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The Plus-Size Garment Every Curvy Girl Needs

The Plus-Size Garment Every Curvy Girl Needs Long one of the most polished and elegant pieces in women’s fashion history, the pencil skirt has always been relevant. Part of its charm is in its versatility and ability to flatter any figure. It’s the answer to your corporate “what to wear” woes when you’re sick of pantsuits, yet it also fits in nicely if you’re headed to a date or have an impromptu event to attend. The best part? Your pencil skirt is also a fabulous tool for negotiating your curve...
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How Much You Should Pay Your Babysitter in 2019, Based on Where You Live

Figuring out how much is too much—or too little—to pay the babysitter can be tricky business. You want to pay fairly (this person is keeping your kids alive in your absence, after all), but if you start off too high at the beginning of the relationship, there’s really no walking it back.Read more...
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Facebook won't accept ads for Hump, Dan Savage's delightful homebrew porno film-festival

Hump is a festival showcasing homemade pornographic shorts (5 minutes or less), created by beloved sex- and relationship-advice columnist Dan Savage (the guy who made Rick Santorum's name synonymous with the residue of lube, semen and fecal matter produced by anal sex; and who created the "It Gets Better and Impeach the Motherfucker Already campaigns). Hump is in its 14th year, and has only gone from strength to strength, celebrating sex-positivity for all bodies, gender expressions and id...
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8 Unique Date Ideas To Consider This Spring

If you’re looking for some unique date ideas to do with your spouse this spring, we’ve got a few fun activities to sugges that you may not have thought of yet. Far too many people put too much pressure on their expectations for date night, and that makes it very easy to ruin your time together. The trick is to shake things up. While leaving the kids home with a babysitter and going out for a romantic meal is always fun, it can get boring pretty quickly. Rather than reserving a table ...
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How to Date When You Have Food Allergies

Dating’s hard enough. Add a severe food allergy and the prospect of a swollen air passage in the middle of a date, and not only have you found the holy grail of romantic disasters, but you’ve landed square on it and without a parachute.Read more...
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Valentines Day Lingerie — Pieces You’ll Both Love

Valentines Day Lingerie — Pieces You’ll Both Love It’s the little things that promise to make Valentine’s Day memorable for you and your special someone. You can have dinner lined up at the best restaurant in town and plans to see that much-buzzed-about flick, but you’ll love the way slipping into some comfortable lingerie makes you feel. Here are five fabulous picks, all of which come in at under $50. The Babydoll The flirty little babydoll is perfect if you’re feeling adventurous and want to b...
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We Solved the Winter Date Style Dilemma

We Solved the Winter Date Style Dilemma If you already struggle to decide on the right outfit for a date, winter is not your friend. Somehow you’ve got to (1) look amazing and stylish, and (2) stay warm. When you’re staring at the inside of your own closet, the conundrum feels impossible to solve. I mean, you’d rather not wear the plump parka layered over fleece pants and boots. That’s your grocery store outfit. And you can’t suck it up and withstand the cold without cover. That’ll be unbearabl...
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First Date Jitters? Look Drop-Dead Gorgeous with These Tips

First Date Jitters? Look Drop-Dead Gorgeous with These Tips What you wear on a date should feel like second skin to you. The more comfortable you are, the better you look. Your clothing and makeup are not something that should make you anxious or self-conscious, but instead set you free to express yourself while ensuring that irresistible feminine charm continues to bewitch the guy (or the girl) seated across the table! This is an original post from The Budget Fashionista. First Date Jitters? Lo...
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How to Adult: 3 Outfits for Hosting in Your Home

Because the hostess with the mostest wants to look cute, too! Hosting, to me, seem like the pinnacle of sophistication and adulting. You're inviting folks over to your home, which is effortlessly clean, and you have wine or cocktails ready for your guests that came together at the flick of a wrist, and the food is delicious and complex but, really, it's just 'something you whipped up'. Having hosted a few dinner parties, let me tell you that is NOT how they go. You're cooking up until the last...
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Class to Night Out: Distressed Denim Shorts

A summer classic, styled for day and night. Products L-R: Forever 21, Boohoo, & Lulus.Distressed denim shorts have been around for as long as we can remember, for very good reason: They're stylish, classic, and they pair well with literally everything. Whether you want to dress your shorts up or down, we have the details on how you can style your shorts for class and a night out this summer. Read on to see two easy outfit ideas: How to Style Distressed Denim Shorts - Outfit for Class: Product...
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5 Ways to Make Your Date Night More Exciting

Whether it comes around once a week or once a month, a date is something to get excited about. Although some dates night can be slightly repetitive, there are some easy tips to keep them adventurous and something you can both look forward to. Here are five ways you can keep the excitement alive on date night! Keep it Mysterious If it’s your turn to pick the venue, try your best to keep it a secret. Even if it’s a simple meal out of a night in, not telling your partner what’s going to happen m...
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13 Reasons Why You Need to Date Your Husband

13 Reasons Why You Need to Date Your Husband I met my husband when I was 19 years old. I was a sophomore at Brown University and he was a (gorgeous) senior. I remember thinking, “I hope he hasn’t graduated yet!” When we first met because I really (really) wanted to get to know him. He was so funny. He was so sweet. And (ahem) he was handsome as can be. What can I say, he kinda had me at HELLO. It’s funny – whenever I tell people that Matt and I are celebrating our 17th wedding anniversary on Jun...
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Freakbot 4

Return of Freakbot! Dedicated to Susan Q.! [Author: Doug]
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Simple Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Spouse

When the newness of dating fades and the blissfulness of being newlyweds subsides, routine and comfort set in. Though it is great to be comfortable with your spouse and have a routine that keeps things in order, it is often during these times that your love can feel strained. Suddenly, you don’t feel appreciated anymore or you feel taken for granted and you start to distance yourselves from the very people you fell in love with. How do you get that good old feeling back? Staying in lov...
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Keep Date Nights A Priority During Your Engagement with This Idea

So here’s the sitch. Finding balance between work, play and (duh) love during your engagement is tough. We’re all about finding ways to keep date nights a priority and remember why your life has turned into one giant tornado of fabric swatches and cake flavors in one hot second. Our answer to this dilemma? Cozy date nights at home with gourmet meal plans that require minimal effort. So we say treat yoself, and we’re pointing all hands towards Green Chef! View full post
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Class to Night Out: Fur Bag

This fuzzy accessory will ensure all eyes are on you. Different colored fur bags. Products L-R: Skinny Dip London, New Look, Dolls Kill, & Nordstrom RackFur bags are among fashion's top trending accessories this season. Here at CF, we all love our purses, but a fuzzy fur bag takes our love to the next level. These bags come in different colors, sizes, and designs, so there's a perfect choice for every ensemble. Don't believe you can wear these everywhere? Keep reading and I'll convince you.Bel...
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How to Have a Cozy Night In

Thank you Idahoan® Steakhouse® Soups for sponsoring this cozy night in post. Treat your SOUP-er significant other to a delicious meal! Although I spend most evenings with my boyfriend, I have to admit that many of them involve running errands, working, cleaning, doing paperwork or getting lost in the rabbit hole of the internet. With […] The post How to Have a Cozy Night In appeared first on Eat Move Make. Copyright ® 2009-2018. All rights reserved.
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9 Date Nights That You Can Actually Have Tomorrow

XOXO, mon ami. We’re currently counting down the hours to Valentine’s Day (and also the post-holiday chocolate sales if we’re being honest). If you’ve had your V-day plans locked down for weeks, then seriously, props to you. But for some of us stragglers, it feels like Feb 14 came out of nowhere! So today we thought we’d share 9 last minute date nights that you can look up tonight and do after work tomorrow. View full post
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5 Things You Should Never Stop Doing After You Get Married

Marriage is a major step that can change the course of two people’s lives for the better. Although in the right context it can be a positive change, as with everything in life there are also challenges that accompany it. One of these challenges is finding the time to spend with your partner. Another includes not getting too comfortable and allowing the relationship to slowly drift into one where you feel like roommates as opposed to lovers. In order to prevent this from happening, you’re going...
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best Valentine's day cities in US

Americans will spend over $19 billion (or about $140 per-person) to make this year’s Valentine’s Day perfect for their significant other. But deciding how to spend that money isn’t an easy task, so WalletHub did some research on exactly which US cities are best for getting the most out Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank. They measured each city by looking at the cost of things like movie tickets, restaurant meals, and even the average price of a night in a 3-star hotel. What they found...
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The True Cost Of Not Nurturing Your Marriage

Marriage. It may be the ultimate romantic goal for most of us, but it’s certainly not the end of your relationship efforts. Too often, we see this as the be all and end all. Once we’ve got a ring on our fingers, we don’t have to worry anymore, right? In truth, though, divorce rates should be enough to tell you that isn’t the case. Besides, even if your marriage continues, it isn’t going to stay strong if you stop trying. Love is one of those ever-evolving things which need care and att...
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5 Gym Wear Essentials Cool Enough to Wear on a Night Out

5 Gym Wear Essentials Cool Enough to Wear on a Night Out There’s only one thing we love more than great workout gear to get our fitness goals in motion — and that’s pieces that flex beyond their initial form and function. Thanks to the gym wear trend that’s still high kicking, we’re seeing a more robust future for our gym favorites. So we’re tuned in and on the lookout for pieces that blur the lines between studio and street. And, as we shop for a 2018 lineup to begin checking off those resoluti...
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Celeb-Inspired, White-Hot Date Night Dresses Under $100

Celeb-Inspired, White-Hot Date Night Dresses Under $100 Black was the color of the evening for the Golden Globes, but celebrities showed a fuller fashion range at the 2018 Critics’ Choice Awards. Our fav leading ladies dazzled in everything from metallics to pastels to florals. But the true stars of the show were those winter white and creams worn by Angelina, Kate Bosworth, Greta Gerwig and Saoirse Ronan. White is a natural, if underused, choice for a romantic date night. It works as well for t...
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10 Ruffle Dresses that Dazzle (Under $200)

10 Ruffle Dresses that Dazzle (Under $200) If you’re old enough to remember the Seinfeld episode about a pirate shirt, you know that ruffles, no matter how trendy, can go terribly wrong. Poor George destroys his promising hand-model career and Jerry gets mocked by Bryan Gumbel — all over an overly ruffled shirt. And, since every shop in the mall is bursting with ruffles these days, it’s easier than ever to take a wrong step with the frill. I doubt you’ll get ridiculed by Bryan Gumbel for it, but...
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Date Night Essentials You Need Right Now

Date night, the night you look forward to all week, possibly all month. A chance to go out on the town with your special someone, and enjoy your time with each other and fight for together. Where it used to be that date night was reserved for those new couples who were just starting out, today date night is being enjoyed by couples who have been together for years, and even married couples. It’s that chance to put the stress of the week aside and just relax with one another. So, whether you’re...
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How to Change Up Your At-Home Date Night for Lasting Love

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Nancy DeVault of Life is full of responsibilities ─ work, kids, etc. ─ which can distract couples from making each other a priority. Consequently, spouses who don’t spend quality time together risk losing their connection and/or feeling less satisfied in their marriage. Committing to a routine date night can be a small change with big relationship benefits! In fact, the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia recently ...
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We’ve Got Your Next At-Home Date Night Idea

As we shift into the colder months, we couldn’t help but start daydreaming about cozy date night ideas. Perhaps our favorite is the simplest (and cheapest) of all! We’re talking an intimate, laid-back cooking together time, and the best part is you never have to leave the house. We’ve partnered with Veestro, who offers a […]
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Dates to go to in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO is a city where people come to reinvent themselves and when it comes to dating, that is just about as exciting and terrifying as it sounds. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, you can float between punk venues, video game bars, and upscale gyms until you find your scene. Tuesday’s bad date can be quickly erased by Thursday plans. Going on dates in San Francisco should be as unconventional as the dating scene itself. Here are 21 unusual date ideas in San Francisco that will ...
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Outfits Under $100: 3 Looks for Indoor Summer Dates

For when you don't wanna do the same old dinner and a movie... or leave the comfort of the A/C. When you're out of date ideas, it's easy to revert back to good ol' dinner and movies. And because it's now fully summer, staying outside for a prolonged period of time (at least where I live) means a sweaty mess and not fun (unless you're really into outdoorsy activities, in which case, all power to ya.)But if you aren't too interested in going on hikes or spending an entire day at an amusement/wate...
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4 Hot Beauty Tips For a Perfect Summer Date

Personally, if I'm at the beach, the last thing I'm worried about is makeup. Load me up with sunscreen, baby! But let's say there's a cute little seaside (or poolside) café your love wants to take you to. Or, heck, maybe you just want to freshen up and look cute for photos with your girlfriends! Regardless of what you're planning, you should know that there's a makeup look that will easily get you on your way. Check out a few of my tips for going from day to date, and be sure to check out all my...
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