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Cyberpunk 2077 Genital Modification Options Elate & Confuse

The newly released ESRB rating summary for the highly-anticipated Cyberpunk 2077 has revealed players will be able to modify and create various combinations of genitals for their character while also going into detail about the amount of sexual content included in the game. The part of the ESRB rating mentioning the sexual organ options as […]
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Cyberpunk 2077 won’t be delayed again, still on track for September

The DLC will be just as robust as The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's
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How coronavirus is kickstarting the 21st century

"When the #coronavirus lockdown is lifted, we'll be closer to living in the world envisioned in the 1990s by the likes of @EFF, @WIRED, @stewartbrand, @rossetto, @janemetcalfe, @kevin2kelly, @2000_mondo, and others," says Nick Gillespie of Reason. Here's a video he made to explore the idea that "we may realize that life is mostly better in the cloud, where it's possible to learn faster, work better, and generally get what you really want delivered directly to your door, and for less money." I...
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88 Names: Matt Ruff's MMORPG heist novel is "Snow Crash meets the King and I"

John Chu is a third-generation gold farmer whose sherpa guild -- which squires wealthy, incompetent players around VR games for a price, dodging EULA enforcers -- has gone viral after being namechecked by an actor whom they helped prepare for a major role. But Chu's guild's golden hour is cut short when Chu's ex-girlfriend, Darla, swears revenge on them after a bad breakup, and begins to sabotage their play. Just as things are looking their worst, Chu is recruited by a mysterious strange...
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7 Things We Liked (and 3 We Didn't) About Altered Carbon Season 2

Altered Carbon has returned with a new sleeve and a new lease on life, as Anthony Mackie’s arrival marks just one of the ways this season is a major departure from its debut. Overall it was successful, with a few bumps along the way. Here are our spoiler-light thoughts on what synched and what sank.Read more...
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A new blog post series exploring the history and import of cyberpunk launches on Adafruit

This morning, I launched a new series of posts that I'm going to be writing on Adafruit on the history of cyberpunk science fiction and how it has evolved, how it has influenced culture and technology, what it got right (and wrong) about the near future in its fictional speculations. In 1992, I wrote a post on The Well BBS entitled “Is there a cyberpunk movement?” The post was an attempt at summarizing what cyberpunk was, both as a literary genre, and how its depictions of near-future worlds wer...
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Cyberpunk Is Closer Than You Think: CD Projekt RED Announces The Winners Of Its Photo Competition

1st Prize goes to 思宇walker for this amazing photo of Hangzhou, China – truly capturing the cyberpunk mood with its retro vibe and contrast between the old and the futuristic Lately, CD Projekt RED has given free rein to the overflowing creativity of amateur photography players, in the context of a competition. The opportunity to discover pictures reminiscent of the futuristic universe of Cyberpunk... Source
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I reviewed William Gibson's novel "Agency" for today's LA Times

My latest LA Times review is for William Gibson's new novel Agency, sequel to his outstanding 2014 novel "The Peripheral," which marked his return to explicitly futuristic science fiction after his amazing and audacious "Pattern Recognition" novels, which treated the recent past as though it was a speculative future setting. "Agency" returns to the world of "The Peripheral," in which far future plutocrats reach back into the past using a mysterious network technology to create alternate uni...
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The 3D Artist Inward Brings To Light Sublime Cyberpunk Worlds

Inward, the Italian 3D artist brings to light sublime worlds you never thought you needed to see. Illuminated cities submerged, technological vortexes suspended in space, and dystopian style facades are among the splendorous images found within Inward’s artistic mind. A blend of sci-fi and futuristic cyberpunk, his works speak volumes through expansive imagery that seems to create a pleasant... Source
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Night And Day: Striking Street Photography In Japan By James Takumi Shyegun

Stunning street scenes by James Takumi Shyegun, a talented photographer, videographer, and model from Tokyo, Japan. Takumi focuses mainly on urban, architecture, and street photography. More: Takumi Shyegun, Instagram h/t: Source
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Video Game Delays Cause More Crunch

These days, most video game fans are sympathetic to delays. They recognize that more time makes for better games, and that game development is too complicated for anyone to accurately predict release dates very far in advance. So after a string of high-profile delays this week, including the role-playing game Cyberpunk 2077Read more...
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The most anticipated games of 2020

2020 is going to be absolutely packed with new video games for current-generation hardware as well as next-generation systems from Sony and Microsoft. These are the most anticipated games of 2020.
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Stepback Art Reveal | Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

Now this one is truly exciting. I'm excited today to be part of the stepback art reveal for the brand new paperback release of Scarlet by Marissa Meyer! Given my choice, I knew I had to pick Scarlet & Wolf's book, as it is easily my favorite novel in the  . And let me tell you, Macmillan has done such a fabulous job with these new covers. Happily, all four paperbacks release on February 4th, and I can't wait to get my copies. I can see Aaron's expression now. But honestly, at this point he's mad...
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Enjoy "iCthulhu," a free Lovecraftian cyberpunk webcomic

My buddy Dave Ganjamie and I have been collaborating on comics for a few years now. Not all of our brainstorm-and-sketch sessions end somewhere exciting, but we did have one fun idea that came to fruition. It was the fall of 2013, and Dave half-jokingly challenged me to write him a — his words, and I quote directly from our GChat — "cyber -craftian Eldritch- punk time travel" story. I assumed this was meant to be deliberately absurd. But I'm never one to back down from a challenge. So we pitch...
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THE GOD GAME by Danny Tobey

THE GOD GAME Danny Tobey ( Gollancz ( £16.99 Charlie and his friends are high-school misfits. Nerds and losers, the group of five friends call themselves the Vindicators, and spend most of their free time in the school’s Tech Lab, coding and building robots. Charlie, once a star student, has let his work suffer following […]
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The most-anticipated games of 2020

2020 is going to be absolutely packed with new video games for current-generation hardware as well as next-generation systems. These are the most anticipated games of 2020.
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CD Projekt Red won’t rule out microtransactions in Cyberpunk 2077 spinoff

CD Projekt Red has said that it has not ruled out microtransactions or some other form of monetization in its upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 multiplayer spin-off. The game will not be part of Cyberpunk 2077 itself.
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Celebrate Blade Runner Month With Practical Gear To Live Out Your Cyberpunk Lifestyle

It’s finally November 2019. You know what that means. We’ve finally arrived in the future . It’s a time when tech megacorporations wield nearly unfettered power to influence everything from the buying habits to the living, breathing reality of simulated humans. To survive in this…Read more...
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Running In The Night: The Superb ’80s Cyberpunk Artworks By Daniele Gasparini

Daniele Gasparini is an Italian freelance artist who loves art, graphism and web. He created The Skie Graphic Studio project in Rome in 2007. Graduated in graphic design from a school in Rome, he is currently working as webmaster and graphic designer in Adobe Authorized Training Center (AATC). His influences are large: video games, films, art, books, 90’s and also apocalyptic and retro vibes… Source
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These sculptures are like The Matrix code given solid form

Terumasa Ikeda uses lacquer and bits of mother of pearl to create surreal sculptures.  He demonstrates the painstaking process in this video: The results look like code given solid form: (H/T @MasakiSe.)
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Japan 2077: Takaaki Ito Captures Cyberpunk Tokyo In Dark And Moody Neon

Creative street shots by Takaaki Ito a.k.a. @301_2015, a talented photographer, designer, and urban explorer currently based in Tokyo, Japan. Takaaki focuses mainly on urban and street photography. He is fascinated by cyberpunk, neon, chillout, lights and shadows. More: Instagram h/t: Source
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Support Rudy Rucker's new science fiction novel!

Pioneering cyberpunk author and old-school bOING bOING contributor Rudy Rucker hips us to his forthcoming novel about "three teens driv(ing) across space to save our world from invading UFOs" and asks for support: My wild SF adventure Million Mile Road Trip is being published in hardback and paperback by Night Shade Books in May. And I'll publish the ebook version via my Transreal books. Also I'm publishing my novel's companion, Notes for Million Mile Road Trip. So I'm running a Kickstart...
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Explore Neon-Lit, Cyberpunk Moscow Suburbs With This Bladerunner-Inspired Photographer

The air is grainy with mist and suspense. Passersby with smudged faces move against a backdrop of endless tower blocks and the dull sheen of wet asphalt, lit by the neon glare of signs advertising bargain stores, sex shops, and kebab kiosks. These aren’t stills from a new Ridley Scott or David Lynch film, but an Instagram account documenting the lives of the Moscow suburbs, a project of the... Source
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Russia 2077: Look Into The Close Cyber Future By Evgeny Zubkov

Russia 2077 is a Russian’s artist Evgeny Zubkov art project devoted to his vision how the Russia can look in twenty years if the current technologies will get developed further but would still be in a state of neglect things usually happen to be in Russia. His works at are MXD pretty much exaggerated images of past meets future. Russian old woman (which is probably a young woman now) feeds drones... Source
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Japanese Illustrator BerryVerrine Dazzles With Awesome Retrowave Kawaii Art

Talented Japanese illustrator BerryVerrine says she likes “neon, pop, kawaii, psychedelic art”, and her vibrant and expressive style definitely backs that up. A majority of her illustrations feature stylish girls and landscapes, but despite the explosive use of color can sometimes give off a haunting aura. One might look at her artwork and find influences rooted in retrowave... Source
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Kindle edition of Neuromancer at steep discount

The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel. I read William Gibson's Neuromancer for the first time in 1985. I bought a copy at the San Francisco State University bookstore (Carla was attending college there and I was working at Memorex/Burrough in nearby Santa Clara as a mechanical engineer) after we went to a talk by Timothy Leary and he raved about it. It's probably safe to say that without Neuromancer, Carla and I might not have ever started the bOING bOING zi...
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Russian Artist Transforms Google Map Landscapes And Boring Russian Cities Into The Future Outworlds

Andrey Tobolyakov, a digital artist from Samara, Russia, takes pictures of roads, cities and Google map locations. Remakes them, with the help of Photoshop, into the worlds of a distant future. Perfect! More: Source
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“Transmetropolitan”: Photographer Omi Kim Explores Neon Streets Of Cyberpunk Japan

Spectacular street shots by Omi Kim, a multi-talented photographer, content creator, and urban explorer based in Osaka Prefecture, Japan. Omi focuses mainly on urban and street photography. He explores streets of Japan to capture striking cinematic photos. More: Omi Kim, Instagram h/t: Source
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The Lego Apocalypseburg Set: YOU MANIACS! YOU BLEW IT UP!

The second Lego movie includes a memorable scene in Apocalypseburg, an homage to the final scene in Planet of the Apes, complete with a Beyond Thurderdome-style settlement in Lady Liberty's tilted shadow; this is now immortalized as a $300 Lego set. (via Beyond the Beyond)
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New Cyberpunk Maid Cafe Opens In Akihabara, Tokyo

Japanese maids in thigh-high stockings are ready to take you to the year 2045. With so many maid cafes in Tokyo it can be hard to pick just one to visit if you’re pressed for time and on a tight itinerary. Now, though, the choice is easy, as Japan’s most popular maid cafe, Akiba Zettai Ryoiki, has just opened their fourth branch in Akihabara, and this one boasts a cyberpunk-kawaii fusion theme... Source
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