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Digital Acceleration Is At A Crossroads — Modernize Everything Or Die

Have you experienced or heard of anything similar to these anecdotes? “Tesla can’t figure out how to manage its glass inventory and replacements” or “I was abroad and had to give Uber my credit card number again!” or “My banking mobile app is not approving my online train ticket that was purchased on the web […]
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What would a punk rock version of CX look and feel like?

Back in December 2017 I was sat with a friend of mine, Oisin Lunny, in the Basketmakers pub in Brighton. After 2-3 pints of Guinness, I started on a bit of a rant about the state of customer experience (CX) and what we needed was for someone to do something more ‘punk’ if they really wanted to stand out and lead their fields. That idea sat with me for a good six months. However, in the summer of 2018, the idea popped back into my head again and I started to think more deeply about what punk is a...
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Why Sensitivity Is Behind The Strongest Brands

While the business world moves at its greatest pace, brands must remember that the basic expectations of the people it serves are holding steadfast. And that the customer’s experience with your brand will always be shaped by the driving power of human needs. One of which is sensitivity; the awareness of the needs and emotions of your customers. In a world that values what a brand says much less than what they do, nothing reinforces the human characteristics of a brand (or lack thereof) than i...
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Future Healthcare Success Is Rooted In Exceptional CX

We know that better customer experience (CX) in healthcare better engages customers and patients, improves care outcomes, and reduces costs. But there are several factors contributing to lagging CX in healthcare. The most common pitfalls we observe with healthcare organizations (HCOs) are that they: Have a limited understanding of customers’ wants, needs, and behaviors. Healthcare […]
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Accenture Fumbles, Loses Game; Hertz Is Pissed

Hertz paid Accenture $32 million for a new web presence that the consultants never delivered. The unresolved dispute was recently filed in federal court in the Southern District of New York. Accenture disputes their former client’s claims. Accenture has also filed a motion to dismiss Hertz’s claim under the Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices […] The post Accenture Fumbles, Loses Game; Hertz Is Pissed appeared first on Adpulp.
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How AI Will Supercharge Bank and Credit Union Innovation

Advanced chatbots and other tech driven by artificial intelligence will bring banking menus closer to consumer appetites and fintech appeal. The post How AI Will Supercharge Bank and Credit Union Innovation appeared first on The Financial Brand.
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How AI Fuel Will Supercharge Bank and Credit Union Innovation

Advanced chatbots and other tech driven by artificial intelligence will bring banking menus closer to consumer appetites and fintech appeal. The post How AI Fuel Will Supercharge Bank and Credit Union Innovation appeared first on The Financial Brand.
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Freshworks acquires customer success service Natero

Customer engagement service Freshworks, which you may still remember under its old name of Freshdesk, today announced that it has acquired Natero, a customer success service with some AI/ML smarts that helps businesses prevent churn and manage their customers. The acquisition, Freshworks CEO Girish Mathrubootham told me, will help the company complete its mission to provide its users with a 360-degree view of their customers. As Mathrubootham stressed, Freshdesk started out with a focus on cu...
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FORRward: A Weekly Read For Tech And Marketing Execs

Even Big Digital Companies Need Little Humans . . . Lots Of Them Amazon offered $10,000 of startup capital and up to three months of pay to qualifying employees who quit . . . and go start a local last-mile delivery business. The eCommerce giant had previously invested in local delivery companies, seeding the creation […]
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Exciting News From The XM Institute

The time has finally come for me to tell people to stop purchasing Temkin Group research reports. Are we eliminating them? No. Are they irrelevant? No. We’ve just decided to give them away for free on the Qualtrics XM Institute site. That’s right, you can now get access to almost our entire research library for free. One of the reasons we joined Qualtrics was to be able to help more people and organizations. This move shows you the commitment that Qualtrics is making to help the world understand...
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Burger King and McDonald’s Go Off Script to Create New Value

Do you know what I love about brands that focus on providing utility to their customers? I love that they are directly answering the age-old question that every customer has, “What’s in it for me?” I Pledge Allegiance to McDonald’s Lost your passport or cellphone abroad? Just stroll through the doors of one of any […] The post Burger King and McDonald’s Go Off Script to Create New Value appeared first on Adpulp.
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It’s Time To Transform Insurance Claims

My house is almost a hundred years old. And while it might have some lovely period features (often estate agent speak for dilapidation), it also requires constant care. This makes good home insurance vital. Because I am an insurance geek and cover insurance at Forrester, insurance companies that get me as a customer are rather […]
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The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly Of US Mobile Banking Experiences In 2019

Mobile apps have become the touchpoint of choice for millions of people to manage their finances. To find out how effectively banks are meeting customers’ expectations, Forrester regularly reviews the mobile apps of leading banking brands around the world. As part of our most recent set of reviews (in February and March of this year), […]
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Need to Convince People? Stop Talking and Reach Consensus

When you work in a creative field, you traffic in ideas. For a creative person in advertising, ideas are currency and like cash, fluid and hard to capture. Ideas are also something that people in advertising fight for, steal, glorify, and covet. The thing to know about ideas is they do not accrue value when […] The post Need to Convince People? Stop Talking and Reach Consensus appeared first on Adpulp.
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Personalization Pays Off Big Time for Financial Marketers

Financial marketers love the idea of personalization, but too often get bogged down in complexities. Two experts point the way forward. The post Personalization Pays Off Big Time for Financial Marketers appeared first on The Financial Brand.
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Big Payoffs For Banks & Credit Unions From Personalization

Banks and credit unions love the idea of personalization, but too often get bogged down in complexities. Two experts point the way forward. The post Big Payoffs For Banks & Credit Unions From Personalization appeared first on The Financial Brand.
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Who Moved The Communications Services Sector?

Success in the communications services sector is indeed a capricious piece of cheese. In it, every new technology advancement brings new business models, new security and sociopolitical debates, brand new industries of disruptors, and even new job roles for man and machine. As new technologies mature, the distinction between technology, media and telecommunications industries blur. […]
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The New Era Of Marketing Strategy

Marketing has been a story of eras: from mass marketing to the direct marketing era to digital marketing and, now, data-driven marketing. As marketing strategy changes and marketing resources shift, so do consumers and customer loyalty — today, consumers use more devices, ad blockers, and other privacy protection tools and still have increasingly sophisticated customer […]
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Six Categories Of X&O Data Insights

Last week I attended SAP’s SAPPHIRE and CX Live events in Orlando. It was great to see 35,000 or so of my new friends. As you might expect, Experience Management (“XM”) was a dominant theme. Just about every SAP or Qualtrics keynote speech discussed XM, and it was a topic at many of the concurrent sessions. I really enjoyed seeing the XM message come to life in so many different ways. One of the cornerstones of XM is the combination of operational data (“O-data”) and experience data (“X-data”). ...
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Are you brave enough to bring your customers or patients into your boardroom?

A couple of weeks ago I took a bunch of people, from one of my clients, to visit The Walton Centre in Liverpool as part of a customer service excellence and continuous improvement programme. Not only is The Walton Centre a world class facility that specializes in neurology, neurosurgery, spinal and pain management services, it is also an award winning organization in terms of how it manages its people having been awarded the Investors in People Gold Standard (2014, 2017) as well as the Health an...
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Bank Customers Happier Using Branch+Digital Than Digital Only

Surprising findings from J.D. Power point to ways mid-size financial institutions can capitalize on strengths versus the biggest banks. The post Bank Customers Happier Using Branch+Digital Than Digital Only appeared first on The Financial Brand.
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This Women-Led Creative Agency Revived Sex Toy Retailer Lion’s Den

You know you're in for a treat when you're at a conference and the presenter says, "We're going to take you to a place that might make you feel a little uncomfortable. We're going to talk about sex." That's just what Erica Fite and Katie Keating, co-founders of boutique agency Fancy LLC, did last week...
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Reimagine Mobile To Activate Your Total Brand Experience

I focus a lot of my research on marketing innovation and have been working on mobile (first as a marketing guy at a telco in 1998, then as an analyst) for more than 20 years. However, it is still fascinating to me to see how many marketers wrongly think their company has fixed mobile basics […]
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FORRward: A Weekly Read For Tech And Marketing Execs

A Better Mousetrap Is Always Around The Corner The world saw cracks in the armor of Google this week when Alphabet’s earnings reported below analyst estimates. It looks like Amazon and others have found weaknesses in the search-based advertising model — golden geese are mortal after all. So, if Google is vulnerable to disruption, then we […]
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Half Of Customer Happiness Is Surprise

When we think of happiness, and what generates it, we often look at the event that brought happiness in isolation. But the time leading up to the event, anticipating it, and the time after the event, remembering it, bring at least as much happiness as the event itself. Happiness is as much built of moments of anticipation and remembering as of doing. This is why companies and brands must keep the joy of anticipation, and memory, in mind if they are to deliver true happiness to their customers...
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Just A Touch of Button Away from The Ultimate Hotel Guest Experience

Whatever it is, Hotel guests want it at the touch of a button. A study by research firm YouGov that was commissioned by ALICE a Hotel operation platform tells us that guests’ preferred devices vary, but their core concern doesn’t – they want their Hotel at their fingertips. The Hotels’ Digital Divide provide some valuable insight into how Hotels can leverage the guests changing expectations with more personalized experiences and offerings. A Home away from Home The modern Hotel guest real...
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Customers Who Complain the Most Are Actually the Most Profitable to a Brand

As customers go, those who complain the most are also the most profitable to a company's bottom line. So how can brands ensure those customers who bring in the bucks also have a good experience? That was the focus of the session (above) at Adweek's recent Elevate: Creativity conference. "There's no point in spending all...
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Digital transformation is a journey, not a destination

This is a guest post from Benjamin Shepardson, web development guru and founder of NoStop Content Services. Digital transformation is an exciting prospect in the business world of today. And yet, many high-profile digital transformations fail. This isn’t due to a failure of the concept, but rather a failure of execution. Businesses struggle to pull off digital transformations because their concept of how a digital transformation works is entirely wrong. It’s not a destination. It’s a journey. He...
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Your Copywriting Impacts User Experience More Than You’d Think

As an analyst researching user experience (UX), I’ve recently been conducting UX reviews of many banks’ mobile banking apps for an upcoming report. And I’ve been struck by how many of them contain poorly written content. Copywriting matters. Now, do you feel like skipping the rest of this blog post because this seems so basic? […]
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Human-Centered Design And Digital Addiction In 2019

When Forrester’s UX analysts put together our 2019 Digital CX Trends report, two things stood out to me as especially positive changes: First, modern design practices — like workshops, iterative prototyping, and user research — now direct digital CX efforts. Sophisticated companies are adopting these human-centric methods and abandoning touchpoint-by-touchpoint, feature-focused approaches. Why? Because they […]
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