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Boosted by celebrity endorsements and a controversial research program, clinics are peddling stem cell autism treatments questioned by experts

A researcher holds a box containing vials of human embryonic Stem Cell cultures from the freezer at the Burnham Institute on November 3, 2004 in La Jolla, California. Sandy Huffaker/Getty Images From Central America to Ukraine, unlicensed clinics are offering stem cell therapies as a treatment for autism.  Stem cells used mainly to treat blood disease. Their effectiveness on autism is unproven and the FDA has not licensed their use for the condition. One prominent clinic providing such tre...
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'King Of Instagram' Douche Dan Bilzerian Ran, Filmed Himself, & Pestered Cops For A Gun During Las Vegas Shooting

If you're not familiar with Instagram star Dan Bilzerian, frankly you're probably better off. The self-proclaimed King Of Instagram is a rich d-bag who posts primarily about his leisurely party lifestyle jetting around tropical islands surrounded by women in bikinis. Basically, he feeds off envy. Think Scott Disick without the charm. He's also a gun nut who often posts pics of his insane collection (above) and brags about what he would do if someone broke into his home. Related: He Was Also Sued...
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Dakota Meyer Slams Dan Bilzerian For Running Away During Las Vegas Shooting

Dan Bilzerian left some people unimpressed with his actions during the Las Vegas shooting. Medal of Honor-winning veteran Dakota Meyers expressed his disappointment in Bilzerian after the latter ran away moments after he saw a woman get shot in the head during the Las Vegas mass shooting on Monday, Daily Mail reported. In an Instagram post, Meyer said that he believes Bilzerian had other options at the time instead of just running away from the scene.
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Meek Mill Rates Lean Popsicles, Rosé Ice Cubes, Dan Bilzerian & More In ‘Over/Under’

After racking up Wins & Losses, Meek rates some common activities.
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Here's Where You Can Pay College Tuition With Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the new black. Even playboy socialite Dan Bilzerian is boasting on Instagram about his new bitcoin stash.
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SNAKES, TANKS, AND PRANKS: This 27-year-old college drop-out travels the world turning other people into YouTube and Instagram stars

Ever dream of quitting your job and making your living as a famous YouTube or Instagram star? If so, meet Greg Baroth. It's his full-time job to make people famous on social media. He's the one you call if you think up an insane prank — say you want to swim with snakes in your Beverly Hills pool  —  and you need someone to find the snakes and bring them to your house.  Or maybe your stunt needs a drone, pronto. Or maybe you want to do your stunt with Denver Broncos football star Von Miller. Or ...
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Oaks - How To Reach Loudly Dan Bilzerian's Summer Party

Gli Oaks sono un magico trio della magica Puglia. Suonano trenta generi in tre minuti e cantano ispiratissimi ed onirici versi al telefono, quando poi stanno zitti è li che veramente fan parlare le budella con tempeste di… (in post Oaks - How To Reach Loudly Dan Bilzerian's Summer Party from The Breakfast Jumpers. More by this artist at )
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Tram Cops - Dan Bilzerian

"The internet is full of playlists to help launch you into party mode, but who will be there to caress you when you’ve used up four days worth of happy juice and can’t even walk to the corner… (in post Redspencer released debut LP (listen), tell us their Top 10 Songs to Get You Through Your Hangover from BrooklynVegan. More by this artist at )
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T-Pain’s ‘Hot Ones’ Challenge Is a Must-Watch

First We Feast‘s Hot Ones series is one of my favorite things on the Internet (pro tip: watch it just before your lunch break to really work up an appetite). T-Pain is one of my favorite people, on and off the Internet. So when I saw the latest episode of Hot Ones pop up on YouTube featuring none other than Mr. Rapper Turnt Sanga I was sold. And it doesn’t disappoint. Continue reading below… T-Pain, who it turns out is quite a Hot Ones fan himself (“I’m a Redditor”), didn’t exactly get of...
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T-Pain Describes Partying With Dan Bilzerian On Hot Ones

Teddy Pain just barely makes it to the end. The post T-Pain Describes Partying With Dan Bilzerian On Hot Ones appeared first on 2DOPEBOYZ.
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T-Pain - "Dan Bilzerian" f. Lil Yachty

Teddy meets the Boat for the latest single from his (mythical) Stoicville album. The post T-Pain - "Dan Bilzerian" f. Lil Yachty appeared first on 2DOPEBOYZ.
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New Music: T-Pain Feat. Lil Yachty “Dan Bilzerian”

Everyone is getting Lil Yachty on their tracks and even the OG’s are paying attention. T-Pain channels over-the-top gambler Dan Bilzerian on his new single, which features the buzzing up and comer. The track carries a playful bounce, while still keeping some of the raunchiness Dan is known for. Listen below…. Previously: T-Pain’s Niece Fatally Stabbed At Tallahassee Walgreens
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T-Pain - Dan Bilzerian feat. Lil Yachty (produced by T-Pain)

Of course T-Pain and Lil Yachty would find their way onto a song together and of course they would name it after international playboy and Instagram villain Dan Bilzerian. Listen below. Previously: OG Maco ft. Lil Yachty –… (in post T-Pain ft. Lil Yachty – Dan Bilzerian from nah right. More by this artist at )
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‘Grab Them By The Pu**y’… And Throw Them Off A Building: The Most Hilarious Lawyer Letter Ever

The greatest letter about grabbing a woman by the crotch and throwing her ever.
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Non-Sequiturs: 05.05.16

* Ted Cruz never should have left the courtroom, it's the only place where his personality didn't get in his way. [Slate] * Meet Olympic hopeful Ashley Higginson. A track and field steeplechaser, she is a recent graduate of Rutgers Law School (which she got into after a personal plea to the dean) and has already passed the New York bar. Go Ashley! [Sports Illustrated] * I may have disagreed with him about Seattle's most infamous sports fan but Marc Randazza just secured a big win for TMZ getti...
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Mobile Game Roundup: Tropical Wars, Soda World and More

If you’re looking for a new mobile game to play this weekend, you have plenty of new games to try, including Loud on Planet X, a music rhythm game from Pop Sandbox. The game features music from 14 artists, including Tegan and Sara, Chvrches, Lights and more, and challenges players to protect the artists from aliens. Are you looking for a different game to try? Here’s a look at some of the additional games released this week. Tropical Wars (Free on iOS, Android) – This base-building combat ga...
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Big Win for TMZ & Nevada Anti-SLAPP law

Last year, Dan Bilzerian, professional poker player and Instagram playboy, sued gossip website “The Dirty World” for publishing a story about a woman who alleged Bilzerian gave her Chlamydia. The media news website TMZ posted an article about the lawsuit, and Bilzerian amended his initial complaint to include TMZ as a defendant, alleging TMZ’s article […]
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Strip Scribbles: Dan Bilzerian, Lance Armstrong, Reba's divorce, ACM Awards

Dan Bilzerian hosts a Day of the Dead bikini contest at Marquee Dayclub Dome at Marquee on Sunday, Nov. 1, 2015, in the Cosmopolitan. With just days to go, social-media multimillionaire playboy Dan Bilzerian has been training here with Lance Armstrong in his attempt to win a $1.2 million bet to pedal a bike the 300 miles from L.A. to Las Vegas in 48 hours.
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Lance Armstrong helps douchebag 'King of Instagram' ride a bike

As a professional poker player Dan Bilzerian is used to making large bets. In 2014, he told Howard Stern he'd won $50 million playing poker in the previous 12 months and had once lost $3.6 million in one game.
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Lance Armstrong helps Dan Bilzerian prepare for $1.2m 300-mile cycle ride

When sport's biggest drug cheat met the porn-star throwing 'King of Instagram': Lance Armstrong helps Dan Bilzerian prepare for 300-mile cycle ride that's part of a $1.2million bet with a fellow poker player But Lance Armstrong still takes up the opportunity to pass on his wisdom - even if it is to a poker player who has thrown a porn star off his roof and tried to blow up tractors with homemade explosives. The disgraced cyclist flew to Las Vegas to help the self-dubbed 'King of Instagram' Dan B...
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Vegas poker player in spotlight again for arrest

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Professional poker player Dan Bilzerian is no stranger to the spotlight, but usually it's for his hard-partying antics, not his card-playing acumen.
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"King of Instagram" Dan Bilzerian Arrested, Held Without Bail

Dan Bilzerian, a millionaire and avowed asshole with more than 5 million Instagram followers, was arrested at LAX Tuesday, and was being held without bail as of late Tuesday night. It's not yet clear whether his arrest has anything to do with the model he allegedly kicked in the face at a Miami club over the weekend. Read more...
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Report: Insta-Jerk Dan Bilzerian Kicked a Woman in the Face at Art Basel

Dan Bilzerian, the rich asshole whose popular Instagram account exemplifies the version of the American dream where Lady Liberty has immense fake tits and a thongload of cash, spent the weekend partying in Miami at Art Basel. This is what rich assholes do. But, as it sometimes does , Bilzerian's partying ended with a woman accidentally getting hurt.Read more...
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