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These sculptures are like The Matrix code given solid form

Terumasa Ikeda uses lacquer and bits of mother of pearl to create surreal sculptures.  He demonstrates the painstaking process in this video: The results look like code given solid form: (H/T @MasakiSe.)
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Japan 2077: Takaaki Ito Captures Cyberpunk Tokyo In Dark And Moody Neon

Creative street shots by Takaaki Ito a.k.a. @301_2015, a talented photographer, designer, and urban explorer currently based in Tokyo, Japan. Takaaki focuses mainly on urban and street photography. He is fascinated by cyberpunk, neon, chillout, lights and shadows. More: Instagram h/t: Source
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Support Rudy Rucker's new science fiction novel!

Pioneering cyberpunk author and old-school bOING bOING contributor Rudy Rucker hips us to his forthcoming novel about "three teens driv(ing) across space to save our world from invading UFOs" and asks for support: My wild SF adventure Million Mile Road Trip is being published in hardback and paperback by Night Shade Books in May. And I'll publish the ebook version via my Transreal books. Also I'm publishing my novel's companion, Notes for Million Mile Road Trip. So I'm running a Kickstart...
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Explore Neon-Lit, Cyberpunk Moscow Suburbs With This Bladerunner-Inspired Photographer

The air is grainy with mist and suspense. Passersby with smudged faces move against a backdrop of endless tower blocks and the dull sheen of wet asphalt, lit by the neon glare of signs advertising bargain stores, sex shops, and kebab kiosks. These aren’t stills from a new Ridley Scott or David Lynch film, but an Instagram account documenting the lives of the Moscow suburbs, a project of the... Source
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Russia 2077: Look Into The Close Cyber Future By Evgeny Zubkov

Russia 2077 is a Russian’s artist Evgeny Zubkov art project devoted to his vision how the Russia can look in twenty years if the current technologies will get developed further but would still be in a state of neglect things usually happen to be in Russia. His works at are MXD pretty much exaggerated images of past meets future. Russian old woman (which is probably a young woman now) feeds drones... Source
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Japanese Illustrator BerryVerrine Dazzles With Awesome Retrowave Kawaii Art

Talented Japanese illustrator BerryVerrine says she likes “neon, pop, kawaii, psychedelic art”, and her vibrant and expressive style definitely backs that up. A majority of her illustrations feature stylish girls and landscapes, but despite the explosive use of color can sometimes give off a haunting aura. One might look at her artwork and find influences rooted in retrowave... Source
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Kindle edition of Neuromancer at steep discount

The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel. I read William Gibson's Neuromancer for the first time in 1985. I bought a copy at the San Francisco State University bookstore (Carla was attending college there and I was working at Memorex/Burrough in nearby Santa Clara as a mechanical engineer) after we went to a talk by Timothy Leary and he raved about it. It's probably safe to say that without Neuromancer, Carla and I might not have ever started the bOING bOING zi...
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Russian Artist Transforms Google Map Landscapes And Boring Russian Cities Into The Future Outworlds

Andrey Tobolyakov, a digital artist from Samara, Russia, takes pictures of roads, cities and Google map locations. Remakes them, with the help of Photoshop, into the worlds of a distant future. Perfect! More: Source
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“Transmetropolitan”: Photographer Omi Kim Explores Neon Streets Of Cyberpunk Japan

Spectacular street shots by Omi Kim, a multi-talented photographer, content creator, and urban explorer based in Osaka Prefecture, Japan. Omi focuses mainly on urban and street photography. He explores streets of Japan to capture striking cinematic photos. More: Omi Kim, Instagram h/t: Source
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The Lego Apocalypseburg Set: YOU MANIACS! YOU BLEW IT UP!

The second Lego movie includes a memorable scene in Apocalypseburg, an homage to the final scene in Planet of the Apes, complete with a Beyond Thurderdome-style settlement in Lady Liberty's tilted shadow; this is now immortalized as a $300 Lego set. (via Beyond the Beyond)
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New Cyberpunk Maid Cafe Opens In Akihabara, Tokyo

Japanese maids in thigh-high stockings are ready to take you to the year 2045. With so many maid cafes in Tokyo it can be hard to pick just one to visit if you’re pressed for time and on a tight itinerary. Now, though, the choice is easy, as Japan’s most popular maid cafe, Akiba Zettai Ryoiki, has just opened their fourth branch in Akihabara, and this one boasts a cyberpunk-kawaii fusion theme... Source
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Tim Maughan's Infinite Detail: a debut sf novel about counterculture, resistance, and the post-internet apocalypse

Tim Maughan has long been one of the most promising up-and-coming, avante garde UK science fiction writers, whose post-cyberpunk short fiction mixed radical politics with a love of graffiti and a postmodern filmmaker's eye: now, with his debut novel Infinite Detail, Maughan shows that he has what it takes to work at longer lengths, and can sustain a first-rate adventure story that grabs and never lets go, without sacrificing the political and technological insights that give his work depth that...
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Who can forget those scenes in Count Zero where they all stand around eating soup?

Back in the 1980s, the giant German sf publisher Heyne tried out an experimental partnership with a soup company Maggi (they're still around), and it was bonkers. Under the terms of the deal, science fiction novels would be periodically interrupted by scenes in which the characters would drop everything and start eating Maggi soups, smacking their lips and exclaiming over just how delicious they were. But to keep readers from confusing the soup ads with the novels, these scenes would be se...
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Cool cyberpunk face shield with how-to steps

IMGUrian Syn9 made this wonderful cyberpunk face shield helmet blinky thing. The creator's build post includes loads of information and video documenting each of the build steps. “Can you see through it? - Yes! I added a mini camera and LCD screen.” “Why? This is for my band, Syn Nine, which does theatrical cyberpunk music / shows.” PHOTO: “This is the gear I started with. I didn't end up using all of it, but the important parts are...” - Arduino microcontroller(s) - 7x RGB LEDs - 2x Alph...
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Scooter startup Bird tried to silence a journalist. It did not go well.

Cory Doctorow doesn’t like censorship. He especially doesn’t like his own work being censored. Anyone who knows Doctorow knows his popular tech and culture blog, Boing Boing, and anyone who reads Boing Boing knows Doctorow and his cohort of bloggers. The part-blogger, part special advisor at the online rights group Electronic Frontier Foundation has written for years on topics of technology, hacking, security research, online digital rights and censorship and its intersection with free speech an...
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The Science Fiction Writers of America inducts William Gibson as its next Grand Master

What an excellent choice! Dr William Gibson, Grand Master of Science Fiction has such a nice ring to it. Go Bill! You can watch him get his award at the next Nebula Awards weekend, May 16-19, at the Warner Center Marriott Woodland Hills in southern California. I have been to a Nebula weekend in at least a decade, but I'm putting this one in my calendar. (Image: Frederic Poirot, CC-BY-SA)
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It's January, so it's time to settle in with the annual WELL State of the Union address, with special guest James Bridle!

For decades, the WELL has rung in the new year with a weeks-long public discussion led by Jon Lebkowsky and Bruce Sterling (2018, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, 2010, 2007, 2005, etc). This year's contributors include Tiffany Lee Brown and James "New Aesthetic" Bridle (previously). As you might expect from such an august panel, they're off to quite a start. Sterling has continued his tradition of declaring different countries to epitomize the year: this year, it's Ukraine, in "the EU-Russia shatt...
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Max Headroom recites the ABCs

In 1987, Max Headroom appeared on Sesame Street where he recited the alphabet. Catch the wave. And if you're not hip to Max's cyberpunk stylings, the 1985 UK TV movie is where it all started:
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How Some Classic Cyberpunk Tropes Have Outlived Their Welcome

The visual language of cyberpunk was invented in the late ‘70s. And a lot of it just doesn’t work anymore. Read more...
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Cyberpunk: a 1990 documentary featuring William Gibson, Timothy Leary, and Brenda Laurel

Cyberpunk is Marianne Tranche's 1990 documentary about the early cyberpunk scene. It features interviews with the likes of William Gibson, Scott Fisher, and bOING bOING patron saint Timothy Leary. While the brilliant Brenda Laurel appears, the film unfortunately missed many of the other badass female cyberpunks of the day like St. Jude Milhon (Mondo 2000), Lisa Palac (Future Sex), Stacy Horn (Echo), and of course bOING bOING co-founder Carla Sinclair! As Dr. Tim said back then, "Turn on, tune...
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Bruce Sterling's VR, Objective Reality, lets you live life as an inert, resentful appliance Objective Reality is a new VR installation from, written by Bruce Sterling, in which you "play" one of a variety of inanimate objects: a rotating fan, a roaming Roomba, the electricity sparking from one outlet to the next; each object has an associated VR helmet that makes you look like your head is a giant appliance.
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Rudy Rucker's latest steampunk novel: "Return to the Hollow Earth," a voyage starring Santa Cruz hippies and Edgar Allan Poe Rudy Rucker writes, "'Return to the Hollow Earth' is my new steampunk novel of the Hollow Earth." (more…)
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Motorola patents a robocop autonomous car that brethalyzes, mirandizes you, calls your lawyer and collects your bail

In Patent 10049419, "Mobile law enforcement communication system and method," Motorola engineers describe "A communication system, comprising: a self-driving vehicle within which to detain a detainee by a law enforcement officer" that locks you up, administers a breathalyzer, reads you your rights, figures out who your counsel of record is, conferences you in with your lawyer, consults with a court on your bail, and lets you swipe your cards to bail out of the car. (more…)
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First ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ gameplay shows off an unprecedented amount of choice

CD Projekt Red has finally pulled back the curtains on Cyberpunk 2077, the first-person role-playing game set in a dystopian future. The first gameplay video shows off combat and dialogue. The post First ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ gameplay shows off an unprecedented amount of choice appeared first on Digital Trends.
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‘Cyberpunk 2077’ developer explains why the game is in first-person

A producer at CD Projekt Red has explained the studio's choice to developer Cyberpunk 2077 in a first-person perspective rather than the third-person view seen in its Witcher series. The post ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ developer explains why the game is in first-person appeared first on Digital Trends.
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The Cyberdeck: a homebrew, 3D printed cyberspace deck

A small but vital genre of homebrew portable computers is the "cyberspace deck," in which hackers create DIY, special-purpose computers inspired by the ICE-breaking console-cowboy decks of William Gibson's Sprawl trilogy (Neuromancer, Count Zero, Mona Lisa Overdrive). (more…)
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‘Cyberpunk 2077’ E3 build used a hefty PC, but can your system keep up?

CD Projekt Red's Cyberpunk 2077 was shown at behind-closed-doors demonstrations during E3 2018, and the PC the studio used to play the game had some hefty specifications. Here's what the rig included. The post ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ E3 build used a hefty PC, but can your system keep up? appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Muttnchop Piper explains Netrunner, the cyberpunk card game

It's always a treat to see someone unexpected embrace tabletop gaming. I just got the Netrunner: Revised Core Set, the latest edition of the popular and surprisingly immersive cyberpunk card game originally designed by Richard Garfield (who also designed of Magic: The Gathering). I decided to watch some videos on playing the game using the new set, as I haven't played in a while. I happened upon a series of videos by Muttnchop Piper, a YouTuber who runs a channel on pipe smoking and tobacco. ...
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Free Book – The Quantum Thief

The Quantum Thief ( $7.99 $2.99 Kindle), the first novel in the Jean le Flambeur series by Hannu Rajaniemi, is free direct from, in return for signing up for their newsletter. Don’t want to sign up? It’s currently on sale in the Kindle store, too. Book Description Jean le Flambeur is a post-human criminal, mind burglar, confidence artist, and trickster. His origins are shrouded in mystery, but his exploits are known throughout the Heterarchy- from breaking into the vast Zeusbrains of t...
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Gorgeous scrap-electronics wearable cyberpunk assemblages from Hiroto Ikeuchi

Tokyo designer Hiroto Ikeuchi creates amazing wearable cyberpunk assemblages out of scrap electronics and other odds and sods. (more…)
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