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The lede reads: “Daniel hoped he hadn’t made a big mistake. It was a birth day present coming fr om Europe. Shipping was a big part of the price.” I’m copying from the page above, so it’s all [sic]. The package arrived from the U.K. weeks before my Virgo birthday. ” ‘What if you don’t like it?’ I got nervous, but he said he could send it back.” Sure, I could retype the whole first page I wrote on my gift on my MacBook, or scan and copy a doc that would come close. But any accuracy would be c...
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25 useful and thoughtful gifts for men at every budget

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Harry's Whether he's your brother, partner, dad, or friend, you're probably looking for a gift for him. To make shopping easier, we came up with a list of 84 thoughtful gifts for the special man in your life. Our picks cover all budgets and tastes, from cozy socks to a massage gun. Need more gift ideas? Check out all of our Insider Reviews gift guides here. Shopping for the special men in y...
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25 useful and thoughtful gifts for him at every budget

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Harry's Whether he's your brother, partner, dad, or friend, you're probably looking for a gift for him. To make shopping easier, we came up with a list of 84 thoughtful gifts for the special man in your life. Our picks cover all budgets and tastes, from cozy socks to a massage gun. Need more gift ideas? Check out all of our Insider Reviews gift guides here. Shopping for the special men in y...
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64 of the best gifts for dads, from personalized football jerseys to a do-it-all smartwatch

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Tom & Teddy Dads can be notoriously difficult to shop for, especially if yours doesn't offer many hints of what he wants. We found the best gifts for Dad, whether for Christmas, his birthday, Father's Day, or another milestone. From a Sirloin of the Month club to a massage gun, these gift ideas are sure to be a big hit. If you're searching for the perfect gift for Dad but coming up empty,...
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La Brea Review – Bonkers Sci-Fi Hopes Constant Run Carries

La Brea thankfully opens with barely a minute of introduction before a massive sinkhole opens in downtown L.A., pulling cars, buildings, and a couple of dozen people into an unimaginably deep crater. While it is a relief to be yanked from the stilted dialog of a mother and her two children, that dialog is a broader sort of establishment than the series intends. Eve Harris (Natalie Zea) is driving her two kids to school when the incident takes place, disappearing a couple of city blocks into t...
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a little dance

  A bout 48 hours . I think that's how long I was awake this time. Last night. Sleep. Before I slept I noticed the morning glories closing up. The shapeshifting filled me with peace. And then I stitched a place, without a face.   I think it is anxiety.  I remember the little dance Dad told me about when he noticed my stress.  Two steps forward, one step back.  There is a rhythm to it.  I use it on my stitching sometimes. To hold things together. And keep my perspective.  I visualized...
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DeadShot Shooting Bags, Front, Rear, a Must-Have Combo

DeadShot Shooting Bags, Front, Rear, a Must-Have Combo Idaho –  -( This Product Review started off to only cover the Caldwell Dead Shot Bags but I always carry along a few of their Lead Sled Weight Bags so I can get the perfect height for my rifles while shooting. As was the case when I went out to the prairies to test out my new Bowden Tactical trigger that I just installed on my AR today. So, I’m going to lump both items into this Product Review since I always use them in conj...
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Blind Youth Football Player In Modesto Scores Touchdown In Team’s Win

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It’s That Time Of Year, NHL.TV Is Now ESPN+

Get ESPN+ and you get EVERY out of market game at no extra charge. has moved to ESPN+. And get it for your Mom and Dad now so you don’t get a call on why he can’t watch the Panthers vs Red Wings game October 29. @AJMleczko and I are doing it on ESPN+ — Bucci Mane (@Buccigross) September 23, 2021
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Family Biking: ‘Free range’ kids and the value of transportation independence

(Photo: Jonathan Maus/BikePortland) Are you a bad parent if you let your kid use public transit on their own? Well, if you go by what other people think, you might not just be a bad parent: you could be “America’s Worst Mom.” Just ask Lenore Skenazy, who earned that title for letting her nine-year-old son (who had been begging for such an opportunity) navigate his way home by subway and bus, on his own, in New York City. Skenazy details the non-incident (her son got home just fine, totally ...
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Dad was hesitant to get vaccine. His kids share how misinformation contributed to his Covid death

The children of 45 -year old Washington father Patrick Lane are grieving the loss of their father​, who died of Covid-19. ​They say he was vaccine-hesitant because of misinformation. CNN's John Berman reports.
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Dad says son's appendix burst waiting on a hospital room

In an interview with CNN's Erin Burnett, Nathaniel Osborn says his son's appendix ruptured while they waited more than six hours in an emergency room because the hospital was slammed with Covid-19 patients.
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Mega Dad Custom Color-in Comic Book

Who stands up to villains no matter the odds? Who swoops in to save the day when all seems lost? He?s not just Dad, he?s MegaDad! This personalized comic book puts kids in control of coloring in the adventures of their super-powered papas. With the child's name prominently placed throughout the illustrations, the story pits Dad up against his most fierce rival yet: an evil electrified plush pooch. Once the artistic embellishments are complete, little ones have a colorful saga to present to Dad, ...
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Should We Celebrate When Others Suffer?

Our family got some terrific news last week. It was the sort of news that called for hands-in-the-air praise on the town square. But I was so reluctant to share the good news with the people who had prayed for us most earnestly, the ones who sent daily kind words and Bible verses over texts, the ones who came to the house to pray. Here’s why: In the same week that our family got the answers we had prayed for, a lot of our fiercest prayer warriors didn’t get the answers we had prayed for them. On...
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A Tribute to Gerald

Gerald was my Father-in-law. He passed away on September 3 at age 83 in South Africa. The loss is immense, especially after my own Dad’s recent passing. Greg and I were close to our Dads, and our hearts are very heavy.  I met Gerald shortly after meeting Greg in 1987, so I’ve known him for 34 years. Like his incredible wife Tuppy, Gerald was a big part of my life. He and Tuppy were generous, down-to-earth people who taught me a lot about being a better human being. I couldn’t have hoped for more...
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How to create a wealthy mindset when you don’t have money

“No matter what I do, I can’t seem to put any money away,” Carmen shared. “I know you are supposed to have a reserve on hand in case something happens. Why can’t I do this?” “It sounds like your money stories are getting in the way,” I answered. “What’s a money story?” she asked. “It’s the narrative you tell yourself about money and how you relate to it. You create your money stories through your early experiences and memories around money. And these stories shape the way you behave with money.”...
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Patsy Kensit: ‘You don’t have to marry all your boyfriends’

The actor, 53, talks about her charming dad, never reading her reviews in the papers, staying strong and eating nothing but shepherd’s pieWe grew up without money: two rooms and an outside loo. I remember shyly cowering behind the coal shed as Mum tried to photograph me, but by the age of four I was playing Mia Farrow’s daughter in The Great Gatsby. I loved the fantasy of acting, the contrast of the worlds in which I lived. It’s not that one was better, but going from life with not very much to ...
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Apple II Manual Signed by Steve Jobs Sells for $787,483

An Apple II manual signed by Steve Jobs and Mike Markkula sold for $787,484 at auction this month after garnering 46 bids. The 196 page manual was addressed to Julian Brewer, the son of Michael Brewer. Michael Brewer negotiated distribution rights for Apple in the UK in 1979, and the manual had a personal message inside. "Julian, your generation is the first to grow up with computers. Go change the world! Steven Jobs, 1980," read Jobs' note.Julian recalls, "I was sitting in my bedroom writing...
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‘Finch’ First Look: Tom Hanks Builds a Robot to Watch His Dog

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Tom Hanks, a robot, and a dog walk into a post-apocalyptic movie. That’s the premise of Finch, an upcoming Apple original that has America’s Dad playing an inventor who builds a ‘bot to watch over his beloved pooch. A Finch first look image has just arrived, and don’t worry – it features Hanks, the robot, and the dog (whose name is Goodyear). Check it out below. I love Tom Hanks. I love dogs. I…have no real thoughts on robots. So basically, I’m the t...
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Doctor's unvaccinated dad is fighting for his life

An Arkansas hospital shared video of a 40-year-old father in the ICU because his family wants people to get vaccinated.
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Timothy Olson Shares His Pacific Crest Trail FKT Journey

The post appeared first on iRunFar. Timothy Olson recently set the men’s supported fastest known time (FKT) for the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), one of the longest trails in North America and an FKT premier route. Over 51 days, 16 hours, and 55 minutes, he ran 2,653 miles, covering 50-plus miles per day to complete the route. Running in supported style, crewed by his wife Krista, two boys Tristan and Kai, father-in-law Bob Loomis, and coach Jason Koop, Olson completed an incredible feat of endur...
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Finding Family: Ancestry DNA test reunites brothers and sisters after 60 years

In an era when DNA-testing technology enables us to find out the racial and ethnic makeup of adopted children and help us determine the breed of a rescue dog, test results also run the risk of revealing rather compelling stories. Sixty years ago, while his mother was in a Harlem hospital, giving birth to his baby sister, 2-year-old Lewis Thompson was stolen by his babysitter. His mother went on to have two more children, but Thompson, who grew up not knowing he was one of eight kids, was never s...
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Rethink: Experiences vs. Possessions

This is a shorter article today. Cox Communications had an internet outage yesterday, so I’m playing catch-up on a few things. Conventional wisdom in the personal finance world is that experiences make you happier than possessions. There’s a lot of research behind that too. For example: Spending on experiences versus possessions advances more immediate happiness Buy Experiences, Not Things The Secret to Happiness: Spend Money on Experiences Not Things It makes a lot of sense too. You may h...
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Baxter Dury: ‘Everything was about Dad. It was the only way he knew how to survive’

The musician talks about growing up with a pop star dad, escaping his shadow – and the 6ft 7in drug dealer who lived with them Baxter Dury strolls up to the pub, casually dressed and apologetic. The indie musician, known for his stylish suits, is wearing a white vest and unbuttoned denim shirt. His face is even whiter than the vest. Food poisoning. He ate oysters the other day, and has never been so sick. He orders a pineapple juice and soda water, sheepishly. “That’s going to be the headline, i...
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How farmers in New Zealand shear 25,000 sheep in 10 days

A team of shearers in New Zealand can shear the wool off 25,000 sheep in just 10 days. But trade wars have caused the price of wool to plummet, leaving many farmers unable to afford shearing costs. Business Insider visited Taihape, New Zealand, to see how one farm is trying to keep the sheep industry alive. See more stories on Insider's business page. Following is a transcription of the video:Narrator: Here in the New Zealand countryside, 25,000 sheep are sheared in just 10 days.Tom O'S...
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‘Some Would Call Him A Legend’: Fire Engineer Forever Remembered In Rancho Cordova

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O'Keeffe seeks Portrush redemption; Bournemann six clear; Dawson shines at Tramore

Peter O'Keeffe (Douglas) on the 17th during Round 2 of the North of Ireland Amateur Open Championship 2019 at Portstewart Golf Club, Portstewart, Co. Antrim on Tuesday 9th July 2019. © Golffile | Thos Caffrey Douglas’ Peter O’Keeffe is looking to put his 2019 runner-up finish behind him and claim another amateur major after battling his way into the s...
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Nelly Korda 'glad to have joined' former pro tennis player dad as major champion after Women's PGA Championship victory

When it comes to having a strong support system for a potential professional athlete, the Korda family might be the prototype.
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Golfer Nelly Korda 'glad to have joined' former pro tennis player dad as major champion

When it comes to having a strong support system for a potential professional athlete, the Korda family might be the prototype.
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How nurturing and affectionate fathers lead to resilient and emotionally intelligent kids, explained by a sociologist

Fathers are transformative figures for children, families, and communities. Eugenio Marongiu/Getty Images When fathers provide emotional support, the effects go beyond their kids' growth and development. Kids are better regulated emotionally, more resilient, and more open-minded when close with their fatherhood figures. Parenting partners are also healthier and happier when fathers are engaged with their kids. See more stories on Insider's business page. When my oldest son, now nea...
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