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Master Your Relationship to Time

By Leo Babauta The truth is, most of us have a pretty adversarial relationship to time. There’s never enough. We’re always behind. It goes by too fast. We can’t do important things because we don’t have enough time. None of it is helpful. Most of it is bullshit. Let’s take the first one: there’s never enough time. This is powerful because there’s some truth to it: time is limited and precious. We will die, and while we don’t know how much time we have left in this life, we do know t...
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Turbocharge Your Brain 

Life sure does require a lot of thinking. The heavy lifting includes solving problems, charting the right path to our goals, and making important decisions. Each requires us to rev up our thinking engines and put our brains into gear. And, just like with a car, you can boost the effectiveness of your thinking power with a brain turbocharger — easily .   To understand how turbocharged thinking works, you need to understand a little bit about the two sides (hemispheres) of the brain. The l...
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Die coolsten Mesh-Shirts für ungeduldige Frühlingsfans

Bis zum Frühlingsanfang dauert es noch 34 Tage – 34 Tage, an denen wir wahrscheinlich noch viele regnerische Nachmittage ertragen müssen (juhu...)! Auch wenn uns der Blick aus dem Fenster noch nicht wirklich in euphorische Frühlingsstimmung versetzt, ist es doch zumindest Zeit, dass wir uns nicht mehr von dem grauen Wetter die gute Laue verderben lassen. Und wie geht das besser, als mit neuen Lieblingen für den Kleiderschrank?Meine Empfehlung: Mesh-Shirts! In den letzten Jahren hat der durchsich...
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CIF-SS boys soccer playoff pairings for all divisions

Support our high school sports coverage by becoming a digital subscriber. Subscribe now The CIF-SS boys soccer playoff pairings were released Saturday, Feb. 8. CIF-SS BOYS SOCCER PLAYOFFS Games start 3 p.m. or 5 p.m. DIVISION 1 First round, Wednesday, Feb. 12 Katella at San Clemente Irvine University at Mira Costa Corona del Mar at Servite Aliso Niguel at Paramount Harvard-Westlake at Santa Barbara Mater Dei at Fountain Valley Los Alamitos at Anaheim Capistrano Valley at Cathedral St. Francis ...
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Our top 10 Lighting Design Projects from the A’ Design Awards 2019

We’re kicking off 2020 with inspirational lighting designs to help ‘spark’ your imagination! Perhaps the most ‘lit’ amongst the A’ Design Award’s multiple categories, this list looks at winning designs from the past year, celebrating good design from the year gone by. The Italy-based A’ Design Awards and Competition has always tried to be more than an award, by creating a multi-disciplinary program that rewards designers while also creating an environment that helps designers grow their products...
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‘Salvator Mundi’ Is Not By Leonardo (Yes, It Is) (No, It Isn’t)

Art historian Charles Hope, in a review of three books about the world’s most expensive painting, lays out an extensive argument against the attribution of Salvator Mundi to da Vinci and suggests that the UK’s National Gallery, by including it in its 2011 Leonardo exhibition, helped (wittingly or not) pump up the work’s resale value. Both the New York dealer who had the painting at that time and the National Gallery’s then-director respond in letters, and Hope follows up with a counter-response...
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Leonardo da Vinci’s Inventions Come to Life as Museum-Quality, Workable Models: A Swing Bridge, Scythed Chariot, Perpetual Motion Machine & More

Perpetual motion is impossible. Even if we don't know much about physics, we all know that to be true — or at least we've heard it from credible enough sources that we might as well believe it. More accurately, we might say that nobody has yet figured out how to make a machine that keeps on going and going and going by itself, without any external energy source. But it hasn't been for lack of trying, and the effort has been on the part of not just crackpots but some of the most impressiv...
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Best LGBTQ destinations 2020

The world made landmark advancements regarding LGBTQ rights in 2019. Taiwan became the first Asian country to legalize same-sex marriage, India ended a colonial-era law criminalizing gay sex, and Sweden passed a law banning hate speech related to gender expression. Pride events around the globe honored the 50th anniversary of Stonewall, and a reported five million people attended New York City’s parade to celebrate the birthplace of the modern LGBTQ rights movement. But the year wasn’t all r...
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Researchers Look into Strange Orb in Da Vinci Painting

Researchers think they have uncovered the story behind the strange orb in Da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi, noting that the object would be a hollow glass ball. “Our experiments show that an optically accurate rendering qualitatively matching that of the painting is indeed possible using materials, light sources, and scientific knowledge available to Leonardo da Vinci circa 1500,” the report […]
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Milan: Fashion, Culture and Science 

Milan might not be the first city that pops up in your mind when touring Italy but this city has its fair share of historic monuments and tourism spots. Milan is the work and business hub of Italy but that doesn’t mean it is not a good option for tourists. Many people arrange customized tours including shopping tours with personal shoppers when visiting Italy, and especially Milan.  The city is world-famous for Milan fashion week usually conducted in spring and fall. If you are touring Ita...
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Podcast #571: The Voyage of Character

Good character is hard to define in the abstract, but easy to identify when it’s embodied in the lives of great individuals. In order to illuminate what worthy character looks like, my guest today has written a book which consists of profiles of 10 of history’s most notable admirals, marking out both their inspiring and flawed qualities, as well as how these qualities intersected with their ability to lead. His name is Admiral James Stavridis, he served as the commander of US Southern Command...
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Mountain Dew Body Wash Exists, Has Science Gone Too Far?

Courtesy of Best Products No one soap should contain so much power Science and technology is constantly improving by leaps and bounds, we learn about incredible new innovations almost everyday, and today, dear readers, is no exception. We’ve come a long way, from the printing press to the Apollo 11, but the creations of the past have nothing on this latest marvel of human ingenuity. Wait — do you hear that knocking sound? The Future is here, and it brought a gift. Behold: Mountain Dew...
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This 21-year-old Bitcoin millionaire beamed cryptocurrency from space to a school in Ghana

Erik Finman bought $1,000 worth of bitcoin at the age of 12 in 2011, when each bitcoin was $10 to $12 — today he holds 446 bitcoin, worth $3.2 million according to Friday's price. Finman completed a "crypto space drop" to a school in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana on November 4, meaning he beamed cryptocurrency down from a constellation of satellites in outer space to an antenna at the school. Finman sees the crypto space drop having applications for delivering cryptocurrency to locations w...
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This 20-year-old Bitcoin millionaire beamed cryptocurrency from space to a school in Ghana

Erik Finman bought $1,000 worth of bitcoin at the age of 12 in 2011, when each bitcoin was $10 to $12 — today he holds 446 bitcoin, worth $3.2 million according to Friday's price. Finman completed a "crypto space drop" to a school in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana on November 4, meaning he beamed cryptocurrency down from a constellation of satellites in outer space to an antenna at the school. Finman sees the crypto space drop having applications for delivering cryptocurrency to locations w...
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Why conspiratorial thinking is peaking in America

The internet has allowed fringe groups founded on paranoid thinking to merge in ways we've never seen before. Part of modern political polarization in American is that we're becoming a people who believes in different realities, some of which are based on fears rather than facts. Many of these conspiracy theories are targeted on groups that we believe are plotting against us.There is a romanticization that we're going to somehow solve all of life's unknowns, Da Vinci Code-style. However, this ir...
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Weird and Wonderful Milan

The Milan metropolitan region has a total population of around 7.5 million, which more than doubles every year with the influx of an estimated eight million overseas visitors. Transport access is convenient, with the city being served by three international passenger airports: Malpensa, Linate and Bergamo. If you’re flying into the region to visit destinations like Verona or Lake Como, you should really plan to stay in Milan for a bit. There are plenty of things to do in Milan, but here are just...
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Japanese Figure Maker’s Vitruvian Man Is Here To Beat The Hell Out Of Your Other Toys

Sometimes it’s just not enough to have super hero and anime figures duke it out, you’ve got to add some historical and artistic firepower to your action figure duels. Fortunately, Japanese figure maker Figma has your back with their Table Museum series, a lineup of action figures that brings history’s most famous works of art to life (such as The Thinker and Michelangelo’. Source
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Accusonus raises $3.3M to use AI to help content creators repair the audio in their videos

Accusonus, the Greece and U.S.-based AI company helping content creators improve the audio in their videos, has raised $3.3 million in Series A funding. The round is led by Athens-based Venture Friends, with participation from Big Pi, IQBility, PJ Tech, along with a syndicate of U.S.-based investors led by Michael Tzannes, who is actually the co-founder of Accusonus (and the former CEO of Aware Inc.). Launched in 2014, Accusonus has been using AI for various audio and music applications longer t...
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Castello di Rivoli Unveils Fake “Salvator Mundi” at Museum Space

A nearly identical copy of Da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi has been placed on view on at the Castello di Rivoli Museo d’Arte Contemporanea in Turin, Italy.  The copy was painted by painted by the German-Turkish artist Taner Ceylan. “Re-creating another Salvator Mundi in a slightly different size gave me the opportunity to dive into the technical qualities and spiritual layers of […]
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The Da Vinci water faucet has a neat trick up its spout

Getting water from a faucet to your mouth can be tricky if you don't have a glass to hand, so check out this superbly simple design from a Virginia-based inventor.
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Da Vinci exhibition opens in Paris, proves a major success

PARIS (AP) — Visitors are crowding into the Louvre museum in Paris to see a major retrospective of Leonardo Da Vinci’s paintings. The exhibition of paintings, drawings and sketches opened Thursday to mark the 500th anniversary of the Italian master’s death. The museum says 260,000 tickets have already been pre-sold for the show that runs […]
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Leonardo da Vinci, Maestro of Change, Shines at the Louvre

The marvelous survey of 160 works, including paintings, drawings and notebooks, shows the great artist’s hand and mind in constant action.
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Art Newspaper Takes Closer Look at Negotiations Over Disputed Da Vinci, “Salvator Mundi” for Louvre Show

A piece in the Art Newspaper charts ongoing speculation over whether Salvator Mundi will be shown in the Louvre exhibition on Da Vinci, and provides more more background on the purchase and current speculation about the work’s whereabouts.  The piece looks at a 2018 order for the work that bills it as “attributed” to the artist rather than by him.Read more at Art Newspaper […]
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Are You Stepping Over $100 Bills Lying on the Sidewalk?

There’s an old joke about an economist walking down the street when he steps on a $100 bill lying on the ground. He spots it, but decides to walk right on by. “After all,” he chuckles to himself, “if that had really been a $100 bill, someone else would have picked it up already!” It’s easy to make fun of this way of thinking, but maybe the economist being lampooned here is actually right. When’s the last time you saw a lot of cash lying on the ground? In the real world, people don’t let $...
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How the Louvre’s Leonardo Blockbuster Shows a Master’s Progress

Eight highlights from the exhibition plot Leonardo da Vinci’s trajectory as an artist and show the breadth of his talents.
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Da Vinci’s “Vitruvian Man” Ruling Barring Travel Reversed by Court

Reversing a prior ruling, an Italian court has ruled that da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man to Paris for the massive Louvre exhibition set to open soon.  The last ruling stated that the work was too fragile to travel. Read more at Art News  
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Vitruvian Man: Da Vinci piece to go on display in Louvre

Leonardo da Vinci's iconic drawing is bound for the Louvre - despite fears for its safety.
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Meeting the ‘Mona Lisa’ for an Intimate (Virtual) Rendezvous

Visitors to the Louvre will experience Leonardo da Vinci’s world through a virtual-reality tour that brings them closer to the masterpiece than ever before.
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Da Vinci Bridge Design Holds Up Even After 500 Years, MIT Proves

Researchers at MIT have proven that Leonardo da Vinci knew what he was doing when he came up with a novel bridge design that would connect Istanbul with its neighbor city Galata. At the time, it would've been the world's longest bridge, with an unprecedented single span of 790 feet -- constructed without wood planks or even mortar joints. But, unfortunately, it was only recently put to the test since the design was rejected by Sultan Bayezid II in 1502 A.D. CNET reports: "It was time-consuming, ...
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500 Years Later, MIT Proves That Da Vinci's Bridge Design Works

If accepted at the time, the design would have likely revolutionized architecture.
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