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Same-sex ballroom champions dance at London’s Pink Jukebox

Check out this clip of the ballroom dance competition
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One Of Britain’s Top Dance Companies, Tired Of The Money Struggle, Gives Up And Packs It In

Marina Harss: “Imagine if one of America’s most respected modern-dance companies realized that its funding model was no longer sustainable and had to cease operations. This despite having name recognition and a highly identifiable style, and still regularly producing new work. That, in a nutshell, is what has happened to the Richard Alston Dance Company, in England.” – The New York Times
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Learning Technology Through Dance

Dance as a basis for problem-solving is a growing field within psychology research. It underlies some of the theories behind dancing as therapy for people with Parkinson’s Disease, for example, but it has also been used to encourage creative thinking among school children. And it seems to work for STEM From Dance. Their programs’ participants reported feeling more confident about STEM courses, and some could even see themselves considering a career in the field. – Forbes
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La Scala Ballet’s New Director: Manuel Legris Of Vienna State Ballet

As rumor has had it for months, Legris, a 55-year-old former étoile at the Paris Opera Ballet who has been at the helm of the Vienna State Opera’s ballet company since 2010, will become ballet director at Milan’s opera house at the end of this year. – Gramilano (Milan)
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New Director Is Making Britain’s Oldest Dance Company Hot Again

The mission of Benoit Swan Pouffer, formerly artistic director of the now-closed Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet and now at the helm of Rambert, “is to reinvigorate a repertory company founded in 1926, and he is well on track.” – Dance Magazine
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Ballet Philippines Appoints Foreign Artistic Director; People Flip Out

As the company’s founding artistic director, Alice Reyes, retires after 50 years, its board of directors selected as her successor Mikhail Martynyuk, a star of the Kremlin Ballet in Moscow. Many of the dancers and other members of Manila’s dance community are objecting to the appointment; they say they’re upset about a rushed timeline and lack of consultation, but the petition now circulating calls on the board “to rescind or revise the contract offered to a Russian artist … and to keep the pos...
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The Photographer And The Photos Of A Ballerina Who’s 33 Weeks Pregnant

Photographer Sayuri Ichida and NY Theatre Ballet dancer Maya Oguri formed a fruitful artistic friendship – one that set the ballerina dancing in photos from across the city. That didn’t stop when the dancer got pregnant. – The Paris Review
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Living At The Intersection Of Dance, Social Media, And Teenage Life

Who profits when a 14-year-old Black teenager creates a dance and shares it – and it goes viral? Not she.”TikTok, one of the biggest video apps in the world, has become synonymous with dance culture. Yet many of its most popular dances, including the Renegade, Holy Moly Donut Shop, the Mmmxneil and Cookie Shop have come from young black creators on myriad smaller apps.” – The New York Times
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Carlos Acosta: ‘My mother roasted my pet rabbits. I was sad, but I ate them’

The Cuban dancer talks about food rationing, what he ate at ballet school and his father’s terrible cookingI always lived with rationing in Cuba – I was born in 1973. We used the term “the three musketeers” to mean rice, chicharos [split peas] and eggs, although at one point eggs disappeared completely.I had two rabbits as pets and I arrived home from school one day and there was that smell I’d almost forgotten, of meat. Then I realised that Mamá had roasted my pets and I cried a lot. My mother ...
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Gibney Dance Reinvents From The Inside Out

Gibney is becoming a commission-based repertory group—that is, a company not grounded in the aesthetic of a founding choreographer—and allow it to double in size from six dancers to 12. The model will allow Gibney to work with renowned and rising international choreographers representing a broad range of aesthetics and techniques. “The stage is set,” Davis said, for Gibney “to establish a wholly new paradigm for a contemporary dance company.” – Inside Philanthropy
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Tame Impala: Is It True

From Tame Impala’s newest album, The Slow Rush, “Is It True” spotlights the band’s affection for funk-inspired bass lines and percussion. Strutting and sultry, the track’s instrumental sets the scene for frontman Kevin Parker’s love song: “We started talkin’ ’bout devotion / The kind that goes on eternally / And I tell her I’m in love with her / But, how can I know that I’ll …
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Wayne McGregor Is Choreographing A Margaret Atwood Ballet

In a joint project for the Royal Ballet of Great Britain and the National Ballet of Canada, McGregor will create MaddAddam, a three-act work based on Atwood’s trilogy Oryx and Crake, The Year of the Flood and MaddAddam with a new score by Max Richter. The world premiere will be this coming November in Toronto, with London performances in 2022. – The Guardian
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Margaret Atwood ballet MaddAddam to be staged by Wayne McGregor

Royal Ballet reveals adaptation of Atwood’s trilogy of dystopian novels Oryx and Crake, The Year of the Flood and MaddAddamThe British choreographer Wayne McGregor is to stage an adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s trilogy of dystopian novels Oryx and Crake, The Year of the Flood and MaddAddam in a major international collaboration between the Royal Ballet and the National Ballet of Canada.With the palindromic title MaddAddam, the three–act ballet will have its premiere in Toronto this November and ...
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When The Doctor Called The Star Ballerina With Terrible News

“He said, ‘You have to promise me you won’t go into work today. I just could tell by the tone. I said, ‘I’m going to be able to dance again, right?’ And he said to me, ‘Well, we’re just going to take it one day at a time.’ It was one of the worst days of my life.” – The New York Times
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Making The Leap From Dance Student To Professional Less Daunting

“For generations, dancers have been thrust into professional life at a young age without much preparation or tools, sinking or swimming on their limited industry know-how. Today, some independent programs are presenting unique models that bridge the gap between student and professional life through networking, performance opportunities and more.” Haley Hilton surveys those programs. – Dance Magazine
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California’s creative economy supports 2.68 million jobs, study says

California’s creative economy packs a $209 billion punch. A study commissioned by Otis College of Art and Design shows the state’s creative industries support 2.68 million jobs, generate $209.6 billion in labor income and provide an annual $650 billion boost to the Golden State’s economy. More than 1 million workers are directly employed in California’s creative industries and another 1.6 million indirect jobs support those operations, the study said. That accounts for 15.4% of the state’s overa...
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How Ballerina Costumes Influenced 20th Century Fashion

“Ballet costumes influenced fashion, and fashion influenced ballet costumes. This interplay, I think, was very, very rich during the mid-century.”  – The Daily Beast
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Carlos Acosta’s Big Plans For Birmingham Ballet

The new artistic director says: “I want the level of the dancers to be raised dramatically, and the repertoire I’m bringing is crucial. I want a company that is strong, that is not predictable, that is energetic, that takes risks, but stays true to tradition at the highest level. I’m up for big crazy ideas. I’m never going to say no to anything that’s new and bold.” – The Guardian
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Varna International Ballet Competition Postponed Indefinitely

The world’s oldest ballet competition, held every second year on an outdoor stage in the Bulgarian seaside resort town of Varna, simply hasn’t raised enough money to go ahead this summer. – Dance Magazine
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Boniface's Debut Album Is a Complex, Deeply Personal Pop Masterpiece

As if to drive home the "concept album" theme, Boniface is bookended by two odes to suburban youth. Opening track "Waking Up in Suburbia" is a gentle piano ballad that allows the listener to ease into the album gently. On the closing song, "Making Peace with Suburbia", Visser seems exhausted from the emotional weight of the 11 previous songs, but he soldiers on with one final episode. "I'm crying on a queen-size bed," they sing. "You called, but I'd already passed out / I woke up to your text,...
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How A Little Philadelphia Pick-Up Company Became A Contemporary Ballet Powerhouse

Back in 2005, as they were nearing retirement from Pennsylvania Ballet, Christine Cox and Matthew Neenan decided to put together a little group to dance at the Philly Fringe. They hoped that maybe, one day, they’d perform at Jacob’s Pillow and Vail. Now BalletX has ten dancers on 40-week contracts, commissions major choreographers, does up to eight world premieres a season, and tours around the U.S. (yes, including Vail and the Pillow) and to Europe. – Pointe Magazine
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He Fired A Dancer After She Had A Baby. Now He’s Fired

Yorgos Loukos, director of the Lyon Opera Ballet for 33 years, was sacked by unanimous vote of the company’s board of directors. The reason was discrimination: in 2014, he had fired then-34-year-old dancer Karline Marion two days after she came back from maternity leave and shortly before she was to have gotten tenure. – Expatica (AFP)
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Learning To Dance Like Fred Astaire, Or As Close As You Can Get

That’s the quest of some dancers in American Contemporary Ballet as they try to recreate Astaire’s routines. “Although Astaire’s style — the nimble and quick footwork and weightless slides — is not technical, re-creating his dancing for the stage requires a high level of musicality and nuance” – and leaves some dancers feeling like imposters. – Los Angeles Times
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Fleeing War, Finding Refuge In Dance

In Burkina Faso, hundreds of thousands of refugees from neighboring countries are trying to find peace and a future in the capital. One of them, an 18-year-old dancer who’s been on the run since 2012, “knows that people like him wait years or decades to leave war zones — if the opportunity ever arrives. He must stand out to have a chance.” – The Washington Post
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Bill Nye the super fly guy

Bill Nye struts his stuff for charity. please tell me what designer had bill nye walking im crying — big t (@miuyorker) February 7, 2020
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Hulu’s Utopia Falls Is About the Revolutionary Power of Art in a Dystopia

Art can change your life. Free expression can give you the power to understand yourself, your past, the world around you. It can even set off a revolution. Utopia Falls is hoping that premise makes for good drama when it comes to Hulu. Read more...
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How Cleveland Ballet’s Partnership With A Local Hospital Works

“How is their pelvis shifting? How is their back moving? Is their foot collapsing in as they’re plieing? Is their weight over as they jump onto one foot?” They’re finding points of weaknesses before they turn into problems. – News 5 Cleveland
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The Strange Superstitions And Pre-Show Rituals Of Ballet Dancers

Some of them are sweet and sentimental, but they can be every bit as weird as those of actors and athletes. Sarah Kaufman talks to a dozen or so dancers from several companies about what they do and why. – The Washington Post
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The Solo Balanchine Made For Paul Taylor, Revived By New York City Ballet

“In his autobiography, Taylor said he had asked Balanchine if there was any way it should be performed. His reply: ‘Is like fly in glass of milk, yes?'” City Ballet soloist Jovani Furlan learned the dance, titled Variations, from Paul Frame (who learned it from Taylor); Furlan has now taught it to, and is alternating performances with, Michael Trusnovec, long the star dancer in Taylor’s own company. Gia Kourlas interviews them both. – The New York Times
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