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Notorious Ransomware Gang REvil Mysteriously Disappears After Causing Global Havoc

After causing international mayhem, a notorious cybercrime group appears to have disappeared. Read more...
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Ring’s latest security updates are good, but still opt-in

Ring, the video doorbell maker dubbed the “largest civilian surveillance network the U.S. has ever seen,” is rolling out new but long overdue security and privacy features. The Amazon-owned company’s reputation was bruised after a spate of account breaches in late 2019, in which hackers broke into Ring user accounts and harassed children in their own homes. Then, taking advantage of Ring’s weak security practices, hackers had developed bespoke software to brute-force the passwords on Ring accoun...
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This crowdsourced payments tracker wants to solve the ransomware visibility problem

Ransomware attacks, fueled by COVID-19 pandemic turbulence, have become a major money earner for cybercriminals, with the number of attacks rising in 2020. These file-encrypting attacks have continued largely unabated this year, too. In the last few months alone we’ve witnessed the attack on Colonial Pipeline that forced the company to shut down its systems — and the gasoline supply — to much of the eastern seaboard, the hack on meat supplier JBS that abruptly halted its slaughterhouse operation...
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This Crowdsourced Ransomware Payment Tracker Shows How Much Cybercriminals Have Heisted

Ransomware attacks are on the rise, but quantifying the scope of the problem can be tricky when only the most high-profile cases make headlines. Enter Ransomwhere, the crowdsourced ransomware payment tracker with a punny name that means to shine a light on these cyberattacks that have increasingly rattled governments…Read more...
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ZeroFox acquires dark web threat intelligence company Vigilante

ZeroFox, a cybersecurity startup that helps companies detect risks found on social media and digital channels, has announced it has acquired dark web threat intelligence company Vigilante.   Vigilante — not to be confused with the controversial crime reporting app — scours the dark web to source intelligence that helps to protect organizations from cyberattacks. The deal, terms of which were not announced, will see ZeroFox take on Vigilante’s global team of operatives and analysts to create “th...
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How the FBI Is Trying to Break Encryption Without Actually Breaking Encryption

Since at least the 1990s, federal officials have publicly worried that encrypted communications give aid to terrorists and criminals. More often than not they have, to some degree, been right.Read more...
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Recorded Future launches its new $20M Intelligence Fund for early-stage startups

Threat intelligence company Recorded Future is launching a $20 million fund for early-stage startups developing novel data intelligence tools. The Intelligence Fund will provide seed and Series A funding to startups that already have venture capital funding, Recorded Future says, as well as equip them with resources to help with the development and integration of intelligence applications in order to accelerate their go-to-market strategy.   Recorded Future, which provides customers with inform...
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Encrypted Messaging App Run by the FBI Leads to Arrest of Over 100 Organized Crime Members

For close to two years, the FBI clandestinely operated an encrypted communications platform called “Anom” that was used almost exclusively by drug traffickers and organized crime, a recently unsealed federal affidavit claims.
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Fujifilm becomes the latest victim of a network-crippling ransomware attack

Japanese multinational conglomerate Fujifilm has been forced to shut down parts of its global network after falling victim to a suspected ransomware attack. The company, which is best known for its digital imaging products but also produces high tech medical kit including devices for rapid processing of COVID-19 tests, confirmed that its Tokyo headquarters was hit by a cyberattack on Tuesday evening. “Fujifilm Corporation is currently carrying out an investigation into possible unauthorized acce...
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Drug Dealer Taken Down by ‘His Love of Stilton Cheese’

Many men have scaled the perilous ranks of the underworld, soaring to the heights of criminality, only to be laid low by their own personal failings: hubris, ambition, indulgence. Also the love of cheese, apparently.Read more...
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Child Sexual Abuse Site With 400,000 Users Shut Down by a Multinational Task Force

An international task force has shut down a large-scale dark web child sexual abuse platform, along with several similarly aligned dark web chat sites. According to an announcement from Germany’s Central Office for Combating Internet Crime (ZIT), “Boystown” had 400,000 registered users and was “one of Europe’s most…Read more...
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Identifying the Person Behind Bitcoin Fog

The person behind the Bitcoin Fog was identified and arrested. Bitcoin Fog was an anonymization service: for a fee, it mixed a bunch of people’s bitcoins up so that it was hard to figure out where any individual coins came from. It ran for ten years. Identifying the person behind Bitcoin Fog serves as an illustrative example of how hard it is to be anonymous online in the face of a competent police investigation: Most remarkable, however, is the IRS’s account of tracking down Sterlingov using th...
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A beginner’s guide to Tor: How to navigate the underground internet

Privacy is a rare commodity these days. If you need a basic intro into an underground route to the web, we've got the beginner's guide to understanding Tor.
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70,000 SSNs, 600,000 Credit Card Records Leaked After Stolen-Data Hub Gets Hacked

Until recently, the carding store Swarmshop was a popular, illicit online market where cybercriminals could go to sell and purchase stolen credit card and banking data. However, the store’s luck may have run out—and it may have taken a little of your luck with it.Read more...
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COVID-19 vaccines are $500 on the dark web

No surprise that there's apparently a brisk business in COVID-19 vaccines happening on dark web marketplaces. Apparently there are more than 1,000 listings right now covering all the vaccine flavors: Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca, Sputnik, and Sinopharm. Send $500 in Bitcoin and you could get your dose tomorrow. — Read the rest
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Someone Is Hacking the Hackers

In the latest in a string of “hits” on Russian dark web forums, the prominent crime site Maza appears to have been breached by someone earlier this week. Read more...
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Share and Receive Files Anonymously with 'OnionShare'

Whether you’re a spy or a geek, there are plenty of ways to share and receive files with others without revealing anyone’s identity. Whatever your reasons for needing this secrecy, whether as the host or the submitter, it’s easy to set up a virtual dumping ground for your data—top-secret or otherwise mundane.
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The Internet's Biggest Darknet Just Got Taken Down

One of the internet’s largest forums for criminal activity, has been seized and the man believed to be its operator has been arrested, European authorities announced Tuesday. Read more...
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Dark web vendors are selling shady coronavirus 'vaccines' for $300, and there's been an uptick in listings since the FDA authorized Pfizer's shot

The arrival of coronavirus vaccines means people have started hawking so-called "vaccines" on the Dark Web. CHRIS JACKSON/POOL/AFP via Getty Images Researchers at security company Check Point have found suspect COVID-19 vaccines for sale on the dark web for up to $300. While they did not verify whether the vaccines offered were fake or genuine, the shots appear highly unlikely to be real. Check Point's head of product research told Business Insider there was a notable uptick in the amount ...
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You can now securely submit tips to TechCrunch using SecureDrop

For the past few years, some of the biggest stories on TechCrunch have come from you. We’ve revealed internal employee battles at some of the world’s biggest tech companies, reported on unexpected layoffs during the pandemic, uncovered safety violations, seen how Facebook paid teens to snoop on their private data, revealed a major hack that a company tried to cover up, and exposed workplace discrimination, secretive startups and government wrongdoing. We have been able to report on these importa...
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Study suggests most "dark web" users are not engaging in illicit activities

Despite its reputation as a tool for criminals, only a small percentage of Tor users were actually going to the dark web.The rate was higher in free countries and lower in countries with censored internet access. The findings are controversial, and may be limited by their methodology to be general assumptions. Various parts of the internet have earned stereotypes about how people use them. Some of these are warranted, and some are mere caricatures. Perhaps no section of the internet is less ple...
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DOJ says it seized over $1 billion in bitcoin from the Silk Road drugs marketplace

Two days ago, about $1 billion worth of bitcoin that had sat dormant since the seizure of the Silk Road marketplace in 2013, one of the biggest underground drug websites on the dark web, suddenly changed hands. Who took it? Mystery over. It was the U.S. government. In a statement Thursday, the Justice Department confirmed it had seized the 70,000 bitcoins generated in revenue from drug sales on the Silk Web marketplace from a hacker, known as “Individual X,” who moved the cryptocurrency from Sil...
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Should You Use a 'Dark Web Scan' to Protect Your Identity?

Identity theft is such a growing problem that it’s become almost routine—Marriott, MyFitness Pal, LinkedIn, Zynga, and even Equifax (of all places) have had high-profile online data breaches in recent years, affecting hundreds of millions of people. To help combat this problem, Experian and other companies are…Read more...
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A cybersecurity firm found a hacker selling personal data on 186 million US voters. It warned the data 'can easily be used for geo-targeted disinformation campaigns.'

Voter registration information is available publicly — but the hacker used other stolen data to match email addresses with voter rolls and sell it off as a package. Motortion/Getty Images A cybersecurity company has found a hacker offering to sell data about the political affiliations of nearly 200 million American voters.  Trustwave said the hacker was selling data that included the names, addresses, age, gender, and political affiliation of 186 million voters. They were also selling a la...
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A dark web police sting led to 179 arrests and 500 kilograms of drugs seized

Cocaine was among the drugs seized. Shutterstock An international police sting targeting dark web sellers has led to 179 arrests. A total of 500 kilograms of drugs, $6.5 million, and 64 firearms were seized. FBI Director Chris Wray said the bust came at a critical time, as the pandemic has come with a spike in opioid overdoses. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. An international police sting has led to the arrest of almost 180 dark web vendors.Called Operation DisrupTor, t...
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Lawmakers Ask For Drug-trafficking Information On Dark Web

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — U.S. Sen. Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire is asking the U.S. attorney general’s office and the FBI for a progress report on illegal drug trafficking, particularly of fentanyl and other opioids, on a hidden part of the internet known as the dark web. Hassan was joined by fellow Democrat U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, of California, and Republican U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, of Texas, in a letter Tuesday asking for information regarding the work of the Joint Criminal Opioid Darknet Enf...
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Cyber threat startup Cygilant hit by ransomware

Cygilant, a threat detection cybersecurity company, has confirmed a ransomware attack. Christina Lattuca, Cygilant’s chief financial officer, said in a statement that the company was “aware of a ransomware attack impacting a portion of Cygilant’s technology environment.” “Our Cyber Defense and Response Center team took immediate and decisive action to stop the progression of the attack. We are working closely with third-party forensic investigators and law enforcement to understand the full n...
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Instacart blames reused passwords for account hacks, but customers are still without basic two-factor security

Online shopping service Instacart says reused passwords are to blame for a recent spate of account breaches, which saw personal data belonging to hundreds of thousands of Instacart customers stolen and put up for sale on the dark web. The company published a statement late on Thursday saying its investigation showed that Instacart “was not compromised or breached,” but pointed to credential stuffing, where hackers take lists of usernames and passwords stolen from other breached sites and brut...
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Decrypted: iOS 13.5 jailbreak, FBI slams Apple, VCs talk cybersecurity

It was a busy week in security. Newly released documents shown exclusively to TechCrunch show that U.S. immigration authorities used a controversial cell phone snooping technology known as a “stingray” hundreds of times in the past three years. Also, if you haven’t updated your Android phone in a while, now would be a good time to check. That’s because a brand-new security vulnerability was found — and patched. The bug, if exploited, could let a malicious app trick a user into thinking they’re u...
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The darknet – a wild west for fake coronavirus ‘cures’? The reality is more complicated (and regulated)

By James Martin The coronavirus pandemic has spawned reports of unregulated health products and fake cures being sold on the dark web. These include black market PPE, illicit medications such as the widely touted “miracle” drug chloroquine, and fake COVID-19 “cures” including blood supposedly from recovered coronavirus patients. These dealings have once again focused public attention on this little-understood section […] ...
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