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5 Factors That Will Impact Your Credit Card Eligibility

There are still some factors that will impact your credit card eligibility. Here are five you need to know. The post 5 Factors That Will Impact Your Credit Card Eligibility appeared first on Young Upstarts.
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How To Keep Your Expiring Travel Rewards Points

After a year of travel restrictions, nearly a third of all credit card holders have not redeemed their credit card rewards. But will these rewards expire before you’re ready to use them? Fortunately, most cards don’t have a hard cutoff date, although that comes with one caveat—some rewards eventually expire if you…Read more...
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Why Do Personal Checks Still Exist?

Personal checks are steadily falling into disuse. They’re kind of like fax machines—outmoded, slow, with only a hardened group of people still using them even as they become less practical. Is there any good reason to still use paper checks? In some cases, yes—although you still have to be careful about identity…Read more...
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How to Avoid Fees When Paying Your Taxes

If you’re one of the 20% of Americans expecting to owe the IRS money after you file taxes this year, you might be wondering about the best way to pay them. Turns out there are a few different ways to settle your balance with the IRS, and some options are better—and cheaper—than othersRead more...
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After over 40 years, the way we use credit cards is about to fundamentally change - and they're getting a new vertical phone-like look to match

Getty Images Many banks are moving toward replacing horizontal credit cards with vertical ones. Tap-to-pay and chip readers have made a vertical orientation more convenient for users. PayPal's VP of Design cited apps like TikTok as an inspiration for vertical card design. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Credit card users might soon find their horizontal cards replaced by vertical ones as tap-to-pay continues to gain popularity.Last week, PayPal joined several other...
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How to Protect Yourself From Gas Pump Skimmers

Gas-pump card skimming continues to be a concern during the pandemic, as fraudulent payment transactions jumped 23% year over year in 2020, according to Forbes. Here’s what you need to know about how the scam works, and why you should avoid paying with a debit card when fueling up.Read more...
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Does Your Small Business Have a Friendly Fraud Problem?

Friendly fraud, occurs when a consumer makes a claim to their bank or credit card issuer with the aim of getting an refund. Friendly fraud is sometimes used interchangeably with chargeback fraud. While penalties to the merchant are similar in each scenario of fraud, differences exist between the two. In the event of friendly fraud, a consumer purposefully makes a claim to their bank or credit card issuer with the aim of getting an undeserved refund. Though this action also is part of charg...
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This library allows merchants to use Verotel payment gateway and get paid by their users via Credit Card and other payment methods.
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This library allows merchants to use Verotel payment gateway and get paid by their users via Credit Card and other payment methods.
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This library allows merchants to use Verotel payment gateway and get paid by their users via Credit Card and other payment methods.
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This library allows merchants to use Verotel payment gateway and get paid by their users via Credit Card and other payment methods.
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X1 Card raises $12 million for its credit card with limits based on your income

X1 Card is raising a $12 million funding round. The company is building a credit card that sets limits based on your current and future income, not your credit score. Spark Capital is leading the round with Jared Leto, Aaron Levie, Jeremy Stoppelman, Max Levchin and Ali Rowghani also participating. American Express veteran Ash Gupta is also joining the company as an advisor — he was the Chief Risk Officer of American Express. The company says that it has attracted nearly 300,000 signups on its w...
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Why Should I Give My Kids a Student Credit Card?

You wouldn’t let your teenager cruise around solo before he’s had some driving lessons, would you? It’s pretty obvious that the responsibility of driving is something that requires education, practice, and time. But many parents are allowing their teens to take on another important responsibility without the benefit of an education. Specifically, many young people get their first credit card without any idea of how to manage the privilege. This can have disastrous results. Rather than letting y...
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Should You Get a Personal Loan or Use a Credit Card?

As interest rates for personal loans tend to be lower than credit cards, you might wonder why people bother with credit cards at all? Personal loans have their own limitations, however, making them better suited for targeted spending—typically to fund unexpected expenses, home improvements, or to consolidate debt.Read more...
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A fintech startup was rapped by the UK's financial watchdog

The UK's financial watchdog warned Wednesday fintech Lanistar wasn't authorized to operate. Lanistar claims its upcoming debit card is "the world's most secure card," and can link up to eight bank accounts. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) said Lanistar "is targeting people in the UK," and advised consumers to "be especially wary of dealing with this unauthorised firm." Lanistar rejected the FCA's statement, saying: "Legal and regulatory compliance are central to Lanistar's business." It w...
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Fintech startup Lanistar was rapped by the UK's financial watchdog

Gurhan Kiziloz, founder and CEO of Lanistar Lanistar The UK's financial watchdog warned Wednesday fintech Lanistar wasn't authorised to operate. Lanistar is gearing up to launch the "world's most secure" bank card. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) said Lanistar "is targeting people in the UK," and advised consumers to "be especially wary of dealing with this unauthorised firm." Lanistar rejected the FCA's statement, saying: "Legal and regulatory compliance are central to Lanistar's bu...
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Credit Card: One Time Services

A long time ago I wrote about how credit cards can forgive interest charges (i.e. late fees). This can happen more than once, but not easily. For those who allow credit charge pile up, this is not a story for you. I was checking my Credit Card statement and found a credit charge for last month. That is rare, so I investigated further. Usually I pay off my credit cards every month. This is an important factor for this story. The culprit for the past due payment was that I paid my bill...
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Upgrade adds rewards program to its credit card

Fintech startup Upgrade has been quite successful with its two flagship products — a low-cost credit card and personal loans. The company is making its credit card more attractive by adding rewards. Upgrade Card consumers will earn 1.5% cash back on all purchases made with the card — there’s no specific category, no partner retailer, no point system. It’s a straightforward, uncapped cash back program. The company wants to encourage users to pay down their debt. So Upgrade isn’t encouraging yo...
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Axis Banks’ digital channels aid in sourcing fresh deposits and loans

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, Axis Bank Ltd’s digital channels have aided the private bank’s deposit and retail lending business. According to the bank’s investor presentation for Q2 FY21, the share of digital sourcing for deposits and loans increased significantly. During the first half of this year, 73% of the banks’ fixed-deposits, 72% of savings accounts, 58% of personal loan disbursements and 52% of credit cards disbursed or opened were sourced digitally. In comparison, around 59% o...
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How to Successfully Manage Multiple Financial Priorities

Looking at your finances and figuring out how to manage multiple financial priorities can feel like you’re running in circles. How can you pay off debt and save for retirement? How can you pay for your child’s education and invest in your own future? It’s tough to manage all your short, medium, and long-term financial goals at once. On one hand, focusing on one thing can lead to burnout and also leave you financially vulnerable. On the other hand, spreading your finances too thin to focus on al...
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Leading a $15 million round, Prosus Ventures makes the challenger bank Klar its first bet in Mexico

Klar, a new online bank based in Mexico City, has become the first big bet that Prosus Ventures (the firm formerly known as Naspers Ventures) is taking in Latin America outside of Brazil. Founded by Stefan Moller, a former consultant at Bain & Co. who advised large banks, Klar blends Moller’s work experience in Mexico with his connections to the German banking world and the tech team at Berlin -based n26, to create a challenger bank offering deposit and credit services for Mexican customers. T...
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Why I Love Quickbooks for Small Business Accounting

Why I Love Quickbooks for Small Business Accounting is a post originally published on: Everything Finance - Everything Finance - Its all about Money!When it comes to running your small business, there are so many different things you have to be on top of all the time. Finances and accounting are some of the main things. After all, if you don’t bill clients and get paid for your goods and services, then you aren’t really running a business. At least, not a profitable one. And when it comes to cho...
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Venmo launches its first credit card, offering up to 3% cash back, personalized rewards

Last October, Venmo announced it would launch its first credit card sometime in 2020. Today, the PayPal-owned company is making good on those promises with the debut of the Venmo Credit Card, initially rolling out to select customers. The Visa card offers 3% cash back on eligible purchases, personalized rewards, and tools to track and manage finances. However, what makes the card potentially appealing to Venmo’s younger user base is how the card is directly integrated into the Venmo mobile ap...
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Goldman Sachs reportedly just landed GM's $2.5 billion credit card business, its second co-branded deal after the Apple Card

Goldman Sachs trading booth on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange in New York, on Thursday, January 6, 2011. Ramin Talaie/Corbis/Getty Images Goldman Sachs won the bid for General Motors' credit-card business for roughly $2.5 billion, The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday. The Wall Street giant beat out Barclays, acquiring more than one million GM cardholders and the $8.5 billion they spend annually, according to The Wall Street Journal. This is Goldman Sachs' second co-branded c...
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X1 Card is a credit card based on your income, not your credit score

There are many reasons why you could have a good or a bad credit score. But if you’re just entering the job market, you may end up with reliable income and a low limit on your credit card. X1 Card wants to solve that by setting limits based on your current and future income instead of your credit score. The company says some customers can expect limits up to five times higher than what they would get from a traditional credit card. And that limit can move up if you get a promotion at your job fo...
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The Dangers of Automatic Reloading

I received the following email graphic from Starbucks today. I thought, hey that’s a good idea, but then I remembered something from 2015. Reloading for Points ! A while back, I was the victim of a scam using this system. Starbucks’ customer list had been breached. Using that information, bogus Loyalty Cards were created. The scam is well described in the graphic below. This outlines the importance of not turning on Automatic Reloads on any card like the Starbucks Reward Card. ...
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Can You Buy a Car With a Credit Card?

Let’s be honest, in most cases if you want to buy a car with a credit card it’s not a smart idea. Credit cards have some big risks attached to them and in most cases, it’s not a great idea to make a big purchase with one (like a car), especially if you can’t make the full payment.  That said, some people use credit cards to make big purchases like a car. There might be some circumstances where the use of a credit card to make the purchase could make sense for you. So, Can You Buy a Car Wit...
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A Guide To Achieving Financial Freedom

Financial freedom is something that everyone strives for, but few manage to achieve. Life in today’s day and age can be incredibly expensive, which means that people often live their lives paycheck to paycheck and may have to rely on borrowing money to cover major expenses. This is perfectly normal and can still provide an enjoyable lifestyle, but it can also cause stress and may require careful planning for every expense. Financial freedom can alleviate all of this stress because it means that ...
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US challenger bank Chime launches Credit Builder, a credit card that works more like debit

U.S. challenger bank Chime, now valued at $5.8 billion, is entering the credit card market with today’s launch of a new card designed to help consumers build their credit history by way of everyday transactions. With the Chime Credit Builder Visa Credit Card, users can control how much they want to spend by transferring funds to a “Spending Account” and can then charge up to this amount wherever Visa is accepted. This makes the card feel more like a debit card, as it’s tied to how much cash is i...
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Apple Card debuts a $50 sign-up bonus in partnership with Walgreens

Apple’s rewards-based credit card, Apple Card, is offering its first sign-up bonus in partnership with Walgreens. On Monday, June 1, Apple and Walgreens introduced a new offer that will pay consumers $50 in Daily Cash when they get a new Apple Card and spend $50 or more at Walgreens within their first 30 days of being a cardholder. The limited-time offer is detailed on Apple’s website and can be found in the Walgreens app on iOS at the bottom of its Weekly Ad & Coupons page. Customers have until...
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