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How The Wrecking Crew Secretly Recorded Some of the Biggest Hits of the 1960s & 70s

The top flight crew of L.A. studio musicians known as The Wrecking Crew acquired their name, legend has it, because they “were wrecking the business for everyone else,” writes Janet Maslin at The New York Times­, meaning older session players who couldn’t keep up. Drummers like Hal Blaine (“who justifiably calls himself ’10 of Your Favorite Drummers’ on his Web site”) and guitarists like Tommy Tedesco and Carol Kaye could play anything put in front of them perfectly, in one take, with th...
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The 10 Best Documentaries on Netflix

The 10 Best Documentaries on Netflix Unlike narrative films, documentaries have the power to legitimately illuminate a subject in a straightforward way, to give us an informed opinion on something we may not have ever considered before. With hundreds of titles available, Netflix is one of the biggest depositories of documentaries around, with some of the most important titles of the last decade available with a single click. We scoured the service for what we considered to be the best documen...
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