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Is sharing caring? #OpenBlog19

Photo by Krzyboy2o on Wikimedia Commons This is a post for #OpenBlog19. I attended an event in Utrecht, in the Netherlands way back in 2007, at around the time that social media was emerging as a serious learning technology. Together for two days, we discussed how digital technologies and networks could support learning. The event was called 'Show that you Share' and focused on tools such as Creative Commons, personal learning environments and mobile phones as a means of creating, shari...
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Flickr protects Creative commons images and “In Memoriam” accounts from deletion

Since Flickr got acquired by SmugMug, there have been some significant changes on the platform. One of them is the 1000-image limit for Free accounts, with all the excess photos being deleted. However, Flickr has announced that all Creative Commons images will be protected from the deletion, as well as “In Memoriam” accounts dedicated to […] The post Flickr protects Creative commons images and “In Memoriam” accounts from deletion appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Flickr says all Creative Commons photos are protected from deletion, not just past uploads

Flickr announced today that all Creative Commons images will remain protected on its site – including those uploaded in the past and those that will be added in the future. The news follows Flickr’s November 2018 announcement where it had stated it wouldn’t delete Creative Commons photos already on its service, after switching over to a new business model which put an end to the free terabyte of storage in favor of a new subscription-based service. There had been concern prior to Flickr’s statem...
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Video and audio from my closing keynote at Friday's Grand Re-Opening of the Public Domain

On Friday, hundreds of us gathered at the Internet Archive, at the invitation of Creative Commons, to celebrate the Grand Re-Opening of the Public Domain, just weeks after the first works entered the American public domain in twenty years. I had the honor of delivering the closing keynote, after a roster of astounding speakers. It was a big challenge and I was pretty nervous, but on reviewing the saved livestream, I'm pretty proud of how it turned out. Proud enough that I've ripped the aud...
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Braille RPG dice

Jack Berberette's Dots RPG project creates free, CC-licensed shapefiles for RPG dice with Braille faces (you can order readymades from Shapeways); they're part of a larger project to produce accessible RPG materials of all kinds for people with visual disabilities. (via the-a-r-t-i-s-t)
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Educating Millions – Story of Indan EdTech NPTEL

I started with NPTEL in Jan 2015. It was still very early. They were gearing up towards the launching many courses. I was introduced to NPTEL by my manager as the platform that to educate engineering1 students across India by the professors from the best institutes for free. By then they had done at least two rounds and they were trying to launch 10 courses that semester. They wanted engineering help. Till then I had not heard about the NPTEL but then I was kicked to contribute considering the...
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On January 1, America gets its public domain back: join us at the Internet Archive on Jan 25 to celebrate

Timothy from Creative Commons writes, "In the US beginning Jan 1, 2019–after a devastating 20 year drought brought on by the infamous 1998 'Mickey Mouse Protection Act.' Creators, commons advocates, librarians, legal activists and others are celebrating in San Francisco at the Internet Archive on January 25, 2019 to mark the 'Grand Re-Opening of the Public Domain.' There will be keynotes (including from Cory Doctorow and Larry Lessig), panels with legal experts like Pam Samuelson and EFF, and ...
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Creative Commons Copyright

By the definition, commons is a kind of resource that belongs to the whole community - it is used and improved by all. Cultural commons stand for physical or virtual cultural property which is shared within community. It can also represent an intellectual property (such as library) available to community on a certain physical or cyber space.   Creative Commons is nowadays a well known US based community platform, that is structurally a non-profit organization, devoted to make artwork available f...
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Flickr says it won’t delete Creative Commons photos

Flickr will spare both the Flickr Commons and Creative Commons photos from deletion, the now SmugMug-owned company announced today. However, its new storage limitations on free accounts may impact its use as a home for photos with a Creative Commons license in the future. When the company unveiled its big revamp last week, one of the immediate concerns among users was what the changes meant for the Creative Commons photos hosted on Flickr. Under its new management, Flickr decided to stop offerin...
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Flickr’s new business model could see works deleted from Creative Commons

Following yesterday’s series of announcements about Flickr’s plans to revamp its site under its new owners, SmugMug, one major concern has been raised: its decision to now limit free accounts to 1,000 photos may impact the number of photos available through the Creative Commons. The Creative Commons is a U.S. non-profit that helps make creative works – like photos – available for legal use through several different types of copyright licenses that respect how creators want to share their work...
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The EU's new Link Tax bans the use of Creative Commons and open access for news

One of the most controversial elements of the EU's new Copyright Directive is Article 11, the "link tax," which requires paid licenses for links to news stories that contain "excerpts" (more than a single word from the story or its headline, depending on which draft you're reading). But link taxes go even farther than merely requiring paid licenses: the accompanying "Recital 32" suggests that copyright owners won't be allowed to waive this right, and will have to negotiate a separate licens...
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Getting Hammered

Source: Pngimg.comLicense: Creative Commons 4.0 BY-NC No, this isn’t a post about Bret Kavanaugh’s high school or college drinking. It’s about the blog. It seems is getting hammered by bots trying to break in to it, so the site has been up and down like a yo-yo for the past 24 hours or more. I’ve spoken to tech support, and their only suggestion was to activate Cloudflare.  That comes in two flavors on my host.  One is free, but requires some changes, including to the site certifi...
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Creative Commons: next week's EU vote could cost us the internet

In just five days, a key EU vote could visit untold harm on the whole world's internet by subjecting all public communications to algorithmic censorship: the proposed Article 13 of the new Copyright Directive will force sites to build vast databases of known copyrighted works, and then block any user submissions (text, audio, video, code, stills) that seems to match a copyrighted work, and anyone can add anything to the blacklist of unpublishable works, without any proof of copyright and witho...
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Gallup reports American views are becoming more pro-life

USA (MNN) -- Pro-choice has been the prevailing stance when it comes to abortion in the past. However, the pendulum is swinging back. Last month, Gallup reported their latest polls found a tie between Americans who identify as pro-life or pro-choice. Each group comprised 48 percent of the polled population. This finding is significant compared to previous years. Gallup has conducted polls on abortion topics since the mid-1990s. From 1995 to 2008, the pro-choice population outpolled t...
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Wikipedia goes dark in Spanish, Italian ahead of key EU vote on copyright

Wikipedia’s Italian and Spanish language versions have temporarily shut off access to their respective versions of the free online encyclopedia in Europe to protest against controversial components of a copyright reform package ahead of a key vote in the EU parliament tomorrow. The protest follows a vote by the EU parliament’s legal affairs committee last month which backed the reforms — including the two most controversial elements: Article 13, which makes platforms directly liable for copyrigh...
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Starting today, 500px no longer have a Creative Commons license option

Remember that a month ago image sharing platform 500px announced that they will shut their marketplace down? A closer look at the announcement by Redditor Ricky_Lee_Hasselhoff reveals that 500px are also killing their Creative Commons licensing option. If you are unfamiliar with Creative Commons, you can read about it here, but in a nutshell, it’s a […] The post Starting today, 500px no longer have a Creative Commons license option appeared first on DIY Photography.
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How to Find Images for Your Blog That Won’t Get You Sued

The post How to Find Images for Your Blog That Won’t Get You Sued appeared first on ProBlogger. At some point (probably soon after you launch your blog) you’ll want to start using images. You probably already have some of your own images you can use: a photo of yourself for your About page, or a photo of your workspace, home, garden, or whatever’s relevant for your blog. But when it comes to your regular blog posts, your first instinct might be to head to Google and search for whatever you need...
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BBC gives away 16k WAV sound effects, but disallows you using them

Maybe it’s time for the idea of a “commons” to get a new boost. Whatever the reason, BBC’s 16,000 sound effects are available to download – but with strings attached. The BBC Sound Effects site offering has gotten plenty of online sharing. This is a sound effects library culled from the archives of the BBC and its Radiophonic Workshop, a selection of sounds dug up from broadcast sound work. There’s both synthetic sound design and field recording work – sometimes not really identified as such. ...
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BBC gives away 16k WAV sound effects, but disallows some uses

Maybe it’s time for the idea of a “commons” to get a new boost. Whatever the reason, BBC’s 16,000 sound effects are available to download – but with strings attached. The BBC Sound Effects site offering has gotten plenty of online sharing. This is a sound effects library culled from the archives of the BBC and its Radiophonic Workshop, a selection of sounds dug up from broadcast sound work. There’s both synthetic sound design and field recording work – sometimes not really identified as such. ...
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The EU's latest copyright proposal is so bad, it even outlaws Creative Commons licenses

The EU is mooting a new copyright regime for the largest market in the world, and the Commissioners who are drafting the new rules are completely captured by the entertainment industry, to the extent that they have ignored their own experts and produced a farcical Big Content wishlist that includes the most extensive internet censorship regime the world has ever seen, perpetual monopolies for the biggest players, and a ban on European creators using Creative Commons licenses to share their wor...
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Integrity, credibility and plagiarism

Image by TilerX on Flickr I was in the audience at a recent conference when a keynote speaker (who will remain nameless) presented several of my images and ideas in his slideshow. The first was credited to me, and it was nice that he mentioned me as he was talking about the slide.The following half a dozen or so slides were also from one of my presentations, but I was annoyed to see that my name and the Creative Commons licence I always apply to my slides had been removed.The slide that a...
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Free Images for Blogs and Marketing (42 sites)

Free images for blogs are important as the owners don’t usually make a lot of income from their sites. Marketers working for businesses also need free images to lower production costs. In marketing, a... The post Free Images for Blogs... [This is a content summary, continue reading on our website!]
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A closer look at Creative Commons licenses

Neville Hobson A closer look at Creative Commons licenses One of the great things about social media and social networks is the ability they offer to anyone to share a thought, an idea, or an expression, with anyone else who has a connection to the global internet. Take the photo above, for instance. It’s of the Trevi Fountain in Rome on a beautiful sunny late autumn day and I took the photo on a visit there in 2016. I’ve not widely shared it before now although it’s been in my Flickr stream s...
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Let’s talk about open tools at Ableton Loop and beyond

From libraries to circuits to hacks to instructions, a lot of you are sharing the stuff you make. We’re using Ableton Loop to bring some of you together. Ableton’s Loop festival/conference/summit is now more than just a get-together for Ableton users. It’s become a kind of international music happening. And so lots of interesting folks are gathering here in Berlin later this week. That’s just a tiny, tiny fraction of the people reading this, though. Now, if only we could get more of you here, ...
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Listen to space’s spookiest sounds with this NASA playlist

Earth, the solar system, and the stars are full of eerie “sounds” – if we listen in on waves in light and radio, converting those signals to sound. NASA has assembled a playlist of unusual sounds – from electromagnetic tones to the glitchy radar echoes off Titan. And that means you can listen in for sonic inspiration, or download for sampling, remixing, and sound design. Sure, we’re cashing in here on Halloween hype, but – they’ve got a point. These sounds really are spooky and otherworldly (w...
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New tool helps authors claim their copyrights back from publishers (even "perpetual assignments")

Under US copyright law, creators who have signed away their copyrights for the "full duration of copyright" can still get their rights back from publishers under something called the "Termination of Transfer," which is a hellishly complex and technical copyright provision that is almost never used, since it requires that creators wait decades and then successfully navigate all that complexity (even knowing how many years you have to wait is complicated!). (more…)
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Mars in Pisces, Moon in Pisces Compatibility

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license Mars’ romantic efforts will touch his Moon partner on a deep level. She’ll feel that she’s found her dream lover, and he’ll be attracted to her need for complete surrender. The result will be a couple who totally lose themselves in each other. Mars in Pisces is searching for the big romance and great escape. He’s not quite grounded in the real world, either because it’s too harsh, or it doesn’t match his ideals. Mars in Pisces will act out h...
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