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The Royal Ballet’s Most Unlikely Star Says Farewell To The Stage

Edward Watson was a very promising student, but the gangly ginger never fit the handsome-Prince mold. As he retires after 27 years with the company, 16 of them as principal, his astounding flexibility and dramatic intensity have created a new model for male ballet stars. – Dance Magazine
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The Escape Of Afghanistan’s Only Woman Whirling Dancer

Fahima Mirzaei was about to kick off a tour of Afghanistan when the Taliban took over – and she had to run. This is the story of her escape. – BBC
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The Jewish Refugees Who Helped Bring Chinese Ballet To Shanghai

May 21, 1933: “Shanghai had never seen an evening like this before, with Chinese and Western performers all working together.” – Los Angeles Review Of Books
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‘It helped me get away from crime’: Cape Town’s College of Magic – a photo essay

Photographer Tommy Trenchard documents students whose stories of transformation at the Hogwarts of South Africa are more than just fairytalesTo fans of JK Rowling’s books, the story may sound somewhat familiar: a young boy living in difficult circumstances is enrolled in a mysterious school far from home, where his life is changed for ever by the transformative power of magic. Anele Dyasi’s story is no fairytale, though, and the school in question is not Hogwarts, but the College of Magic in Cap...
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‘Learned Behaviour’ At The Royal Ballet: How A Case Like Liam Scarlett’s Could Happen

Luke Jennings: “His behaviour [was] egregious and exploitative, but his is not an isolated case. It is symptomatic of a culture I have seen up close over many years, [one] that shaped and enabled him, that allowed for his own exploitation as a young man.” – London Review of Books
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Baryshnikov The Dancer Becomes Baryshnikov The Photographer

“I can see the almost spiritual obsession with dance that I myself have felt, but now observe it from the outside,” Baryshnikov says by phone from his home in New York. “For me it’s like rediscovering the very essence of dance.” – Toronto Star
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How Things Change When Your Dance Video Becomes A Viral Sensation

She’s earned a following of more than 250,000 on Instagram and 460,000 on TikTok — as well as amassing 15.3 million likes on TikTok. – Lake Geneva News
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It’s Not Easy To Be Both A Professional Dancer And Religiously Observant

“By and large, the North American dance community is secular and leans politically to the left. For Orthodox Jews as well as some evangelical Christians, Catholics and Muslims, among others, carving out a career in dance while practicing their faith remains a challenge.” – Dance Magazine
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For The First Time, A Dancer In A Wheelchair Will Perform With London’s Royal Ballet

Joe Powell-Main studied at the Royal Ballet’s school for four years, until his accident at age 15. Now 23 and a member of Ballet Cymru in Wales, he’ll be in a piece created on the Royal Ballet for the homecoming of the UK Paralympics team. – London Evening Standard
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Gymnasts Are Getting Dancier — And Getting Attention

Recently, it seems, an NCAA routine goes viral every year not necessarily for its technical content, but for the sheer quality of the dancing. – Dance Magazine
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A Real-Life ‘Black Swan’ Homicide? TV News Takes On The American National Ballet Fiasco

The CBS newsmagazine 48 Hours does a 42-minute report on founders John and Ashley Benefield, the idealistic dance company that collapsed just as it was beginning operations, and the conflicts that led to one of the couple shooting the other. – CBS News
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Moulin Rouge gets ready for reopening – in pictures

Moulin Rouge performed a full dress rehearsal two days ahead of the reopening of the cabaret following an 18-month closure due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The Moulin Rouge and Le Lido, emblems of the crazy Parisian nights since 1889, will open again on 10 September. Continue reading...
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Demon twins and sci-fi raves at Galway’s gobsmacking arts fest

With theatre for an audience of one, a whirlwind set of Kevin Barry stories and sparky songs, the Irish festival is in fine formAdapting to Covid-19 restrictions with ingenuity, Galway international arts festival has embraced hybrid forms of performance: live in theatres, streamed, filmed, recorded for headsets or available for a single audience member to encounter alone. In the case of Attic Projects’ arresting Volcano (★★★★☆), presented in four 45-minute parts, viewers have the intense experie...
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Katherine Dunham Was More Than A Choreographer And Ethnographer. She Was An Entrepreneur.

Her Ballet Nègre in Chicago, founded in 1930-31, was only the second ballet company of any kind in the country. Her dance revues Tropics and Le Jazz “Hot” became Broadway hits. Katherine Dunham Dance Company toured the world and supported a school — and she handled the finances herself. – Forbes
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A Choreographer’s Podcast Examines How The Hell You Can Eke Out A Living In Dance In This Country

Miguel Gutierrez’s Are You for Sale? explores “the ethical entanglements between art and money”: the convoluted systems of philanthropy and grant applications, the good and bad points of state funding, “these horrible, infantilizing roles that the economic conditions of making work impose onto us.” – The New York Times
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Pavel Kolesnikov, the pianist making ‘a palace of sound built by your own imagination’

The Russian star brings his take on Bach’s Goldberg Variations to the Proms, having recently torn the piece apart with choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. He explains his new, ‘tree-like’ twist“Like climbing an infinite stairway, one step at a time.” That is how Pavel Kolesnikov describes working on JS Bach’s Goldberg Variations, one of the outstanding releases of last year. On Friday 10 September, he will perform them at the penultimate night of the Proms.“I’ve never had the chance to ded...
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This Woman Dancing In A Park Is The Actual Poster Girl For NYC’s Reopening — But The NYPD Tried To Shut Her Down

The City Hall commissioned poster, captioned “NO STOPPING NEW YORK,” shows Kanami Kusajima dancing in Washington Square Park. But she uses a small speaker, and since this summer’s battles over loud partying there, the cops have been after her for using amplified music. – Curbed
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Houston Ballet’s Resident Choreographer Departing After Three Decades

After more than 30 years as Resident or Associate Choreographer with the Houston Ballet,” said Christopher Bruce in a statement, “both the company and I feel … it would be appropriate for me to step aside in order to allow another choreographer (an) opportunity.” – Houston Chronicle
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Plus-Size Ballerina Fights The Good Fight For Body Positivity

Colleen Werner is continuing to dance as she works toward a degree in mental health counseling, and she’s collected thousands of Instagram followers and become a brand ambassador for a prominent maker of pointe shoes. – Dance Magazine
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The Curious Case Of The Misbegotten Couple Who Started An American National Ballet

“Was the dream ever real?” asked ANB’s erstwhile artistic director, Rasta Thomas. “Or did I really get hoodwinked?” – Vanity Fair
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From La Source to Cold War cultural diplomacy, seven books on ballet [reading list]

From its origins in the Renaissance, ballet has evolved in various distinct ways, with different schools around the globe incorporating their own cultures. As a widespread and highly technical form of dance, ballet has been influential globally and forms the foundations of many other dance genres.Explore some of our recent titles that look at the history (and future) of ballet, consider some of its influential figures, and the role it played in Cold War cultural diplomacy. The Oxford Handbook of...
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This Ballet Company Was Supposedly Going To Break The Mold

Instead, it broke a lot of dancers, leases, promises … and the founders themselves. “I’ve never seen so many lies, so many people hurt,” one choreographer said. – Vanity Fair
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The Path To Becoming Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Preferred Choreographer Wasn’t Simple

But JoAnn Hunter persisted. Hunter is a “longtime Broadway performer and choreographer who has quietly become an important figure in a field that boasts very few women, and even fewer women of color.” – The New York Times
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NYC To Consider Repealing Cabaret Ban On Dancing

Legislation proposed on Aug. 26 by Adams and New York City Council Members Keith Powers and Mark Levine would “end the city’s zoning laws over dancing and entertainment, so establishments would be regulated based on capacity venue, rather than zoning” reads a New York City Council press release. – New York Post
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FBI Report Warned Boogaloo Bois Are Buying Amazon Ring Cams in Case They Need to Ambush Agents

Members of the “Boogaloo Boi” movement in northern Nevada have installed Amazon Ring camera systems in their homes in the hopes that the tech will allow them to ambush any federal agents who come along, according to an FBI memo obtained by the group Property of the People via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)…Read more...
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Ballet Companies Try To Make This Year’s Nutcrackers COVID-Safe

“Some are imposing restrictions on performers and audience members under 12, who remain ineligible for vaccines. Others are trying to minimize contact between young artists and other dancers, by holding auditions over Zoom or equipping costumes with face masks.” – The New York Times
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Fortnite Suspends Dance Moves In MLK Tribute Game After Racist Emotes

The March Through Time experience launched August 26, recreating the Lincoln Memorial and US National Mall where King delivered the speech, and incorporated informational exhibits and collaborative minigames for players. – Games Industry Biz
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At Nearly 90, Philadanco’s Joan Myers Brown Isn’t Stepping Down, She’s ‘Moving Over’

“I’m wishing people would understand that I need to shore up this organization. So, if I drop dead, the organization won’t be saying, ‘Aunt Joan ain’t here, what are we going to do?’ I want them to say, ‘Do this, and take care of that.'” – The New York Times
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Diana Taylor, Michael Bloomberg’s Partner, Named New York City Ballet Board Chair

A longtime banking professional in both the private and government sectors and the first woman to chair the board of directors in the company’s history, says that City Ballet has remained in “pretty good shape” financially through the pandemic. – The New York Times
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Francesca Harper Named New Artistic Director Of Alvin Ailey II

Her mother, Denise Jefferson, directed the Ailey School from 1984 until her death in 2010. Harper didn’t just attend dance classes at the school; she practically grew up there. – The New York Times
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