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Education nonprofit Edraak ignored a student data leak for two months

Edraak, an online education nonprofit, exposed the private information of thousands of students after uploading student data to an unprotected cloud storage server, apparently by mistake. The nonprofit, founded by Jordan’s Queen Rania and headquartered in the kingdom’s capital, was set up in 2013 to promote education across the Arab region. The organization works with several partners, including the British Council and edX, a consortium set up by Harvard, Stanford and MIT. In February, researche...
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Stop Zambia’s digital squeeze

A proposed cyber law will muzzle Zambians and restrict the opposition ahead of the elections The post Stop Zambia’s digital squeeze appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Do This Instead of Sending an Angry Text or Email

There’s a rule of thumb for sending text messages or emails when you’re pissed off, and it goes something like this: Don’t send text messages or emails when you’re pissed off. Read more...
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You Should Always Pre-Schedule Your Emails

The thing about email, which once revolutionized work communication but now seems almost obsolete, is that it’s an informal medium subject to formal workplace standards. Unlike a Slack message service, a missive sent via email must be properly formatted, include clear syntax, and be free of typos. That’s why you…Read more...
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Delete 'Sent From My Mobile Device' From Your Work Email

In the United States, many are beholden to an “always on” work standard, where emails, texts, calls, Slack messages and even meetings follow you home well after the workday should have ended. Some jobs even require workers to answer emails and messages when they’re otherwise busy with doctors appointments or tending…Read more...
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Why You Should Never 'Unsubscribe' From Illicit Spam Emails and Texts

Some of us can be a little too diligent when dealing with email or text spam—because whatever you do, you shouldn’t click “unsubscribe” links or text “stop” in reply, as they literally mean “subscribe” and “please, go on” to illicit spammers. Read more...
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Russia’s SolarWinds Attack

Recent news articles have all been talking about the massive Russian cyberattack against the United States, but that’s wrong on two accounts. It wasn’t a cyberattack in international relations terms, it was espionage. And the victim wasn’t just the US, it was the entire world. But it was massive, and it is dangerous. Espionage is internationally allowed in peacetime. The problem is that both espionage and cyberattacks require the same computer and network intrusions, and the difference is only a...
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Applicants say a DC Bar website bug exposed their personal data and background checks

Lawyers applying for a license to practice law in Washington, D.C., say a security lapse by the bar association exposed their application files, including their government-issued IDs and background checks. Applicants said the District of Columbia Bar, which oversees the admissions and licensing for lawyers practicing in the U.S. capital, was storing the applications in an unprotected directory on its website. The DC Bar did not respond to multiple emailed requests and a voicemail requesting comm...
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Report: Trump Gave CIA Free Rein in Cyberspace

An explosive Yahoo News report out Wednesday describes the Trump administration’s efforts to expand the Central Intelligence Agency’s power in 2018 to launch offensive cyberattacks against America’s foes.Read more...
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House Biofuels Caucus leaderships holds virtual town hall meeting

In Cyberspace, Brownfield Ag News reports that the House Biofuels Caucus leadership held a virtual town hall meeting on Wednesday with more than 20 minutes of the session available for listening. Issues such as the Renewable Fuel Reimbursement Program that is part of the HEROES package aimed at helping the economy recover post-COVID 19 as well as the “gap” requests for small refinery exemptions were amongst the topics discussed. Ensuring that agriculture gets its fair share of bailout funding is...
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Anti-phishing startup Inky raises $20M to ramp up enterprise adoption

Anti-phishing startup Inky has raised $20 million in its Series B round of funding, led by Insight Partners . The funding will help the company push for greater enterprise adoption and expand to international markets including Europe, Asia and Latin America. Inky started out a decade ago with a bold mission to reinvent email with its desktop app focused on helping users better organize and filter their inboxes. The company pivoted away from its email improvement efforts in 2018 to focus on ...
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Youth mythbusters needed to curb the viral threat to public health communications

Because most fake news is spread on social media where young people feel comfortable, the government should ask for their help The post Youth mythbusters needed to curb the viral threat to public health communications appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Staff angered as Charter prohibits working from home despite spread of coronavirus

An engineer from Charter, one of the largest phone and internet providers in the U.S., sent an email blast to a senior vice president and hundreds of engineers on Friday. In the email, Nick Wheeler, a video operations engineer based in Denver, criticized his employer for not allowing its staff to work from home despite ongoing efforts to lock down vast swathes of the U.S. to combat the coronavirus pandemic. The email was short. “I do not understand why we are still coming into the office as t...
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Develop a serious cybersecurity strategic plan that incorporates CCM

Robert R. Ackerman Jr. Contributor Share on Twitter Robert R. Ackerman Jr. is the founder and managing director of AllegisCyber, a venture capital firm specializing in cybersecurity, and the co-founder and executive at DataTribe, a cybersecurity startup foundry which focuses on launching startups based on cyber domain expertise from the intelligence community and national laboratories. More posts by this contributor ...
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Internet Governance Outlook 2020: The Next Generation of Players and Problems Is Coming

By Wolfgang Kleinwächter The beginning of a new decade is always an invitation to have a broader look into the future. What, in the next ten years, will happen in the Internet Governance Ecosystem? Will the 2020s see the usual swinging pendulum between more liberal and more restrictive Internet policies in an interconnected world? Or will we move towards a watershed? Will cyberspace, as we know it from the last 50 years as a place for innovation and mutually beneficial digital cooperation, cha...
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Only a few 2020 US presidential candidates are using a basic email security feature

Just one-third of the 2020 U.S. presidential candidates are using an email security feature that could prevent a similar attack that hobbled the Democrats’ during the 2016 election. Out of the 21 presidential candidates in the race according to Reuters, seven Democrats and one Republican candidate are using and enforcing DMARC, an email security protocol that verifies the authenticity of a sender’s email and rejects spoofed emails, which hackers often use to try to trick victims into opening mal...
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Startups face the same phishing risks as big corporations

This week, we reported on TechCrunch how thousands of remote employees with health and workplace benefits through human resources giant TriNet received emails that looked like a near-perfect phishing attempt. One recipient was so skeptical, they shared the email with TechCrunch so we could verify its authenticity. The message checked every suspicious box. In fact, when, we asked two independent security researchers to offer their assessments, each one thought it was a phishing email devised to s...
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A new study says nearly 96% of deepfake videos are porn

Deepfakes are one of the scariest phenomenons of recent technology trends. From demeaning women to costing monetary loss, these artificial videos are causing a lot of trouble for people. Now a new report from Deeptrace, a Netherland based cybersecurity company, has published a new report stating 96 percent of deepfake videos online are porn, and they received over 134 million views. What important to note is that all porn videos feature female subjects. Danielle Citron, Professor of Law, Boston ...
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DDoS attack disrupted US energy company operations, government confirms

A distributed denial-of-service attack launched against an energy company providing power in several western U.S. states was enough to report “interruptions of electrical system operations” to the government’s energy authority. The “cyber event” lasted almost ten hours on March 5, according to an electric emergency and disturbance report filed with the Department of Energy by the affected company. E&E News first reported the “cyber event” last week. It was later reported as a DDoS attack. In an ...
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‘Denial of service’ attack disrupted US energy company operations, government confirms

A denial-of-service attack launched against an energy company providing power in several western U.S. states was enough to report “interruptions of electrical system operations” to the government’s energy authority. The “cyber event” lasted almost 10 hours on March 5, according to an electric emergency and disturbance report filed with the Department of Energy by the affected company. E&E News first reported the “cyber event” last week. It was later reported as a denial-of-service attack, a comm...
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Nearly all 2020 presidential candidates aren’t using a basic email security feature

Three years after Russian hackers targeted and breached the email accounts of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, nearly all of the upcoming 2020 presidential candidates are still lagging in email security. New data out by Agari confirms just one presidential hopeful — Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren — uses domain-based message authentication, reporting, and conformance policy — or DMARC . This email security feature sits on top of two existing security protocols, Sender Polic...
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We found a massive spam operation — and sunk its server

For ten days in March, millions were caught in the same massive spam campaign. Each email looked like it came from someone the recipient knew: the spammer took stolen email addresses and passwords, quietly logged into their email account, scraped their recently sent emails and pushed out personalized emails to the recipient of that sent email with a link to a fake site pushing a weight loss pill or a bitcoin scam. The emails were so convincing more than 100,000 people clicked through. We know th...
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The U.S. Pledges A Harder Line In Cyberspace — And Drops Some Hints

Army Gen. Paul Nakasone, head of the secretive National Security Agency and Cyber Command, is promising more aggressive cybermeasures against rivals. And he's talking about it — at least a little.(Image credit: Jose Luis Magana/AP)
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India: Revisiting The Current Scenario Of The Safeguards For Cybercrime - S.S. Rana & Co. Advocates

Digital space or Cyberspace is the driving force for the world today. From ordering a cab to ordering food to booking tickets for travel to shopping, everything can happen with just tapping a finger.
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WIRTW #540 (the “wheels off” edition)

The one question people ask me more than any other about this blog? "How do you write every day?" My answer, "Because I love it." The practice of law, for all of its challenges and rewards, can be mundane. This blog lets me be creative. I love the creativity of sharing information in a manner that makes it accessible and entertaining. If I didn't love this creative process, this blog would have died long ago, instead of just having passed 3,000(!) posts since it's inception nearly 12 years ago. ...
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Some of the biggest web hosting sites were vulnerable to simple account takeover hacks

A security researcher has found, reported, and now disclosed a dozen bugs that made it easy to steal sensitive information or take over any customer’s account from some of the largest web hosting companies on the internet. In some cases, clicking on a simple link would have been enough for Paulos Yibela, a well-known and respected bug hunter, to take over the accounts of anyone using five large hosting providers — Bluehost, Dreamhost, Hostgator, OVH, and iPage. “All five had at least one serious...
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The Science Fiction Writers of America inducts William Gibson as its next Grand Master

What an excellent choice! Dr William Gibson, Grand Master of Science Fiction has such a nice ring to it. Go Bill! You can watch him get his award at the next Nebula Awards weekend, May 16-19, at the Warner Center Marriott Woodland Hills in southern California. I have been to a Nebula weekend in at least a decade, but I'm putting this one in my calendar. (Image: Frederic Poirot, CC-BY-SA)
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FBI kicks some of the worst ‘DDoS for hire’ sites off the internet

The FBI has seized the domains of 15 several high-profile distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) websites, after a co-ordinated effort by law enforcement and several tech companies. Several seizure warrants granted by a California federal judge went into effect Thursday, removing several of these “booter” or “stresser” sites off the internet “as part of coordinated law enforcement action taken against illegal DDoS-for-hire services.” The orders were granted under federal seizure laws, and the doma...
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Electric-car owners in China are worried their vehicles are sending their locations to the government

A new report from the Associated Press indicates that electric-car makers, including Tesla, transmit data from its owner-operated vehicles to the Chinese government. Volkswagen, BMW, Ford, Mitsubishi, and many others are telling the Chinese government where drivers are alongside a whole batch of other data points, the AP has found. The newswire service reports that the data is sent to "government-backed monitoring centers," and the data-collection largely happens without drivers being aware. W...
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Here’s why it is unsurprising that China, the US, and Russia didn’t sign the global cyber security pact

On Monday, French President Emmanuel Macron released an international agreement on cyber security principles at the Paris Peace Forum. While the pact was signed by 51 countries, 130 global companies and 90 charitable groups and universities, the five most notorious countries in cyber warfare refused to sign. Microsoft is proud to be one of the 370 signatories of @EmmanuelMacron’s Paris Call for Trust and Security in Cyberspace – an important step on the path towards digital peace.
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