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Meet Someone Who Has Worked At ABT For 50 Years

“[Susan] Jones was first hired by ABT co-founder Lucia Chase [in 1971] when the company needed a short woman for the corps. She spent eight years as a dancer, … and began transitioning to the artistic staff in 1976 while assisting Twyla Tharp in Push Comes to Shove. … Maybe more than anything, Jones has been a trusted right hand for three artistic directors, guiding and coaching multiple generations of corps dancers at the company. As she celebrates her 50-year milestone, Dance Magazine decided...
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Dance Magazine’s Editor In Chief Judged A Major Competition, And Here’s What She Wants Contestants To Know

Jennifer Stahl, who juried this year’s Boston semi-finals of Youth America Grand Prix: “Putting exact numbers to qualities like ‘musicality’ and ‘épaulement’ is just as tricky as it sounds. But I learned a few surprising takeaways that could make a big difference in a dancer’s final score. Whether you’re competing virtually right now or just starting to plan your solo for next year, keep these six things in mind.” – Dance Magazine
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What Are The Implications Of Offering Free Dance Online?

“As dancers, we are taught to problem solve in real-time, so it came as no surprise when,” once the coronavirus pandemic led to the cancellation of almost all live dance, “streamed performances and classes began popping up almost immediately. Dance Magazine asked six voices from our national dance community to share their thoughts regarding the swift distribution of online content.” – Dance Magazine
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Dancer Ilona Murai Has Passed Away at 96

Dance Magazine has reported that Broadway dancerIlona Murai has passed away at the age of 96 due toCOVID-19 and dementia. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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How Title IX changed American ballet

It has been nearly 50 years since Title IX of the Education Amendments was passed in 1972, prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sex by federally funded entities. Title IX proved critical in opening many fields of endeavor to girls and women and is perhaps most famous for its impact on sports. According to Women’s America: Refocusing the Past, before Title IX, women made up only 2% of college varsity athletes, and the scant women’s teams received less than 10% of most campus athletic budget...
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Tobi Tobias, Longtime Dance Critic, Dies at 81

She wrote for New York and Dance magazines, pulling no punches. She was also the author of a number of children’s books.
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Dance Magazine’s 25 To Watch For 2020

“Breakout stars, paradigm shifters, game changers. Our annual list of the dancers, choreographers and companies that are on the verge of skyrocketing has a knack for illuminating where the dance world is headed. Here they are: the 25 up-and-coming artists we believe are ready to take our field by storm.” – Dance Magazine
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What Dance Workers (Including Dancers) Earn

Here is some real-world data for dancers, choreographers, costumers, stage managers, costumers, etc. It’s not scientific. Dance Magazine asked readers to share what they earned (anonymously, of course) and more than 200 readers responded.
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Eli Manning And Odell Beckham Jr. Are The Real Dance Champions Of The Super Bowl

So pronounces no less an authority than Dance Magazine about the two New York Giants players about the commercial in which they recreated the famous duet from Dirty Dancing. "And yes," writes Courtney Escoyne, "they did The Lift."
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What do you get when you combine cameras and dancers? Jacob Jonas will tell you

From left, Jacob Jonas, Lamonte Goode and Jacob “Kujo” Lyons pose during a #CamerasandDancers meet-up. (Photo by Brad Romano @BradRomano) Jacob Jonas, 25, is the artistic director and founder of Jacob Jonas the Company. (Photo by Matthew Brush @Brush) Jacob Jonas the Company will present the “Side Door Series” Jan. 11-13 at the Side Door Theatre in Los Angeles. (Photo by Sam Horine @SamHorine) Jacob Jonas the Company has initiated #CamerasandDancers – an Instameet that brings photographers...
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Three Southern California dancers named in Dance Magazine’s ’25 to Watch 2018′

Every year, Dance Magazine names 25 dancers, choreographers and companies who are turning heads in the industry based on their talent, creativity and promise as dance artists. Identified as “rising stars,” these “25 to Watch” range from standout ballerinas in the New York City Ballet and American Ballet Theatre, to a West African dance activist whose choreography covers issues of racial, social and gender equality. Among this year’s list are three Southern California dancers, tap duo Caley Carr ...
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The City You Didn't Know Was An Early Hotbed Of Black Ballet Talent

During the 1930s, '40s and '50s, Philadelphia had a thriving scene that nourished some of the later 20th century's most important African-American dancers. Dance Magazine's Jennifer Stahl interviews Memoirs of Blacks in Ballet founder Theresa Ruth Howard about what made the city such a relatively good place for black dancers to work, while Judith Jamison, […]
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Why Founders Leave, And Sometimes Shut Down, Their Dance Companies

Dance Magazine's Nancy Wozny talks to Trey McIntyre, Liz Lerman, and Sandra Organ Solis about how they made their fateful decisions and what they went on to do.
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What Happens When You Bring Street Dance Onto The Stage?

Dance Magazine asked Rennie Harris and two of his students, Nicole Klaymoon and d. Sabela grimes, "Over the years, how has increased acceptance and visibility on concert-dance stages affected hip hop and its artists? And how has hip hop influenced concert dance?" Here's the conversation the three gave in response.
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The Ones They Missed In The List Of 'The Most Influential People In Dance Today'

When Dance Magazine published its list last week, the editors asked readers to tell them whom they unjustly left out. And readers definitely did.
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Three Reasons To Abolish the NEA - And Why They're Wrong

"The NEA has been a perennial target for fiscal conservatives ever since it was launched in 1965. (Which, in perversely good news, means we already know how to put up a good fight.) But why is the NEA so often on the chopping block?" Dance Magazine editor-in-chief Jennifer Stahl recaps the choppers' top three arguments and answers each one.
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