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Brigitte Bardot and the Spectacle of the Trial in Clouzot's 'La Vérité'

None I'm often bemused by the observation that French movies are "mature" and "adult", since the two themes that recur most often in French art films are bittersweet autobiographical childhoods and that particularly melodramatic species of mentally arrested adolescence known as "l'amour fou", which French cinema virtually celebrates as a pillar of culture. The latter theme I've found especially tiresome, as it makes you empathize with the French penchant for wanting to slap everybody. Still, on...
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The Criterion Channel Launches in April, Picking Up Where FilmStruck Left Off

Calling all cinephiles: the Criterion Channel has a launch date. The streaming service, which provided online access to Criterion’s titles, was previously a part of the much-loved, but tragically under-used FilmStruck. When FilmStruck was shuttered, Criterion soon announced they would be launching their own standalone streaming service. And now we know when we’ll get to see it: April 2019. The channel will feature a constantly refreshed library selection, as well as Criterion’s streaming conten...
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The Art Of Jeremy Enecio

Boutique film distributor Criterion recently released their line up of titles for April 2019, and one of them on the list was a collection of action star Jackie Chan’s Police Story series. While I was elated by the news I was also intrigued by the new art cover and wondered who the artist is. After some quick searching his name came up – Jeremy Enecio, and what an amazing artist ! Here are some selects from his expansive portfolio – Criterion commissions the best artists ( illustrators...
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Disclosure, Dasein, and the Divine in Terrence Malick's 'The Tree of Life'

None The tree of life is a common metaphor for the interconnectedness of all beings. While this metaphor is a familiar framework for ecological thinking—all regions, systems, and species are interwoven and inseparable—the tree of life is also a provocative paradigm for thinking about creativity. The Tree of Life is also both the name of Terrence Malick's 2011 masterpiece and an apt descriptor for his creative process, as evident by The Criterion Collection's 2018 release. The Criterion's rel...
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Wild Women, Forty Pricks, and Western Noir

None Film critic Manny Farber, in typical inimitable style, summarized much of Samuel Fuller's film oeuvre through simultaneous praise and critique in the following observation: "What's good about his films is lovable; the daring, uninhibited use of semidocumentary techniques that save the movie from Fuller's mind, an unthinking morass at best" (Negative Space: Manny Farber on the Movies (New York: De Capo Press, 1998, 132). Put slightly more generously, Fuller's film style often trumps the plo...
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'Sex, Lies, and Videotape' Originated the Soderbergh Enigma

None Steven Soderbergh's work has been in our lives for 29 years via 28 feature films. That's a mountain of artistic evidence, enough to figure out most directors' favorite motifs, crutches and passions three times over. Yet maybe it's because of Soderbergh's prolific work rate that he remains difficult to decipher. You'd be hard pressed to name another contemporary director whose films can be as routinely dissimilar as Che, Solaris and The Informant!. Or look at it this way: the artist who wou...
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The Criterion Channel: Criterion Launches Independent Streaming Service in the Wake of FilmStruck’s Demise

The Criterion Collection and WarnerMedia have announced the launch of The Criterion Collection as a new independent streaming service. That’s great news for cinephiles that have been mourning the demise of FilmStruck, the niche but well-beloved movie subscription service that WarnerMedia unceremoniously axed last month. However, this happy news for movie lovers seems like it translates to one sad thing: FilmStruck is probably dead. Read on to learn more about the new streaming service, and when...
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Criterion Collection to launch stand-alone streaming service

NEW YORK (AP) — FilmStruck may be no more, but the Criterion Collection will live on as a subscription-streaming service. In an announcement that warmed the hearts of cinephiles everywhere, Criterion said Friday that it has reached an agreement with WarnerMedia to launch the Criterion Channel as a stand-alone service in spring next year. FilmStruck, […]
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7 Movies to Watch on Filmstruck Before It's Gone Forever

Filmstruck, the best video streaming service ever created, is dead. Well, it’s almost dead. The last day of the service is November 29, 2018, which means that if you already have a subscription, you can keep using it until then. But with just a month to go, you might be asking yourself what to watch. Below you’ll find…Read more...
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6WH: Speed Round and Halloween

Time flies when you're terrified beyond the capacity for rational thought. After six weeks of marathoning horror movies, there are a bunch of films that I've watched that I didn't write about. Maybe because it didn't fit in a given week's theme, or perhaps I just didn't have that much to say about it, or maybe I do have a lot to say about it but didn't have the time or inclination to do so. As of right now, I've seen 61 movies during this Halloween season, a significant bump over recent years (I...
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R.I.P. FilmStruck, the best streaming service for classic films

Sad news for movie fans: FilmStruck, the streaming service developed by Turner Classic Movies, is shutting down. A message on the FilmStruck website says it’s no longer accepting new subscribers, with plans to shut down on November 29. Meanwhile, The Hollywood Reporter suggests that this was an expected move — now that it’s part of AT&T, WarnerMedia (which owns Turner) is planning to a launch a comprehensive streaming service next year. “While FilmStruck has a very loyal fanbase, it remains larg...
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6WH: Week 4 - Corman, Poe, Price, and Arrow!

The Six Weeks of Halloween reaches week 4, where we will watch 4 movies that serve 4 different themes. After weeks focusing on releases from The Criterion Collection and Scream Factory, the original impetus for this week was to highlight yet another purveyor of high quality physical media, Arrow Films. A British company established in 1991, they are an independent distributor of world cinema, arthouse, horror, and classic films. They didn't make much of a splash, however, until 2012, when they ...
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New Blu-ray Releases: ‘Deadpool 2’, ‘Hereditary’, ‘The Tree of Life’, ‘Upgrade’, ‘The Terror’

(Welcome to Not Dead Yet, a feature dedicated to new Blu-ray releases and what special features you should be excited about. Because yes, some of us still like to own physical copies of our movies.) Greeting, physical media phiends. This week’s Blu-ray column rounds up some of the must-have titles available to buy right now (or very soon). There’s the surprisingly funny Deadpool 2, Criterion’s fantastic The Tree of Life Blu-ray, A24’s terrifying Hereditary, Leigh Whannell‘s awesome sci-fi horro...
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Three Reasons: Con Air by Criterion?

I'm a bit flummoxed by this Criterion choice. My June 12, 1997 review will follow. [Author: The Film Doctor ]
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New Blu-ray Releases: ‘A Quiet Place’, ‘You Were Never Really Here’, ‘Bowling for Columbine’, ‘The Addiction’, ‘Memoirs of an Invisible Man’

(Welcome to Not Dead Yet, a feature dedicated to new Blu-ray releases and what special features you should be excited about. Because yes, some of us still like to own physical copies of our movies.) This week’s physical media round-up brings you two of the best films of 2018 – A Quiet Place and You Were Never Really Here. There’s also the Criterion release of Bowling for Columbine, Arrow Video’s The Addiction, and Shout! Factory’s release of John Carpenter‘s Memoirs of an Invisible Man. Here ar...
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FilmStruck Adding Warner Bros. Classics to Streaming Library and New TCM Selects Collection

It’s difficult to keep up with all the streaming services out there. For many viewers, Netflix and Hulu have enough content to keep them satisfied, perhaps with Amazon Prime or HBO Now tossed in there for good measure. But for cinephiles who are looking for more rare film findings, there’s a fantastic option out there that’s just gotten even better. FilmStruck is a streaming service for movie lovers. The joint venture between the Criterion Collection and Turner Classic Movies delivers a curated...
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In 'Certain Women', Class-Based Identities Are Contended with Under Montana's Vast Icy Skies

Based on Maile Meloy's short story compilations Half in Love and Both Ways Is the Only Way I Want It , Director Kelly Reichardt's Certain Women uses a triptych format to interweave the distinct stories of four Montana women repressed by their jobs, families, and surrounding patriarchal norms. It is a deeply American film which explores the value of lives shackled by class-based identities. Reichardt — a shoestring budget virtuo...
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The Outer Beauty in Hitchcock's 'Rebecca'

I'm not sure which of Alfred Hitchcock's films is his best, but I have no problem choosing which is the most beautiful. That would be Rebecca , a 1940 release combining British elegance with the kind of production values American money can buy. Rebecca may also be Hitchcock's most twisted film, and that's saying something for a man who also directed Vertigo , Marnie , and Frenzy . Rebecca is based on a ...
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'Danger Zone' brings Burnout-inspired crashes to PlayStation 4 and PC this May

Danger Zone is a spiritual successor to Burnout created by members of the original game's development team. It's out next month on both PlayStation 4 and PC, with no plans to bring it to other consoles. The post 'Danger Zone' brings Burnout-inspired crashes to PlayStation 4 and PC this May appeared first on Digital Trends.
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The highway to the ‘Danger Zone’ ends this May with Burnout-inspired crashes

Danger Zone is a spiritual successor to Burnout created by members of the original game's development team. It's out next month on both PlayStation 4 and PC, with no plans to bring it to other consoles. The post The highway to the ‘Danger Zone’ ends this May with Burnout-inspired crashes appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Your Weekend Justice #247: We Never Thought This Would Happen to Us, But…

It's Weekend Justice: the Internet's #1 audio trainwreck...and holy shit, we've worked our way out of the 2015 recording archive and we careen into 2016. Amusingly, at the time of this recording, we still have no idea what a shitshow the year will be. Come join us and remember a kinder, more naive universe. Agenda: Jessica Jones vs. Daredevil Leigh, play with it Sports bit (no idea what any of this means) Serv and fatherly revelations Jon vs. Doctor Who Xmas Force Awakens OSHA vs. T...
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See the Criterion Collection Cover Art for Richard Linklater’s ‘Before’ Trilogy

Last month we got the very welcome news that Richard Linklater‘s Before trilogy would be joining the Criterion Collection. While the director’s Slacker, Dazed and Confused, and Boyhood are all part of the lineup already, it took Criterion a while to get around to tackling this one. But then again, Before fans are surely used to waiting — after all, it took nine years to get from each chapter of Jesse and Celine’s love story to the next. Now, the wait is almost over. With just a couple of months...
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Turner’s FilmStruck streaming service should have film buffs buttering their popcorn

Turner has announced a new streaming service, FilmStruck, coming this fall, that will combine the Turner Classic Movies and Criterion Collection catalogs into the ideal spot for film buffs and arthouse lovers. The post Turner’s FilmStruck streaming service should have film buffs buttering their popcorn appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Upcoming 'Star Wars: Battlefront' X-Wing VR Mission Revealed To Be A Tie-In To 'Rogue One'

Electronic Arts (EA) and developer Criterion Games announced during Gamescom 2016 that the upcoming X-Wing VR expansion for “Star Wars: Battlefront” will tie-in to the upcoming film “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.” EA originally announced back in June during E3 that the X-Wing VR expansion was simply an added virtual reality mission for “Battlefront.” Now, Criterion has decided to simply tie-in the upcoming virtual reality expansion to “Rogue One” to complement the current state of the “Star Wars...
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DVDs: Sing Out For "Sing Street," "Everybody Wants Some!!" Choose -- Batman Or Superman? And More

Too often, people use the instant access of streaming services and on-demand to simply watch whatever widely advertised, not-that-good movie was playing in the cinema just a few weeks ago. "That looks alright," you say to yourselves, settling for something that might be OK. At best. Wht not be a little adventurous and search out movies and TV shows that aren't maybe decent but actually might be good or even great? Start right here. SING STREET ($34.99 BluRay; Anchor Bay) EVERYBODY WANTS S...
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Pan’s Labyrinth Criterion Collection Release Announced

Another film of Guillermo del Toro‘s is making its way to the Criterion Collection. Following in the footsteps of del Toro’s feature debut, Cronos, and the film closest to the director’s heart, The Devil’s Backbone, Pan’s Labyrinth will be made available on Criterion later this year. The release is timed to the fairy tale’s 10th anniversary. Below, learn more about the Pan’s Labyrinth criterion release. Guillermo del Toro is a very entertaining presence on Twitter. The director offers up fil...
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Hear the Great Mixtapes Richard Linklater Created to Psych Up the Actors in Dazed and Confused and Everybody Wants Some!!

Richard Linklater’s films have become increasingly sophisticated as the 90s indie breakout writer-director has grown into his auteurhood. From the loose stoner vérité of Slackers (watch it online) to the loose but heady animation of Waking Life to the painstakingly meticulous “model of cinematic realism” of Boyhood, Linklater has a uniquely American vision and the undeniable talent to realize it in full. But mostly when I think of Linklater, I think—excuse my language—of cock rock. I...
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CS Interview: Colin Farrell Talks The Lobster

Colin Farrell talks The Lobster and Criterion Collection’s release of The New World Without question one of this year’s most singular, unique comedies is The Lobster, the new film from writer/director Yorgos Lanthimos (Dogtooth) that dissects the modern conception of relationships via an alternate world where people are forced to couple up or they’re transformed into an animal. After his wife leaves him, lead character David (Colin Farrell) is brought to a mysterious hotel while he searches vai...
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