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Daniel Craig Explains Why James Bond Doesn't Need To Be Played By A Woman

No Time to Die will mark Daniel Craig's final bow as James Bond, and he explained why he doesn't want to see a female replacement.
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Daniel Craig On Female Bond: 'There Should Simply Be Better Parts For Women'

One thing's for sure: change is coming to the "James Bond" franchise, one way or another. After "No Time to Die" finally releases, Daniel Craig's remarkably lengthy stint as Bond will draw to a close (there are people watching these movies who probably can't even remember the "James Blonde?!" outrage when he was first cast in the role!) and the hunt for a new Bond will begin anew. Given the uncomfortably sordid history of the franchise when it comes to the treatment of women and people of color,...
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Daniel Craig believes James Bond should not be a woman

Daniel Craig would rather see the sky fall than watch James Bond be played by a woman. The former on-screen James Bond told Radio Times...
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Daniel Craig Wasn’t Thought Of As A Leading Man. That Is Until James Bond’s Producers Changed All That

Daniel Craig as 007? Ahead of Casino Royale, the James Bond producers noticed his unique promise.
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How Casino Royale Introduced The Daniel Craig Era Of James Bond

The Daniel Craig era of James Bond was defined through risks and chances taken in Casino Royale.
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How Daniel Craig's body became his James Bond signature

We know James Bond can take a punch, but Craig has shown us the bruises. It's part of what's made him such a subversive 007.
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Daniel Craig Pours a Heineken … and That’s the Ad

A movie star is only really famous when they can appear in an advert alongside a product and that is the whole idea. With his final movie as James Bond finally set for release following multiple delays over the last two years, Daniel Craig does just that for Heineken, while alluding to the protracted release....
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James Bond Casting Director Recalls Backlash Against Daniel Craig

The James Bond franchise's casting director describes the backlash that occurred when Daniel Craig was cast as 007.
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Gerard Butler Gives Den of Thieves 2 Update

A sequel to the 2018 film Den of Thieves has been in the works for some time now, but according to Gerard Butler, the project is almost ready to officially get underway. RELATED: Copshop Interview: Gerard Butler & Alexis Louder Talk Action Film In a recent interview with Unilad, Butler was asked about the second film, and for fans who have been waiting for news on the sequel, Butler has great news. “We’re supposed to shoot early next year. We’re Europe-bound, we’re still on the hunt for Donnie w...
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The True Story Behind Daniel Craig Nearly Passing On 007, And Why He Changed His Mind

Daniel Craig needed some convincing to become James Bond, and Casino Royale had a special aspect that made the decision for him.
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Watch Daniel Craig's Emotional Speech From His Last Day Filming As James Bond

Daniel Craig shared his final No Time To Die moments with a captive crew and plenty of feelings.
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Watch Daniel Craig's Moving Speech After Wrapping No Time To Die

Much has been made about Daniel Craig's love/hate relationship with being James Bond. Curiously, very little of the scuttlebutt going around seems to originate from anything Craig has said in earnest. It's got to be a taxing role to return to time after time, but you can tell that Craig's still invested in the character. It's real easy to see when a big star checks out (lookin' at you, Bruce Willis) and no matter what you may think of the quality of any of his movies, Craig is always making the ...
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Daniel Craig Gives Farewell Speech After Wrapping No Time to Die

Ahead of its world premiere later this month, a brand new behind-the-scenes video from the set of Cary Joji Fukunaga’s long-delayed James Bond film No Time to Die has surfaced online through Twitter, featuring Daniel Craig giving an emotional farewell speech right after he wrapped up filming for his final 007 film. In the short video, Craig can be seen showing his gratitude to the crew who has been working with him since 2006’s Casino Royale. Check out Daniel Craig’s farewell speech in the playe...
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Daniel Craig Chokes Up After Filming His Final James Bond Scene: ‘I’ve Loved Every Single Second’

Daniel Craig got emotional after filming his final scene as James Bond in the upcoming 007 adventure “No Time to Die,” which will be his final outing as the super spy. The free Apple TV documentary, titled “Being James Bond,” reflects on Craig’s career as the iconic character, from “Casino Royale,” “Quantum of Solace,” “Skyfall,” […]
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No Time To Die Tickets Are On Sale Now, Bond Is (Finally) Back

At long last, James Bond is coming back after a nearly six-year absence. It may not feel real but it's about to, as "No Time to Die" tickets are finally on sale in the U.S. They already went on sale in the U.K. a few days ago, which makes this feel all the more real. After many, many delays, shake-ups, and all manner of chaos, it's nearly time to say goodbye to Daniel Craig's 007.This is arguably the biggest movie to debut in theaters since the pandemic began. Perhaps even bigger than "Black Wid...
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James Bond Casting Director Breaks Down How You Cast A New 007

Have you ever wondered how our many James Bonds were discovered and thrust into the spotlight of all spotlights? Considering I have a deep interest in casting, I have — so I was delighted to get a look inside casting director Debbie McWilliams' brain in an incredible interview she did with Entertainment Weekly published on September 14.The casting pro has been working in the James Bond franchise for a whopping 30 years. She was brought on to cast 1981's "For Your Eyes Only" and has become the la...
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James Bond Casting Director Explains The ‘Rigorous’ Audition Daniel Craig’s Replacement Will Dive Into

Replacing Daniel Craig as James Bond will be long and intense, according to casting director Debbie McWilliams.
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14 Remakes That Are Better Than The Original

In this day and age, it's amazingly easy to be a cynic. It could be argued that remakes are lazy cash-ins, that they're a sign of the lack of original ideas left in cinema, or that they exist only to appease that sizable portion of the cinema-going audience that needs to see films in their native tongue, without subtitles. That's true in a great many cases (I'm looking at you, "Jacob's Ladder," "Quarantine," and "The Fog"), and yet there are times when a remake is a golden opportunity to do some...
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No Time To Die Featurette Introduces A Couple New Secret Agents

The time to wait to see the 25th Bond film, "No Time to Die," is almost over, and MGM and Eon Productions have released a featurette highlighting two other secret agents in the film besides 007. Curious to learn a bit more about them and get a glimpse of them in action? Check out the video below. No Time To Die Featurette The short video highlights Agents Nomi (Lashana Lynch) and Paloma (Ana de Armas), two spies who team up with Daniel Craig's James Bond to save the world and shoot bad guys. W...
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Knives Out 2 Just Finished Filming (But Rian Johnson Really Wants You To Watch Annette)

"Knives Out 2," the sequel to Rian Johnson's delightful murder mystery, has just wrapped up filming. Johnson is understandably excited about that, but he's also excited about other cinematic things not of his own making. Knives Out 2 Is Done And Annette Is Good (According To Johnson) "Knives Out" was an unambiguous hit when it came out in 2019. The feature was a murder mystery with a stellar cast, including Daniel Craig as Benoit Blanc, an inspector with the oddest Southern accent. The story was...
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Netflix’s Rian Johnson-Directed Knives Out 2 Wraps Production

Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Rian Johnson took to Twitter to announce that production on Netflix’s forthcoming sequel to 2019’s acclaimed whodunnit film Knives Out has officially been completed. This comes after more than two months of filming, where the first half of production took place in Greece. Currently, there is no release date attached to the Daniel Craig-led mystery sequel. We just wrapped production on the next Benoit Blanc mystery and also I finally watched Annette and holy shi...
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Of Course, Daniel Craig Had The Most Bond, James Bond Celebration After Landing 007 Role

Upon his hiring for Casino Royale, Daniel Craig treated himself to a very 007 moment in celebration.
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Lashana Lynch, the first female 007: ‘I never had a plan B’

Lashana Lynch, star of the new Bond movie, on ninja training, doing her own stunts and why now’s the time for an agent who’s a ‘real woman’Lashana Lynch knew she was on a very short shortlist. She had taped a couple of auditions for Barbara Broccoli, the producer of the James Bond films since 1995. She met and read with Daniel Craig, who would be making his fifth and final appearance in No Time To Die, the 25th 007 adventure, a new release that you may have caught wind of by now. Then, finally, ...
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No Time To Die Is The Longest James Bond Movie Ever

We've got some news for you, James Bond fans. Whether or not it's good news or bad news is going to largely be up to the individual to decide. "No Time to Die," Daniel Craig's upcoming (and long-awaited) swan song as 007, is going to be a long goodbye as it is reportedly the longest Bond movie ever. Plan your bathroom breaks accordingly.Per IndieWire, Craig's fifth and final go-around as Bond clocks in at a whopping 163 minutes. Distributors have reportedly been informed of the runtime ahead of ...
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‘No Time to Die’ Set to Hit China After Passing Official Censorship

The latest James Bond film “No Time To Die” will have its chance to blow up the Chinese box office this year, as it has now passed local censorship and has a pass into the world’s largest film market, official local media said on Friday. Although no specific release date has been set, the development […]
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The Number Of Bond Candidates Martin Campbell Tested For Casino Royale Before Choosing Daniel Craig

Out of the entire field of Casino Royale hopefuls. only a handful got to screen test for Martin Campbell.
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James Bond ‘No Time to Die’ Official Podcast Goes Live (Podcast News Roundup)

In today’s podcast news roundup, “No Time to Die” official podcast featuring Daniel Craig and more debuts; Spotify launches incubator program for Latino podcast creators; Meghan Trainor sets a new podcast series on motherhood and mental health; Chance the Rapper explains why “Rotten Tomatoes Is Wrong”; and more. DATES The first two episodes of “No […]
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One Of Daniel Craig’s Most Memorable Skyfall Lines Was Almost Cut, Until The Producers Fought To Keep It

One of the best James Bond moments from Skyfall almost wasn't, thanks to the input of studio executives.
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Daniel Craig’s Casino Royale Director Explains Why He Had ‘Reservations’ About Casting The Actor As James Bond

Believe it or not, Daniel Craig's casting in Casino Royale was a bit controversial back in the day.
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Canada: If You Die A Rich Person, Have You Failed? - Dentons

Recently the James Bond actor, Daniel Craig, made headlines when he declared that inheritances are "distasteful" and noted that he planned to dispose of his estimated $160-million fortune before his death.
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