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What Does the United States’ Coronavirus Response Look Like Abroad?: Watch the Rest of the World Stare Aghast at Our Handling of COVID-19

"Even in third world countries, like Senegal, it isn't like this..." Related Content: Carl Sagan Predicts the Decline of America: Unable to Know “What’s True,” We Will Slide, “Without Noticing, Back into Superstition & Darkness” (1995) The Splendid Book Design of the 1946 Edition of Gibbon’s Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire  Orson Welles Narrates an Animated Parable About How Xenophobia & Greed Will Put America Into Decline (1971) What Does the United States’ Coronavirus Response ...
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How Entrepreneurs Can Use Supply Chain Finance

Supply chain finance, also known as reverse factoring, links the seller, the buyer and the financing party to improve business cash flow on all sides. How Supply Chain Financing Works In leveraging supply chain finance, suppliers sell outstanding receivables to financial institutions to accelerate payment of receivables and extend payment flexibility to customers. Once the supplier sends an invoice to the buyer, the buyer confirms to the financial institution that the invoice is approved and t...
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Repost: Open Up Vs Break Up

I was in a board meeting for most of yesterday so I did not watch the theatrics on Capitol Hill. William told me that there were many calls for breaking up the big tech companies. So I thought I would repost this which I wrote about a year ago. There have been many calls to break up the large Internet monopolies; Amazon, Google, Facebook, Apple, etc. Breaking up a large monopoly feels like a very 19th/20th century move to me. I would prefer that politicians and policy makers think a...
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Word of the week: Hygiene theater

Yes, I am aware that hygiene theater is two words. Bite me. Am I cranky? Yep. It’s been a long four and a half months. I’m sick of the pandemic, the closures, the conspiracy theories.  (I am not, however, sick-sick.)  I miss libraries. I miss film festivals. I miss the sauna at the Dolphin Club after a cold bay swim. I keep hearing in my head the voice of a woman who was a regular at a gym I used to belong to. (I miss gyms.) She was a naturalized US citizen, originally from Ukraine: a larg...
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Hear the Sound Of Endangered Birds Get Turned Into Electronic Music

Bird-watching is having a moment, thanks to the pandemic. As non-essential workers adjusted to spending more time at home, their ears adjusted to the increasingly non-foreign sound of birdsong outside their windows. Those sweet tweets are no doubt largely responsible for the record breaking turnout at this year’s Global Big Day, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology's annual birding event, held earlier this spring. 50,000 participants logged 2.1 million individual observations, and 6,479 sp...
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Suing Facebook

The New Hampshire Supreme Court reversed and remanded the dismissal on motion of a small claims action brought against Facebook by an Instagram user whose account was deleted Teatotaller alleged that in June 2018, Facebook “deleted [Teatotaller’s] Instagram . .... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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More Than Mere Curiosity

The New York Appellate Division has reversed and remanded an order that granted nonparty BuzzFeed's request to unseal the petition and confidential settlement agreement in a dismissed special proceeding involving Oleg Deripaska. Initially, we agree that Supreme Court had jurisdiction... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Lin-Manuel Miranda Breaks Down How He Wrote Hamilton‘s Big Hit, “My Shot”

The current moment has forced the original cast and crew of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s massive hit musical Hamilton to revisit and reevaluate the story it tells about America’s founding. As Miranda himself told The Root’s Tonja Renée Stidhum, “All of these guys are complicit in the brutal practice of slavery, slavery is the third line of our show… that is just a prerequisite for the story we’re telling.” But he didn’t first set out to write history. “Originally, this was a concept album. I wan...
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Open Source Exposure Alerting Apps

The Linux Foundation announced its Linux Foundation Public Health initiative yesterday. They are starting with two open-source exposure alerting apps called Covid Shield and Covid Green. These are two apps that use the Google Apple Exposure Notification (GAEN) infrastructure. The codebase for both apps has been open-sourced. The Linux Foundation had this to say: “To catalyze this open source development, Linux Foundation Public Health is building a global community of leading technology...
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How many British people live in the Dordogne?

HOW many British people live in the Dordogne? It is 7,198 according to the French statistics authority, INSEE. Using census figures from 2016, the research body claims that the Dordogne is the second most popular place for British people to live in, behind Paris. Overall, there are around 148,000 British...
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COVID And Confrontation

The Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals has remanded an order allowing remote testimony in a murder case On July 12, 2019, the State filed a motion requesting that four of the prosecution’s witnesses, all of whom were from Virginia, be... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Dr. Fauci Reads an Undergrad’s Entire Thesis, Then Follows Up with an Encouraging Letter

Photo via the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases  What are some qualities to look for in a leader? A thirst for knowledge A sense of duty The scruples to give credit where credit is due A calm, clear communication style Humility Dr. Anthony Fauci brings these qualities to bear as Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the National Institute of Health. They’re also on display in his message to then-undergrad Luke Messac, now an emergency m...
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Icons of Art Wearing Masks: Frida Kahlo, Mona Lisa, Girl with the Pearl Earring & More

We hear the phrase “unprecedented times” every day now, but the truth is few calamities in human history are more precedented than plagues and pestilences. In Western history, at least, disease epidemics seem always to have been followed by Machiavellian opportunism and cultish conspiracy theories that only made things worse. During the 14th century, almost six hundred years before Naomi Klein defined the shock doctrine, the Black Death “strengthened the power of the state and accelerated the d...
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Everything You Need To Know About Viruses: A Quick Visual Explanation of Viruses in 9 Images

It’s a great time to tune in to what scientists are trying to tell us. It’s true that we’ve received a lot of conflicting information over the last four months with regard to how to best protect ourselves and others from COVID-19. Scientists and health care professionals have a learning curve, too. Their bulletins evolve as their understanding of the novel coronavirus grows, through research and hands-on experience. There are still a lot of unknowns. Some people take any evidence-bas...
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On the Visual Thesaurus: "Plantation"

Now that Aunt Jemima and the Washington Redskins have announced plans to change their troubled names, is it time to take another look at brands and institutions that incorporate the word plantation? Plantation brand blackstrap molasses, distributed by Allied Old English, Inc., of Port Reading, New Jersey That’s the subject of my new Visual Thesaurus column, which ranges from Rhode Island to Florida to Texas and from dog food to rum to window shutters. Full access is restricted to subscri...
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What Happened When Americans Had to Wear Masks During the 1918 Flu Pandemic

Medical professionals have had a particularly difficult time getting people in the United States to act in unison for the public good during the pandemic. This has been the case with every step that experts urge to curb the spread of COVID-19, from closing schools, churches, and other meeting places, to enforcing social distancing and wearing masks over the nose and mouth in public spaces. The resistance may seem symptomatic of the contemporary political climate, but there is ample precedent fo...
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Macron supports making face masks mandatory in enclosed public spaces

FRENCH president, Emmanuel Macron, has said he wants to see the mandatory wearing of face masks in enclosed public spaces, such as shops, to fight the coronavirus pandemic. During a televised interview marking the fête nationale the president said that the authorities were seeing a rise in Covid-19 infections and...
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Nursing Home Residents Replace Famous Rock Stars on Iconic Album Covers

Deservedly or not, British care homes have acquired a reputation as especially dreary places, from Victorian novels to dystopian fiction to the flat affect of BBC documentaries. Martin Parr gave the world an especially moving example of the care home documentary in his 1972 photo series on Prestwich Asylum, outside Manchester. The compelling portraits humanize people who were neglected and ignored, yet their lives still look bleak in that austerely post-war British institution kind of way. One ...
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Word of the week: Commute

On Friday, July 10, political operative Roger Stone received a presidential commutation of his 40-month sentence for seven felony crimes. The White House’s official statement was “punctuated by the sort of inflammatory language and angry grievances characteristic of the president’s Twitter feed,” according to a New York Times story. Two Republican senators had opposing views of the commutation. Utah’s Mitt Romney (a former presidential candidate himself) called it “unprecedented, histor...
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Pandemic Stress Reducers

Are you feeling extra anxious and stressed now? Many of us are. Consumer Reports has offered a few ways to reduce stress during this pandemic. Read the full article in the above link and here are the toplines -- The Basics: Eating, Sleeping, Exercise Getting enough sleep, exercising regularly, and eating a healthy diet can help you manage stress and reduce anxiety, and may help maintain a strong immune system. These goals may seem unreachable when you’re stressed out, but they don't ...
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Coronacoinages III

It’s been almost four months—four months—since I first wrote about the new words emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic. Through surges and spikes and reopenings and retreats, the indomitable spirit of wordy invention soldiers on. Here are some coronacoinages I’ve noticed recently. Let me know if I’ve overlooked any of your favorites. * Blursday. Monday, Saturday, who knows? I first heard Blursday on the July 6 episode of the excellent Because Language podcast, but it’s considerably older tha...
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My Twitter comments and (changing) predictions re: the US pandemic

A placeholder post, intended to help me quickly find my main Twitter comments on this subject. Note how my estimate of potential US deaths has reduced drastically from 28 May to 24 June. I prefer being driven by data, and as the facts change, I change my mind. 10 July 2020 USA is probably seeing […]
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Watch the Famous James Baldwin-William F. Buckley Debate in Full, With Restored Audio (1965)

When James Baldwin took the stage to debate William F. Buckley at Cambridge in 1965, it was to have “a debate we shouldn’t need,” writes Gabrielle Bellot at Literary Hub, and yet it’s one that is still “as important as ever.” The proposition before the two men—famed prophetic novelist of the black experience in America and the conservative founder of the National Review—was this: “The American Dream is at the Expense of the America Negro.” The statement should not need defending, Baldwin ar...
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A Chilling Time-Lapse Video Documents Every COVID-19 Death on a Global Map: From January to June 2020

The story of the Coronavirus, at least in the US, has swung between a number of rhetorical tics now common to all of our discourse. Called a “hoax,” then given several racist nicknames and dismissed as a “nothing burger,” the pandemic—currently at around 3 million cases in the country, with a U.S. death toll over 130,000—has now become the “new normal,” a phrase that pops up everywhere you look. “This framing is inviting,” writes Chime Asonye at the World Economic Forum. It conveys “the ...
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Vintage Science Face Masks: Conquer the Pandemic with Science, Courtesy of Maria Popova’s BrainPickings

If you don’t floss or brush your teeth, they will rot and fall out. If you don’t eat fruits and vegetables, you will get scurvy or some other horrible disease. If you don’t use protection… well, you know the rest. These are facts of life we mostly accept if we care about ourselves and others because they are beyond disputing. But the idea of wearing a cloth mask when in public during a viral pandemic spread through droplets from the nose and mouth—a practice endorsed by the CDC, the World Healt...
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The Ayn Rand Institute Takes a Loan from Paycheck Protection Program

Image via YouTube, 1959 interview with Mike Wallace Finally bowing to public pressure, the Trump administration has revealed which companies received loans from the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) created to support small businesses during COVID-19. To no one's surprise, the published list reportedly includes a host of privileged entities: the shipping business owned by Mitch McConnell's wife Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao; businesses associated with members of Congress (from both part...
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The Ayn Rand Institute Takes a Loan from Paycheck Protection Program: Like Rand Herself, Her Followers Don’t Walk the Talk

Image via YouTube, 1959 interview with Mike Wallace Finally bowing to public pressure, the Trump administration has revealed which companies received loans from the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) created to support small businesses during COVID-19. To no one's surprise, the published list reportedly includes a host of privileged entities: the shipping business owned by Mitch McConnell's wife Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao; businesses associated with members of Congress (from both part...
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Doubling Up

Regular AVC readers may have noticed that after blogging about my once a day routine, I posted twice yesterday. What happened is that I had been planning on blogging about Summer Bridge, a project we’ve been working on for the last few months, first thing Monday morning after the July 4th holiday. But when I woke up, I had a DM from my friend Jonathan with some data about the content on AVC over the years and got excited to share it and did. A colleague reminded me about doing the Sum...
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Dordogne towns and attractions to see military patrols this summer

Soldiers are to be deployed to tourist attractions and towns in the Dordogne as security measures are maintained as part of the Opération Sentinelle plan to protect against terrorist acts.
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Word of the week: Long-hauler

“Survival is not recovery”—a phrase with roots in the language of sexual-abuse counseling—is turning out to have grim relevance during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the World Health Organization reports that 80 percent of COVID infections are “mild or asymptomatic,” and most patients recover after one or two weeks, thousands of people now say they’ve been coping with serious symptoms for a month or longer. In online support groups, these people call themselves “long-haulers.” Ed Yong, who ...
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