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How a mid-size construction firm used political influence, litigation, and media stunts — and secured $2 billion in Trump border wall contracts

Tommy Fisher appearing on "The Ingraham Angle" in March 2018 as part of a media blitz to promote his wall design. Fox News/YouTube Fisher Sand & Gravel has secured almost $2 billion worth of contracts to build parts of President Donald Trump's planned southern border wall. The company's prototype was publicly rejected in 2018, but after a mix of lobbying, media appearances, and pressure from Trump himself, it got the contracts anyway. Business Insider analysed Fisher's track record, and fo...
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Sophie & Daniel’s Toowoomba Country Engagement

Sophie & Daniel “We met at our church, through Daniel’s sibling” admits today’s bride to be Sophie, of how she met her beloved Daniel. “I was friends with his brother David and we met after a night service. We became best friends almost immediately after and just under a year later, went on our first date.” The pair, who adore the stunning light of golden hour, enlisted photography duo The Finches to join them in Toowoomba and commemorate their engagement. Continue reading Sophie & Daniel’s Toow...
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‘Radium Girls’ Review: Well-Meaning but Pallid 1920s Drama About the Industrial Radium Cover-Up

The half-life of radium-226, the toxic isotope touted as a miracle cure-all in the early 20th century and used in phosphorescent paint, is around 1,600 years. That of “Radium Girls,” the David-and Goliath story of a handful of young women taking Big Radium to court in the 1920s, is presumably much shorter. In the two-and-a-half […]
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Radio London editor David Robey departs the BBC

After 37 years at the BBC and 21 at Radio London, Station Editor David Robey has decided to leave. Today (Friday) is his last day at the corporation, following a staff announcement yesterday that he is suddenly departing. David has been Managing Editor of BBC London since 1999. Before that, he was Managing Editor at BBC WM and BBC Three Counties, having previously held the position of News Editor at both stations. His BBC career started at Radio Nottingham, having worked before that in comme...
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Princess Anne is neighbours with Victoria and David Beckham and Amanda Holden

Princess Anne is neighbours with David and Victoria Beckham and Amanda Holden. The Princess...
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Proposition 16 solves for a problem that may not actually exist

This year, California voters are being asked to vote on an initiative, Proposition 16, that would again make race an explicit factor in public employment, contracting, and college admissions. This effort comes over twenty years after Californians outlawed the use of affirmative action — or the preferencing of race, ethnicity, or gender — in these processes. Nearly all of California’s political heavyweights, from vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris to Gov. Gavin Newsom, have endorsed the meas...
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UCLA TE Greg Dulcich has teammates singing his praises

Many tight ends are battling for reps at a position UCLA coach Chip Kelly says he will use as aggressively as he has in the past. When wide receiver Kyle Philips was asked about the tight ends the Bruins will employ this season, the player that the redshirt sophomore receiver singled out and the compliments he paid were striking. UCLA tight end Greg Dulcich’s 20-yard touchdown in the third quarter of Saturday’s game against San Diego State capped a 14-play, 4-minute, 38-second drive. It was ...
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11 Baked Pasta Dishes to Keep You Warm All Winter Long

As the weather gradually cools off, it’s high time to reacquaint yourself with your old friend the oven and serve up some baked pasta. It’s comfort food at its finest that can also fit the bill of make-ahead and big batch, certainly welcome features in this day and age. But the main reason to go al forno is because it tastes so good. A blast of heat coaxes even more flavor out of the sauce while the pasta gets delightfully crispy at the edges. Then there’s the bubbly browned che...
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Bringing order to chaos: What Bank of America's new 'surround sound' taught me about the neurodiverse experience on Wall Street

Craig Froelich, chief information security officer at Bank of America Bank fo America Craig Froelich is the chief information security officer at Bank of America.  In this op-ed, Froelich explains the benefits of hiring neurodiverse employees and how to create work environments for them to exceed in.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Dogs barking. Doorbells ringing. Teachers teaching. Birds singing. Children laughing, playing, or crying. A new, and often, disruptive "sur...
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Freelancer banking startup Lili raises $15M

It’s only been a few months since Lili announced its $10 million seed round, and it’s already raised more funding — namely, a $15 million Series A. The startup, founded by CEO Lilac Bar David and CTO Liran Zelkha, is creating a bank account and associated products designed for freelancers, with features like early access to direct deposit payments and the ability to set aside a percentage of income for taxes. The account (and associated Visa debit card) is free of overdraft fees or minimum balan...
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David and Victoria Beckham reveal beautiful home decoration plans

David and Victoria Beckham own two stunning homes with their children: one...
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‘Smokey and the Bandit’ TV Series Coming from David Gordon Green and Seth MacFarlane

Star Wars was the highest grossing film in the United States in 1977, but do you know what movie sits in the #2 spot? It’s the high speed action comedy Smokey and the Bandit starring Burt Reynolds, Sally Field, Jackie Gleason, Jerry Reed and a slew of impressive car chases and crashes. Now, 43 years after the movie kicked off a franchise, there’s a Smokey and the Bandit TV series in the works from Universal Content Productions, and it’ll be produced by some heavy-hitting comedic talent. The H...
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Supreme Court nominee Barrett was trustee for private schools with anti-gay policies

By MICHELLE R. SMITH and MICHAEL BIESECKER | Associated Press Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett served for nearly three years on the board of private Christian schools that effectively barred admission to children of same-sex parents and made it plain that openly gay and lesbian teachers weren’t welcome in the classroom. The policies that discriminated against LGBTQ people and their children were in place for years at Trinity Schools Inc., both before Barrett joined the board in 2015 and d...
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Gordon Green, McBride & MacFarlane Team for Smokey and the Bandit Series

Gordon Green, McBride & MacFarlane team for Smokey and the Bandit series While already busy at work developing Clive Barker’s Hellraiser for the small screen, David Gordon Green has found another iconic film franchise to bring to television in the form of the road action comedy Smokey and the Bandit, according to The Hollywood Reporter. RELATED: Norman Lear, NBC & Reba Team for Fried Green Tomatoes Series PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone...
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Victoria Beckham's new photo of David and Harper will melt your heart

Victoria Beckham took to Instagram on Tuesday to share the most adorable photo of her...
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Is Flying Safe With COVID-19?

? Is Flying Safe With COVID-19? Is flying safe with a COVID-19 pandemic still troubling the world? This is an important question. Carol and I have not been on an airplane since the onset of the COVID-19  coronavirus pandemic. We have no empirical science behind our decision.  It simply seemed better safe than sorry. Further, our decision seemed the right thing to do when we began to see certain airlines filling all available seats.  Packed in a plane during a COVID-19 pandemic? No thanks! ...
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Victoria Beckham and daughter Harper bake indulgent treat using cereal

The Beckham household is bound to be filled with tasty food after David and Victoria...
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Opinion: My brother didn't get Covid-19, but he was a victim of it anyway

As a sibling to someone who overdosed at the start of the Covid-19 crisis, I'm reminded every day that our national conversation ignores the uncounted victims of the pandemic. Victims like my brother, David, who passed away on March 24 in Orange County, California. While his death certificate states "acute polydrug intoxication due to the combined effects of heroin [and other drugs]" as his cause of death, my brother is another tragedy of this moment.
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Opinion: My brother didn't get Covid-19, but he was a victim of it

As a sibling to someone who overdosed at the start of the Covid-19 crisis, I'm reminded every day that our national conversation ignores the uncounted victims of the pandemic. Victims like my brother, David, who passed away on March 24 in Orange County, California. While his death certificate states "acute polydrug intoxication due to the combined effects of heroin [and other drugs]" as his cause of death, my brother is another tragedy of this moment.
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My brother didn't get Covid-19, but he was a victim

As a sibling to someone who overdosed at the start of the Covid-19 crisis, I'm reminded every day that our national conversation ignores the uncounted victims of the pandemic. Victims like my brother, David, who passed away on March 24 in Orange County, California. While his death certificate states "acute polydrug intoxication due to the combined effects of heroin [and other drugs]" as his cause of death, my brother is another tragedy of this moment.
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Watch: Don Hertzfeldt's 'World of Tomorrow Episode Three' is Out

"These would not have been the clones that will ever carry your primary consciousness." It's out now! Don Hertzfeldt's latest mind-melting sci-fi short film World of Tomorrow Episode Three is now available to watch online. This final chapter is a continuation of his radical, remarkable World of Tomorrow sci-fi series about a girl named Emily. If you haven't seen any of them, we recommend starting with Episode One and Episode Two before this one. Don explains: "at one point this was going to ...
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How an Agency Cut Through ‘Purpose Clutter’ With Its Bookstore Campaign Trolling Amazon

In this David-versus-Goliath battle, mom-and-pop bookstores wrapped themselves in Amazon's familiar brown cardboard as a protest against the retail giant and a plea to shop local. The Instagram-ready stunt, with Amazon lookalike boxes covered in sick literary burns and topical quips, came courtesy of DCX Growth Accelerator, a Brooklyn-based agency that's known for projects like...
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M8 car fire crash victims named by police

David and Allison Campbell died after their BMW hit a barrier at junction 17 of the M8 in Glasgow.
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Finding joy in 2020? It’s not such an absurd idea, really

The year 2020 hasn't been one to remember – in fact, for a lot of people it has been an outright nightmare. The pandemic, along with political turmoil and social unrest, has brought anxiety, heartbreak, righteous anger and discord to many.Amid such suffering, people need some joy.As a scholar who has investigated the role of joy in day-to-day life, I believe that joy is an incredibly powerful companion during suffering. Speaking at funerals, teaching joy This is more than academic work for me. I...
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How 2 million puzzles a month are made in the middle of a pandemic

During the pandemic, many people stuck at home picked up puzzling, causing an estimated 300% spike in demand for companies like Buffalo Games, the largest puzzle manufacturer in North America. But just as demand was taking off in March, the manufacturing facility in Buffalo, New York, was shut down because it wasn't deemed an essential service.  Once the factory was able to reopen in May, it ran nonstop to make 2 million puzzles a month — double what it normally does. Business Insider visited t...
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The #1 Business Mistake That Can Ruin an Entrepreneur’s Personal Finances

By Alex Ormond I have been wanting to write this post for a very long time. Out of hundreds of business owners—either current or prospective—that I speak to on a regular basis, nearly one-half tell me they are about to commit the mistake I discuss in this post without realizing how it can set back their personal finances. In fact, you might consider this post a public service announcement, because the ease of making this mistake, coupled with its long-term effect on your personal financial well-...
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Brandon Cronenberg’s ‘Possessor Uncut’ Wins the Sitges Festival’s Best Film, Director Awards

Brandon Cronenberg has proven to be an heir to his father, David, with his grisly sophomore feature, “Possessor Uncut,” which took home best film and director at Spain’s 53rd Sitges Film Festival on Saturday. Running Oct.8-18, the fantastic film fest, Europe’s biggest, wrapped yesterday in Sitges, a picturesque seaside resort just south of Barcelona. With these […]
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New Member

Hello book lovers:)!my name is David and i am from Botswana.
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The Moon

For some time I have considered there being 4 proofs of God. I've alluded to them in several posts, one in particular reaching out to atheists. This site, along with Psalm 19, got me thinking about whether the moon offers a 5th proof of God. Consider this excerpt: The Moon is unique in the solar system in its large relative size compared with the Earth. The Moon appears from the Earth to be the same size as the sun , in perfect artistic symmetry, unlike any known other planet-moon system....
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27 small gifts and gestures for friends or family members who are having a hard time self-isolating or social distancing

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. As the novel coronavirus progresses, many are continuing to practice social distancing, self-isolating when exposed, and quarantined in some cases.The situation can feel overwhelming and isolating, but sending someone you love a small gift during a difficult time can be a meaningful expression of kindness. While those who are quarantined and not feeling well should never open a door to accept deliveries, m...
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