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LA’s Center Theatre Group Promises All-Female-Playwright Season Next Year (And Gets ‘Slave Play’ Back)

After criticism for programming few plays by women this season, culminating in Jeremy O. Harris pulling Slave Play from the schedule there, CTG says that the entire 2022-23 season at Mark Taper Forum will be plays by female or nonbinary writers, mostly BIPOC. – Yahoo! (Los Angeles Times)
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Playwright Jeremy O. Harris Withdraws “Slave Play” From L.A. Run

The 12-time-Tony-nominated play was to open in February at the Center Theater Group’s Mark Taper Forum. But the CTG has only one play by a woman in its entire season; in response, Harris suggests filling his slot a work by a female playwright. – Yahoo! (Los Angeles Times)
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Jeremy O. Harris Pulls ‘Slave Play’ From L.A. Run Over Center Theatre Group’s Lack of Women Playwrights

Jeremy O. Harris is in the process of removing “Slave Play” from its upcoming Los Angeles run at the Center Theatre Group due to the organization’s lack of female playwrights showcased this season. Harris took to Twitter on Oct. 5 to share an email titled “Slave Play at CTG” with the following text: Dear all, […]
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When It Came to @RealDonaldTrump, Twitter Couldn’t Please Everyone–Rutenberg v. Twitter

The plaintiff Maria Rutenberg (a lawyer, perhaps not surprisingly) was unhappy Twitter shut down the @realdonaldtrump account, which meant she lost the opportunity to read and engage with Trump’s tweets. So, represented by a lawyer (Mark Javitch), she sued Twitter for violating her civil rights. It only takes a few pages for the court to say that Twitter isn’t a state actor, Section 1983 doesn’t apply to it, case closed: Rutenburg makes no allegation that Twitter exercised any state right or p...
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LA’s Center Theatre Group Creates A New Digital Stage

CTG Artistic Director Michael Ritchie said in an interview that he would like to make the Digital Stage a permanent fixture, even after the threat of the coronavirus fades. The hope is that the kind of work appearing on the Digital Stage will transcend COVID-related restrictions to establish a new language for theater. – Los Angeles Times
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Diane Rodriguez, Longtime Champion Of Theatre Artists Of Color, Has Died At 68

Rodriguez, a writer, actor, and former associate artistic director at Center Theatre Group, died of cancer on Friday. “‘Diane was an incredibly disciplined artist, with equal talent as a writer, director and actor,’ said CTG Artistic Director Michael Ritchie. ‘But she was never more animated than when she was advocating for the work of other artists. The arts community mourns the loss of a leader and advocate for accessibility, inclusion and community.'” – Los Angeles Times
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Exclusive: Portugal's EDP could create Latam JV with China Three Gorges if takeover bid fails - sources

LONDON/SAO PAULO (Reuters) - Portugal's Energia de Portugal EDP could propose a joint venture with China Three Gorges (CTG) allowing CTG to expand its foothold in Brazil and Latin America if the Chinese power giant's bid to take over EDP fails, people familiar with the matter said. CTG, EDP's main shareholder with a 23 percent stake, is among Chinese state-backed companies that have been increasing their investments in European countries such as Portugal, Greece and Cyprus over the past few yea...
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Theater review: ‘For The Love Of (or, the roller derby play)’ skates by on its staging

Setting a play in the world of roller derby certainly makes that play memorable. And for those of us whose tastes run more toward Stoppard than to this sport, Gina Femia’s “For The Love Of (or, the roller derby play)” proves a rather gentle introduction to the consensually brutal athletic endeavor. Had the play stayed on the track and in the locker room, it might have found conflicts aplenty. But Femia wanders into the bedroom of new team member Joy Ride (Briana Price) and her partner Michelle (...
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Squeezed out of starting role, Josh Hart embraces being the Lakers’ little big man

A shot is going up, and Josh Hart positions himself just outside the restricted area. He crouches, then rockets himself into the air, and just as he’s reaching for the rebound, he can feel 7-foot Trail Blazers forward Zach Collins draped over his back. And that’s when Lance Stephenson comes in and grabs the board, and immediately starts pushing the ball up the court. The Lakers got the ball, so Hart can’t be upset. But a part of him, just a little part, is miffed that Stephenson, one of the guar...
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Amazon Canada Kitchen Day Deals Of The Day: Save 40% off Select Kitchen Small Appliances

Amazon Canada has awesome Kitchen Day Deals available today, August 20, 2018, that include: Save up to 36% on Lodge Cookware, today from $44.99 – $149.99 Get Blendtec Total Blender, FourSide Jar, today for $299.99, list price $461.11, save $161.12 – 35% off. Get Delonghi CGH1030D Livenza All-Day Grill, Griddle & Waffle Maker, Large, Silver, today for $289.99, list price $379.99, save $90.00 – 24% off. Get Cuisinart Salad Spinner – CTG-00-SASC, today for $15.19, list price $24.99, save $9.80 –...
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M&A Quarterly News In The Industrials Sector

The report below presents you with a good overview on the second Quarter M&A activity in the Industrials  sector. M&A activity for North American based target companies in the Industrials sector for Q1 2018 included 60 closed deals, according to data published by industry data tracker FactSet. One of the notable transactions of the quarter was announced in March when Tooling Technology LLC, a portfolio company of GenNx360 Capital Partners, acquired Century Tool & Gage Co, a portfolio company of ...
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Tooling Technology buys CTG

Tooling Technology Group, a portfolio company of GenNx360 Capital Partners, has acquired CTG Holdings. Financial terms weren’t announced. First Capital Partners LLC is the seller. CTG operates Century Tool & Die and Bel-Kur. Angle Advisors advised CTG. PRESS RELEASE Birmingham, Michigan – April 25, 2018 -Angle Advisors is pleased to announce that Tooling Technology Group (“TTG”) a portfolio company of GenNx360 Capital Partners (“GenNx360”) has acquired CTG Holdings (“CTG”) which operates Century...
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This electric jet can take off vertically and travel almost 190 miles per hour — and it's already being prototyped

Lillium is developing a five-seat electric aircraft that can take off and land vertically. The company envisions using the aircraft like an Uber, hailing it from your phone to take you around the city, avoiding traffic. Lillium says it will start rolling out the technology by 2025.    Move over, Elon Musk. A German startup developing an electric, car-sized aircraft that can take off and land vertically just received a prestigious award — and the technology is seriously impressive. Founded by...
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‘Spamilton’ hilariously spoofs the lows, hits the heights at the Kirk Douglas Theatre

Whose revolution is it, anyway? America was founded on rebellion, religious and political. It’s still in a revolution, whether moving forward or backward. Theater has been full of revolution, otherwise we’d be watching shadows on cave walls. But these days, the theater is feeling the effects of a giant in the sky. No, not that one. “Hamilton” changed what’s mainstream in lyrics, in audiences, in ticket prices. It came about when Lin-Manuel Miranda dreamed a dream, bringing rap to Broadway, bring...
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Cytosine deamination and base excision repair cause R-loop-induced CAG repeat fragility and instability in Saccharomyces cerevisiae [Genetics]

CAG/CTG repeats are structure-forming repetitive DNA sequences, and expansion beyond a threshold of ∼35 CAG repeats is the cause of several human diseases. Expanded CAG repeats are prone to breakage, and repair of the breaks can cause repeat contractions and expansions. In this study, we found that cotranscriptional R-loops formed...
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Photo Flash: Jennifer Hudson, Frank Langella, Annette Bening, and More Celebrate CTG

The event was held at Center Theatre Group's Ahmanson Theatre.
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Center Theatre Group In Los Angeles Turns 50

And its 50th anniversary celebration wasn't just a big party with a lot of celebrities. Charles McNulty: "The show, which was produced and directed with finesse by Robert H. Egan, reflected on CTG’s legacy not simply to indulge in nostalgia but to sharpen the theater’s mission as it moves into a future that promises to […]
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Theater News: Jennifer Hudson to Perform at CTG's 50th Anniversary Celebration

Matthew Broderick, Tyne Daly, and more are also set for the event.
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Paul Rudnick's New Play BIG NIGHT and More Slated for 2017-18 at CTG's Kirk Douglas Theatre

Center Theatre Group Artistic Director Michael Ritchie has set the 2017-2018 season at Center Theatre Group's Kirk Douglas Theatre in Culver City. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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CTG Announces Partnerships with Royal Court, National Theatre, Second Stage, Danai Gurira and More

Center Theatre Group Artistic Director Michael Ritchie announced separate co-commissioning partnerships with four internationally renowned theatres. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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2nd Circuit provides plan for employers to win misclassification cases

In Saleem v. Corporate Transportation Group (2nd Cir. 4/12/17) [pdf], the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals considered whether a company properly classified a group of black-car taxi drivers as independent contractors, or whether it should have classified them as employees. In ruling for the company, the court gifted employers a game plan to use when classifying workers to minimize risk in making the key determination of whether a worker is an employee or an independent contractor. In so rulin...
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Theater: The 2017 New Black Fest–April 3-7

Congrats to our friend Keith Josef Adkins and the team behind the New Black Fest on their upcoming week of theater.  This is taken from the press release on the event: The New Black Fest and The Lark, two theater organizations dedicated to celebrating and advocating for extraordinary and diverse stories, have announced the third annual The New Black Fest at The Lark. The week-long event, with talkbacks and panel events surrounding the 10-hour rehearsal processes and public staged readings of fou...
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Targeting deregulated AMPK/mTORC1 pathways improves muscle function in myotonic dystrophy type I

Myotonic dystrophy type I (DM1) is a disabling multisystemic disease that predominantly affects skeletal muscle. It is caused by expanded CTG repeats in the 3′-UTR of the dystrophia myotonica protein kinase ( DMPK ) gene. RNA hairpins formed by elongated DMPK transcripts sequester RNA-binding proteins, leading to mis-splicing of numerous pre-mRNAs. Here, we have investigated whether DM1-associated muscle pathology is related to deregulation of central metabolic pathways, which may identify pot...
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Gordon Davidson’s Life in Theater Celebrated at Ahmanson

At the Center Theatre Group’s celebration of Gordon Davidson’s life Monday at the Ahmanson there were testimonials, poems and songs sung to honor the man who built up regional theater on the West Coast. Davidson, 83, died Oct. 2 in Los Angeles. Michael Ritchie, CTG artistic director, kicked off the events, describing how, 12 years... Read more »
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Nepal Telecom, China Telecom Global sign deal for Internet bandwidth

China Telecom Global (CTG) and Nepal government’s telecom company Nepal Telecom have signed an agreement to provide additional Internet bandwidth to Nepal via a newly launched terrestrial fiber cable that connects China and Nepal through the Jilong (Rasuwa) border gateway, the Chinese telco said in a statement. The China-Nepal deal will also provide an additional bandwidth transit service through existing cables that links Nepal and India. Both Nepal Telecom and CTG had originally signed the de...
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Charlamagne Is Basically Every Ciara-Hating Twitter Nigga

According to an African proverb, “You can’t be both dumb and ugly. Pick a struggle.” Charlamagne the I Don’t Use the Lord’s Name In Vain decided he would pick every struggle when he tweeted, in so many words, that Black women need to be more like hate-filled bucket of gluten-free fuckshit Tomi Lahren. He not only picked every struggle, but he’s giving each one a lap dance at King of Diamonds, boo-ing them up, then strolling down the aisle towards them before “International Player’s Anthem (I Cho...
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Tufts researchers uncover possible source of genetic error causing multiple diseases

Researchers have discovered a possible explanation for a genetic error that causes over a dozen neuromuscular and neurodegenerative disorders. The error occurs as copies of three-letter sequences of DNA -- known as CAG and CTG triplets -- expand and repeat themselves hundreds or even thousands of times. Genetic analyses now reveal that these large-scale expansions are controlled by genes implicated in a process for repairing DNA breaks, suggesting that the expansions occur while breaks are being...
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Gordon Davidson, Giant of L.A. Theater, Dies at 83

Gordon Davidson, who in many ways shaped the Los Angeles theater scene as the head of the Center Theatre Group, died Oct. 2 at 83. Under his stewardship for nearly 40 years, CTG became a major national player, originating or helping to launch notable stage productions including “Children of a Lesser God,” “Zoot Suit,” “Burn This,” “Smokey... Read more »
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Kitchen Stuff Plus Canada Red Hot Deals: Save 36% off the KitchenAid Architect Cookware Set and More Deals!

Kitchen Stuff Plus Canada has a new round of Red Hot Deals where you can save on a variety of kitchen essentials including cookware sets, cutting boards, BBQ forks, and more! Take a look at the deals below which are valid until Sunday, August 7, 2016. 10pc KitchenAid Architect cookware set: $159, was $250 Chill It pitcher with ice core and infuser: $9.99, was $20 3pc Slice bamboo cutting board set: $9.99, was $25 Cafe 3 tier plate stand: $11.99, was $20 CTG BBQ fork: $2.99, was $6 22pc picnic ...
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World Premieres by Rajiv Joseph & David Henry Hwang, Phylicia Rashad in HEAD OF PASSES Highlight CTG's 50th Season at Mark Taper Forum

Center Theatre Group celebrates 50 years in the iconic Mark Taper Forum with the 2017-2018 season announced today by Artistic Director Michael Ritchie. The new season features five plays that represent the past, present and future of the theatre, plus a special immersive event on the streets of Los Angeles. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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