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Whicker: Danny Roman brings it back home in title fight against T.J. Doheny

Danny Roman has been a world champion for a year now. His life has changed. He says his identity hasn’t. “There are a lot more cousins I didn’t know I had,” Roman said, laughing alongside Eddie Gonzalez, his trainer and manager. He had just come down from a makeshift ring at Muscle Beach on Tuesday, having sparred against the wind for a few minutes as a DJ and a ring announcer sounded off. It’s all part of Matchroom Boxing’s promotion of Friday night’s fights. Roman hasn’t done this long enough ...
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Danny Dyer's daughter Sunnie is disgusted as he claims to be a 'master of sex'

Sunnie Dyer, 11, pulled a horrified face when her dad Danny bragged of his bedroom skills [Author: Molly Pike]
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Crawford vs. Khan is here; Crawford vs. Spence must be next

There is nothing wrong with Terence Crawford defending his welterweight title against Amir Khan on Saturday from Madison Square Garden (on pay-per-view). Khan will provide excitement until he gets knocked out. Remember, Khan befuddled Canelo Alvarez with his boxing skills until the inevitable happened – Alvarez caught Khan in the sixth and knocked him out nearly three years ago at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. While this fight lasts, it will be exciting. But we want more. We want to see Crawford ...
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Doom Patrol Episode 10 Recap

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Doom Patrol Episode 10 Recap Doom Patrol Episode 10 provides a different view of the time that Cliff spent inside of Jane’s head in the previous episode. After losing Danny the Street, the Bureau of Normalcy hires a unlikely tracker nicknamed the Beard Hunter to find Niles and bring him in for questioning. As the hunt for The Chief heats up, Mr. Nobody scours Niles’s mind for the biggest secret that Niles has hidden from the world. PB = PB || ...
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The Tiny Detail You Missed From Elisabeth Moss' Look In Her Smell

Elisabeth Moss may be best known for her chilling role as Offred in the TV adaptation of Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale, but the actress recently ditched her white bonnet and red cape for smudged eyeliner and ironic tattoos in Her Smell.In the film, Moss is Becky Something, a grunge-band frontwoman on the precipice of career downfall. After watching Something unleash a barrage of emotions onscreen, her dramatic collapse takes center stage — so much so that, in the midst of her meltdowns,...
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VCs bet on cannabis vaping, ED meds and mobile fertility clinics

Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast, where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines. This week was a bit of a reunion with Kate and Alex on as usual, with the addition of Extra Crunch denizen extraordinaire Danny Crichton. Danny, you may recall, has been a semi-regular Equity co-host over the past year. As Kate explains up front, Equity is out a day early this week due to the Big TechCrunch Robotics Affair in Berkeley today. We’ll be back on Friday...
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Ashley Cole slated over Kevin De Bruyne claim following Man City’s win vs Crystal Palace

Ashley Cole has this evening been taken apart online, following a questionable claim on the part of the former Chelsea defender regarding Kevin De Bruyne. City push past Palace Manchester City travelled to Selhurst Park earlier today, for a Premier League meeting with Crystal Palace. The Citizens headed into proceedings hoping for an immediate bounce-back performance, having fallen to their first defeat since January last time out, versus Tottenham in the Champions League. And, when all was sa...
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A "Grease" prequel is in development

A prequel to the iconic 1971 musical and 1978 movie Grease is in development at Paramount. Written by John August (Big Fish, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), the new film, titled Summer Loving, will tell the story of Danny and Sandy's summer romance at the beach as famously recounted from two different perspectives in the original movie's song "Summer Nights." I only wish Summer Loving would be an animated feature in the style of John D. Wilson's incredible opening titles to the original G...
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I knew something of young Philadelphia reedman Jack Saint Clair before I heard him — on a Danny Tobias gig last Saturday — by implication, because Danny has excellent taste.  And Jack has been part of the Marty Grosz Repertory … Continue reading →
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‘Grease’ Prequel ‘Summer Loving’ Gearing Up at Paramount with Writer John August

41 years after the mega-popular musical Grease first cruised into theaters and 37 years after its sequel debuted, a Grease prequel is in development at Paramount Pictures. John August (Big Fish, Go) is writing the screenplay, which will focus on the initial meeting between the slick, leather-jacket-clad “greaser” Danny Zuko (played by John Travolta in the original) and the innocent high school student Sandy Olsson (Olivia Newton-John). The big question, of course, is why does a prequel about th...
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There's a 'Grease' prequel in the works

Some news that will give "Grease" fans chills and get them multiplying: Moviegoers could soon see another chapter of Danny and Sandy's love story.
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Watch: The one where Danny Care temporarily joined Take That

What starts out as a discussion about the Welsh coaching team, Ugo, Danny and Chris end up chatting boy bands, their line-up changes and Danny's stint in Take That.
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Kirsten Gillibrand Speaks Mandarin, But All Anyone Can Talk About Is Mayor Pete.

On Saturday afternoon, Twitter users shared a video clip of presidential candidate Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand in which she greeted a Voice of America News reporter in Mandarin. Gillibrand is known to be conversational in the language. She was an Asian Studies major at Dartmouth University and studied for six months in China and Taiwan, where she famously roomed with Friday Night Lights star Connie Britton.Unfortunately, Gillibrand's command of the language has made barely a blip in the news cycle....
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Dani Dyer says famous father Danny didn't understand 'concept of being a dad'

EXCLUSIVE: Former Love Island winner says EastEnders star didn't really know what he was doing when he had her so young [Author: Halina Watts]
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Dissecting what Lyft’s IPO means for Uber and the future of mobility

Extra Crunch offers members the opportunity to tune into conference calls led and moderated by the TechCrunch writers you read every day. This week, TechCrunch’s Kirsten Korosec and Kate Clark led a deep-dive discussion into Lyft’s IPO and the outlook for the business going forward. After skyrocketing nearly 10% on its first day hitting the public markets, Lyft stock has faded back down towards its IPO price as some investors grow more concerned over the company’s path to profitability (or lack ...
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Doom Patrol Episode 8 Recap

Doom Patrol Episode 8 Recap Doom Patrol Episode 8 splits the team into two groups. A cake with a map to a street that doesn’t exist is delivered to the manor with a note reading “Help me, Niles!” While Larry and Vic go to investigate, Cliff intercepts a call for Rita from Karen, one of Jane’s personalities that he’s never encountered before. Meanwhile, the question of what Jane’s painting of Vic standing over the defeated team looms over them all. PB = PB || {}; ...
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‘Gemini Man’ Footage Reaction: Will Smith Gets De-Aged in the Ang Lee Thriller [CinemaCon 2019]

Gemini Man is a sci-fi movie that has spent decades in development, attracting the likes of Mel Gibson and Clint Eastwood to the role of an over-the-hill hitman who finds himself targeted by a younger clone of himself. But it wasn’t until now, when de-aging technology has become the hottest new commodity in blockbusters, that Gemini Man could finally become a reality. Now set to star Will Smith and be directed by Ang Lee, Gemini Man will finally hit theaters more than two decades after the film...
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Biden, Beto & Bernie Are Leading The Polls. Are Women Reluctant To Support Women?

The latest Quinnipiac University National Poll finds the "B" boys at the top: 29% favor Sen. Joe Biden (who has not entered the race, but is expected to), 19% prefer Sen. Bernie Sanders, and 12% pick former Rep. Beto O'Rourke. Sen. Kamala Harris is not far behind at 8%, although according to RealClearPolitics, which averages several polls, she is ahead of Beto."Hungry for a candidate to take on President Donald Trump, Democrats and Democratic leaners put the three B's, Biden, Bernie, and Beto, ...
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‘Doctor Sleep’ Footage Offers an Early Look at the Sequel to ‘The Shining’ [CinemaCon 2019]

Doctor Sleep is an odd book, but it could be an even odder movie. Stephen King‘s sequel to The Shining catches up with a grown-up Danny Torrance decades later as he finds himself embroiled in a battle with psychic vampires. It’s not what you’d expect and it leans heavily on the original Shining novel, which is very different from Stanley Kubrick’s iconic film adaptation. So what is director Mike Flanagan (The Haunting of Hill House) going to do with this material? /Film’s Peter Sciretta and Ben...
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Megan & Danny’s Intimate Adelaide Farm Wedding

Megan & Danny Megan and Danny’s South Australian wedding is nothing short of charming. It’s charming for its sweet little farm setting. It’s charming because of the bright yellow sunflowers, the donut wall and the show-stealing flower girl and ring bearer. It’s charming because Megan and Danny made it completely theirs. This is a day that will warm the cockles of your heart and thanks to Cast in Colour’s photographs, we get to share each and every moment with you! Continue reading Megan & Danny’...
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Doom Patrol Episode 8 Promo Trailer: Danny Patrol

BEGIN SLIDESHOW New Doom Patrol episode 8 promo trailer: Danny Patrol DC Universe has released the first promo for Doom Patrol episode 8 titled “Danny Patrol,” featuring our first introduction to one of Crazy Jane’s 64 personalities named Karen. The new episode will air on April 5, exclusively on DC Universe. Check out the video below! Episode eight’s synopsis reads: “A sentient, gender-queer, teleporting street named Danny who’s being hunted by the secret Bureau of Normalcy needs help f...
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 Golden Poodle Awards for March

  The Golden Poodle award goes to the dogsled team of Nicolas Petit who established forever that dogs can’t be forced to run and can control the race if they get their feelings hurt. The Dreams of Glory award goes to Dillon, the recreation sled dog who escaped to run one leg alongside Iditarod dog teams.     As much as I don’t like to criticize how people spend their money, anyone who would spend $870-$1250 for a pair of dirty Gucci sneakers has to be operating from the Lizard part of the Bra...
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The Best Restaurant if You’re Over 50

It’s not just sex and sleep that change as you age. It’s supper.
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Review: ‘Dumbo’ Goes Bonkers in Dreamland

Tim Burton takes this live-action remake of the 1941 Disney classic to his very own dark place. Michael Keaton, Danny DeVito and Eva Green help.
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'Please, Danny, don't die on my watch': An oral history of a near-death in the dugout

A year ago, Danny Farquhar was pitching for the White Sox when an aneurysm burst in his brain. Here's how he and those around him recall that fateful day, his recovery -- and his return to the mound.
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Fingerlings Baby Monkey & Mini BFFs ONLY $5.99 {Reg $15}

Fingerlings Baby Monkey & Mini BFFs ONLY $5.99 {Reg $15}. A great pick for your little one, score Fingerlings Baby Monkey & Mini BFFs for ONLY $5.99 {Reg $15} at Amazon. Get FREE Shipping on orders over $25.00 or with Amazon Prime Orders. Features: My name is Danny and My mini BFF is gianna!Brought to you by: Frugal Focus
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‘Guys and Dolls’ Remake Laces Up Its Dancing Shoes at TriStar

The popular Broadway show Guys and Dolls was adapted into a movie in 1950 with Marlon Brando and Frank Sinatra in the lead roles, and Hollywood has been trying to remake it for years. Now the rights have been scooped up by TriStar Pictures, who hopes to finally bring the song-filled story of gamblers and dames to the big screen once again. The 1950 film version of Guys and Dolls tells the story of gamblers Nathan Detroit and Sky Masterson. Detroit tries to run an illegal craps game without a...
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Lonzo Ball Fires Big Baller Brand Business Partner Alan Foster After $1.5 Million Went Missing

It be ya own people. This simple, yet profound, phrase belies much wisdom.And if there’s one thing people who achieve fame and success learn in their journey, it’s that those in their close circle are usually among the first to betray them.If you’ve watched the Facebook Watch series Ball in the Family at all, then you should be familiar with Alan Foster. He is the face that you usually see next to LaVar Ball on the show when anything goes down, whether it’s business or personal. He was most tigh...
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Lonzo Ball Fires Big Baller Brand Co-Founder Alan Foster After $1.5 Million of His Money Went Missing

It be ya own people. This simple, yet profound, phrase belies much wisdom.And if there’s one thing people who achieve fame and success learn in their journey, it’s that those in their close circle are usually among the first to betray them.If you’ve watched the Facebook Watch series Ball in the Family at all, then you should be familiar with Alan Foster. He is the face that you usually see next to LaVar Ball on the show when anything goes down, whether it’s business or personal. He was most tigh...
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with …: It’s Delightful, It’s Delicious, It’s DeVito

Could playing the ringmaster in the new “Dumbo” be an allegory for our political circus?
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