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Olivia Newton-John: ‘I don't wish cancer on anyone else. But for me, it has been a gift’

The pop star and actor talks about her third diagnosis of cancer, taking cannabis and ayahuasca, having Karen Carpenter as her spirit guide – and why her hit film Grease shouldn’t be accused of sexismOlivia Newton-John likes to sing to herself. Over and over, she will repeat, “I’m healthy, I’m strong” to a random melody she has picked up. “I think it’s very important to keep that positive message in your head,” she says cheerfully. “You know, if you have a difficult moment, music is always a gre...
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Chilling find shows how Henry VIII planned every detail of Boleyn beheading

Archives discovery shows the calculated nature of the execution and reinforces the image of the king as a ‘pathological monster’It is a Tudor warrant book, one of many in the National Archives, filled with bureaucratic minutiae relating to 16th-century crimes. But this one has an extraordinary passage, overlooked until now, which bears instructions from Henry VIII explaining precisely how he wanted his second wife, Anne Boleyn, to be executed.In this document, the king stipulated that, although ...
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Bail out our musicians or risk losing them for ever, say classical music stars

Conductor Sir Simon Rattle and violinist Tamsin Little are among those warning that struggling artists will be forced to give upLeading figures in classical music say many highly-trained orchestral musicians are giving up on music as they face homelessness and hunger this autumn. Speaking to the Observer this weekend, the internationally renowned conductor Sir Simon Rattle warned that an “exodus is happening right now”, while top English soloists the violinist Tamsin Little and the pianist Steph...
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Kleptopia review: power, theft and Trump as leader in Putin’s own image

Tom Burgis’s study of dark global realities casts a wide net, from Washington to Moscow, Kazakhstan and the CongoOpinion: $2tn in possible corrupt activity and KleptopiaIn a year dominated by a US presidential election between a kleptocrat and a democrat, a book about world-class thieves laundering trillions ought be the perfect bedtime reading for anyone curious about the unprecedented amounts of money that have been looted and hidden over the last 20 years. Related: Wicked Game review: a fas...
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Cross-border toilet trips at Chester cinema fall foul of Welsh Covid rules

Loos for Storyhouse’s Halloween drive-in screenings were just over Welsh side of the lineCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageDrive-in cinemagoers in Chester were almost caught short after it emerged anyone using the toilets, located across the Welsh border, would be breaking coronavirus lockdown laws.Ticket-holders for the Storyhouse’s Moonlight Drive Halloween showings could breathe a sigh of relief on Friday, after the cinema confirmed it had found a way out of the tigh...
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'How do we become a serious people again?' Dave Eggers, Annie Proulx and more on the 2020 election

How is America faring after four years of Donald Trump? Which way will voters turn? US authors including Richard Powers, Ocean Vuong and Kiley Reid share their hopes and fears Continue reading...
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'She left a strong legacy': children's book tells story of Daphne Caruana Galizia

Friend of Maltese journalist recounts her battles against corruption for young readersHer death brought thousands of people on to the streets of Malta and led to the resignation of a prime minister. Now the life of the investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia has inspired a book for children.Written and illustrated by her friend Gattaldo, the designer, Fearless: The Story of Daphne Caruana Galizia is being released by a UK publisher this month to mark three years since the Maltese writer ...
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Wicked Game review: a fascinating but flawed memoir by Trump's jailed associate

Rick Gates, the campaign deputy who pleaded guilty to lying and conspiracy, excels on Trump and the GOP but protests too much on RussiaUnder a title which calls to mind Chris Isaak’s hit song from 1989, the former Trump campaign deputy Rick Gates offers an interesting mixture of vignettes and dish, an effort to rewrite the history of 2016 before the 2020 election is over. Wicked Game is surprisingly readable and will leave process junkies with plenty to chew on. Related: Donald Trump wanted da...
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Mark Milsome: risk to life was 'not effectively recognised', says coroner

Ruling welcomed by family of cameraman who died after when a Land Rover collided with him during stuntThe family of a cameraman killed when he was hit by a car while filming a stunt for a joint BBC and Netflix drama series have welcomed a coroner’s ruling that the risk to his life was not effectively recognised or managed.Mark Milsome, 54, died when a Land Rover collided with him during a night-time stunt sequence for the series Black Earth Rising, in Achimota forest outside Accra, Ghana, in Nov...
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The Nepalese play letting the crowd reimagine the ending – and their lives

Familiar issues of discrimination and child marriage are being taken to the stage through interactive theatre in remote villagesHigh in the mountains of a remote village in western Nepal – a region once home to a fierce Maoist insurgency – a large crowd is gathering.Women arrive with babies strapped to their fronts; children sit at the edge of the makeshift stage; local officials take up ad hoc seats. Not only is this the first time a play has been performed here – it is the first time a vehicle...
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Pixie review – Olivia Cooke radiates in Ireland-set drug-heist comedy

Cooke shines as the title character, a wannabe art student who plans to rob drug-dealing priest Alec Baldwin of a valuable haulPixie is her name and trouble is her game. “She won’t just break you, she’ll take a Kalashnikov to your heart,” is the warning at the start of this hectic gangster comedy from St Trinian’s director Barnaby Thompson. It features a strong lead performance from Olivia Cooke as Pixie, the step-daughter of a smalltime gangster in the west of Ireland. She’s written as a 21st-c...
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What is “pознь”?

What if I told you there was a single word in Russian to help one convey that just because something is labeled X doesn’t mean that all things X are like the first thing X? The word in question is рознь and here’s how it works. You take a Russian noun, put it in the Nominative Case first, then repeat it in the Dative Case, and then put the word рознь. The formula is simple. Noun X (in Nominative Case) + Noun X (in Dative Case) + рознь. For example: Холодец холодцу рознь. (Not all aspic is create...
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Josh Hartnett: 'People genuinely thought I'd been thrust on them'

Twenty years ago he was one of the world’s hottest young actors, before he retreated – and ended up in Surrey. He explains why he had to leave Hollywood – and what he knew about Harvey WeinsteinJosh Hartnett is sitting at home in Surrey, thinking about the time he was asked to play Superman. “I had this idea that because he lives in this world where he can’t touch anything without it flying across the room, he has become almost afraid of himself and his own power. He doesn’t know how to be Super...
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The Portfolio: George Tatakis

The Greek photographer is on a quest to document traditional costumes around the country The post The Portfolio: George Tatakis appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Black futures in the age of apocalypse

Curating the End of the World deploys Afrofuturism to respond to Covid-19, anti-black violence and capitalism The post Black futures in the age of apocalypse appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Adele – every song ranked!

As the all-conquering queen of the blockbusting weepy ballad makes her return, hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend, we sift through her back catalogue, from No 1 hits to bonus Japanese tracksReleased on the flipside of 2008 single Cold Shoulder, Now and Then really sounds like a B-side. A gently wistful two-chord acoustic ballad, it’s notable only as point of comparison: Adele’s voice sounds noticeably mannered next to her later work. Continue reading...
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Banksy's Show me the Monet painting sells for £7.5m at auction

Reimagining of Claude Monet’s Impressionist water lilies easily surpassed expectations at Sotheby’s eventBanksy’s reimagining of Claude Monet’s impressionist water lilies has fetched more than £7.5m at auction, easily surpassing expectations.Show Me The Monet was created in 2005 and adds abandoned shopping trolleys and a traffic cone to the famous garden scene. Continue reading...
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Don McLean on the tragedy behind American Pie: 'I cried for two years'

The rollicking song about the souring of the 60s has now spawned a film, a musical and a children’s book. Its creator talks about its meaning – and reveals the family deaths underlying itWhen Don McLean was 15 years old, he had a premonition that his father was going to die. Distraught, he ran to tell his grandmother. “Don’t be ridiculous, Donny, why would you say such a thing?” she said. “Because it’s going to happen,” the boy replied. A few days later, his father dropped dead right in front of...
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A revolution is sweeping through Japan's Takarazuka Music School

This month the school scrapped several longstanding and unwritten rules that governed the behaviour of students for decadesFor more than a century the Takarazuka Music School has transformed thousands of young women from unpolished amateurs into accomplished singers, dancers and actors who perform to sell-out audiences with kitsch adaptations of everything from Japanese manga to classic western novels.But the school, based in the Japanese hot spring resort from which it takes its name, is not ju...
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Political phrases in Polish

We are approaching USA Presidential election…Even though it does not take place in Poland, but here, in USA, let’s get familiar with political phrase that might be useful for us. Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay Republicans – Republikanie Democrats – Demokraci Republican Party – Partia Republikańska Democratic Party – Partia Demokratyczna Candidates – Kandydat (singular), kandydaci (plural) Campaign – Kampania President – Prezydent Election – Wybory Election Day – Dzień wyborów Ballot – Ka...
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The Data of Long-lived Institutions

The following transcript has been edited for length and clarity.  I want to lead you through some of the research that I’ve been doing on a meta-level around long-lived institutions, as well as some observations of the ways various systems have lasted for hundreds of thousands of years.  Long Now as a Long-lived Institution This is one of the early projects I worked with Stewart Brand on at Long Now. We were trying to define our problem space and explore the ways we think on ...
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Paul McCartney to release new album recorded alone in lockdown

McCartney III, about ‘freedom and love’, continues solo series begun in 1970 in secret as the Beatles broke upPaul McCartney is to release a new album made entirely alone during lockdown.McCartney III, comes out on 11 December and will become the third in a loose trilogy of releases for which he has isolated himself from collaborators, after McCartney in 1970 and McCartney II in 1980. Continue reading...
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Coventry to host Turner prize in city of culture year in 2021

City’s bid is ‘glimmer of hope’ for UK arts sector amid Covid crisis, says creative directorCoventry will host the Turner prize, a south Asian film festival and a music festival curated by the Specials’ Terry Hall during its city of culture year, which is being billed as a “glimmer of hope” for the UK’s arts sector amid the Covid-19 crisis.The first 15 events for the year-long programme were unveiled on Wednesday by Chenine Bhathena, the creative director for Coventry’s city of culture year, who...
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COVID Lessons Community Financial Institutions Must Apply in 2021

How banks and credit unions responded to the pandemic can help them solve thorny technology, data, leadership and culture challenges. The post COVID Lessons Community Financial Institutions Must Apply in 2021 appeared first on The Financial Brand.
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Berlin: vandalism of museum artefacts 'linked to conspiracy theorists'

Use of oily substance across three galleries reportedly related to claims they are centre of ‘global satanism’At least 70 artworks and ancient artefacts across three galleries on Berlin’s museum island were vandalised with an oily substance earlier this month, German media has reported.Objects including Egyptian sarcophagi, stone sculptures and 19th-century paintings held at the Pergamon Museum, the Alte Nationalgalerie and the Neues Museum sustained visible damage during the attack on 3 October...
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Weird Russian Omens And Superstitions

– Honey, you have been with me all through the bad times: when I was fired, my business failed, when we lost our home. When I was hospitalized, you also were there to support me. You know what?                                                                        – What, dear?                                                                                                                  – I think you bring bad luck to me. Image by Яромир Великородов from Flickr Many Russian traditions (трад ...
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Mark Milsome's death should have been prevented, says father

Fifty-four-year-old died during shoot for Netflix and BBC drama Black Earth Rising, inquest hearsThe death of a camera operator during a stunt that went wrong should have been prevented by the professional standards normally expected on set, his cinematographer father has said.Doug Milsome spoke on Monday as an inquest opened into the death of his son Mark Milsome. The 54-year-old died during a shoot for the Netflix and BBC drama Black Earth Rising in Ghana in 2017. Continue reading...
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Antrum review – creepy 'cursed film' mockumentary emanates eerie power

Enterprising film expertly conjures up a supposedly bewitched Bulgarian horror that has killed all those who have watched itYou probably haven’t heard of Antrum, such is the dread and secrecy that surrounds this “cursed film”. And that’s for your own good. Antrum was made in the late 70s and implicated in the mysterious deaths of several film festival programmers and foolhardy horror fans. Now, though, some documentarians have dug up a copy at an estate sale and are sharing it with anyone brave ...
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Gulf royal accused of sexual assault must go, says Hay literature festival

Curator of Hay’s inaugural festival in Abu Dhabi has accused Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan of sexual assault, which he deniesHay literature festival will not return to Abu Dhabi until a senior Gulf royal is removed from his post as the United Arab Emirates’ minister of tolerance, after the curator of the inaugural Hay festival in the country accused him of sexual assault.Caitlin McNamara was the curator of the first sister festival in Abu Dhabi, which was feted as an opportunity to promote...
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José Padilla, Ibiza DJ who defined chillout music, dies aged 64

Spanish DJ and producer, who became famous with the Café del Mar bar and compilation series, dies from colon cancerJosé Padilla, the Spanish DJ who helped define chillout music in the 1990s, has died aged 64 from colon cancer.An update on his Facebook page reads: “It is with great sadness that we bring you the news that José passed away peacefully in his sleep on Sunday night here on his beloved island of Ibiza … Now he has gone and the sunset in Ibiza will never be the same without him, but the...
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