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Representationalism as Certainty

Evidently this has been making the rounds: Rittenhouse When I look at this image, I see a concept made perfectly transparent and rendered powerfully with a high degree of technical and aesthetic skill alike. I see a devastating and pessimistic statement made pleasing to look at. Like a "beautiful" but "sad" piece of music, this makes for a particulary powerful combination. All of this is familiar, though it is not to be taken for granted. It is unusual to find the technical skill and the powe...
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2017 Princeton Kyuper Prize

There used to be a Virginia Slim TV commercial for cigarettes that had the quote, "you've come a long way, baby." Those words highlighted an extreme contradiction: Yes, women had come a long way; but the very fact that they called woman by the belittling name "baby" showed that women had a long way left to go.  In a current analogy, the fact that Princeton Theological Seminary chose this year to award the 2017 Kuyper prize to Evangelical megachurch pastor Tim Keller, who doesn't believe women...
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Pandemic as Opportunity?

The pandemic is tragic.  Nothing good can be said for it.  Nevertheless, it does give pause.  Pause, in itself, creates an unusual opportunity.   Read more » Thank you for reading the personal blog of Alexandria Skinner. Nothing in this blog should be viewed as attorney-client legal advice. The only way Alexandria Skinner creates an attorney client relationship is by way of a written letter of engagement. [Author: PeaceWorks]
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Annie’s Amazing Deal: 90% OFF 1st month All Fabric Clubs #quilting #holidayquilters #blockofthemonth

Fabric lovers of the world, rejoice! I have been so amazed by the quality of the fabrics offered in Annie’s Fabric Clubs and now you can get 90% off the 1st month on all fabric clubs. (Note: To change from the holiday club to the club of your choice, click the drop-down in the top […] The post Annie’s Amazing Deal: 90% OFF 1st month All Fabric Clubs #quilting #holidayquilters #blockofthemonth appeared first on MamaLovesMedia.
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Bodies and Artifacts (ii)—Partch's Corporeality

Harry Partch Genesis of a Music (1974, orig. 1949) For the essentially vocal and verbal music of the individual—a Monophonic concept—the word Corporeal may be used, since it is a music that is vital to a time and place, a here and now.(p. 8) Hmm. I thought corporeal meant something like "relating to a person's body, especially as opposed to their spirit." (-Google) The epic chant is an example, but the term could be applied with equal propriety to almost any other important ancient and near...
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Getting Smart with Smart Home Cleaning

There are several devices I have come across in the market with some exciting new smart features to try this Fall. For living in a remote cabin in the mountains, we still love our technology and anything I can do to save time on cleaning, I try to explore. WET AND DRY VACUUM H11 & […] The post Getting Smart with Smart Home Cleaning appeared first on MamaLovesMedia.
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Repurposing New York's Aphorist Laureate for Very New York Purposes

When Yogi Berra plugged disability insurance, he could just as well have been talking about art: When you don't have it, that's when you need it. [Author: Stefan Kac]
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#DemetriusHollins Black Man Files Lawsuit Against Ex-Georgia Cops Caught Hitting Him In The Face And Kicking Him In The Head While Handcuffed

In April 2017, Atlanta-area Black man Demetrius Hollins was pulled over by Gwinett County police, one of whom was seen hitting him in the face, while the other was seen kicking him in the head while he was handcuffed. Hollins is suing the county, the Gwinnet police department, the former police chief, and the two officers.
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Agents On Horseback, Whips And American Apathy: The Real Haitian Immigration Crisis

U.S. border agents in Del Rio, Texas, are on horseback and using what appear to be whips while rounding up Haitian migrants who fled their nation, which suffered a massive earthquake that decimated its infrastructure leaving countless human beings without food, water or power, and putting them on flights back.
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#LedenBoykins Black 12-Year-Old Killed After Georgia Patrol Troopers Use PIT Maneuver During Car Chase, Driver Charged With His Murder

12-year-old Leden Boykins died in a car crash after a Georgia State Patrol trooper performed a PIT maneuver on the car he was riding in during a high-speed chase. Charlie Moore, the driver of the car has been charged with his murder.
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Arrest Warrant Issued For Angry Anglo Who Attacked Journalist Shaquille Brewster, Wasn’t His First Crazy Caucasian Calamity

An arrest warrant has been issued for Benjamin Eugene Dagley, the man identified as the man who attacked NBC newscaster Shaquille Brewster while he was on live air reporting on Hurricane Ida.
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Duke & Dolly Give A Paws Up Approval to Planet Friendly Chippin Dog Food #ad

We order online ALOT, especially since moving to 40 acres on a mountainside. After receiving numerous boxes of our own online purchases, our dogs Duke & Dolly were quite delighted to have their own special treats from Chippin come in the mail. Chippin is developing dog foods from superfood proteins including crickets, overpopulated silver carp and […] The post Duke & Dolly Give A Paws Up Approval to Planet Friendly Chippin Dog Food #ad appeared first on MamaLovesMedia.
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The Chinese Government’s Forgettable COVID Slogans

The Chinese government has been big on slogans for quite a while, and when it goes all out, you see those things everywhere. Perhaps it is starting to feel like the “era of slogans” is over, but these red banners no longer feel as effective as they once did. I noticed this one the other day next to a bus stop here in Shanghai: It’s hard to translate (I know, the second one is laughably bad), but it would be something like this: 坚持“防疫三件套”、“防护五还要”(Jiānchí “fángyì sān jiàn tào”, “fá...
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Kit of the Month Crafts with Annie’s

Need a creative outlet? I was so inspired by the monthly kits available from Annie’s that I signed up for Annie’s Holiday Quilters Club. I still need to create these clever hot pads and now the next kit just arrived. There is always a common fear related to signing up for a monthly club – […] The post Kit of the Month Crafts with Annie’s appeared first on MamaLovesMedia.
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B.W'd.Y.G addendum

A quick and bloggy addendum on looking for edification in all the wrong online places: As I continue to trawl/troll Blogspot for distant voices of reason, I am frequently reminded, for one, that this is asking a lot no matter the medium, but also that the analytic/speculative/critical orientation remains very much a preoccupation of a tiny woolly-headed minority of thinkers, even (or is it especially?) now that it has been institutionalized and co-opted. In plain English now, I am rather taken...
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Bro, where'd ya go?

The first time I heard or read the word "blog" was when I over-heard it on the radio while trying to work on something else. Some glib NPR infotainment piece about blogs, their rise and potential fall. Circa 2004, give or take a year. The funny thing is, something quite glib was uttered in the course of this puff piece that immediately captured my attention and imagination. This was solely responsible for my first aborted attempt at blogging, consisting of exactly one post which, if memory serve...
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Toy Robots Help Kids Learn STEM Skills

Despite the fact that we moved to the farm and are appreciating the simpler things in life, I still love to share STEM related technologically advanced toys that help kids learn. Even our farm couldn’t run well without the technology we have installed here (more on this to come). With one daughter a biological & […] The post Toy Robots Help Kids Learn STEM Skills appeared first on MamaLovesMedia.
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Me and the Colonial Pipeline, which hostile Nation State did I offend?

Actually, I’m flattered … First the Colonial Pipeline was hacked and disrupted the entire East Coast’s supply of gas and aviation fuel, then Singlebarbed was hacked and disrupted the flow of poorly punctuated angling fantasy to both coasts. Flattered … because I had not realized that we had become “ Critical Infrastructure ”, I still assumed our questionable wit and halting prose was worth less than nothing, but I was dead wrong. Obviously some hostile nation state assumed we were in li...
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English Church Services Resume in Shanghai

Starting in February 2020, all English-language church services were suspended until further notice. (I believe this was a nation-wide policy, but cities like Shanghai and Beijing, with large foreign populations, and most affected.) Last year, I posted these thoughts on the matter: I hear a lot of foreigners assuming that this is the government taking the opportunity to “tighten its grip” on religion, and that’s certainly possible, but I’m not so quick to assume malicious intent. I think i...
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Using the Term “Oriental” in Tea Names

It's only a matter of time until "Oriental Beauty" (Taiwanese oolong) is no longer an acceptable tea name. The post Using the Term “Oriental” in Tea Names appeared first on T Ching.
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High Conflict in the Canadian Church

Conflict is good. Actually, the right kind of conflict is good. As Amanda Ripley writes in her new book High Conflict, healthy conflict “can be serious and intense but leads somewhere useful.” It “does not collapse into dehumanization.” High conflict, though, is bad. It “becomes self-perpetuating and all-consuming, in which almost everyone ends up worse off.” It’s “typically an us-versus-them conflict.” Ripley’s book tells stories of high conflict: a town council in California, a gang memb...
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Karen Offen—Defining Feminism

Karen Offen"Defining Feminism: A Comparative Historical Approach" (1988)Signs 14/1 pp. 119-157 pp. 134-135—"relational" and "individualist" modes Viewed historically, arguments in the relational feminist tradition proposed a gender-based but egalitarian vision of social organization. They featured the primacy of a compassionate, non-hierarchical, male-female couple as the basic unit of society, whereas individualist arguments posited the individual, irrespective of sex or gender, as the basic ...
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Karen Offen—Wherein It Takes One To Know One

Both the relational and the individualist modes of argument have historical roots in what historian Temma Kaplan has called "female consciousness," or consciousness of the "rights of gender." The evidence also suggests incontrovertably that proponents of the relational position possessed a "feminist consciousness": they viewed women's collective situation in the culture as unjust, they attributed it to social and political institutions established by men, and they believed that it could be cha...
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Farm Living Is the Life For Me!

We recently added about 10,000 & 1 new pets to the farm. Bees in our beehive and a bluetick coonhound named Dolly! The bees have been a new experience for us. Brian bought me a “Flow Hive” the Christmas before we moved. I read the articles about bees dying and the world needing more beekeepers […] The post Farm Living Is the Life For Me! appeared first on MamaLovesMedia.
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Riesman on Public Performance

In "progressive schools", Above all, the walls change their look. The walls of the modern grade school are decorated with the paintings of the children or their montages from the class in social studies. Thus the competitive and contemporary problems of the children look down on them from walls which, like the teacher herself, are no longer impersonal. This looks progressive, looks like a salute to creativeness and individuality; but again we meet paradox. While the school de-emphasizes grades ...
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The Latest Unavoidable Editorial Notice

Periodically bloggers call a 30-second time out to step out of their virtual bodies and observe. Here we go again.The consciously-stated guiding principles here (staying on topic, avoiding making myself part of the story, and overall continence in rate of production) have been stetched over the years, and they're being stretched to the breaking point now. Where to go from here? On the topical front, it no longer seems constructive (or even possible) for every post to relate directly/explicitly t...
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Parsons on Ideological Skewness

The relation of an ideological system to the social system in which it takes root is highly complex, and subject to a great deal of variation in different circumstances. In a well-integrated society the dominant ideology in large measure reflects and interprets a large part of the system of actually institutionalized patterns. But even in the most stable societies the ideological patterns are selective relative to the institutional. Ideological formulation often reflects a need to justify, which...
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COVID Confessional—On Maintaining Just the Right Amount of Skepticism

Among the many challenges of the past thirteen months has been the everyday-epistemological challenge of staying grounded and vigilant in an environment of ever-polarizing opinion. Recent conversations with two valued friends reveal the danger of the post-COVID world bifurcating absolutely into sheep and denialists. I hasten to insist that these are not the only two options.I am someone who will not even take a pain killer except in the most extreme of circumstances. I am willing to accept scie...
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Why April is Really August

This weekend was the first evidence of balmy Spring temperatures, and the tingle of my “Spidey-sense” warned me about fishing – as my beloved sleepy little Central Valley bass lakes were liable to be the focus of millions of Pandemic fatigued neo-outdoorsmen – and the tinkle of discarded beer bottles would be accompanied by the heady roar of bass boats and party barges. I was so right. … but I don’t begrudge my fellow man some much needed recreation, all of us have been penned up for several mo...
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Moved To Greener Acres!

We recently moved from our large suburban home on a third of an acre in Pennsylvania to a small mountain cabin on 40 acres in the gorgeous mountains of Tennessee, along the North Carolina border. People ask us “Why here?” One, we love the mountains. Two, Tennessee taxes are amazing. Seriously, I have never had […] The post Moved To Greener Acres! appeared first on MamaLovesMedia.
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