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Channing Tatum Is Set to Star in a Monster Movie From 21 Jump Street Directors, Lord and Miller

Cue “The Boys are Back in Town.” Channing Tatum is reuniting with his very funny former directors on 21 Jump Street, Phil Lord and Chris Miller, for another film. A monster movie. Read more...
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Channing Tatum Is Set to Star in a Monster Movie Produced by His Former 21 Jump Street Directors, Lord and Miller

Cue “The Boys are Back in Town.” Channing Tatum is reuniting with his very funny former directors on 21 Jump Street, Phil Lord and Chris Miller, for another film. A monster movie. Read more...
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3 Ways Universal's Dark Universe Went Wrong

Imagine you’re sitting down to watch a Universal monster movie. It starts off normally enough, with the Universal logo flying across the screen—only to be replaced with a new one, for the Dark Universe. This was a message that we were getting the newest mega-cinematic universe. But just as soon as it started, the Dark…Read more...
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‘Dark Army’ Will be a Universal Monster Movie in the Spirit of ‘Bride of Frankenstein’, According to Paul Feig

Universal is sitting on a horror goldmine: the Universal Monsters. Sadly, they haven’t been able to figure out what the hell to do with them. Their initial attempt to launch the Dark Universe with The Mummy failed immediately. Now, they’re taking a different approach. They have Leigh Whannell’s Invisible Man on the horizon. And then there’s the mysterious Dark Army, a film from Paul Feig. Feig’s movie will feature both classic Universal Monsters and new characters, but details on the project ha...
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A New Invisible Man Film Rises as the Dark Universe Dies

The moment we all knew was coming has arrived. Variety reports that Universal has “tabled” its idea for an interconnected universe of classic monster movies (called the “Dark Universe”) and are starting thing fresh with Invisible Man.Read more...
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Dark Universe Architect Alex Kurtzman Says Making ‘The Mummy’ Was Just As Painful As Watching It

Like a freshly-turned vampire immediately stumbling out into the sun, Dark Universe died before it could really get started. Universal had hoped to launch their own cinematic universe based around their classic monsters, but the first entry – The Mummy, starring Tom Cruise – was a complete dud. Afterwards, future Dark Universe projects were put on hold, and it seems like the idea is – for the time being – dead and buried. Now, Alex Kurtzman, who oversaw the Dark Universe writers room and direct...
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New Universal Monsters Blu-ray Box Set Will Make You Forget About the Dark Universe

If you still haven’t washed the bad taste of Universal’s Dark Universe out of your mouth, this might help. A new Universal Monsters Blu-ray box set will be hitting shelves just in time for the Halloween season, offering up 30 black and white horror classics. The original Universal Monsters movies are – for the most part – unbeatable. Starting with Dracula in 1931, Universal realized there was money to be made in scaring the bejesus out of unsuspecting audiences. From the ’30s all the way thr...
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Blumhouse Would Love to Raise the Dark Universe from the Grave

Universal’s Dark Universe tripped over its own feet right out of the gate, and the general assumption is that the planned horror cinematic universe is dead and buried. But should the Dark Universe crawl its way out of the grave, Blumhouse would like to take the reigns. During a Q&A session, Blumhouse head honcho Jason Blum expressed great interest in taking control of Universal’s monsters. Dark Universe  You remember The Dark Universe, right? It was Universal’s attempt to forge their own ...
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Why The Dark Universe Deserves A Second Chance

Despite scattered hopes for its future, the Dark Universe deserves a second chance. Here's why.
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Don't Get Too Excited About the Latest Obi-Wan Spinoff Rumors

Gotham wants to bring a bunch of comic book characters to its final season. Get another look at Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’s new hybrid dino. Could Universal be trying to keep the dream of its “Dark Universe” alive? Plus, what’s to come on the season finale of The Flash, and teasers for the CW’s new Roswell…Read more...
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Universal’s Dark Universe May Still Be Alive, Aliiiiiiiiive

Rejoice, fans of ill-conceived ideas! Universal’s Dark Universe might still be alive! We all thought the Dark Universe would crawl back into the grave after the disaster that was The Mummy, but it looks like Universal’s monster franchise might still have some life left in it. Don’t close the coffin lid on the Dark Universe yet, boils and ghouls. Artist Robert Vargas recently took to his Instagram account (h/t Bloody Disgusting) to reveal that maybe, just maybe, the Universal’s monster movie ...
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Scientists Are Hunting for the 'Dark Photon'—a Portal to the Dark Universe

It appears that the Universe is full of dark matter—around six times more of it than there is regular matter. It has obvious visible effects, like the way it bends light from distant galaxies. Despite dedicated searches, no signs of a dark matter particle explaining these effects have turned up.Read more...
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Dracula Wept: Guillermo del Toro Regrets Turning Down the Universal Monsters ‘Dark Universe’

If you’re not depressed enough already, here’s some more unfortunate news: gifted filmmaker Guillermo del Toro has revealed that Universal Studios offered him the chance to re-launch the Universal Monsters films in a precursor to the failed Dark Universe, and del Toro turned the offer down. Now, The Shape of Water filmmaker has regrets. So do we, Guillermo. So do we. Universal’s Dark Universe, intended to be their monster-centric version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is all but dead at t...
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Universal’s monster-themed Dark Universe might be dead after its architects quit

Universal Pictures' plans for a cinematic universe based on its classic monster properties might be dead in the water after just one movie, thanks to the departure of the Dark Universe's primary architects. The post Universal’s monster-themed Dark Universe might be dead after its architects quit appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Is Universal’s Dark Universe Dead? Kurtzman and Morgan Depart

Is Universal’s Dark Universe dead? Kurtzman and Morgan depart Is Universal Pictures‘ dream for a Dark Universe dead in the water? According to The Hollywood Reporter, Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan have departed their posts as masterminds behind the planned shared universe of classic monsters. Not only that, but the expensive offices set up on the studio lot for the franchise are now practically empty, and no new monster film has a release date, with only Bride of Frankenstein going through a...
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‘Bride of Frankenstein’ Postponed; Is the Dark Universe Dead?

Well, that was quick. Days after director Bill Condon confirmed that pre-production on Bride of Frankenstein (the next film in the burgeoning “Dark Universe” series) was still on, Universal has announced that work has halted on the project. Is this the end of the Dark Universe? It’s (Not) Alive  According to Deadline, pre-production on Bride of Frankenstein has been suddenly halted right when it was about to get going. Originally planned to begin filming in February 2018, Bill Condon and h...
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Bride of Frankenstein Remake Postponed for Script Rewrites

Bride of Frankenstein remake postponed for script rewrites Just days after Bill Condon revealed that production on the upcoming Bride of Frankenstein remake would begin February 1, 2018, Deadline brings word that the film has officially been postponed by Universal as rewrites on the script continue from screenwriter David Koepp. “After thoughtful consideration, Universal Pictures and director Bill Condon have decided to postpone Bride of Frankenstein,” the studio said in a statement. “None of...
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The Dark Universe Lumbers On: Bill Condon Talks ‘Bride of Frankenstein’ Remake

Boy, they’re really still going to do this, huh? After the less-than-kind reaction to The Mummy, featuring Tom Cruise and nothing even close to a coherent script, it seemed as if Universal’s Dark Universe – an attempt to turn their classic Monsters characters into the stars of their own MCU – might be DOA. But apparently not! Like an undead creature, the Dark Universe lumbers on, in search of fresh blood. Bill Condon, who will helm the next film in the series, Bride of Frankenstein, revealed so...
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Bill Condon Talks Bride of Frankenstein Remake, Eyeing February Start

Bill Condon talks Bride of Frankenstein remake, eyeing February start Despite the domestic box office disappointment for this summer’s The Mummy (which actually did bring in over $320 million from international markets), Universal is still set to continue their Dark Universe franchise with the next entry: Bride of Frankenstein. Director Bill Condon (Beauty and the Beast, Dreamgirls, Gods and Monsters) will step behind the camera for the film and spoke in a new interview with Forbes about what...
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‘The Mummy’ Honest Trailer: A Loose Connection of Studio Notes Masquerading as a Movie

Even though Universal’s latest attempt to remake The Mummy only just came out this past summer, the movie was so painfully bad and forgettable that it feels like it’s been much longer. Thankfully (or maybe unfortunately), the folks at Honest Trailers are here to remind us of all the missteps taken by this tragically misguided attempt to turn The Mummy into an action adventure franchise. It’s full of bunch of lame setpieces you don’t care about, no scares at all, and one of the most boring, awfu...
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Exclusive Mummy Blu-ray Clip with Tom Cruise in Zero-G

Exclusive Mummy Blu-ray clip with Tom Cruise in Zero-G Universal Pictures Home Entertainment has provided with an exclusive behind-the-scenes clip of Tom Cruise in Zero-G from The Mummy Blu-ray, which you can check out below! The Mummy is now available on Digital and is coming to 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, DVD and On Demand on September 12. Click here to order The Mummy on Blu-ray! Tom Cruise (Mission: Impossible franchise, Top Gun) battles the ultimate evil in a breathtaking versio...
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‘The Mummy’ Director Alex Kurtzman Unsure of His Future in the Dark Universe

Writer-director Alex Kurtzman is one of the two writers/producers overseeing Universal’s new Dark Universe and he kicked off the new world by directing The Mummy…which was panned by critics and underperformed in the states, but did very well overseas. It didn’t start off the Dark Universe with a bang, but Bride of Frankenstein and other Dark Universe titles are still coming. Just how involved Kurtzman is in those upcoming movies is now unclear. Below, Alex Kurtzman talks about his uncertain fut...
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Channing Tatum Eyed to Play ‘Van Helsing’ in Universal’s Dark Universe

Universal’s Dark Universe is off to an inauspicious start. This summer’s The Mummy, directed by Alex Kurtzman and headlined by Tom Cruise, has made nearly $390 million worldwide, but only $79 million in the United States. That’s a bit of a disappointment, considering it features one of the world’s biggest remaining movie stars. But the studio is doubling down on reaching out to big names in an attempt to keep the ball rolling, and the latest report indicates that they have their eye on Channing...
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Franchise Report Card: From Marvel to DC to the Dark Universe, Grading Hollywood’s Big Series

In Hollywood, a studio is only as strong as its franchises. That’s bad news for a number of players. Recent months have not been kind to a number of major film series, as sequels to “Transformers,” “Pirates of the Caribbean,” and “Alien” have sputtered to the box office, and attempts to spawn new franchises, such... Read more »
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Alex Kurtzman Says He Made ‘The Mummy’ For Audiences; Audiences Say Otherwise

It’s an age-old argument that directors fall back on: This movie is for the fans, not the critics. Well, hate to break it to you, but critics are fans of movies too. And in the case of director Alex Kurtzman using this justification to defend his highly-reviled The Mummy, it seems like audiences aren’t too keen on it either. The Mummy was meant to kick off Universal’s Dark Universe, its cinematic universe of movies centered on classic movie monsters, including Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde, the Invisi...
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Tom Cruise is Being Blamed For the Failure of ‘The Mummy’

The Mummy was supposed to be the start of a new cinematic universe, and a new franchise for star Tom Cruise to notch onto his belt. But scathing reviews and a tepid domestic opening of $32 million seems to have killed it dead. Of course, as it happens with mega-blockbusters like The Mummy, the Hollywood blame game has started and all signs point to Cruise. Apparently, Cruise’s excessive control of the movie changed the story almost completely, resulting in the mess that became The Mummy, a movi...
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The Mummy Movie Review – The Dark Universe Gets Off To Rough Start

Universal picked a good lead to kick off its Dark Universe franchise, but that has more to do with the fact that Tom Cruise has a bizarre charm that can defy almost any script than it has to do with the launching of the instant classic “universe” they were hoping for. In this version of the classic monster story, we enter with a fair amount of backstory surrounding Egyptian Princess Ahmanet (Sofia Boutella) who made a deal with the God Set in exchange for unbelievable power, and then killed her ...
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All the Ways The Mummy Sets Up the Dark Universe of Universal's Monsters

Tom Cruise’s new film, The Mummy, is essentially a monster movie Iron Man; it’s first film in Universal’s new cinematic universe of monsters, which will include Frankenstein, the Invisible Man, and other horrors from the studio’s rich, historic past. Here’s the breakdown of everything The Mummy can tell us about the…Read more...
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The Mummy Reviews – What Did You Think?!

The Mummy Reviews – What Did You Think?! Universal Pictures‘ The Mummy is now playing in theaters and we’ve created this spot for you to tell us and your fellow moviegoers what you thought about the Alex Kurtzman-directed film, starring Tom Cruise, Annabelle Wallis, Jake Johnson, Courtney B. Vance and Oscar winner Russell Crowe. You can read our The Mummy review here. Let us know what you thought by posting your The Mummy reviews in the comments below! You can view all our previous The Mummy ...
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Poll: Which ‘Dark Universe’ Movie Are You Most Excited for?

With “The Mummy,” starring Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella, releasing this weekend, Universal is officially kicking off its “Dark Universe.” Though reviews for “The Mummy” have been unfavorable and box office tracking is far from through the roof, the studio hasn’t said it will slow down on its planned monster universe. The films will mine... Read more »
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