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iOS apps for blind iPhone users

There are few dedicated apps I know of from my work in helping visually impaired and unsighted people for AbilityNet. Working with a man with complete sight loss has introduced me to a few apps which I’m recording here to share and for reference for the future. Please let me know of any others you have found useful. 1.  LookTel VoiceOver Tutorial A great starting point for blind users to learn Voiceover due to the simplicity of the app and Voiceover can be used to read the tutorial. The first tu...
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What is digital marketing?

Introducing the 5Ds of managing digital marketing To understand how best to manage digital marketing in a business, it’s useful to scope out what digital marketing involves; which activities are required. I’ve found that without this shared understanding within a business, digital marketing won’t get the investment needed. This may seem like an academic exercise, but it’s needed since there is often still an education job to do on colleagues in a business who ‘hold the purse strings’ of digital...
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Teaching iOS voiceover gestures and using the Rotor to an unsighted person

As part of my voluntary work for Ability Net, I’ve recently been working with a registered blind man to help him switch from using an old Nokia with keys to using an Apple iPhone. I thought it would be straightforward enough to do this since I had worked with other partially sighted people switching to an iPhone. The challenge is that each app has a different navigation model and it’s hard for the blind person to visualise and understand the navigation model if they have never used or seen a sma...
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Keeping up-to-date with Google’s marketing and advertising features

All marketer’s know the importance of Google, especially in markets where there is a high-level of search intent from consumers or businesses, i.e. people are looking for products, services or providers. I’m writing this post to share the best sources to learn about Google changes, both from Google themselves and other sites. I’ve needed to work through this since with the Google’s New Marketing Platform they have restructured the support for many products, so need to update the feeds I track in...
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Best option for a blind person to answer the phone on iPhone?

Sighted iPhone users will take tapping the green button on the screen to answer for-granted,  but for the visually impaired and particularly for blind phone users this is a major challenge to tap or swipe the button as these threads on the Apple Support forums show. When helping the visually-impaired setup their iPhones for the first time in my work for the Ability Net charity, this is the first part of setup and it took me a while to get it right, since like many accessibility issues it’s not e...
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Set up voice control on an iPhone for Blind and visually impaired users

Who is this post for?  The aim of this post is to explain to sighted people how to set up voice control on Apple iPhones for friends or family who are visually impaired or blind. The two main tools for using your phone with voice are VoiceOver which reads the screen and options and the newer Siri voice commands.  There are lots of great guides to doing this by visually impaired bloggers, but they are writing for their audience who may already be knowledgeable about the assistive features of iPh...
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I find it really interesting to follow the trends in new marketing techniques enabled by new innovations in technology and how they’re managed. To gain an idea of the most important trends to businesses, each year we ask our members to rate THE most important digital marketing technique. In our latest research, we asked which tactics marketers think are most important with the question: “Please give the digital marketing technique which you hope will give the biggest commercial uplift in ...
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The Top 5 Internet Marketing Podcasts from 2017 That You Need to Listen To

Over the last year, our Internet Marketing Podcast hit its 400th episode and we’re still going! We had some amazing guests and covered a wide range of topics on the show and in this post, I’m looking back at the top 5 podcasts from 2017 that you need to listen to. From analytics to outreach and looking forward to 2018, you won’t want to miss out on the episodes below. 1.Everything You Didn’t Know About Google Analytics – Tom Capper Back in January, Distilled’s Tom Capper joined us on the show to...
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#420 Digital Marketing Trends – What Will be New in 2018: Interview with Dave Chaffey

In today’s episode of the Internet Marketing Podcast, Andy is joined by Dave Chaffey, Author and Co-CEO of Smart Insights to discuss digital marketing trends for 2018. What Dave sees as the biggest digital marketing trends from 2017 moving into 2018 What genuinely new marketing trends will come about in 2018 The trends in how marketing is being managed today The specific techniques and tools currently being used in SEO & AdWords Plus, as usual, Dave provides his top tip/key takeaway. If you’d ...
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Is Twitter in 2017 Even Worth the Trouble?

Would it just be easier to quit Twitter? That’s the question social media marketers are asking these days about the little blue bird. Not all that long ago, Twitter was a terrific way to interact with your customers, fans, and colleagues, as well as a solidly reliable method to create engagement around your own content. Only one of these is still true. No doubt, Twitter remains a conversation platform for media and influencers. And Twitter’s role as a customer service platform remains strong, p...
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Customer experience and ‘WOWing’ your audience online

Recently, I was asked by Dave Chaffey and his team at Smart Insights to lead a webinar called ’5 Ways to WOW your audience online’. The webinar came about after I met Dave at client event. He was excited to learn about my new book and, being a author himself, he invited me to share […]
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3 Important Trends Retailers Must Know

Good news for retailers! Dave Chaffey on Smart Insights gives online retailers the latest in growth figures. Of the many optimistic tidbits, he highlighted the 10 percent increase we saw in online sales just this past January. Perhaps even more insightful are the three big trends researchers have identified as areas of focus for retailers: Mobile, Millennials, and In-Store Beacons. MOBILE The mobile industry continues to scale at an impressive rate. Currently, half of the world’s population ha...
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Digital Strategy and Planning with @DaveChaffey – INTERNET MARKETING PODCAST #307

Today we are joined by Dr Dave Chaffey; he is the author and publisher of  Dave had been has worked within digital marketing for a number of years, at the time when he started, digital marketing was called internet marketing.  He ran his first workshop in 1997 at the charted institute of marketing in the UK, called Strategic Internet Marketing. Through doing these talks, there wasn’t much books to refer to back then, so this inspired him to turn his workshops into books, for p...
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