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‘Bullet Train’ Keeps Getting More Crowded, as Logan Lerman Joins Star-Studded Action Thriller

David Leitch’s Bullet Train may not run on ordinary fuel – it may run on star power. After all, the Brad Pitt-led action thriller is starting to be pretty jam-packed with stars. Hunters star Logan Lerman is the latest actor to join the star-studded cast which already includes Pitt, Joey King, Zazie Beetz, Michael Shannon, and Lady Gaga. It makes you wonder how big this train is actually going to be. Deadline reports that Logan Lerman is set to join the cast of Bullet Train, the action thrill...
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Sony’s Bullet Train Adds Logan Lerman to Star-Studded Cast

Sony’s Bullet Train adds Logan Lerman to star-studded cast Following the recent addition of Oscar winner Lady Gaga (A Star is Born), Deadline brings word that Percy Jackson star Logan Lerman has been tapped to join the growing ensemble cast of David Leitch’s forthcoming action thriller Bullet Train which will be led by Brad Pitt. RELATED: The Water Dancer: Oprah & Brad Pitt to Adapt Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Debut Novel into Film PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStan...
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Superhero Bits: ‘Batman’ Cowl Up for Auction, Paul Bettany Talks Vision’s Nether Regions & More

What’s up with all these Avengers mech suits? How will we find Sharon Carter in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier? Which Marvel star was named Sexiest Man Alive? Think you have enough money to buy a cowl worn by Michael Keaton in Batman? How about Stan Lee‘s wardrobe from Spider-Man? What did Paul Bettany have to say about Vision‘s downstairs? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. Here’s a new look at Marvel 616, the documentary series about Marvel fandom available on Disney...
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The Tax Collector Featuring Rap Legend Conejo Is Officially The Number One Street Movie In America

If heads haven’t seen this movie yet, what are you waiting for? The Tax Collector directed by David Ayer starring Bobby Soto, Cinthya Carmona, George Lopez, Shia LaBeouf, and legendary rapper Conejo dropped this Summer and since then it’s got praise by the L.A. Times’ interesting piece on it, “How ‘The Tax Collector’ topped the box office, when there’s no official box office“.  Released at a perfect time during the pandemic, it was a breath of fresh air when theaters were closed all across th...
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David Ayer Explains How His Suicide Squad Cut Was 'Ripped To Pieces'

The Suicide Squad that David Ayer wanted to give audiences was not what ended up playing in theaters.
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Daily Podcast: Assassin’s Creed TV Shows, The Conjuring 3, Jon Stewart, Y: The Last Man, The Suicide Squad

On the October 28, 2020 episode of /Film Daily, /Film senior writer Ben Pearson is joined by /Film managing editor Jacob Hall and writers Hoai-Tran Bui and Chris Evangelista to discuss the latest film and TV news, including a new suite of Assassin’s Creed TV shows, Jon Stewart ’s return to the small screen, The Conjuring 3 , Y: The Last Man , The Suicide Squad , and more. Opening Banter : Follow up from Monday’s conversation: we were talking about the status of Tomb Raider 2, whi...
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Exclusive: Joel Kinnaman Talks The Suicide Squad Comics-Based Attire

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Exclusive: Joel Kinnaman talks The Suicide Squad comics-based attire While chatting with the Saturn Award nominee for his work on the forthcoming crime thriller The Informer, dove a little into the comics-centric attire Joel Kinnaman got to don in the highly-anticipated DC Extended Universe sequel The Suicide Squad from writer/director James Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy)! RELATED: Exclusive: Jai Courtney Teases Team Dynamic in The Suicide Squad ...
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James Gunn Insists The Suicide Squad Isn't a Sequel, Even Though It 'Kinda' Is

Much as Warner Bros. might not want to admit it, David Ayers’ Suicide Squad is a stunningly bad—though ambitious—narrative flop of a film that it has to take credit for. But it also knows that the Squad branding’s too strong to simply toss away. With James Gunn’s imaginatively-named The Suicide Squad, the studio hopes…Read more...
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‘The Suicide Squad’: James Gunn Had Freedom to Kill Anyone, Praises One Aspect of David Ayer’s Movie

One of the best sneak peeks that came out of DC FanDome back in August was our first look at James Gunn‘s anticipated The Suicide Squad. Not only does the movie look wild as hell, but it has an incredible ensemble cast at the center of it that includes the return of Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, Viola Davis as Amanda Waller, Jai Courtney as Captain Boomerang, and Joel Kinnaman as Rick Flagg, not to mention newcomers like Idris Elba, David Dastmalchian, John Cena, Michael Rooker, and more. But ...
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David Ayer Says His Original Cut of Suicide Squad is “F*cking Amazing”

David Ayer Says His Original Cut of Suicide Squad is “F*cking Amazing” In case you were wondering, a different cut of David Ayer’s Suicide Squad does indeed exist and is much better than the theatrical release. At least, according to Ayer himself who took to Twitter and discussed his most recent experience watching the film. Check out the full Tweet below! I took the hits like a good soldier when the studio cut hit the streets. It’s who I am. I watched my cut for the first time since it was...
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Superhero Bits: ‘The New Mutants’ Deleted Scene, ‘Spider-Man: Miles Morales’ Prequel Novel & More

Want to read a Spider-Man: Miles Morales prequel novel before the game comes out? Want to see a couple more clips from Batman: Death in the Family? Which Marvel characters would The Boys star Aya Cash like to play? What’s the closest you can get to David Ayer‘s cut of Suicide Squad for the time being? Want to see a deleted scene from The New Mutants? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. Would you like to see yet another clip from the interactive animated movie Batman: Deat...
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Enter ComingSoon’s The Tax Collector SteelBook Giveaway!

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Enter ComingSoon’s The Tax Collector SteelBook Giveaway! Just ahead of its debut on 4K UHD, Blu-ray and DVD, RLJE Films has provided with three 4K UHD/Blu-ray combo SteelBooks for David Ayer’s The Tax Collector starring Bobby Soto (The Quarry) and Shia LaBeouf (Honey Boy) for a special giveaway. All you have to do to enter is email [email protected] with the subject line “THE TAX COLLECTOR,” and three winners (must be within the U.S.) will be cho...
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Exclusive: Jai Courtney Teases Team Dynamic in The Suicide Squad

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Exclusive: Jai Courtney teases team dynamic in The Suicide Squad While chatting with the 34-year-old star for his villainous turn in the Liam Neeson-led action thriller Honest Thief, got the opportunity to chat with Jai Courtney about the highly-anticipated The Suicide Squad and discuss the new team dynamic in the James Gunn written-and-directed action pic! RELATED: Peacemaker: The Suicide Squad Spinoff Series Coming to HBO Max! PB ...
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Watched at Home: Top 20 Streaming Films for the Week of September 4

Watched at Home: Top 20 Streaming Films for the Week of September 4 Welcome to another edition of Watched at Home in which we look at the Top 20 films/TV shows you couched potatoes watched over the last week, courtesy of The Digital Entertainment Group. Interestingly enough, this week was largely the same as last week save for a few random old-school classics that randomly made their way to the list. Let’s do this thing! RELATED: September 8 Blu-ray, Digital and DVD Releases ...
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Superhero Bits: Halle Berry Fought with Bryan Singer on ‘X-Men’, Marvel’s ‘Fortnite’ Crossover Expands & More

What’s the latest update to the Marvel-themed crossover in Fortnite? Can Homelander on The Boys ever be killed? Did you hear Black Panther was the most streamed comic book movie last week? Why did Halle Berry fight with Bryan Singer during X-Men production? Which character survived David Ayer‘s cut of Suicide Squad but was killed in the theatrical release? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. The big Marvel Comics crossover with Fornite continues as a new area with Stark In...
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Suicide Squad Director David Ayer Reveals The Film’s Original Opening Scene And More

Well, this would have been an interesting way to open the film.
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Watched at Home: Top 20 Streaming Films for the Week of August 28

Watched at Home: Top 20 Streaming Films for the Week of August 28 Hey there, fellow couch potatoes! You did it. You made it through another week. Now, it’s time to look back on the films/TV shows that guided you through those long meetings, agonizing commutes and awkward conversations with overzealous co-workers via The Digital Entertainment Group’s Watched at Home Top 20. Let’s do this thing! RELATED: September 1 Blu-ray, Digital and DVD Releases PB = PB || {};...
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CS Score Reviews Casper and Chats with Emmy Nominee Amanda Jones

CS Score Reviews Casper and Chats with Emmy Nominee Amanda Jones Welcome back, film score lovers! We’ve got an amazing batch of goodies for you to check out this week. First up, we take a deep dive into La La Land’s terrific 2-CD release of Casper and chat with Emmy nominated composer Amanda Jones, who produced terrific work for the Apple original TV series, Home. The Tax Collector Michael Yezerski First up, Filmtrax (via BFD/The Orchard) has just released the original motion picture sound...
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New ‘The Suicide Squad’ Poster Reveals Funky Logos for All the Characters (Most of Whom Will Probably Die)

James Gunn knows what’s important in a superhero movie. It’s not the villains, it’s not the action, it’s not the story. It’s the branding. (I’m kidding, by the way.) But Gunn sure has knocked it out of the park with the marketing teases for The Suicide Squad, with brightly colored ’70s exploitation-inspired posters that give a real feeling for the flashy approach Gunn will take with his follow-up to David Ayer’s 2016 Suicide Squad. And the director has released a new The Suicide Squad poster re...
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‘The Suicide Squad’ Featurette: James Gunn Reinvigorates the Villains of DC Comics

Suicide Squad wasn’t exactly a runaway hit when it arrived in theaters back in 2016. But we can’t disregard it completely since it did give us the gifts of Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, Jai Courtney as Captain Boomerang, and Viola Davis as Amanda Waller. They’re all back in The Suicide Squad, the latest iteration of the DC Comics villain ensemble, this time with Guardians of the Galaxy franchise director James Gunn behind the camera, and an insane new roster of cast members. If the Suicide Squ...
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Watched at Home: Top 20 Streaming Films for the Week of August 7

Watched at Home: Top 20 Streaming Films for the Week of August 7 Woah, we’ve got some shakeups with The Digital Entertainment Group’s Top 20 Streaming Films, fellow couch potatoes! The biggest one? David Ayer’s The Tax Collector, starring Bobby Soto and Shia LaBeouf as a couple of “tax collectors” working for a local crime lord, sprung to the top of the charts in its first week of release, usurping reigning champ Trolls World Tour in the process. Not bad for a flick that received a meager 19...
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For Rapper Mr. Criminal, Landing a Role in Shia LaBeouf’s ‘The Tax Collector’ Meant Leaving his Troubled Past Behind

Mr. Criminal sounds like the moniker of a lifelong man of crime, but these days, that’s firmly in the past for the Chicano rapper. A businessman for sure, Mr. Criminal’s current hustle is giving voice to his Latin community, showing that you can become something even if you come from nothing. In his case: an […]
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The Tax Collector Rakes in $317,000 at the Box Office

The Tax Collector Rakes in $317,000 at the Box Office According to Deadline, David Ayer’s action drama The Tax Collector grossed an estimated $317K at 129 theaters over the weekend. The film also did well on VOD/digital numbers where it raked in $1M and topped the iTunes charts. No. 2 for the weekend was The Empire Strikes Back with $225K-$240K from 260 sites which brings the Star Wars film to $292M overall since its debut way back in 1980. While No. 3 was Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park wi...
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Box Office: Shia LaBeouf’s ‘The Tax Collector’ Takes In $317,000

Director David Ayer and RLJE Films’ action movie “The Tax Collector” brought in an estimated $317,000 this weekend. The movie, which is star Shia LaBeouf’s latest turn at playing an extreme character, played at 129 theaters over the weekend, earning a per-screen average of $2,457, according to Comscore. The film played at a mix of […]
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‘The Tax Collector’ Review: There’s More Madness Than Method to Shia LaBeouf’s Latest Extreme Character

You wouldn’t know it from the marketing campaign, but Shia LaBeouf is not the star of “The Tax Collector.” And for once, the actor isn’t the most interesting thing about a film he’s involved with — this despite the fact that he’s attracted a lot of press over getting his chest tattooed for the part. […]
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