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How to use LinkedIn hashtags and resume keywords to apply for remote work

Just one in 10 companies expects all their staff to return to the office after the pandemic. Manish Rajput/SOPA Images When looking for remote jobs, it's important to tailor your résumé and cover letter accordingly. Highlighting any previous remote work or related soft skills such as Zoom could go a long way. Optimizing your LinkedIn profile and using the relevant hashtags will catch recruiters' attention. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Remote work might ha...
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Canada: This Month In NS Family Law – May 2021 - Cox & Palmer

The parties participated in a divorce trial. TM sought costs in the amount of $5,000 and CV sought costs in the amount of $6,643.25.
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Daily News’ final high school softball top 10 rankings

Support our high school sports coverage by becoming a digital subscriber. Subscribe now. The last regular-season Daily News softball rankings for 2021. 1. Westlake (17-2): Talk about a statement game. Kylie Chung’s no-hitter against rival Oaks Christian locked down the program’s second Marmonte League title, and of course, the No. 1 spot in the prestigious Daily News rankings. Warriors enter the CIF Southern Section playoffs with a head of steam as the No. 3 seed will host Buena on Thursday. 2...
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From LinkedIn hashtags to résumé keywords, these are the best ways to tailor your application for remote work

Just one in 10 companies expects all their staff to return to the office after the pandemic. Manish Rajput/SOPA Images When looking for remote jobs, it's important to tailor your résumé and cover letter accordingly. Highlighting any previous remote work or related soft skills such as Zoom could go a long way. Optimizing your LinkedIn profile and using the relevant hashtags will catch recruiters' attention. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Remote work might have been ...
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The Navy's first aircraft carrier entered service 98 years ago, but it didn't start life as a flattop

USS Langley (CV-1) in June 1927. US Navy The US Navy's first aircraft carrier, USS Langley, was commissioned into service in March 1922. The Langley was an aviation milestone for the Navy, but before the ship was a flattop it was a collier named USS Jupiter that entered service in 1913. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Recently, the United States Navy celebrated the 98th anniversary of the commissioning of its very first aircraft carrier, the USS Langley (CV-1).CV-1 was ...
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Lockdown job loss: Leeds station CV man gets interviews

Trevor Walford, 63, held up a sign in Leeds asking for work after losing his job amid the pandemic.
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What Do Employers Really Want to See on a CV?

Whether you’re applying for work for the first time, wanting to gain a promotion, or completely change your career, you’ll need a high-quality CV that helps you to stand out from the crowd.
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Bionic synthesis: artists make music with a prosthetic arm, eye motion

Accessibility in music can mean expanding expression beyond what is normally physically possible. For one artist, that means jacking a prosthesis as CV – for another, overcoming paralysis to make music with eyes alone. Bertolt Meyer was already producing and DJing, even with a birth condition that left him without the lower portion of one arm. But he hacked his arm prosthesis to jack control voltage straight into his modular – connecting to synthesis more directly than most before would even ...
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What should your CV include in today’s job market

As we head towards 2020, there can be no doubt that creating an impressive cv for today’s job market is a tough task.  How long should a modern cv be?  What are the most important points that you should include?  Should you include a photo of yourself or is that not important? There are so… Read More » What should your CV include in today’s job market The post What should your CV include in today’s job market appeared first on Gadget Advisor.
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Cannabis industry lender Bespoke Financial scores $7 mln

Cannabis industry lender Bespoke Financial has secured $7 million in funding. Casa Verde, a venture firm where Snoop Dogg is a partner, led the round with participation from other investors that included Capital Partners and Outbound Ventures. PRESS RELEASE October 23, 2019, LOS ANGELES, CA. — Bespoke Financial, a first of its kind short-term lender focused on the cannabis industry, is pleased to announce the completion of a $7M round of financing led by Casa Verde, a venture firm that counts Sn...
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Polyend puts presets in your modular – plus run on a battery, anywhere

Hey, modulars are great. But you can’t call up presets at will, like on a computer. And you can’t head for a day of patching to the shore of your local lake. Or – can you? The folks at Polish maker Polyend are breaking the rules. I think these are devilishly clever ideas – and there’s certainly some devilishly clever marketing. Centralized encoders, grids for saving and recall, sequenced presets, an LFO, gesture recording – this unit does a lot. Presets on a modular First up: Polyend Pres...
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Your music software goes modular: builder-friendly Bitwig 3 beta is here

It may have been in the temple of wires and racks, but Berlin’s Bitwig chose this weekend’s Superbooth to launch a public beta of their all-modular DAW, Bitwig Studio 3. It lets you wire together with hardware, or just inside software, or as a combination. It’s called The Grid – and it’s all about patching inside your music workflow, so you can construct stuff you want instead of dialing up big monolithic tools and presets. And that sounds great to builders, I’m sure. Going modular was really ...
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Ableton release free CV Tools for integrating with analog gear, made in Max

It’s all about voltage these days. Ableton’s new CV Tools are designed for integrating with modular and semi-modular/desktop gear with CV. And they’re built in Max – meaning builders can learn from these tools and build their own. The basic idea of CV Tools, like any software-CV integration, is to use your computer as an additional source of modulation and control. You route analog signal directly to your audio interface – you’ll need an interface that has DC coupled outputs (more about that s...
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How To Write a Résumé in Russian

A résumé (резюме́) is an important part of applying for a job anywhere, and Russia is no exception. However, some conventions used for Russian résumés are different from other countries. While recommendations and preferences vary depending on the applicant, company, and time period, this post will go over some common themes. Photo by Bram Naus on Unsplash Ли́чные да́нные — Personal Information Depending on the format of your resume, this section will probably appear closer to the top. You ma...
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Pioneer Squid is a monster standalone sequencer for your gear

Forget for a second that Pioneer is the CDJ and DJM company. Their latest TORAIZ goes a radical new direction – making what might be the biggest mainstream hardware sequencer since the MPC and Octatrack. But a deep sequencer with MIDI and CV, for 599€ (awaiting US pricing details) – that sounds like a blockbuster. The rise of gear for making sound has left a fairly significant hole in the market. You’ve got tons of drum machines, tons of synths, tons of grooveboxes, and then a whole black h...
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The synth modules of winter: your Eurorack radar

The waves of synth modules never stop coming, as obsessed engineers keep making them and sound tinkerers keep buying them. So let’s catch up with what’s out there, in the wake of the NAMM show in California late last month. Most of these are from NAMM, but there are some other sightings recently, as well. Make Noise’s new modulation monster. Make Noise have made a name for themselves with some real weirdness that then shaped a lot of the music scene. The Quad Peak Animation System is the lates...
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Resume Bias is Real: Closing gaps and advancing the screening process

  “resume bias is real. What’s more, blind recruitment isn’t solving the problem” At one point in time, resumes functioned as an overview of the person it represented. Name, address, phone number, education, experience, and other qualifications. Maybe a few interests to jazz things up a bit. Since the advent of applicant tracking systems and […]
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Bitwig Studio is about to deliver on a fully modular core in a DAW

Bitwig Studio may have started in the shadow of Ableton, but one of its initial promises was building a DAW that was modular from the ground up. Bitwig Studio 3 is poised to finally deliver on that promise, with “The Grid.” Having a truly modular system inside a DAW offers some tantalizing possibilities. It means, in theory at least, you can construct whatever you want from basic building blocks. And in the very opposite of today’s age of presets, that could make your music tool feel more y...
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The Stylophone goes totally luxe with the GEN R-8

You’ve seen the Stylophone as the mass-produced, toy-like original. And you’ve seen it as a relaunched digital emulation and as an analog instrument. Now get ready for the Stylophone as premium boutique instrument. The Stylophone began its story back in 1967, and became one of the iconic electronic musical inventions of the 20th century – its appeal being largely to do with its simplicity and directness. The son of the original inventor, Ben Jarvis, went on to revive instrument under the origi...
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CV Tips For Project Managers

It is important to make sure that your CV stands out for all of the right reasons. The last thing you want is for it to be an example of what not to put on your CV
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Words you should always include on your banking resume

If you want your banking CV to make it past the screening machines, you'll need to construct it with care.
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Escape vanilla modulation: Nikol shows you waveshaping powers

You wouldn’t make music with just simple oscillators, so why only use basic, repetitive modulation? In the latest video in Bastl’s how-to series hosted by Patchení’s Nikol, waveshaping gets applied to control signals. A-ha! But what’s waveshaping? Well, Nikol teaches basic classes in modular synthesis to beginners, but she did skip over that. Waveshapers add more complex harmonic content to simple waveform inputs. Basic vanilla waveform in, nice wiggly complex waveform out. (See Wikipedia for ...
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Novation’s SL MkIII has it all: sequencer, CV, MIDI, software control

One upon a time, there was a Novation keyboard called the ReMOTE SL. That’s as in “remote control” of software. Times have changed, and you’ve got a bunch of gear to connect – and you may want your keyboard to work standalone, too. So meet the SL MkIII. The additional features are significant enough that Novation is dropping the “remote” from the name. Now it’s just SL, whatever those letters are meant to stand for. The story here is, you get a full-featured, eight-track sequencer – so you ...
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Novation’s latest videos “hack” advanced features out of their synths

I know a lot of the folks at Novation on a personal level well enough to say – they’re synth lovers, day job and after hours. What’s great about their latest video series is, some of that comes out. Of course, yesterday we saw at least one user really hacking a Novation product, the Launchpad Pro, by modding the hardware using a firmware release from the company. And as one frustrated developer shouted at us in comments, that requires a bit of effort. (Not so much for you – you can download a ...
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Come trovare lavoro a Dubai

Cerchi lavoro a Dubai? Se la tua risposta è sì, allora sappi che… non posso aiutarti perché non mi occupo
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Add LFOs and VCOs to your modular via this handy iOS app

If you’re looking for ways to control a modular via your iOS device then CV Mod could be a useful tool. CV Mod is a 2 LFO/VCO Oscillator Module meant to be used with modular or semi-modular synth hardware. To use the app you simply connect the headphone output of your iPhone or iPad to one or more CV or audio inputs on your hardware. In order to get the most out of the app, you’ll need to use a stereo breakout cable to separate both the left and right audio channels. By doing that, you’ll now ha...
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Nikol returns to teach beginners modular – next, panning and ducking

Modular isn’t just about building synth sounds; it’s also about routing signal and mixing in a new way. So we welcome the return of Czech superstar Nikol Štrobach, who continues her mission to make modular accessible to beginners. Nikol is juggling mom duties with modular – we’ve even seen her kid Lumír. And our patching professor, after a year and a half of video production, did have to take a parenting sabbatical. But she’s returned with a new set of advanced tips and tricks, say our friends...
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Get your Marbles: VCV adds free Mutable Instruments module

Out of a huge landscape of modules, Mutable Instruments stands alone with some of the best options. And those Mutable tools continue to make their appearance, for free, in VCV rack in software. As we reported previously, VCV Rack are porting the open source, digital module line from hardware to software form once they’ve been shipping for a while. The latest is another special addition: Marbles is a random voltage generator, reborn in the onscreen Rack software as Random Sampler. (That term al...
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Arturia’s KeyLab MKII: a more metal, more connected keyboard controller

Oh, look, a new MIDI controller keyboard ranks there with “wow, a new moderately-priced mid-sized sedan.” But… Arturia may have a hit on their hands with the MKII KeyLab. Here’s why. While everyone else guns for the elusive entry level “everyone,” Arturia has won over specific bands of enthusiasts. The BeatStep Pro is a prime example: by connecting to both MIDI and control voltage, these compact pad-sequencer units have become utterly ubiquitous in modular rigs. They’re the devices that preven...
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Elektrofon’s Klang is the gorgeous chord module that looks like the future

Sometimes, tech looks stylish in the way you’d expect it to look on the deck of a starcraft. So if Eurorack makes you think “old-fashioned,” meet the Klang, a chord creation module from Norway. After years – okay, decades – of noodling about mostly in monophonic space, the modular scene is discovering polyphony. But that generates an interesting compositional question: how do you make chords accessible with the twist of a wrist, with patch cord signal and encoders? Klang is a kind of dial-a-ch...
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