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Chicago Dance Companies On The Edge

Put simply, the state’s dance scene has taken a body blow. Indeed, industry leaders fear that some companies won’t recover from this crisis at all and others could come back in a weakened or reduced form. – Chicago Sun-Times
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The Dance World May Be Socially Liberal, But It’s Still Difficult For Gender-Nonconforming Dancers

The male-female binary is built into the formalized structures of dance at just about every level, from the very beginning of training through the conventions of professional-level choreography and even down to dancewear. As alienating as that can be, non-binary dancers find ways to make room for themselves. – Dance Spirit
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Study Dance Online? Not So Fast…

“The internet may be exploding with resources for virtual classes, from top dancers teaching barre to free warm-ups courtesy of the Merce Cunningham Foundation, but in academia, teachers face many restraints. Copyright laws, federal privacy regulations, varying tech platforms and grading rubrics all make teaching dance online a challenge.” – Dance Magazine
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Jazz funerals in the time of do-not-gather

The Brass-A-Holics offer this fantastic rendition of "I'll Fly Away" to help comfort those who can not give their loved ones a proper jazz funeral. I have been in love with jazz funerals since I was a teen. I only recently learned there are also jazz weddings. Should I ever remarry this will make things interesting.
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The Choreography Of Social Distancing

“In this time of confinement, we have been given one immeasurable gift — the freedom to go outside. In exchange, we must abide by a simple rule: Stay six feet away from others. As choreographic intentions go, that’s not remotely vague. Yet during my runs and walks in Brooklyn over the past few days, I’ve noticed that six feet doesn’t mean the same thing to everybody.” Gia Kourlas looks at how (and why) social distancing plays out as it does — and gives instructions to the more oblivious among u...
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Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival Canceled For First Time Ever

In addition to calling off all events in the June 24-August 30 festival, Jacob’s Pillow administration is making staffing and salary cuts. However, said director Pamela Tatge, “[if] people are able to congregate again in August, we will make every effort to try to bring audiences together in keeping with the public safety guidelines in effect at that time.” – The Berkshire Eagle
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Dancer In The Dark: Did Intensive Study Of Butoh Drive A Young American Woman To Suicide?

Sharon Stern was a vivacious, popular, hard-working actor when she enrolled in the MFA program at America’s first Buddhist university. There she met Butoh master Katsura Kan and became his ferociously devoted disciple. That ferocity of devotion — to her teacher, to the art form and the idea of loss of self behind it — concerned her parents, her friends, and ultimately Kan himself. When Stern killed herself, her parents blamed Kan and sued him for wrongful death. – The New Yorker
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Sarasota Ballet Will Support Its Dancers Through The Original End Of The Season

The ballet says that, “We also recognized that while many of our dancers have made their homes here in Sarasota, and others would be able to easily return to their home states/countries, many of the Company were not going to be so lucky. With our dancers from countries like Italy, who are unable to return to their families, we have assured them that we will help in whatever ways we can.” They expect to lose around $800,000. – Ballet News
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Get your quarantine on — the best in live virtual entertainment

The M&G rounds up the best in at-home options to keep you entertained during lockdown The post Get your quarantine on — the best in live virtual entertainment appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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For Commercial Dancers In Los Angeles, All Revenue Streams Are Gone

There’s no touring, no practicing for Coachella, no videos filming. There’s nothing. “As the entertainment business comes to a halt, commercial dancers and choreographers — the performers who animate film, TV and music videos — said the experience has been surreal and stressful.” – Los Angeles
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Cancelled culture: at-home substitutes for major theatre, art and music events

The Observer’s critics offer creative alternatives to major forthcoming gigs, concerts, shows and exhibitions that have been postponed or called offCancelled: Eurovision Song Contest 2020 Alternative: Charli XCX’s Self-Isolation IG Livestream (Instagram) It’s hard to know how long CXCX will continue with her top-notch series of daily livestreams, in which she’s played at talkshow host, communing with collaborators Christine and the Queens, Rita Ora and Kim Petras, or working out with Diplo. But ...
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A Ballet School In A Rio Favela

Tuany Nascimento grew up in Complexo do Alemão, a poor and often dangerous group of hillside slums in Rio de Janeiro. She studied dance with hopes of becoming a professional ballerina, a dream she gave up in order to help support her family with a day job. But she kept dancing when she could, and enough neighborhood girls became curious that she started her own school, called Na Ponta dos Pes (meaning on pointe). (video) – Al Jazeera
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New York City Ballet Cancels All Spring Performances But Will Pay Through End Of Season

“The employees who are to be paid and receive benefits through the dark season include the dancers, musicians, stagehands, costume designers, security personnel, ushers and administrators. … For now, their payment schedule is the same as it would have been without the pandemic: They will be paid until the end of the spring season, and then will face a short layoff.” – The New York Times
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How I Became A Dance Critic

“So am I a dancer? The short answer is no. And people find this answer surprising. Many expect a dance writer to dance, despite not having the same expectations of other fields. For instance, most food critics are not chefs, and most film critics are not actors or directors.” –
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So What Exactly *Is* A Dance Curator?

“Dance curators do a lot more than program a season. They spot raw talent, develop and shape careers, identify trends and create context around what they are presenting. But what does it take to get into this kind of wide-ranging work — and what do curators actually do on a daily basis?” Three of them tell us. – Dance Magazine
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What Dancers Are Doing To Maintain During Lockdown

The recently interrupted tours, canceled premieres, locked studios and social distancing requirements have hit the financially fragile, socially enmeshed dance world hard. When your life revolves around lifting, leaping, catching, jumping and otherwise spending time (often literally joined at the hip) with your dance partners, how do you deal with solitary confinement? – Washington Post
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Yvonne Rainer Creates An At-Home Dance For Coronavirus Quarantine

Brian Seibert: “She calls it Passing and Jostling While Being Confined to a Small Apartment. It’s a dance history exercise [for Seibert’s class at Yale], but it occurred to me that it might double as a diversion for people now cooped up at home; it’s something that anyone can attempt, carefully. Ms. Rainer agreed. So here I can present her first dance for the socially isolated.” – The New York Times
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London’s Royal Ballet Cuts Ties With Choreographer Liam Scarlett

The move comes after an investigation into alleged sexual misconduct by Scarlett, who had been artist-in-residence, with students at the Royal Ballet School. The company also said, in what seems a carefully worded statement, that “there were no matters to pursue in relation to alleged contact with students.” – The Guardian
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Strike a pose! My night at a vogue ball with Malcolm McLaren

In 1988 vogueing was still underground – but the Sex Pistols impresario was ahead of the curve. Our writer remembers a New York evening that would transform pop cultureIt was late September 1988: George Bush was up against Michael Dukakis in the first of their two TV debates. The presidential campaign was hotting up and Dukakis was faltering. I switched off the TV and headed for Bond Street off Broadway, New York City, where Malcolm McLaren was living with Lauren Hutton. We were off to see a vog...
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Debbie Allen, Ben Platt, And Other Celebrities Host Instagram Dance Classes And Parties

Debbie Allen, star and choreographer of Fame, has been hosting dance lessons and classes since Wednesday. “‘While all of us are dealing with this uncertainty and darkness, we will bring the light right here on the dance floor,’ she told her class which amassed to over 89,000 students, as she blasted Fame‘s titular song.” (And don’t forget about #QuaranTunes.) – The Hollywood Reporter
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How Title IX changed American ballet

It has been nearly 50 years since Title IX of the Education Amendments was passed in 1972, prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sex by federally funded entities. Title IX proved critical in opening many fields of endeavor to girls and women and is perhaps most famous for its impact on sports. According to Women’s America: Refocusing the Past, before Title IX, women made up only 2% of college varsity athletes, and the scant women’s teams received less than 10% of most campus athletic budget...
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High Drag Comes To Flamenco (It Had To Happen Eventually, And It’s Great)

It seems all too obvious to compare flamenco virtuoso/a Manuel Liñán’s all-bio-male show Viva! to Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo. But, writes Marina Harss, the dancing here is quite traditional, “less satire than declaration of love for flamenco, pure and simple.” – The New York Times
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Alvin Ailey Dancers Do Part Of ‘Revelations’ On Instagram, Each From Their Own Home

“The idea came from the dancer Miranda Quinn: The opening sequence of The Brady Bunch popped into her head. ‘How they’re all in little squares,’ she said. ‘That made me think of how we’re all being quarantined and are supposed to stay separate, but this was a way for all of us to still be dancing together and creating together even though we’re apart.'” – The New York Times
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Sam Sparro's 'Boombox Eternal' Is the Melodic Throwback We Need Right Now

Sure, some of those '80s pop hits were trashy and disposable, but not every song needs to possess great artistic intent. Sometimes you want to just groove out to some orchestra hits while mouthing along to lyrics about how you just gotta "break the feelin' / break the ceiling" ad nauseam. Dance-pop has a way of goading us into pure euphoric release, and Boombox Eternal is the sensation of Sparro hitting that goof-pop sweet spot over and over again. To Sparro's credit and detriment, Boomb...
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Why You Need an At-Home Dance Party Right Now

Who else is a little stressed out right now? There are moments, these days, when I feel so overwhelmed with anxiety or frustration or anger or disappointment that I can’t do anything else but sit with whatever I’m feeling and let myself feel it.Read more...
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20 Top New Dance Works Of The Last 20 Years

“We polled contributors from around the country to put together a very subjective and not at all comprehensive list.” In addition to Best Dance Theater Work and Best Dance Film, there are such categories as Best Story Ballet Remake, Most Exciting Reinvention of Neoclassicism, Most Satisfying Confusion, and Most Creative Use of Tables. – Dance Magazine
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Lady Gaga - "Stupid Love" (Singles Going Steady)

Jessica Brant: The video looks really expensive. Her pink weave looks really expensive. Those are my first thoughts. This isn't anything different from what she's put out in the last decade. She could've asked her A Star Is Born co-star, Bradley Cooper, to dance in a transformer outfit lip-syncing the words with her. That would've been sicker. [6/10] Mike Elliott: Lady Gaga back to what she does best: anthemic, joyous, fist-pumping, empowering pop. [9/10] Sarah Zupko: I am not a Lady Gaga f...
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Italy’s Dancers, Stuck At Home, Are Taking Class Via App

Marina Harss talks to four dancers from across the country about how they’re staying in shape and in touch despite being more or less trapped in their houses. – The New York Times
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How Dancers And Dance Organizations Can Prepare For The Financial Fallout Of COVID-19

Garnet Henderson’s guide includes more than just obvious advice such as “keep three to six months’ worth of income in savings” (which, she acknowledges, is impossible for many dancers). One key point: be sure to save documentation of every gig you’ve lost because of the epidemic, because you’ll need it when you apply for aid. – Dance Magazine
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What Dance Companies Are Doing As Lockdowns Multiply

As dance, music and opera companies seek ways to stream performances online; dance teachers hold class and dance parties on Instagram live; university dance programs unveil plans to move curriculum online; and pioneering choreographers seek ways to make virtual dances amidst this period of social distancing, an uptick in innovative online dance experiences is imminent. But it is impossible to predict now what the overall economic impact of COVID-19 will be on arts and culture—an $800 billio...
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