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Bank repossessions of homes plunge to lowest level in at least 15 years

Amid federal and state restrictions on foreclosures and evictions, bank repossessions dropped 14 percent month over month and 80 percent year over year.
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US, Sweden, New Zealand: 3 contrasting tales of recovery

The new listing volume data suggests that the harder the lockdown, the bigger the drop in new listing volumes — and the faster the recovery.
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US, Sweeden, New Zealand: 3 contrasting tales of recovery

The new listing volume data suggests that the harder the lockdown, the bigger the drop in new listing volumes — and the faster the recovery.
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Share of mortgages in forbearance continues decline, falling to 7.4%

For the eighth week in a row, total loans in forbearance have declined. Currently, there are about 3.7 million homeowners enrolled in forbearance plans.
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Making sense of the headlines: Homeownership rates in 2020

Looking for a little clarity on this week's news? Windermere Chief Economist Matthew Gardner dives deeper into the latest U.S. homeownership rates and what they mean.
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Suburbs growing in popularity thanks to coronavirus pandemic

A new report from shows that amid the coronavirus pandemic U.S. homebuyers are increasingly looking for properties in suburbs, particularly in the Northeast.
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Steadfast Rules for Data Visualization

In general, the very reason to give a presentation is to teach the audience something. Whether an introduction to something new, an update on progress, or a revolutionary process, your audience should be learning. Often, data visualization is key to illustrating portions of information. Edward Tufte, a data visualization legend, once said, “if the statistics are boring, then you’ve got the wrong numbers.” Not only that, but if your numbers are displayed poorly, then you run the risk of falling i...
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In a positive sign, number of equity-rich properties continues to rise

During the second quarter of 2020, equity-rich properties outnumber seriously underwater properties 4 to 1, according to a report by Attom Data Solutions.
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Mortgage applications drop 5.1%

The decline in loan application activity may be a result of rising coronavirus cases in many states, as well as the delay of a new government-issued stimulus package.
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Quarter of homebuyers are moving — and moving sooner than expected

Twenty-five percent of homebuyers reported the pandemic has caused them to move — or speed up their moving timeline, according to a survey by Redfin.
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EXp Realty wants to go head-to-head with Zillow and Redfin

During Connect Now, CEO Glenn Sanford shared why the company is launching a consumer-facing platform, and why he believes agents need to make tough decisions with certain vendors.
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Late July home sales prices reach record heights: Redfin

The median home sale price soared 11 percent year over year, bringing that figure up to a record-high of $315,000, according to a market report by Redfin.
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Mortgages in forbearance continue to drop

The total share of loans in forbearance dropped to 7.67 percent of servicers' portfolio volume, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association.
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Making sense of the headlines: What you should know about the Case-Shiller Index

Looking for a little clarity on this week's news? Windermere Chief Economist Matthew Gardner dives deeper into the lesser known components of the Case-Shiller Home Price Index and what they can tell us about the health of the market.
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Reverse Mortgage Market ‘Stronger Than Ever,’ July Data Shows

The production of new Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM)-backed securities (HMBS) totaled approximately $1.42 billion in July as continuing capital markets recovery and low interest rates fueled strong new production and a large seasoned pool, making for the highest issuance level since February 2018. This is according to publicly available Ginnie Mae data and private sources compiled by New View Advisors. Additionally, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) recorded 4...
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Rent prices are slowing faster in cities than in the suburbs: Zillow

Between February and June, annual rent growth slowed 2 percentage points in urban areas while slowing by just 1.4 percentage points in suburban areas, according to a Zillow study.
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Revisit Scenes of Daily Life in Amsterdam in 1922, with Historic Footage Enhanced by Artificial Intelligence

Welkom in Amsterdam… 1922. Neural network artist Denis Shiryaev describes himself as “an artistic machine-learning person with a soul.” For the last six months, he’s been applying himself to re-rendering documentary footage of city life—Belle Epoque Paris, Tokyo at the start of the the Taish? era, and New York City in 1911—the year of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire. It’s possible you’ve seen the footage before, but never so alive in feel. Shiryaev’s renderings trick modern eyes with artifi...
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Caring for students goes beyond the teaching project

The Covid-19 pandemic gives universities an opportunity to find new ways of ensuring the health and well-being of students The post Caring for students goes beyond the teaching project appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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All the storage you'll ever need to back up your data for under $100

140,000 hard drives crash in America every week. 93 percent of businesses that suffer data loss for over 10 days file for bankruptcy within 12 months.Four million data records are stolen or lost every single day. Data loss is an expensive problem. The enormous amount of data that is lost due to hard drive crashes creates financial headaches as well as emotional pain. There's nothing worse than losing years of photos, videos, or music because you forgot to back up your data. But sadly, it happen...
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US homeownership rate hits near 12-year high — or did it?

New data from the Census Bureau indicates that the homeownership rate surged to its highest point since the third quarter of 2008, but a change in data collection methodology may have impacted the results.
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Making sense of the headlines: Will home prices rise in 2020?

Looking for a little clarity on this week's news? Windermere Chief Economist Matthew Gardner takes a look at home sales and gives his outlook on home prices for the remainder of 2020.
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These are the 10 most discussed tech topics during COVID-19

COVID is changing the world and our technology conversations are changing with it.As part of work identifying promising technology use cases to combat COVID, The Boston Consulting Group recently used contextual AI to analyze more than 150 million English language media articles from 30 countries published between December 2019 to May 2020. While the research reflects media coverage and not technology development, the analysis still reveals a range of shifting interests. These shifts can give a s...
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3 questions to ask yourself next time you see a graph, chart, or map

Since the days of painting on cave walls, people have been representing information through figures and images. Nowadays, data visualization experts know that presenting information visually helps people better understand complicated data. The problem is that data visualizations can also leave you with the wrong idea – whether the images are sloppily made or intentionally misleading. Take for example the bar graph presented at an April 6 press briefing by members of the White House Coronavir...
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Renters will be hardest hit by an end to unemployment benefits: Zillow

Over 30 million people receiving benefits stand to lose $600 per week, launching the percentage of renter households facing a housing burden to 41 percent.
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Using the right data methods in product research

Delivering a solid product that customers love requires an up-front knowledge of the market in which customers and potential customers operate. Understanding the problems they face, and solving those problems with a software solution, is the end goal. #prodmgmt #Leadership Continue reading →
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Homes continue to sell fast amid incredibly low inventory

The number of homes that went under contract the week ending July 18, 2020 surpassed those of the previous week, with pending sales increasing by 10.9 percent week over week, according to Zillow's Weekly Market Report.
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US home sale profits rise to new post-recession high

The typical home sale profit of $75,971 in the second quarter of 2020 reflected a 36.3 percent return on investment from the original price, a new high in raw profits since the housing market started its recovery from the Great Recession in 2012.
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A time capsule of computer code is buried deep in the Arctic

Buried underground near the Svalbard Global Seed Vault is the Arctic World Archive safeguarding humanity's books, documents, and data.The Archive includes the massive GitHub library of software code behind the world's open-source applications.Information in the vault is stored on special media said to be durable for 1,000 years. For a place that's so cold, Norway's Svalbard archipelago is downright hot when it comes to safeguarding some of humanity's most precious stuff. We've written before ab...
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Multifamily rents fell year-over-year for first time in a decade

Multifamily rents in the U.S. dropped by $2 in June to $1,457, following a four-month trend of declining rents, according to Yardi Matrix's June 2020 National Multifamily Report. Since January, average multifamily rents have decreased by $12.
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Home repair help and moving services on the rise: TaskRabbit

With economies reopening nationwide, demand for home repair help and moving services are picking up steam, according to data from the online marketplace.
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