the pilot.
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