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Queering Dr. Watson: Sexual Identity in The Angel of the Crows

Katherine Addison, the author of award-winning The Goblin Emperor, has a new fantasy novel out, a dark Fantasy that is mash-up of Jack the Ripper and the detectives of Baker Street. We have a guest post from the author today, talking about the work, and its queer characters. SPOILER ALERT: Dr. J. H. Doyle is not what you think. I am not the first writer to notice that you can use a first-person narrator to play games with sex and gender roles. Emma Bull (Bone Dance) and Sarah Caud...
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Prince and the Revolution: Livestreaming Today

Appointment viewing is back. Find out what online events to look for today, and when to tune in.
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Developing Resiliency

Maj. Gen. Patrick C. Higby is the director of DevOps and lethality, Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics. In this role, he devises and implements strategies to responsively combat cybersecurity threats while rapidly delivering cyber, digital and information technology capabilities to the point of need. During an interview with Airman magazine, Higby discussed his mission and responsibilities and the roles of DevOps, cyber resiliency and ...
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Old Crow Medicine Show write a rallying cry for Music City with new song, 'Nashville Rising'

Old Crow wrote and recorded the uplifting post-tornado anthem days before COVID-19 shut down much of Nashville.          [Author: Nashville Tennessean]
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Crow for them, Pai for us: American Internet policies outpace Europe’s in the crisis

As demand for videoconferencing and other online services soars in the pandemic emergency, European policymakers “are now eating crow and entreating video platforms to downgrade the quality of their streams, an about face from the regulatory dogma that ‘all data is equal'” You mean net neutrality wasn’t all it was cracked up to be? On dubious European concepts of data privacy, meanwhile: “The GDPR’s forced data minimization has dulled the effectiveness and granularity of data from mobile apps, d...
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They've trained for months. Then their marathons got canceled

Simon Crow is not a professional athlete. But he has spent the last three months running six times a week, clocking in between 40 and 60 miles. Feeling great, Crow was hoping for a new personal best in the Paris marathon next month.
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Doctor Sleep: Director’s Cut – review

Director: Mike Flanagan Release date: 2019 Contains spoilers Whilst Stephen King has been on the record to criticise the Shining (1980) as it deviates from his novel, I happen to love the movie. More so, I am also a fan of the book (though it is many a long year since I read it). When the novel of Doctor Sleep was released I was excited – a sequel to the Shining and one that centres on vampires (the antagonists through the novel are energy vampires – feeding on the Shining, or the psychic energ...
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Five years after problematic executions led to halt, Oklahoma plans to restart its machinery of death

As reported in this press piece, headlined "Oklahoma to resume injection executions, 5 years after drug mix-ups, national ridicule," the Sooner State is talking about getting back to carrying out death sentences. Here are the basics: Oklahoma will resume executions by the lethal injection method, officials said Thursday.  The surprise announcement came at a news conference by Gov. Kevin Stitt, Attorney General Mike Hunter and Corrections Department Director Scott Crow. Efforts will continue to ...
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Blackhawks in Playoff Push, but Face Challenges

The Chicago Blackhawks had our hopes soaring last Saturday night with a 3-2 shootout thriller after their bye week. It was just what we wanted to see. They started on time, they had energy throughout the entire game, and picked up where they left off (five wins in the last six games before the break) with a victory and two points in the standings. We can’t say as much for the following two tilts versus the Minnesota Wild and the Boston Bruins. Against both teams they started flat and had trou...
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Trump Conduct ‘Shameful,’ Murkowski Says: Impeachment Update

(Bloomberg) -- President Donald Trump is set to be acquitted of two impeachment charges in final votes set for Wednesday at 4 p.m. Senators heard lawyers’ closing arguments Monday and now have two days for discussion on the chamber’s floor.Here are the latest developments:Trump Conduct ‘Shameful,’ Murkowski Says (7:08 p.m.)Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski said she will vote to acquit Trump even though his behavior was “shameful and wrong.”“The president has the responsibility to uphold the inte...
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GOP Advises Trump to Avoid Trial in Speech: Impeachment Update

(Bloomberg) -- President Donald Trump is set to be acquitted of two impeachment charges in final votes set for Wednesday at 4 p.m. Before then, senators will hear lawyers’ closing arguments and have two days for discussion.Here are the latest developments:GOP Advises Trump to Avoid Trial in Speech (2:28 p.m.)Trump is getting some advice from Republican senators ahead of his State of the Union address: don’t mention impeachment. “If I was him, I would avoid that subject,” said Senator Roy Blunt, ...
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Crow Won’t Say Whether Trump Recording Will Be Included In Impeachment Trial

House impeachment manager Jason Crow (D-CO) dodged when asked whether the April 2018 recording of President Trump telling Rudy Giuliani associates to “take [Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch] out” can be included in the ongoing impeachment trial. In the 90-minute recording first reported by ABC Friday, Trump is seen telling Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman to “take [Yovanovitch] out!” after he was told that the career foreign service officer was “badmouthing” him in Kyiv. When asked by CBS’ Margaret Bre...
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House Democrats Try to Convince Senate Republicans Trump Compromised National Security — To No Avail

“I have news for everybody,” Mick Mulvaney told the world on Oct. 17, weeks after House Democrats launched a formal impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump. “Get over it. There is going to be political influence in foreign policy.” In pressuring Ukraine to investigate his political rival last July, Mulvaney argued, Trump was doing nothing his predecessors hadn’t. Democrats strongly disagree, and have based their impeachment case on the idea that Trump’s Ukraine gambit was an o...
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House Democrats Try to Convince Senate Republicans Trump Comprised National Security — To No Avail

“I have news for everybody,” Mick Mulvaney told the world on Oct. 17, weeks after House Democrats launched a formal impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump. “Get over it. There is going to be political influence in foreign policy.” In pressuring Ukraine to investigate his political rival last July, Mulvaney argued, Trump was doing nothing his predecessors hadn’t. Democrats strongly disagree, and have based their impeachment case on the idea that Trump’s Ukraine gambit was an o...
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Crow named George vandalises windscreen wipers of 20 cars (Thanks to John Lobert, who says "You know who put him up to it.")
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Who Are The House Impeachment Managers?

Chosen by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the seven Democratic lawmakers reflect the geographic and demographic diversity of the party’s caucus.
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Trump’s impeachment trial underway with reading of charges

By LISA MASCARO WASHINGTON —  The U.S. Senate opened the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump on Thursday, with House Democrats reading the formal charges in the chamber ahead of the swearing in of all 100 senators as jurors for only the third trial to remove a president in U.S. history. “Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye!” said the Senate’s sergeant at arms, calling the proceedings to order. Seven lawmakers prosecuting the charges, led by Rep. Adam Schiff of the Intelligence Committee and Rep. J...
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Chief justice swears in Senate for Trump impeachment trial

By LISA MASCARO WASHINGTON — The chief justice of the United States was sworn in Thursday to preside over President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, then immediately swore in the entire Senate body in turn with an oath to ensure “impartial justice” as jurors for only the third such proceeding in American. history. Chief Justice John Roberts made the short trip across the street from the Supreme Court before being ushered to the Senate chamber. The Constitution mandates the chief justice serve a...
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What We Learned After The House Vote on Impeachment Articles

House Democrats spent the day preparing to cede control of the impeachment process to the Republican-led Senate for a trial.
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Pelosi Taps Diverse Team of Impeachment Managers With Legal Credentials

The group of Democratic lawmakers preparing to press the case against President Trump is about half as large as and far more diverse than the team that prosecuted Bill Clinton.
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These House Prosecutors Will Present Trump Impeachment to Senate

(Bloomberg) -- House Speaker Nancy Pelosi named seven Democrats to act as managers in the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump that is set to begin in earnest in the Senate next week.These lawmakers will present the House case that Trump should be removed from office and barred from holding future office. The group includes the chairmen of two committees that investigated the Ukraine scandal, some moderate members, as well as key Pelosi loyalists from the House Democratic caucus.The prose...
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Holy smoke! A radical BMW K1600 B from CW Zon

The BMW K1600 B is both odd and magnificent. Odd, because the ‘B’ stands for ‘Bagger,’ when it’s really just a low-slung variation of the brand’s popular K1600 GTL tourer. Magnificent, because it’s a totally bananas ride. Powering it is a 1,649 cc inline-six, which makes 160 hp and absolutely howls at full chat. It sounds and feels like nothing else out there, and it doesn’t take long to get up to speed either (I’ve ridden the K1600 B, and can confirm). This absolutely wild custom from Cus...
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A simple image, after the surfeit of the past few days . . . [Author: Vicki Lane]
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Conveniently located between Richmond and Washington, D.C., the Fredericksburg region, consisting of Stafford County, Spotsylvania County and the city of Fredericksburg, offers outdoor enthusiasts a nearly-endless supply of activities year-round. Here are just a few of our favorites:  ON THE WATER Rappahannock River The Rappahannock River in eastern Virginia is the country’s longest free-flowing river in the eastern United States. Enjoy the river on your own or discover a number of ...
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Mystery Science Theater 3000 Cancelled By Netflix

Mystery Science Theater 3000 cancelled by Netflix It’s been an up-and-down road for the cult favorite comedy series Mystery Science Theater 3000, and after finding a new home at Netflix in 2017 following a near 20-year gap, the series is going on hold again as the streaming service has chosen to cancel it, according to star Jonah Ray. RELATED: Tiffany Haddish: Black Mitzvah Trailer for New Netflix Special Released So, Netflix decided to not do another season of MST3K. We are off to Get Do...
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Sheryl Crow Expresses Chagrin Over Grammy Snub in Tweet to Recording Academy

Many longtime awards-show observers have expressed surprise that former Grammy queen Sheryl Crow didn’t get even a single nomination this year for what she’s said will be her final studio album release, “Threads.” Among them is Crow herself, who tweeted her dismay about the lack of recognition for the all-star duets album in a post […]
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Sheryl Crow to Join Bruce Springsteen at Stand Up for Heroes (EXCLUSIVE)

Sheryl Crow has been added to the star-studded list of attendees set to perform at the 13th Annual Stand Up for Heroes charity event on Nov. 4, Variety has exclusively learned. Crow, who just released a new album called “Threads,” will join performances from Ronny Chieng, Hasan Minhaj, John Oliver, Bruce Springsteen and Jon Stewart […]
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Trump Gives Swing-District Democrats New Cause to Back Inquiry

(Bloomberg) -- President Donald Trump has erased any lingering doubts among the swing-district Democrats who galvanized the House impeachment move two weeks ago despite the risks to their re-election chances in 2020.The decision by seven first-term Democrats elected in Trump-leaning districts to back an impeachment inquiry after months of resisting the idea tipped the balance in the House and helped spark Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision to announce the investigation.Now they are back home during...
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Batwoman Is The New Hope Of Gotham In Episode 2 Promo

Batwoman is the new hope of Gotham in episode 2 promo Following the show’s debut yesterday, The CW has released the first promo for Batwoman‘s upcoming episode 2 titled “The Rabbit Hole,” featuring Kate Kane as she tries to take on her cousin’s heroic legacy. The episode is scheduled to air on October 13. Starring Ruby Rose and Rachel Skarsten, you can check out the video in the player below. The new episode is directed by Marcos Siega from a script written by Caroline Dries. Its official sy...
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Ex-Ukraine Envoy Volker Out At The McCain Institute

Former U.S. envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker announced his resignation as the executive director of the McCain Institute for International Leadership at Arizona State University in a Monday morning statement. In the statement, Volker cited the “recent media focus on my work as U.S. Special Representative for Ukraine Negotiations” as a reason for his decision to resign. Volker noted that the scrutiny he’s facing in the midst of the unfurling Ukraine scandal “risks becoming a distraction from the ac...
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