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Jazz Virtuoso Oscar Peterson Gives Dick Cavett a Dazzling Piano Lesson (1979)

Duke Ellington once called Oscar Peterson the “Maharaja of the Keyboard” for his virtuosity and ability to play any style with seeming ease, a skill he first began to learn as a classically trained child prodigy. Peterson was introduced to Bach and Beethoven by his musician father and older sister Daisy, then drilled in rigorous finger exercises and given six hours a day of practice by his teacher, Hungarian pianist Paul de Marky. “I only first really heard jazz somewhere between the age...
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Rebirth of the line: Devon joy as rail link reopens after 50-year hiatus

Okehampton welcomes revamp of service connecting Dartmoor town to Exeter and beyondIn 1972, the people of Okehampton turned out in force to wish a fond farewell to the Devon moorland town’s regular passenger rail service.The mayor, Walter John Passmore, carried a funeral wreath and his wife, Daisy, waved the green flag to signal the final train’s departure, just about managing a sad smile for the cameras. Continue reading...
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Kaia Gerber to Star as Daisy in Table Read of ‘The Great Gatsby’ for amfAR Benefit (EXCLUSIVE)

Kaia Gerber is dipping her toe into some more acting. The model, who appeared on Ryan Murphy’s FX series “American Horror Story: Double Feature,” stars as Daisy in an upcoming table read of “The Great Gatsby.” The Acting for a Cause reading will benefit amfAR. “Having the opportunity to play Daisy was such an honor,” […]
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Kaia Gerber to Star as Daisy in ‘The Great Gatsby’ Table Read for amfAR Benefit (EXCLUSIVE)

Kaia Gerber is dipping her toe further into the acting pond. The model, who appeared on Ryan Murphy’s FX series “American Horror Story: Double Feature,” stars as Daisy in an upcoming table read of “The Great Gatsby.” The Acting for a Cause reading will benefit amfAR. “Having the opportunity to play Daisy was such an […]
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#4: Learning From Mistakes

Unfortunately some things have a way of repeating themselves.  I was rudely awoken by Diabetes shoving 2.9 in my face, at 3am.  Luckily I had learnt from yesterdays mistake and had taken some hypo treatment up to bed with me, so it wasn't too bad.  What wasn't great, however, was realising that I was low enough that my mouth had gone completely numb so I'd managed to chomp away not only through my chocolate bar, but also through my tongue. Ouch. Have felt pretty stressed today, for one reaso...
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#1: Introduction to 'The Diabetic Dais Diaries'

Introduction: Today I am beginning 'The Diabetic Dais Diaries'!  What this means is I am going to be writing here, every day letting you know the ins and outs of the time I spend with my good old friend, Diabetes. In this 'diary' I plan to confess my blood sugars, carbs I've eaten and how much insulin I've taken, as well as how much exercise I've done, how I feel in terms of mood and physical wellness and lots of other non-diabetes related stuff too. If I'm being completely hones...
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In Memory of Todd Newton

This post is to commemorate Todd Newton - a fellow diabetic, an unforgettable human being and a truly wonderful friend. Living with diabetes every day of your life becomes the norm after a while. Amongst the routine of injections and blood testing, it's easy to forget that diabetes is a potentially dangerous disease. Insulin has to be respected and understood - it saves lives,  but it also has the power to take them away. Last year Todd did a guest blog post on 'Diabetic Dais' about...
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D-Blog Week: Saturday Snapshot Of My D-Heaven

For as long as I can remember, I've struggled with very high morning blood sugars.  This has had a huge impact on my daily life, because waking up feeling sick, with a headache and a dry mouth means that you never start your day feeling like the best version of yourself.  As my bedtime blood sugar levels were always stable, and mid-night hypos had also been ruled out, there was speculation about whether the Dawn Phenomenon (the Somogyi Effect) was the cause of my morning highs.  However, my...
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D-Blog Week: The Tasty Treat Hypo-Treatment

As I wrote yesterday about the main thing that keeps me smiling through a bad diabetes day, I've decided to pick the 'Diabetes Dream Device' wildcard today.  As we know, hypos are horrible.  They can make you shake, give you headaches, make your lips and tongue numb and make you seem like a completely different person.  Maybe it would be easier to deal with if treating hypos was easy, but unfortunately that's not necessarily the case! There are lots of misconceptions about the correc...
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D-Blog Week: Diabetes Thankfulness

Diabetes Blog Week 2014 is coming to an end and I can't help but feel like it's gone super fast.  They say that happens when you're having fun!  With my University exams starting next week, I thought the past few days would have been pretty stressful as I attempt to learn and memorise an entire semester's worth of content.  However, thanks to the DOC, my week has been anything but.  To summarise why the past 7 days have been so special for me, here are some of favourite things from this D...
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D-Blog Week: The Positive Diabetes Poem

The prompt for today's post is to write a poem about diabetes.  In 2012 I wrote a poem for the 'Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge' called Bad Diabetes Day, which I loved writing!  I'm always excited about opportunities to do something a bit creative and different, so I really enjoyed writing this one too: The Positive Diabetes Poem As a little girl I'd never tell, That I had type 1 D. I was worried what people might say, And what they would think of me. ...
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D-Blog Week: What Brings Me Down & What Keeps Me Up

Today, the theme for Diabetes Blog Week posts is 'what brings me down'.  Talking about the moments, days and, for some, weeks when diabetes is making you want to scream, cry or hide away is really important. During the majority of my teenage years, I went through a lot of times when I would completely ignore my diabetes and never talk about it.  There would be many meals eaten which I wouldn't give any insulin for and my body would be flooded with ketones.  There were whole days when...
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D-Blog Week: Change The World

Diabetes Blog Week 2014 is here!  This is my fourth year of taking part and it's fair to say that if there's one thing that diabetes does make me excited about, it's this!  Thank you to Karen Graffeo at Bitter~Sweet for the opportunity to do this every year.  I'm currently in the latter stages of revising for my first year university exams, but the real test will be finding out how to tear myself away from reading all of the wonderful D-Related posts over the next 7 days. The topic for the ...
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D-Blog Week: The Little Book Of Carb-Counting Tricks

For a long time, I put up a lot of barriers towards carb counting.  When I was diagnosed with diabetes 18 years ago, my parents and I weren't taught about the importance of knowing how much carbohydrate you're eating, and how much insulin to take for it.  Instead of altering how much insulin I'd inject depending on what I was eating, I had set doses for each meal and that was that.  It was only when I was about 15 years old that I was encouraged by my doctors to attend a DAFNE course but, a...
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JDRF Guest Blog Post: Could Garlic Help People With Diabetes?

With over 2.35 million people affected by type 2 diabetes in the UK the race is on to find a way to prevent deaths caused by diabetics complications such as kidney failure, heart disease and stroke. Indeed, heart disease is the leading cause of death in diabetics who are up to four times more at the risk of death from heart disease as non-diabetics. Used as a traditional treatment in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East for centuries and growing in popularity as a health supplement in the West, ...
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Small Changes Make Big Differences

In the 16 years I've had type 1 diabetes, I can't honestly say that there's been a lot I can be proud of regarding it.  Sometimes I feel like living with type 1 diabetes is kind of like watching the news; the information you're fed from it can be pretty negative.  A few times a week my glucose meter shows me a blood sugar reading I don't like. When I was 12 years old I had to increase the amount of injections I was taking from three a day to four. Once I had a virus which caused ketoacidosis so ...
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D-Blog Week: My Memorable Day with Diabetes

Trying to think of my most 'memorable' day with diabetes has proved itself to be a challenge.  I reckon this is probably because when you've lived with it for 16 years, it begins to feel like every day blends into the next.  Diabetes feels like the norm and nothing more than a tedious concoction of highs, lows, prescriptions, appointments, blood tests, injections and so on and so forth.  Still there are times when diabetes surprises me, for the better and otherwise. A few years ago I...
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#2: Overestimating A Chocolate Brownie

Today has been lovely!  First of all, I'll let you all know that my cocktail from last night didn't seem to affect my blood sugars too much at all which was a nice surprise.  I gave myself 2 units of NovoRapid to cover what I estimated to be about 20g worth of carb in the Raspberry juice and that seemed to be enough. I got up this morning and, admittedly, missed breakfast because I was in a bit of a rush to get ready.  It was ok though - I tested my blood sugar and I was 6.7, so just...
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D-Blog Week: Diabetes Art Day

I always really enjoy diabetes art prompts, but I've got to admit that I was feeling a little bit felt-tipped out after yesterday's post!  However I remembered a style of D-Art I've seen circulating the DOC since I started blogging and always wanted to have a go at, so here she is...the Type 1 Diabetes Supplies Girl! [Author: Daisy]
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World Diabetes Day 2013: The Invisible Condition

Happy World Diabetes Day, everyone! :) In true WDD style, I awoke this morning with a blood sugar of 3.6 - a true reminder of the fact that I have diabetes and, along with the other 382 million people with the condition, this day is partly for me. Diabetes is so often referred to as the 'invisible disease', the 'invisible disability', or the 'invisible condition' (I prefer the latter terminology!)  It's true, diabetes is invisible.  No one would ever know, when they see me on the street, t...
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D-Blog Week: Diamonds of The DOC

There are several reasons why I love D-Blog Week but the main one is that it invites people living completely different lives, in completely different parts of the world, and brings them together through writing about one thing we all have in common - diabetes.  Seeing as this is the final post of this years D-Blog Week, it's time to shed some light on some of the superstars of the Diabetic Online Community.  Thank you to the following people in particular, some being new discoveries and som...
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Functioning Pancreas Envy

Last night I asked my boyfriend Anthony if I could test his blood sugars immediately after he'd eaten a good 60g or so of sultanas.  A little while ago I wrote a post about how I was having ridiculously high peaks after eating muesli for breakfast, because of the dried fruit in it, and so I gave it up.  I wondered if a non-diabetic person's bg would peak too.  Reluctantly, as no one particularly wants to have their finger needlessly stabbed with a needle, Ant let me test his blood. Five...
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Diabetic Dais' 2nd Blogging Birthday!

Today marks two years since I wrote my first post for Diabetic Dais!   A lot has changed in two years in my personal life, in terms of my diabetes and at the point where both intertwine.  At 18 years of age, and when I started Diabetic Dais, I had a HbA1c of 10.2%, I couldn't carb count and I thought the only way I could manage my weight was to skip injections.  Now I have completed the DAFNE course, I feel dreadful if my blood sugar goes above 9mmol and my last HbA1c was 7.7%. This blog and th...
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D-Blog Week: Demanding Difference

I find that I sign quite a lot of petitions nowadays, simply because I think that if a policy needs to be altered then people should come together as a force for that change. With regards to writing a petition, there are quite a few things that I would like to change about diabetes in general;  the most obvious being the fact that I have it in the first place, but I get the feeling that my pancreas has made a firm decision on that one. Sometimes it's the little things that make livin...
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#3: Good Morning Diabetes!

I can't even believe Blogger deleted my post yesterday!  But I'm soldiering on, so here it is again :) My morning yesterday didn't get off to a great start.  I awoke at around 5.15 am, went to the bathroom, got back into bed and tried to go back to sleep.  It couldn't have been any more than 2 minutes before I realised I was feeling a bit odd.  I tested my blood and surprise, surprise - 3.4.  I didn't have any hypo treatment in my bedside drawers (always a big mistake) which meant I ...
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D-Blog Week: D-Thanks Fairy Does Diabetes!

I've opted for the wild card prompt of 'design your dream diabetes device' today, simply for an opportunity to bring back an old favourite of mine.  The first year I participated in D-Blog Week, and actually exactly 2 years ago today, I chose to use a wild card and wrote a story called 'Weeping Daisy and The D-Thanks Fairy'.  Since then, good old D-Thanks Fairy has made a couple of other appearances on Diabetic Dais and so I thought it would be a shame for her not to show her face again thi...
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Do you inject your own insulin?

Whilst clearing out my room at my mum's home, I came across this... At first I thought it was pretty funny and my mum and I had a laugh at it, especially considering it was hidden amongst more commonly found certificates, such as dancing awards and so forth.  I couldn't actually believe they gave out certificates for being a 'fully qualified self injector of insulin' just seemed funny. However when I saw the date I had been "awarded" with the certificate, I began to realise ...
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D-Blog Week: Timeline of Diabetes Accomplishments

Most of the major breakthroughs and achievements I've had in my diabetes management have occurred in the last couple of years, which is great for my memory's sake!  My biggest accomplishment, which I wrote a post about a couple of months back, was reversing the diabetic retinopathy I'd been told I'd developed a year before.  It was probably the happiest day of my diabetic journey so far, but now I realise that there have been lots of smaller achievements that led up to that day and the wond...
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D-Blog Week: 16 Years of Effort in 20 Minutes

Firstly, I just need to express that I am super duper excited for this year's Diabetes Blog Week!  I participated in D-Blog Week 2011 just a couple of weeks after writing my first post for Diabetic Dais and, not having really met or spoken to many people with diabetes before, it was amazingly eye opening.  Last year's D-Blog Week came at a time when I needed it, as I had recently been told that I had developed diabetic retinopathy and was struggling to focus on my diabetes care.  However, c...
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Why Genealogy on TV is a Good Thing

Well, I think I've reached my personal limit with regard to the nay-sayers about the various television programs that feature genealogy. I'm so tired of listening to the complaining. In fact, I tend to think that the nay-sayers are a small number, yet they seem to holler the loudest. And this isn't a new thing when it comes to genealogy.When I was first online in 1995 I watched the Internet take off in an astronomically fast upward spiral with regard to genealogy. I started keeping track of my b...
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