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Here’s One Set Of Turf Dancers On The Subway Who Are Actual Professionals

Yung Phil and his crew Turf Feinz may work the BART trains in and around San Francisco, but only between gigs for commercials, music videos, and concert tours. “We’re using [the subways] as another outlet,” he tells Jennifer Stahl. “It’s not just about trying to get a quick dollar. We try to push the movement, we try to push the culture forward.” – Dance Magazine
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COVID Strikes Bolshoi And Mariinsky Ballets

According to reports on the Russian broadcast network RBC, one dancer at the Bolshoi (where rehearsals for the fall are underway) has gotten sick and 59 dancers and rehearsal pianists have been quarantined. At the Mariinsky, where opera performances are underway and the ballet Giselle opens on Aug. 13, “two or three” dancers are ill, classes and rehearsals are suspended, and company members who aren’t performing that day have been asked to stay out of the theater. – Gramilano (Milan)
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Ballerina Misty Copeland Recreates the Poses of Edgar Degas’ Ballet Dancers

#Repost @nycdanceproject ??? We are remembering the Misty Copeland Degas inspired photo shoot we did for Harper's Bazaar in March. The Degas exhibit that inspired this at @themuseumofmodernart is closing this Sunday - try to see it if you get a chance! Dress by @maisonvalentino @harpersbazaarus @mistyonpointe #theartofmovement #nycdanceproject #degas #mistycopeland #misty #harpersbazaar #moma Like another modernist artist, Edgar Degas, Copeland has revolutionized the image of the ballet dancer...
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Martha Graham’s ‘Lamentation’ Is Just The Piece We Need In The Time Of COVID

Dana Naomy Mills: “The theme of the universality of grief, as well as the tension of confinement and expansion that echo throughout Graham’s performance, acquire a double meaning by being viewed at this time, when contemporary spectators, shielding from the virus, are isolated inside their own grief.” – Psyche
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LA Dance Project’s App Has Turned Into A Source Of Revenue

The LADP app takes this experience of live-streamed classes to a new level by packaging this professional-grade instruction with a sneak peek into the company’s rehearsals and performances. The app is free; access to the classes is $9.99 a month. The app is a savvy effort to prevent layoffs similar to the ones that have hit many dance companies, while raising the profile of Millepied’s  eight-year-old organization. Classes are taught by members of the company in genres including ballet, modern,...
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Six Of Dance Magazine’s Favorite Quarantine Digital Dance Projects

The writer of the piece says, “Limitations foster creativity.” These specific limitations also foster free time to watch other people’s creativity, of course. – Dance Magazine
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Richmond’s Robert E Lee Monument Turned Into Dance Venue

It was a dance moment that went viral: Photos of two young dancers, Ava Holloway and Kennedy George, both 14, turned out and on their toes, each raising a fist against the backdrop of the statue’s graffiti-covered pedestal. Among those who reposted on Instagram: Beyoncé’s mother. “This is art,” the Black activist and author Shaun King said in an Instagram post, accompanied by a fire emoji. – The New York Times
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Black Dancers Are ‘Reclaiming’ Richmond’s Robert E. Lee Monument

Here’s one instance from last month: “Standing at the base of the three-story pedestal supporting the Confederate general’s likeness, [Janine] Bell, the artistic director of Elegba Folklore Society, welcomed a small sea of drummers, dancers and bystanders banging on plastic buckets to an event she called the Reclamation Drum Circle. ‘We are not playing today,’ she said, and invited all present to move and sway to the music. And so began an extended jam session at a park long considered a whites...
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‘A Video Diary Of What Dancers Do Inside’: Annabelle Lopez Ochoa’s New Choreography Project(s)

“From her house in Amsterdam, she has taken to creating dance films, all three to five minutes in length, with performers around the world. Dancers from Tulsa Ballet, Joffrey Ballet, Dutch National Ballet and more have already taken part, with others scheduled in the coming months.” – Pointe Magazine
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Pointe Shoes: A Brief History

“With their ability to elevate a dancer both literally and metaphorically to a superhuman realm, [they] are the ultimate symbol of a ballerina’s ethereality and hard work. … The shoes carry an almost mystical allure: They’re an endless source of lore and ritual, with tips, tricks and stories passed down over generations. [Here’s] how a delicately darned slipper introduced in the 1820s has transformed into a technical tool that offers dancers the utmost freedom onstage today.” – Pointe Magazine ...
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Trey McIntyre Project Is Back, But It’s Not A Dance Company Anymore

“Six years after shuttering his popular dance troupe …, its eponymous founder is relaunching the company as a conduit for digital dance films, with a project called FLTPK. … He sees his film work more of a continuation of his work as a photographer rather than as a choreographer. … ‘It’s not a company of dancers,’ McIntyre insists. ‘It’s a community of artists.'” – Dance Magazine
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Even Out At The Beach, This NYC Dance Festival Couldn’t Go Ahead This Year. Here’s What Happened Instead

“Every August for the past five years, Beach Sessions Dance Series has been an exciting fixture on the sands of Rockaway Beach in Queens. The festival brings contemporary-dance luminaries to share their work through free, outdoor site-specific performances, all while raising environmental awareness through beach cleanups and other collaborative programming. But as coronavirus began to decimate the plans of other summertime dance festivals, it might have seemed inevitable that Beach Sessions wou...
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God, What A Treat To See Live Dance Again, Writes New York Times Critic

Gia Kourlas: “It didn’t bode well that the first live dance I was going to see since mid-March was one I had seen many times before. Sunshine, a Larry Keigwin war horse set to the Bill Withers classic ‘Ain’t No Sunshine,’ can give a dancer the opportunity to really feel the music in all the worst ways. It’s treacly stuff. So I’m happy to say that as soon as Melvin Lawovi began to move, my chest tightened; I even sensed — the horror — some tears.” – The New York Times
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What Does It Truly Mean To ‘Decolonize’ Dance?

Ask choreographer Sarah Crowell. The artistic director emeritus of the Destiny Arts Center. “The inquiry requires that we look at all levels of society. We have a particular way of seeing beauty that leaves people out. … In dance, George Balanchine had a great deal to do with creating an aesthetic that was seen as valid and the truth. Very slender, prepubescent, long-legged women. They would have to be white females, but it doesn’t cover all white femaleness. To me, the mind of the artist is l...
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Washington Ballet Loses Another Executive Director

In a statement that also announced the cancellation of all remaining 2020 performances (including The Nutcracker), the company revealed that Michael Pastreich is departing after 14 months. He’s the third executive director to resign since Julie Kent succeeded Septime Webre as artistic director in 2016. But a pattern of Washington Ballet CEOs quickly coming and going was established quite some time ago, writes Sarah Kaufman. – The Washington Post
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Rethinking Dance Performance

“We don’t have to remain in our Brady Bunch squares. It was great to walk by and see the dancers sweating and breathing. We still do that. We are all choreographers now. People are starting to think more spatially.” – Dance Magazine
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At Least There’s One Live Dance Festival Happening In The U.S. This Summer

Kaatsbaan, a Hudson River-side farm that has been offering retreats and workshops for dancers for 30 years, is presenting public performances for the first time this year. (Thanks to COVID, they’ll be outdoors, with a spread-out and masked audience.) Stella Abrera, the recently retired ABT star who’s now Kaatsbaan’s artistic director, is programming the festival with executive director Sonja Kostich and three Black dance artists: Alicia Graf Mack, Lloyd Knight, and Calvin Royal III. – The New Y...
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Things to do – online and in-person – in the San Fernando Valley and LA area, July 30-Aug. 6

    Dance instructor Leslie Ferreira teaches how to perform the Cumbia dance style. The online event is part of the Music Center’s summertime Digital Dance DTLA series. (Photo courtesy of the Music Center)   Take a chance on new cultural and educational experiences, July 30-Aug. 6.   EVENTS   Drive ‘N Drag: Winners from “RuPaul’s Drag Race” and more fan-favorite drag queens entertain, July 31- Aug. 2 (change from previous dates; show times vary). Check website for participating personalit...
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How Spain’s National Dance Company Made It From COVID Lockdown Back To The Stage

Marina Harss: “When the Compañía Nacional de Danza took the stage at the Festival Internacional de Música y Danza de Granada in southern Spain on Wednesday, it was in many ways like any other dance performance. … [Yet] it was the culmination of months of careful planning, involving the development of protocols, testing and a careful, minutely orchestrated return to the studio.” – The New York Times
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This Ballet School Is Actively Helping Dancers Deal With Body Image Struggles

The pressure on ballerinas to maintain extremely thin figures is notorious for leading to eating disorders. The Elmhurst Ballet School in Birmingham, England’s second city, is meeting this problem head-on. (video) – BBC
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Do Ballerinas Really Need To Be So Extremely Thin?

“Dancers are harming themselves trying to achieve the look. The continued preference for ultrathin bodies seems particularly out of step with current cultural conversations around body positivity and acceptance. What would it take for ballet body standards to change?” After all, writes Garnet Henderson, they’ve changed before. – Dance Magazine
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Community meetings in the San Fernando Valley, July 27-Aug. 3

  A raccoon seems to have found a safe haven within a storm drain. (File photo)   Community meetings bring people together for exchange of ideas and memorable shared experiences plus the potential for positive personal and community enrichment. Here is a sampling of upcoming online meetings.   Virtual Book Club from Sherman Oaks Branch Library: Discusses “There There” by Tommy Orange, 4:30 p.m. July 27. Send an email for the Zoom invitation to [email protected] LA Animal Servi...
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Almost A Decade Of Abuse Allegations At The Ailey School

The school’s recently fired artistic director, students say, “abused his position of power, touching them inappropriately or making sexual overtures that include inviting one student to a sex party and sending another an unsolicited photo of his genitals. Three of the students said that after they rebuffed Powell’s advances, they were cut from performances or rejected during auditions, which they believed may have been a form of retaliation.” – CNN
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You Can’t Social Distance Dance. So…

Dancers, unlike baseball players, may not be known for virus-spreading habits like spitting, but their job poses multiple risks. They work in studio spaces with varying degrees of ventilation, they share dressing rooms, they touch, they are prone to heavy breathing. Under what conditions should dance companies consider getting back into the studio during the pandemic? The protocols to be put in place are dizzying. – The New York Times
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Spread-Out And Sanitized: The Future Of Dance In The Age Of COVID

“In conversations about the future with 14 dance professionals, feelings of anguish, hope, fear and resolve emerged, along with ideas about adaptation and innovation. … Here are some glimpses of what might lie ahead.” – San Francisco Chronicle
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Misty Copeland On How Protests Are Waking Up The Dance World

“It’s the first time in my position that I feel like I’m truly being heard,” she explains of how she’s using her voice to raise awareness, later adding, “This has been my life’s work as a dancer: speaking about racism in the world, and in ballet, speaking about the lack of diversity. And to have my company, to have the ballet world listening, and to have different panels to speak about this—in a way that I have before, but again, for the first time, people are really seeing it. And I think that...
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What NBC’s ‘World Of Dance’ Gets Right

Sarah Kaufman: “The throughline of WOD is: Show us something we’ve never seen before. As a dance critic, I want to see that, too, whenever I’m in the theater. What new revelation jumps out in a premiere, or in a reinterpretation of a classic work? What fresh response is there to the music, the setting, the story? Part of ‘new’ involves sheer novelty, but part of it is also framing — how the choreographer and the dancer set up a moment for the best impact.” – The Washington Post
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BalletX Is Turning Its Next Season Into A Film Festival

The plan just announced by artistic director Christine Cox is for “a new series launching Sept. 10 celebrating the company’s 15th anniversary with world premieres by 15 choreographers. She sees the season in terms of a subscription-based film festival with nine shorts and six features. The shorts will be dance films presented on a new virtual platform hosted on the company’s website called BalletX Beyond. The features are intended to be performed live in the spring or summer, depending on publi...
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Two National Ballet Of Canada Dancers Retire With 114 Years Service Between Them

Laszlo Surmeyan danced lead male roles before becoming, in 1986, one of the company’s first principal character artists. This season has marked his farewell to the company after a remarkable 54 years, a record almost as remarkable as that of his wife, Lorna Geddes, who is also leaving this season, after 60 years. – Toronto Star
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Alvin Ailey Company Fires Director Of Ailey II For Sexual Harassment

“Troy Powell, the 51-year-old artistic director of Ailey’s junior touring company and a teacher at The Ailey School in New York City, was dismissed following an investigation commissioned by the school … [which] concluded that Powell had ‘engaged in inappropriate communications with adults enrolled in the School.'” A TikTok video posted on social media last month said “When you wanna be in Ailey 2 … But guys gotta sleep with Troy Powell.” – CNN
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