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Canada: Minor Injury Cap – Motor Vehicle Claims In BC (Part 2) - Alexander Holburn Beaudin + Lang LLP

Previously, the CRT had been tasked with handling strata property matters and low-value small claims.
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Genetic variant linked to increased stroke risk in childhood cancer survivors treated with CRT

A common single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) was associated with increased risk for developing stroke in childhood survivors who received cranial radiation therapy (CRT) for their primary cancer, according to results presented at the AACR Annual Meeting 2019, March 29-April 3.
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FTV Capital announces promotions

FTV Capital said Feb. 14 that it promoted Richard Liu to principal, while Adam Hallquist and Tyler Krueger were elevated to vice president. PRESS RELEASE FTV CAPITAL ANNOUNCES INVESTMENT TEAM PROMOTIONS   Richard Liu named principal; Adam Hallquist and Tyler Krueger promoted to vice president   San Francisco, CA and New York, NY – February 14, 2019 — FTV Capital, a sector-focused growth equity investment firm, today announced Richard Liu has been promoted to principal. The firm also announced th...
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Dark Theme for GUI on Windows 10?

So I've read all the other "post" I could find on this: :blink: :angry: that whole "you add the environment variable "CALIBRE_QSS_PATH" and set it to be, well, the path" is beyond me without step by step instructions, but I would love my calibre to look more like this: Attachment 169...
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digital TV,audio delay?

Last year got rid of my CRT tv and analog converter box.Got one of them there newfangled flat screen ones,but still no cable,just rabbit ears. Not always,but sometimes its just a little out of sync.Still have audio after the lips stop moving.No biggie,but enough to notice.Once in a while its off by a second or 2,and thats really annoying. So,is it an issue with anyone it beause its OTA?
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EmuVR Lets You Play '80s/'90s Videogames--in '80s/'90s Virtual Reality Settings

As current tech stands, this is probably the closest we can get to an actual time machine. EmuVR is a retro emulation that lets you pop on the goggles to play an Atari 2600, a Commodore 64, an NES, a Sega Genesis and other consoles of yore--inside of an '80s/'90s bedroom setting. Period-authentic snack packages, movie posters and décor are featured, as is your choice of crappy CRT television. "You can even stream videos to the TVs and watch your favourite Saturday morning cartoons,"...
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How Dark Mode Can Extend Battery Life on OLED Phones

Did you know your phone might last longer if you use apps with darker interfaces? It’s true! Well, sometimes—it’s complicated. It depends on the technology in your screen, and whether or not your phone’s software takes advantage of it.  It’s All About The OLED It’s obvious that brighter screens use more electricity, and manually lowering the brightness is a good way to get more battery life out of any mobile device. But that’s only part of the equation. For the most part, phone screens use...
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Monday’s Mix

Each Monday we present brief excerpts of recent posts from five of Canada’s award­-winning legal blogs chosen at random* from more than 80 recent Clawbie winners. In this way we hope to promote their work, with their permission, to as wide an audience as possible. This week the randomly selected blogs are 1. Vancouver Immigration Law Blog 2. DroitDu.Net OK 3. Official Clio Blog  4. Eloise Gratton  5. Civil Resolution Tribunal blog Vancouver Immigration Law Blog Fettering Discretion and Standar...
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Seven Hills recaps Reliable Medical Supply

Seven Hills Capital has recapitalized Minnesota-based Reliable Medical Supply, a provider of complex rehab technology, clinical respiratory products and durable medical equipment and supplies. No financial terms were disclosed. Wintrust provided senior debt financing to back the transaction while Northcreek Mezzanine and Harbert Credit Solutions provided mezzanine debt along with an equity co-investment. McGuireWoods LLP provided legal counsel to Seven Hills. PRESS RELEASE November 2018 – Seven ...
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AEA Investors buys Numotion from Audax and LLR

AEA Investors has acquired Brentwood, Tennessee-based Numotion, a provider of complex rehabilitation technology and related mobility solutions. The sellers were Audax Private Equity and LLR Partners. No financial terms were disclosed. Harris Williams advised Numotion on the transaction. PRESS RELEASE RICHMOND, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Harris Williams, a preeminent middle market investment bank focused on the advisory needs of clients worldwide for more than 25 years, announces the sale of Numotion, a...
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Get FREE $20+ Due to Claim CRT Class Action Payout

Canadian CRT class action announced that courts in Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec have approved class-action lawsuit settlements totalling $49.8 million. Everyone in Canada can claim this (even without a purchase receipt)! Persons resident in Canada (individuals, businesses and governmental entities) can receive a payment from the settlements if they purchased any of the following products, regardless of the manufacturer or brand, in Canada between March 1, 1995 and November 25, 2007: CR...
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Monday’s Mix

Each Monday we present brief excerpts of recent posts from five of Canada’s award­-winning legal blogs chosen at random* from more than 80 recent Clawbie winners. In this way we hope to promote their work, with their permission, to as wide an audience as possible. This week the randomly selected blogs are 1. Risk Management & Crisis Response 2. Canadian Combat Sports Law Blog 3. IFLS at Osgoode 4. Civil Resolution Tribunal blog 5. Know How Risk Management & Crisis Response DOJ launches FCPA in...
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Turning Old Tubes to Modern Treasure

Know what a CRT (cathode ray tube) television is? Didn’t think so! These relics have quickly been replaced by modern flat-screen TVs but for many of us, they hold nostalgia as we reflect on shared moments in front of the “tube” and how they introduced many firsts. This light (Afterimage of CRT) by h220430 studio, serves as a nod to these familiar fragments of entertainment history.The design uses glass masses created when the cathode ray tubes are demolished. It transforms the material into an i...
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iBot G3 from playsometoys

The most colorful computer in the history of computing has arrived as a collectible figure that fits in the palm of your hand. Designer Philip Lee of playsometoys, the Hong Kong-based toy design company behind the best-selling Classicbot Classic collectible, now brings you the iBot G3 . And like the Classicbot Classic, the (around 3-inch tall) iBot G3’s arms are detachable and held by magnets, allowing for easy transformation to its pure computer form. Complete with a keyboard and the infamou...
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Rockwood invests in Lifeway Mobility

Rockwood Equity Partners has made an undisclosed investment in Lifeway Mobility. Based in Hartford, Connecticut, Lifeway is a provider of home accessibility and safety solutions. PRESS RELEASE CLEVELAND, OH (August 28, 2018) – Rockwood Equity Partners announced today that it has completed a major investment in Lifeway Mobility ( (Lifeway). Headquartered in Hartford, Conn., Lifeway is a provider of home accessibility and safety solutions, including ramps, stair lifts, whee...
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Portsdown Road Guide - A Hidden, Humble Escape In Singapore Where Time Stands Still

Tucked away in a cosy corner in between One-North and Buono Vista is Portsdown Road. This picturesque place is hidden away from the rest of bustling Singapore, and here, time stands still. The place makes you feel like you’ve been transported back in time to Singapore in the 1950s, where the streets used to be lined with beautiful, rustic colonial houses and the roads were narrow and windy. Besides these beautiful houses, there are quite a few places to explore if you’re looking for a little a...
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West Fire benefit helps families

ALPINE, Calif. (KGTV) - The West Fire Benefit Dinner and Live Auction held Saturday night in Alpine raised at least $40,000 for the families who lost everything.A final tally of all the money raised could take up to a week; all of it going to the Alpine Foundation. The Community Resource Team (CRT) will distribute the funds based on merit. "We're a case management agency for long-term recovery and that's getting people from the point that they're at now, to the end when they're i...
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Vectors are getting their own festival: lasers and oscilloscopes, go!

It’s definitely an underground subculture of audiovisual media, but lovers of graphics made with vintage displays, analog oscilloscopes, and lasers are getting their own fall festival to share performances and techniques. Vector Hack claims to be “the first ever international festival of experimental vector graphics” – a claim that is, uh, probably fair. And it’ll span two cities, starting in Zagreb, Croatia, but wrapping up in the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana. Why vectors? Well, I’m sure th...
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Paper Mache Bluetooth Speaker

From where this idea came from? Most of us have at least a one piece of old non working electronics, laying somewhere in house or shed. Recently I found old non working CRT TV, the first decision is simply to throw away this piece of history, but wait… It is always fun for me disassemble electronics...By: Barely PaintedContinue Reading » [Author: Barely Painted]
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CVS: Physicians Formula Cosmetics As low As $0.49 Starting 6/10

CVS: Physicians Formula Cosmetics As low As $0.49 Starting 6/10 Starting 6/10, CVS will be offering $3 ExtraBucks when you spend $10 on Physicians Formula Cosmetics. If you head to CVS this week (6/3-6/9) you will get a CRT that will print from the Coupon Center. This CRT is printing for all cardholders and it […].Brought to you by: Frugal Focus
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Banned Donkey Kong champ promises proof in emulator scandal

Billy Mitchell is an infamous game champion whose Donkey King high score was long the record. But video of his current best time was apparently recorded using an emulator rather than real arcade hardware, making it easier to cheat and ultimately losing him his place in the record books. Now he's speaking out, promising to show that everything was done according to the rules: "witnesses, documents, everything will be made available." It's amazing how they caught Mitchell, by spotting subtle d...
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5 Essentials When Shooting Video With Your Stills Camera

Until a few years ago, video and stills photography were quite separate disciplines. Both used their own types of cameras, both required similar creativity yet different skillsets. The holy grail for videographers was the “cinema look”, so called as it mimicked the look of larger format celluloid based films. It was a look that was difficult and expensive to achieve. The reason for this was that much of the cinema look was built around a shallow depth of field and wide yet flat dynamic range. Mo...
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A dot-matrix printer that taps out a picture using a pencil

Here's a clever, artistic hack: Taking a dot-matrix printer and using its mechanism to tap a pencil against paper -- slowly drawing out a picture as a series of tiny graphite dots. As Hackaday notes: The software converts the image into an array, with 0 representing white and 1 representing black. The printer itself works a bit like an old-school CRT TV: the scanner array moves the printer along a horizontal line, then moves it vertically and along another horizontal line. It then triggers...
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The history and lifecycle of CRT television sets

Adi Robertson at The Verge has a fun, informative history of old cathode ray tube television sets, plus the people who study them, keep them working, and continue to use them. One maybe-surprising constituency: retro gamers. Old games may look torn or feel laggy on a new TV. That’s in part because LCD screens process an entire frame of an image and then display it, rather than receiving a signal and drawing it right away. Some games are completely dependent on the display technology. One of ...
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The sad slow death of cathode ray tubes

Most of us want rid of heavy old TV sets: they're piled high in warehouses, a dangerous waste mountain resulting from a huge recycling scam. But some of us are desperate to keep their old CRTs going. The CRT’s slow extinction is also becoming a pressing problem for arcades, especially with the rise of arcade bars over the past decade. Establishments like San Francisco’s Brewcade, Portland’s Ground Kontrol, and Chicago’s Emporium Arcade Bar all line their walls with dozens of nostalgia-inspirin...
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Video demonstrates the marvel of CRT displays at 380,000 frames per second (ars technica)

Enlarge (credit: The Slow Mo Guys) We spend a lot of time reading about the differences between display technologies like LCD and OLED, which, like all display technologies, are built to fool our eyes into seeing things that are only simulated, not real, like colors, or realistic movement. But it helps to see it in action. A video from YouTube channel The Slow Mo Guys (originally reported on by Motherboard) vividly illustrates how CRT, LCD, and OLED displays work by either zooming in very clos...
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Filming TV screens at 380,000 fps shows exactly how they produce “moving” images

Modern display technology is pretty amazing. It’s come such a long way since its early days of black & white. And since shifting from the Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) TVs of the 90s to flat panel Plasma, LCD and OLED technology, they’ve come even further. But how do they actually draw that image on the […] The post Filming TV screens at 380,000 fps shows exactly how they produce “moving” images appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Understanding How TVs Work Is a Lot Easier When You Watch Them at 380,000 Frames Per Second

Despite feeling like ancient, antique technology at this point, the monstrously-heavy CRT television you grew up with was an engineering marvel, as the Slow Mo Guys reveal by filming an old-school TV at an astonishing 380,000 frames per second.Read more...
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Inside Sony's Sensor Fab

If you're interested in photo technology, you might be interested in this link Bryan Geyer sent me: "Inside Sony Kumamoto: A rare glimpse inside Sony's super-secret sensor factory," from Imaging Resource. "I've had a lot of admiration and respect for this company ever since the initial Sony Trinitron CRT was released in 1968," Bryan writes. "Our first color TV set was the original Sony seven-inch Trinitron portable model, purchased in 1968 directly from Sony's 5th Avenue NYC showroom. I was abso...
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Shorter course of treatment may provide better outcome for intermediate-risk prostate cancer

Researchers found that the one-month duration HRT, was associated with a significant improvement in prostate cancer recurrence compared to the two-month duration CRT and therefore would be reasonable to consider in men with intermediate risk prostate cancer who do not have risk factors that could predispose the patient to bladder side effects several years after the treatment is complete.
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