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An impassioned obituary for a 79-year-old coronavirus victim blames Trump for his death, then calls out Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and people who refused to wear masks

"Dave did everything he was supposed to do, but you did not," David W. Nagy's widow wrote in her husband's obituary.
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Somewhere Under the Rhododendron

I am on an adjusted work schedule right now due to the coronavirus which meant that I was home on Wednesday right after lunch.  I had already sorted the needed fly fishing gear but still needed to throw a couple days clothing into a duffel bag and load up our 4Runner for a quickie trip to North Carolina to visit rod maker Chris Barclay and photographer (and all-around creative dude) Dave Fason.  And we can't forget Stella, Chris's pup companion.  She was along for it all as well.The plan was to ...
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Braun & Tatum to Produce Lady Macbeth Musical at Amazon

Braun & Tatum to Produce Lady Macbeth Musical at Amazon Amazon Studios is partnering up with Scooter Braun (Dave) and Channing Tatum (Kingsman: The Golden Circle) to produce a YA musical adaptation of William Shakespeare’s iconic character Lady Macbeth, according to The Hollywood Reporter. RELATED: The Maxx: Channing Tatum to Adapt Sam Kieth Comic PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; PB.gptAutoRefresh = PB.gptAutoRefresh || {'gpt...
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ComimcLab Podcast: The 8-Pages Rule

EPISODE SUMMARY This week, Brad and Dave recall a guideline for reader retention from the early days of webcomics that's a relevant today as it was then — the 8-Pages Rule. EPISODE NOTES Today's show is brought to you by Wacom — makers of the incredible Wacom One! This week, Brad and Dave recall a guideline for reader retention from the early days of webcomics that's a relevant today as it was then — the 8-Pages Rule. Questions asked and topics covered... ...
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Podcast #631: How to Prevent and Survive a Home Invasion

You’re lying in bed at night and hear a noise downstairs. Is there someone in your house, and if there is, do you know what to do? While we’d like to think we’d rise to the occasion and readily dispatch with the bad guys, my guest today argues that without preparation and training, you’re likely to flounder, and that you should have put more thought into how to keep the invader out of your house in the first place. His name is Dave Young, and he’s a security expert and the author of How to De...
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Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous Trailer: The Mighty T-Rex Is Back

The Mighty T-Rex Is Back in Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous Trailer It may take a while before Jurassic Park fans can watch the next long-featured installment in the franchise, Jurassic World: Dominion. But life, ah, as they say, finds a way, and this year fans will get their share of dinosaurs thanks to Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. Netflix and DreamWorks Animation have released the first trailer for the upcoming animated series. The teaser focuses on the adventures of six teenagers on Is...
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Eric Ries’ Foreword to The Startup Community Way

My new book with Ian Hathaway, The Startup Community Way, is officially out. When I saw the Kindle download first thing this morning, I felt a moment of unbridled joy. Writing a book is extremely hard. I’ve now written seven of them, all about startups and entrepreneurship. My next one, which I’ve been working on for a year with Dave Jilk (my first business partner), combined entrepreneurship and philosophy. Well, Dave’s been working on it a lot more than I have – I’ve been the slacker in thi...
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Millions of Dave Users' Personal Data Is Up for Grabs on a Hacking Forum

Since the overdraft-protection app Dave rolled out back in 2018, it’s racked up a hefty cash valuation, backing from Mark Cuban, and, uh, Diplo. It also brought on some 7 million cash-happy users. Now, it looks like most of them have their data up for grabs on the open web.Read more...
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Equity Monday: SAP, Qualtrics, and oh boy are we excited

Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines. This is Equity Monday, our weekly kickoff that tracks the latest big news, chats about the coming week, digs into some recent funding rounds and mulls over a larger theme or narrative from the private markets. You can follow the show on Twitter here, and myself here, and don’t forget to check out last Friday’s episode. Here’s what we talked about today: Headlines: ...
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Digital Banking Site 'Dave' Admits Security Breach Impacting 7.5 Million Users

"Digital banking app and tech unicorn confirmed today a security breach," reports ZDNet, "after a hacker published the details of 7,516,625 users on a public forum." In an email to ZDNet today, Dave said the security breach originated on the network of a former business partner, Waydev, an analytics platform used by engineering teams... The company said it has already plugged the hacker's point of entry and is in the process of notifying customers of the incident. Dave app passwords are...
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I have always appreciated Dave’s writings since he was a kid writing on his mama’s living room walls. He still reflects the views of America more clearly than Americans! I hereby nominate Dave for president of the U S of America. You ain’t alive if you don’t vote for Dave.Respectfully, elizabeth conboy
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THE FUTURE OF FINANCE: Check out the 60 fintech startups VCs are betting will be breakout hits

Hello! The financial-services industry is changing at a rapid clip, with fintechs addressing people's needs among the big winners in the wake of the coronavirus, as Dan DeFrancesco and Shannen Balogh reported this week. For example:  Robinhood, which has seen massive growth as market volatility continues, is now valued at $8.3 billion after its most recent funding round in May. Meanwhile, other personal finance apps like Chime and Stash have also seen record sign-up numbers recently.  With that...
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Coming This Week: An Unlikely Conversation with Dave Bruskas and Sutton Turner

On Tuesday (7/28) and Thursday (7/30) of this week, I will publish parts one and two respectively of an interview with former Mars Hill Church executive elders Dave Bruskas and Sutton Turner. Sutton and Dave were the executive elders in charge of Mars Hill along with Mark Driscoll. Six years ago, such a conversation could not be imagined. I was writing several times a week about Mars Hill Church. Exactly six years ago, I examined media coverage of Mars Hill’s critics and their finances. On July ...
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CS Interview: Dan Stevens on Dave Franco’s Passion Project The Rental

BEGIN SLIDESHOW CS Interview: Dan Stevens on Dave Franco’s passion project The Rental got the opportunity to chat with Legion and Downton Abbey alum Dan Stevens to discuss his role in the upcoming psychological horror-thriller The Rental, co-written and directed by Dave Franco (Neighbors) in his directorial debut, which is now in select theaters and on VOD! Click here to rent the chilling new film! RELATED: New The Rental Clip Reveals a Shocking Discovery ...
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Economic fallout from pandemic will hit women hardest

IMF says 30 years of gains for women could be erased as recession deepensUK working mothers are ‘sacrificIal lambs’ in pandemic‘Sexist policies’: mothers struggle to return to work‘When our nursery reopened only 7 kids came backEven before the coronavirus pandemic, there were vast inequalities between men and women in the world of work. Despite chipping away at the glass ceiling over recent decades, in 2020 the gender pay gap still remains stubbornly high, while more men called Steve and Dave ru...
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Truth Seekers Trailer: Nick Frost & Simon Pegg Hunt Ghosts

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Truth Seekers Trailer: Nick Frost & Simon Pegg Hunt Ghosts Amazon Prime has released the first trailer for its upcoming comedy series Truth Seekers. The show reunites longtime collaborators Simon Pegg (Mission: Impossible – Fallout) and Nick Frost (Fighting with My Family), who have worked together on a number of terrific projects including Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead and The World’s End. You can check out the Truth Seekers trailer below! PB =...
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Dave Franco Realizes His Worst Vacation Fears in ‘The Rental’

The actor makes his feature directing debut with a horror thriller about two couples who book a home-sharing getaway, but things don’t go as planned.
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Dopey Day to honor the lives of people who have died from addiction

My pal Dave has proclaimed that Friday, July 24th will be Dopey Day. I wrote about his popular Dopey Podcast (touted as a "dark comedy of drug addiction") in March 2018. At the time he had a co-host, Chris. Just a few months later, Chris had died of an overdose. Dopey Day is to "commemorate and celebrate" Chris' life, and to honor others who have died from addiction. Dave explains: Chris died on that day in 2018 from a tragic overdose of a deadly mixture of powerful drugs. He died having almost ...
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Truth Seekers: Pegg & Frost Unveil First Images from Amazon Series

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Truth Seekers: Simon Pegg and Nick Frost Unveil First Images from the Amazon Series Amazon Prime has released the first image from its upcoming comedy series Truth Seekers. The show reunites longtime collaborators Simon Pegg (Mission: Impossible – Fallout) and Nick Frost (Fighting with My Family), who have worked together on a number of terrific projects including Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead and The World’s End. You can check out the photos in the gallery below! ...
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Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl Comes to Teachers’ Defense Amid Trump’s ‘Politicized’ Plans to Reopen Schools

Dave Grohl has spoken out in defense of teachers as the Trump administration continues its “daunting and evermore politicized question of reopening our schools in the coronavirus pandemic.” In the first audio version of the Foo Fighters founder’s “Dave’s True Stories” series, Grohl — whose mother (pictured with him above) was a public school teacher […]
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ComicLab Podcast with Terry Blas!

EPISODE SUMMARY Today's show is brought to you by Wacom — makers of the incredible Wacom One! This week, Dave and Brad welcome the incredible Terry Blas to the show! EPISODE NOTES Today's show is brought to you by Wacom — makers of the incredible Wacom One! This week, Dave and Brad welcome the incredible Terry Blas to the show! Questions asked . . . Do you two old guys EVER meet anyone NEW? What is the best size for a webcomic? You get ...
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Apple says its supply chains and products will be carbon neutral by 2030

Apple this morning announced plans to make its entire business carbon neutral within the next 10 years. The news follows the company’s push toward a fully carbon neutral corporate structure, adding its manufacturing supply chain and resulting products into the mix. The roadmap to sustainability as released today, as part of the company’s annual Environmental Progress Report. Reducing every device it sells to zero climate impact means a couple of things. The primary concern is finding ways to...
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Saratoga thoroughbred meet like no other opens with no fans

A thoroughbred racing season like no other in Saratoga Race Course's long history began Thursday under a gray sky, with jockeys wearing masks, a smattering of fans trying to peer through fencing to at least get a glimpse of the horses, and management hopeful of something good in spite of the new coronavirus. “In terms of getting everything ready and running the races it’s similar," said Dave O'Rourke, in his second year as president and CEO of the New York Racing Association. Saratog...
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Amid the Storm, Dave Dombrowski Plots an M.L.B. Future in Nashville

Dombrowski brought World Series titles to the Marlins and the Red Sox, and now he’s leading an effort to bring a major league club to a new market.
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Coming next week: Meet Dave (online!) at StudioCon!

Friends! In a year when we can’t do Comic-Con, I'm excited to announce a fun stand-in that I'm calling STUDIO CON! And it's open to *everyone* around the world! Check out the 1-minute explanation video, below: Shop during the special convention hours July 22-26! And BAM! You're immediately sent a Zoom link! Click the Zoom link in the confirmation email! Check that your camera and mic are on, click the link, and voila! You're face-to-fa...
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LA’s PocketList gives renters better information, faster, about what apartments are available in cities

Nick Dazé, the co-founder and chief executive of the new Los Angeles-based apartment rental services company PocketList likes to say that his company is the first one to put the renter at the core of the platform.  The company Dazé has built with co-founder Julian Vergel de Dios, has, in fact, flipped the traditional script of relying on landlords and property managers to source information about available rentals and is relying on renters to provide information about the apartments they’re i...
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‘It’s Kind Of Like A Double Blow’: Small Businesses In Modesto Adjust To Second Closure

MODESTO(CBS13) — The ever-changing rules coming down from the governor are leaving many small business owners in Modesto stressed. Hank Olson says the first round of closures was hard. This second wave, he says, is frustrating. He owns Food Fix and has not even been in business a year, but is forced to change his operations yet again. Chairs are on top of the tables inside his restaurant, to-go boxes are stacked, and dining is only allowed outside. “It’s been crazy, every time the law changes th...
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Lady A Slams Lady Antebellum for ‘Insincere Gestures’ in Attempts to Use Her Name

Blues singer Anita White, also known as Lady A, has come out with a new statement slamming the country band formerly known as Lady Antebellum for making “insincere gestures” in their efforts to also change their name to Lady A before trying to use “their wealth and influence to intimidate and bully me into submission.”“It is now clear that their apologies, friendly texts, and playing on my love of God were just insincere gestures aimed at quieting me,” White wrote. “Well, I will not be quiet any...
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R-Mean – “On God” Ft. Berner & Dave East (Video)

Los Angeles based Hip Hop heavyweight R-Mean releases video for his new hit single “On God” featuring legendary emcee’s Berner and Dave East.  Follow him on Instagram @rmean.
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Dave Eggers: So You Want a Coronavirus Test?

You want a coronavirus test? How about next month?
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