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Senate Cyber Hawk Calls for 'Criminal Penalties' for Negligent CEOs After U.S. Pipeline Hack

Sen. Ron Wyden, historically a leading proponent of heightened cybersecurity governance in both public and private spheres, called for congressional action Wednesday around all private firms operating in critical infrastructure sectors, saying the recent network breach at one of the largest U.S. pipelines paints a…Read more...
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How Europe’s ‘Mr. TikTok’ Sees the App Growing in Importance, for Users and Advertisers

The rise of TikTok continues globally and specifically in Europe, where the social media app now reaches more than 100 million monthly users. That audience is growing beyond Gen Z, or "Generation TikTok" as it's called by the company. A year ago, Stuart Flint joined from Verizon to become the platform's head of Europe and...
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The Death And Life Of The Stand-Alone Solution

While automated malware analysis and network intrusion detection systems remained in our Divest category, three more technologies joined them this year: data loss prevention, managed security service providers, and security user behavior analytics. Why is this? Because these stand-alone technologies simply don’t cut it anymore. This isn’t to say these solutions are dead, mind you. No, they live on in within larger, more comprehensive solutions.
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Peloton's Data Breach Is a Reminder to Lie Whenever You Can

Peloton has suffered a data breach. The good news? The information about your exercise habits that subsequently became freely accessible by outsiders isn’t all that damning. Peloton’s delayed response, however, is far more concerning.Read more...
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Your Old Phone Number Could Get You Hacked, Researchers Say

When you get a new phone number, mobile carriers will often “recycle” your old one—assigning it to a new phone and, therefore, a new customer. Carriers say the reason they do this is to stave off a hypothetical future of “number exhaustion”—a sort of “peak oil” for phone numbers, when every possible number that could…Read more...
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Facebook faces ‘mass action’ lawsuit in Europe over 2019 breach

Facebook is to be sued in Europe over the major leak of user data that dates back to 2019 but which only came to light recently after information on 533M+ accounts was found posted for free download on a hacker forum. Today Digital Rights Ireland (DRI) announced it’s commencing a “mass action” to sue Facebook, citing the right to monetary compensation for breaches of personal data that’s set out in the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Article 82 of the GDPR provides fo...
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Grocery startup Mercato spilled years of data, but didn’t tell its customers

A security lapse at online grocery delivery startup Mercato exposed tens of thousands of customer orders, TechCrunch has learned. A person with knowledge of the incident told TechCrunch that the incident happened in January after one of the company’s cloud storage buckets, hosted on Amazon’s cloud, was left open and unprotected. The company fixed the data spill, but has not yet alerted its customers. Mercato was founded in 2015 and helps over a thousand smaller grocers and specialty food stores ...
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Minnesota Has Begun Crafting Privacy Policies for Connected Transit Tech

Connected and automated vehicles are the future, but they carry with them a host of privacy concerns that rightfully necessitate a careful, thoughtful approach to crafting security frameworks to guide their widespread implementation. It’s mostly uncharted territory at this point, but a handful of states are taking…Read more...
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Navigating The Struggles Of Data Deletion And Secure Data Disposal

How long does your organization retain customer, employee, and sensitive corporate data, and how do you go about disposing of it? In the absence of explicit regulatory mandates, when and how to delete different types of records and personal data can become a tug-of-war between line of business, legal, and security teams.   There are consequences of improper deletion and disposal, as well as excessive retention. In Italy, telecommunications company TIM received a fine […]
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Cybersecurity training startup Hack The Box raises $10.6M Series A led by Paladin Capital

Cybersecurity training startup Hack The Box, which emerged originally from Greece, has raised a Series A investment round of $10.6 million, led by Paladin Capital Group and joined by Osage University Partners, Brighteye Ventures, and existing investors Marathon Venture Capital. It will use the funding to expand. Most recently it launched Hack The Box Academy. Started in 2017, Hack The Box specializes in using ‘ethical hacking’ to train cybersecurity techniques. Users are given challenges to “att...
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Data Storage and Security for Property Managers

Digitalization is still on the rise, and technology has revolutionized countless aspects of our daily lives. The property management industry has benefited greatly from today’s technological advancements – developments in automation and cloud-based computing have paved the way for property managers, landlords and investors to streamline operations and maximize profits. Across the board, technology like this is becoming more accessible and affordable to the average person, but it isn’t witho...
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70,000 SSNs, 600,000 Credit Card Records Leaked After Stolen-Data Hub Gets Hacked

Until recently, the carding store Swarmshop was a popular, illicit online market where cybercriminals could go to sell and purchase stolen credit card and banking data. However, the store’s luck may have run out—and it may have taken a little of your luck with it.Read more...
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Employee Indicted for Hacking Kansas Water Utility and Trying to Shut Down Key Systems

A federal grand jury is indicting a 22-year-old guy over accusations that he tampered with a public water system. Dude allegedly hacked into a computer system that controls a rural water utility in Ellsworth County, Kansas, then messing with the virtual processes that affect procedures for cleaning and disinfecting…Read more...
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Answers being sought from Facebook over latest data breach

Facebook’s lead data protection regulator in the European Union is seeking answers from the tech giant over a major data breach reported on over the weekend. The breach was reported on by Business Insider on Saturday which said personal data (including email addresses and mobile phone numbers) of more than 500M Facebook accounts had been posted to a low level hacking forum — making the personal information on hundreds of millions of Facebook users’ accounts freely available. “The exposed data in...
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Hack takes: A CISO and a hacker detail how they’d respond to the Exchange breach

Aaron Fosdick Contributor Share on Twitter Aaron Fosdick is CISO at Randori, a cybersecurity firm that provides offensive security services. David Wolpoff Contributor Share on Twitter A career hacker, David "Moose" Wolpoff is CTO and co-founder of Randori, a company building a continuous red-teaming platform. More posts by this contribut...
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Universities Across the Country Are Being Swept Up in a Large Data Fiasco

A number of prominent U.S. colleges have become the newest, unlucky recipients of a cybersecurity migraine currently affecting dozens of organizations all over the world. Read more...
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Reset Your Ubiquiti Passwords Right Now

Nothing says fun like a company describing its own data breach as “catastrophic.” That’s a “c” word you definitely don’t want to hear if you have an account with said company or use its products, and that’s exactly what happened recently to Ubiquiti.Read more...
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Why Are People Making Fraudulent Purchases on My Old Accounts?

Why do cats meow? Why do birds fly? Why do hackers break into your account? It’s their nature. Or it’s a hobby. Or they’re just jerks who really want to take advantage of vulnerabilities and security screwups for sport, profit, or a combination of both. Read more...
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FatFace tells customers to keep its data breach ‘strictly private’

Clothing giant FatFace had a data breach, but doesn’t want you to tell anyone about it. The company sent an email to customers this week disclosing that it first detected a breach on January 17. A hacker made off with the customer’s name, email and postal address, and the last four-digits of their credit card. “Full payment card information was not compromised,” the notice reiterated. “We immediately launched an investigation with the assistance of experienced security specialists who, following...
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Watch out, firearm lovers. The subtly-named, a place where Americans can go to pick out whatever stylish boomstick they like and have it shipped straight to their doorstep, seems to have a pretty awful data breach on its hands.Read more...
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A Cyberattack Allegedly Knocked Insurance Giant CNA Offline

CNA Financial, one of the largest insurance providers in the U.S., is currently experiencing widespread network disruptions. Read more...
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U.S. Indicts 21-Year-Old Accused of Leaking Stolen Data of Disney, Nintendo, and More

Federal prosecutors in Western Washington secured a grand jury indictment on Thursday against a Swiss national accused by the U.S. of hacking dozens of companies and government agencies.Read more...
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Vulcan Cyber raises $21M Series B for its vulnerability remediation platform

Tel Aviv-based Vulcan Cyber, a cybersecurity startup that helps businesses prioritize and fix security vulnerabilities, today announced that it has raised a $21 million Series B funding round led by Dawn Capital. Wipro Ventures and existing investors YL Ventures and Ten Eleven Ventures also participated in this round. The company says it will use the new funding to roll out new remediation solutions and launch a free risk-based vulnerability management platform under the Vulcan Free monicker. Wi...
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Indicted CEO of Encrypted Phone Firm Says Drug Charges Are Attack on the 'Right to Privacy'

Sky Global CEO Jean-Francois Eap, who the Department of Justice indicted last week for his alleged role in providing encryption tech to international drug cartels, has shot back that the government is targeting him to destroy the “fundamental right to privacy.”Read more...
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Feds Eye Swiss Hacker Tied to Major Security Cam Breach

Swiss authorities on Friday raided the home of a computer hacker reportedly under FBI investigation who has also—unrelatedly—taken credit for the recent breach of U.S. security camera company. The company, Verkada Inc., has itself separately been accused of granting employees extraneous access to the private…Read more...
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Hackers Are Swarming Microsoft Exchange

Those Microsoft Exchange security flaws you may have heard about are really getting pummeled. If ever there was a time for cybersecurity reporters to trot out metaphors involving phrases like “blood in the water” and “deranged swarm of piranhas,” it might be right now. Read more...
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What Do Managers Need To Know About Employee Biometric Data?

Employees are staring to worry about what will happen with their data Image Credit: jakub Managers are aware that the modern workplace is having technology added to it every day. The new technologies that companies are using includes things like fingerprint and facial scanners. Every time that a worker gets scanned, more and more data about that worker is collected by the company. What is starting to happen is that workers are becoming aware of the enormous amount of data about the...
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People Think Their Bank Should Be Calling Them More Often

People want a phone call from their banking provider if something happens. But, when they don't recognize the number, why would they pick up? The post People Think Their Bank Should Be Calling Them More Often appeared first on The Financial Brand.
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5 Ways To Protect Your Remote Team’s Data

There are several things any employer or organization can do to protect their data, whether or not they have a virtual team. Let’s see the top 5 ways to protect your remote team’s data. The post 5 Ways To Protect Your Remote Team’s Data appeared first on Young Upstarts.
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California DMV Warns Millions of Records May Have Been Exposed in Worrisome Data Breach

The California Department of Motor Vehicles has warned state residents that over a year’s worth of data—including customer addresses and license plate numbers—may have been compromised in a recent cyberattack on a third-party contractor.Read more...
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