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Clues and claws: meet the ace pet detectives

Animal thefts surged alarmingly during the pandemic. But for heartbroken owners around the world, a new breed of dedicated sleuth is ready to help track down your missing petI’ve always preferred animals to people. I’ve never met an animal I didn’t like, whereas there are plenty of humans I could do without. As a young girl growing up in rural Queensland, I had my own Lassie dog – Sam – stolen from me, when I was six. My siblings were older, and Sam was my best friend. He went missing before mi...
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Body Of Missing UC Davis Graduate Catherine Serou Found In Russia, Reports Say

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1 Dead, 5 Wounded in Saturday Evening Shooting at Oakland’s Lake Merritt

One person was dead and five others wounded Saturday evening in a shooting near the shores of Oakland’s Lake Merritt, authorities said.
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Nearly 400 Pounds Of Illegal Fireworks Seized From Stockton Home

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Body Of Missing UC Davis Graduate Catherine Serou Found In Russia, Reports Say

MOSCOW (AP/CBS13) — Russian news reports said searchers on Saturday found the body of a UC Davis graduate who went missing several days earlier and that a man has been arrested on suspicion of murder. The body of Catherine Serou, 34, was found in a wooded area in the city of Nizhny Novgorod, approximately 250 miles east of Moscow, the reports said. Serou reportedly went missing Tuesday after getting into a car with a stranger, NPR reported on Saturday. The newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda said she...
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Dramatic CCTV footage shows the moment a stolen car crashes into a high-speed train

CCTV footage captured the moment a car collided into a train in Doncaster, England, on June 13, 2021. Screenshot from Gi Doncaster News via Twitter CCTV footage captured the moment a car crashed into a high-speed train in Doncaster, England. Remarkably, the car was only clipped by the train and nobody sustained any serious injuries. An investigation into the circumstances of the incident is still ongoing, police have said. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. CCTV footage captu...
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Creepy Crawler: Police Search For Prowler Caught On Home Surveillance In Vacaville

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Ben Shapiro calls for crime to be banned

Punditry about pundits is about the worst thing on the internet, but I didn't believe this tweet from Ben Shapiro was real and feel that it's worth a post. It reminds me of his famous "just sell homes inundated by rising sea levels" remark ("Who to, Ben, Aquaman?") — Read the rest
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Japanese Government Seeking to Stop the Spread of Inappropriate Selfies

Due to rising concerns related to the online safety of young people, the Japanese government has issued a request for cellphone providers to implement technologies that would prevent “inappropriate” selfies to be taken and spread around as easily. The request for cellphone providers was issued as part of a plan by the Japanese government, which […]
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‘Just don’t show her body!’ Netflix makes a true crime show with a difference

A Murder in West Cork delves into the killing of Sophie Toscan du Plantier – but this doc makes her more than a victim. Its creators discuss how they fused intrigue with empathyOn the morning of 23 December 1996, Sophie Toscan du Plantier was found murdered in a lane near Schull, West Cork. She was 39 years old and a regular visitor to Ireland from Paris, where she lived with her husband, a celebrated film-maker, and 13-year-old son, Pierre Louis Baudey-Vignaud. Her death transfixed the media in...
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Spaniard Handed 15 Years Imprisonment for Murdering & Eating Mother

A crazed Spanish man was handed a 15-year and 5 months jail sentence after he was found guilty of brutally strangling his mother to death and then snacking on her cadaver over the course of 15 days. Alberto Sanchez Gomez, also called the “cannibal of Ventas”, was declared sane by the court when he carried […]
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Body Discovered Inside Nevada City Home Connected to Nevada State Standoff, Shootout

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Technician Working On Bank ATM Hospitalized After Being Hit By Stolen Work Vehicle In South Sacramento

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Man Found Dead In Nevada City Home, Deputies Say

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One dead, several injured in Phoenix-area shooting spree

By Andy Rose and Jamiel Lynch | CNN Four people were shot — one fatally — as a gunman went on a shooting spree in the northwest suburbs of Phoenix on Thursday, police said. Nine other people were hurt by shrapnel and debris, Sgt. Brandon Sheffert with the Peoria Police Department said at a news conference. “We have a total of eight incidents as of now,” he said. Police pulled over the suspect in Surprise after his vehicle was spotted by a firefighter, Sheffert said. The shooting scenes are in Gl...
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Technician Working On Bank ATM Hospitalized After Being Hit By Stolen Work Truck In South Sacramento

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A technician working on a bank ATM machine needed surgery after an unknown suspect stole their work truck and hit them with it, the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office said on Thursday. The incident happened shortly before 1 p.m. in the area of Stockton Boulevard and Lindale Drive, just east of the Florin Road exit off of Highway 99. Investigators said it is unclear why the suspect took the truck and if the collision was intentional. The technician’s injuries were only descri...
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Ministers apologise to rape victims and promise overhaul of system

Charities welcome apology but say plans to reform rape prosecutions in England and Wales lack urgencyMinisters have apologised unreservedly to rape victims, saying they are “deeply ashamed” that thousands of survivors have been failed on the government’s watch, as they pledged an overhaul of the criminal justice system.A long-awaited government review into a precipitous decline in rape prosecutions promises sweeping reform of how cases are handled in England and Wales, including targets for the ...
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Tory Carlon, killed by colleague, remembered as topflight L.A. County firefighter

A Los Angeles County Fire Department engineer, slain earlier this month by another firefighter at the stationhouse where they worked, was remembered during a memorial service at the Forum in Inglewood on Thursday, June 17, as a family man and dedicated engineer who mentored others longing to join the ranks. Tory Carlon, 44, was passionate about his job as a firefighter but lived for his wife and his three girls, his family, close friends and colleagues said in front of about 500 mourners. He lov...
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Families pay tribute as man convicted of two murders 21 years apart

Sheffield jury finds Gary Allen guilty of killing Samantha Class in 1997 and Alena Grlakova in 2018Relatives have paid tribute to two women killed by the same man more than 20 years apart after he was convicted of both of their murders.Samantha Class, a mother-of-three, and Alena Grlakova, who had four children, were both murdered by Gary Allen, a jury decided. The first killing took place in Hull in 1997, while the second occurred in Rotherham in 2018. Continue reading...
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Inside the mind of a murderer: the power and limits of forensic psychiatry

When I was called in to assess Seb, I needed to understand why he had committed such a horrendous crime. But first I had to get him to talkEven before Seb had arrived at the prison, five weeks before my first visit, the staff had received a notification that he ought to be subject to close monitoring. While still in police custody, an out-of-hours forensic psychiatric assessment had been requested.Seb had been compliant with the arresting officers, but he had given the impression that he was unc...
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Statewide flex alert issued for Thursday evening as high temperatures continue in Southern California

An ongoing heat wave that descended upon much of Southern California this week is expected to linger, and prompted state officials to issue a flex alert for a few hours Thursday evening in an effort to conserve power. The flex alert, issued by the California Independent System Operator, asks residents to conserve energy from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Thursday evening. California ISO officials said Thursday and Friday are expected to be the hottest days of the week, officials said, although some areas sa...
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House votes 406-21 to honor police who defended Capitol

By Annie Grayer and Kristin Wilson | CNN Five months after the January 6 insurrection, the House and Senate have come to an agreement that will award the Congressional Gold Medal to the officers who defended the Capitol. But 21 House Republicans refused to support the legislation, the latest reminder that members of Congress still cannot agree on the facts of the deadly Capitol Hill riot. The final vote in the House on Tuesday was 406-21. The number of House Republicans voting against the bill n...
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Judge rules Weinstein can be extradited to California

By Jonathan Stempel | Reuters NEW YORK Convicted former movie producer Harvey Weinstein can be extradited to California from New York to face rape and sexual assault charges, a New York state judge ruled on Tuesday. Erie County Court Judge Kenneth Case in Buffalo rejected arguments by Weinstein’s lawyer that the paperwork to move Weinstein to Los Angeles was not in order, and that Weinstein should stay in New York to get better medical care. A New York prosecutor told Case that Los Angeles prose...
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Dysfunction, infighting grip Proud Boys in wake of Capitol riot

By Marshall Cohen | CNN A private Proud Boys audio chat that was made public Tuesday shows how the right-wing group fell into dysfunction and finger-pointing as its members got arrested after the US Capitol riot. Defense attorneys for Ethan Nordean, a leader of the Proud Boys in Washington state, released a rough transcript of the audio messages in a court filing. The FBI, which had seized Nordean’s cell phone, found the audio clips on the Telegram app and produced the transcript. Prosecutors ga...
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Daniel Morgan murder: a timeline of key events

No one has been brought to justice since the private investigator was killed in south-east London in 1987Met chief censured for hampering corruption inquiryThere have been five police investigations and an inquest into the death of Daniel Morgan – but no one has ever been brought to justice over the private investigator’s killing in 1987.The Metropolitan police have previously admitted the initial inquiry into the unsolved case was blighted by police corruption. Continue reading...
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The sexual assault of sleeping women: the hidden, horrifying rape crisis in Britain’s bedrooms

A recent survey suggested a shockingly high proportion of women have been sexually assaulted by a partner as they slept. Now more and more are speaking outNiamh Ní Dhomhnaill had been with her partner for almost a year when she discovered that he’d been raping her while she slept. At the time, she was 25, and a language teacher in a Dublin secondary school. Her partner, Magnus Meyer Hustveit, was Norwegian. The couple had moved in together within a few months of meeting, but things were tense. I...
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The accused Capitol rioter who put his feet up on Nancy Pelosi's desk did an interview with Russian state TV

Richard Barnett, a supporter of US President Donald Trump sits inside the office of US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi as he protest inside the US Capitol in Washington, DC, January 6, 2021. Photo by SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images Accused Capitol rioter Richard Barnett did an interview with Russian state TV that aired on Sunday. During the interview, he complained about jail conditions and advocated for the First Amendment. Barnett was pictured putting his feet on Nancy Pelosi's de...
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Fraud protection startup nSure AI raises $6.8M in seed funding

Fraud protection startup nSure AI has raised $6.8 million in seed funding, led by DisruptiveAI, Phoenix Insurance, AXA-backed venture builder Kamet, Moneta Seeds and private investors. The round will help the company bolster the predictive AI and machine learning algorithms that power nSure AI’s “first of its kind” fraud protection platform. Prior to this round, the company received $550,000 in pre-seed funding from Kamet in March 2019. The Tel Aviv-headquartered startup, which currently has 16 ...
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Neo-Nazi ex-Ukip member jailed for 18 years for terror offences

Dean Morrice described by judge as ‘dangerous neo-Nazi’ who pumped out racist propaganda onlineA former Ukip member who posted violent racist, antisemitic and Islamophobic propaganda online and collected the means for making bombs has been given a 23-year sentence.Dean Morrice had ball bearings, pipes and instructions for an improvised explosive device (IED) by the time his home was raided last year, and the judge at Kingston crown court said it was “fortunate” that police arrested him when they...
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Daniel Morgan murder: a brother’s long fight for justice

With inquiry due to publish report, family hope for answers amid allegations of official corruptionNearly 30 years ago, in May 1992, a young student wrote to his MP, Virginia Bottomley. “I am a man at the absolute end of my tether,” said the letter. “I have reached the end of my resources, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Just over five years ago my younger brother Daniel was murdered … Since that day, my mother and I have spent almost every waking moment in a horrible and debi...
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