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Washington National Cathedral Finds Thousands of N95 Respirator Masks in Its Crypt Level

Like in a David Blaine illusion, respirator masks are coming from strange places. Amidst a national shortage of protective gear, we learned this week that companies are sitting on stockpiles of N95 respirators: first, Facebook produced 720,000 (leftover from Occupational Safety and Health Standards regulations…Read more...
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Cal State Fullerton professor brings his Hollywood experiences to the classroom

Making a film these days doesn’t require a lot of industry connections and millions of dollars, David Morgasen is telling his class. He shows the students two videos he made in the mid-2000s with friends and very little money. One was “David Blaine’s Street Magic,” with Mitch Silpa as the comically intense magician getting revenge on two snarky guys, one of them Mikey Day, with magic tricks. The other, “Waldo Caught on Tape,” has two unsuspecting hikers finding Waldo in the woods and wishing the...
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David Blaine's most controversial magic stunts amid sexual assault claims

The illusionist has wowed audiences with his amazing tricks and stunts but there have been a fair share of low moments too [Author: Matt Roper]
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Agency Brief: The A-List blues

If it hadn't come two days later, we would have definitely suspected an April Fool's joke when the news hit that Accenture Interactive swallowed up Droga5. In a business where people (thankfully) do a lot of tongue wagging, this tripped off an avalanche of calls and emails proffering pundits to discuss just what this means for advertising. It is a tipping point for the ad world as we know it? Will it cause a ripple effect of other acquisitions? Are creatives dusting off their resumes? Is it one ...
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Publicist: David Blaine denies sexual assault allegations

NEW YORK (AP) — David Blaine denies sexual assault allegations under investigation in New York City and intends to cooperate with authorities, his publicist said in a statement Tuesday. New York police confirmed Monday that the magician is under investigation, following a Daily Beast report that the department had taken statements from two women accusing […]
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Magician David Blaine under investigation for sexual assault

David Blaine is under investigation after reports of sexual assault were made against the magician, New York Police Chief of Detectives Dermot Shea said on Monday.
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2 Women Accuse Magician David Blaine Of Sexual Assault

The NYPD said it is investigating the allegations.
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Magician David Blaine under investigation for sexual assault

David Blaine is under investigation after reports of sexual assault were made against the magician, New York Police Chief of Detectives Dermot Shea said on Monday.
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David Blaine: magician under investigation over sexual assault claims

NYPD confirms Blaine is under ‘an active’ investigation, but declined to provide further detailsThe New York police department is investigating sexual assault allegations against magician David Blaine, authorities confirmed on Monday. The chief of detectives, Dermot Shea, told reporters at an unrelated news conference that Blaine is under “an active” investigation. He declined to discuss any details, including whether police had sought to interview Blaine. Continue reading...
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Magician David Blaine Is Being Investigated for Alleged Sexual Assault, NYPD Says

Chief of Detectives Dermot Shea confirmed Monday at an unrelated news conference
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Police: Magician Blaine subject of sexual assault probe

NEW YORK (AP) — New York City police say they’re investigating sexual assault allegations against magician David Blaine. Chief of Detectives Dermot Shea confirmed Monday at an unrelated news conference that Blaine is under investigation. He declined to discuss any details. He was responding to a report by the Daily Beast website that the New […]
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NYPD investigating magician David Blaine over sexual assault claims

David Blaine is being investigated by the NYPD over sexual assault allegations, Chief of Detectives Dermot Shea said Monday.            [Author: USA TODAY]
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Roberto Cavalli Suddenly Closed All Of Its US Stores

It's the (abrupt) end of an era for the celebrity-driven fashion label Roberto Cavalli. The brand behind Beyoncé's The Mrs. Carter World Tour costumes shuttered its US operations on Friday while looking for a creditor to salvage the business.On Friday, the Italian fashion house unceremoniously shut its doors to all of its US stores. Business of Fashion reports the label closed seven full-line stores and a few off-price outlets in preparation to liquidate its North American operations. 93 peop...
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Sullee Justice – “Spear” (Album Review)

Baltimore-bred Sullee Justice (also known as Sullee J) has amassed a huge following across the globe with his addictive lyrical ability, authentic attitude, and positive message. Able to resonate with his fans on a personal level, Sullee J continues to grow as an individual who not only allows himself to be a role model but an open book in order to establish an unbreakable bond. As he continues to soar, Sullee J unveils his latest effort, Spear. Self-proclaimed “powerful” project, Spear is a 13...
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Sullee Justice – “David Blaine”

Rising Baltimore, Maryland based Hip Hop artist Sullee Justice showcases his single titled “David Blaine“, off new full-length album “Spear“. 
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There’s a working bar made out of 1,300 pounds of gingerbread dough and other holiday houses to visit

I like the concept of gingerbread houses – sure, let’s make a house of yummy gingerbread, icing and, I don’t know, gumdrops!? – but have you ever tried to eat one? Not a good idea unless you’ve got good dental insurance. By the time it’s been baked, decorated, displayed and admired, those panels of gingerbread are hard enough to tile your kitchen counters. So let’s stop at admiring. If Hansel and Gretel had been smart enough to just stop there, they might have avoided that witchy business altoge...
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Ricky Jay R.I.P

Ricky Jay was one of my heroes. I first became aware of him in the pages of the remarkable “Cards as Weapons,” an oversized paperback that I bought at age 13 because it had a few pictures of topless women in it (you really can’t appreciate how much the Internet has changed the adolescent male experience). But “Cards as Weapons” additionally laid out a path: some straightforward guidance on technique (although unlike Jay, I gripped the cards along the short side, trading accuracy for spin) tale...
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Riverside’s Festival of Lights: 5 tips to make the most of the event

If you’re curious about what it’s like to live off the grid, you’re not going to find out at the Mission Inn Hotel and Spa in Riverside. What you will find is several million holiday lights, fireworks, and in the midst of it an R&B star singing holiday songs. The Mission Inn is the focal point of the Festival of Lights, which returns for its 26th season in downtown Riverside Friday, Nov. 23. The event kicks off at noon, and the switch-on ceremony takes place at 5:15 p.m. with a five-minute firew...
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A New Must-Experience Magic Show Is Coming To Hollywood

A new must-experience magic show is opening up in Hollywood, but the only question is not will you see it, but will you even be able to get tickets to it? theory11 is teaming with Justin Willman to open The Magic Show at the historic Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, promising to bring a special and unquie night for those lucky enough to attend. Hit the jump to learn more. The Magic Show Trailer Earlier this year, on my trip to New York City I had the pleasure of seeing Dan White’s show The...
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‘Magic For Humans’ Trailer: Magician Justin Willman Dazzles Crowds on Netflix

It’s been a while since a magic-based TV series has gotten my attention, but Justin Willman‘s new Netflix show Magic For Humans has done the trick. (Get it? “Done the trick?” I’ll see myself out.) Before we continue, try to find a deck of cards. Shuffle them until you’re content, fan them all out face down, and pick out the fourth one from the left. Don’t look at it yet! We’ll return to this in a second, but for now, take a look at the first trailer below, and while you’re at it, check out a fe...
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The Best, Worst, and Craziest Horror Movie You’ve Never Seen is Now Streaming

Before this week, I pushed no “MUST SEE” Demon Wind agenda. As of three days ago, I hadn’t even indulged this not-often-discussed cult discovery. That’s until essential horror streaming resource Shudder added Charles Philip Moore’s 1990 “How did this get made?” case study to their already blushing catalog. My interest was tickled with a confirmation tweet from the site’s official account, then fellow Twitter denizens started flooding their hyperbolic and dazed rants about a movie too tantalizin...
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Trevor Noah Almost Passes Out Helping David Blaine Perform His Ice Pick Trick — Watch!

No, it's cool, we didn't want to eat breakfast this morning anyway. David Blaine stopped by The Daily Show and grossed everyone out with his infamous ice pick trick. No one was more repulsed than Trevor Noah, who had the unfortunate task of driving the ice pick through the magician's hand! Watch Blaine's interview and unsettling stab-of-hand (above).
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David Blaine sewed his mouth shut on the Tonight Show

Entertainment just gets weirder and weirder, as evidenced by this Tonight Show clip. Magician David Blaine SEWS HIS MOUTH SHUT as part of his latest trick (which I won't spoil, of course), as Indian actress Priyanka Chopra documents it with her iPhone. The studio's cameras filmed the trick too. You can see the full footage of Blaine's segment here. Don't miss the part where Questlove hilariously distances himself from the group. Blaine starts his North American tour on May 6.
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HOLY SHIT — David Blaine Sews His Mouth Shut On The Tonight Show During Card Stunt! Watch!

TRIGGER WARNING! Do not press play if you are squeamish around needles! Magician David Blaine visited The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this week, where he performed an amazing trick involving a sewing kit and a deck of cards. You need to watch this!
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Live Nation offering $20 tickets to over 2000 shows this summer

Live Nation is once again offering $20 "all-in" (aka service fees included) tickets to over 2000 shows  happening this summer with a promotion they're calling National Concert Week. Those include shows with such artists as Arcade Fire, Beck, Dead & Company, Paramore, Ms. Lauryn Hill, Bon Jovi, The Smashing Pumpkins, Weezer/Pixies, Dwight Yoakam/Lucinda Williams, Janet Jackson, Steely Dan/Doobie Brothers, Alan Jackson, Bush/Stone Temple Pilots/The Cult, Counting Crows/Live, and lots more. Continu...
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David Blaine to perform in Bakersfield

David Blaine is considered one of the greatest magicians in the world and he's going to be bringing his show to Bakersfield this spring. 
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AI: The new “magic”

What does the word intelligence really mean in Artificial Intelligence? In the same way as with living beings, intelligence varies considerably. From ants to humans and everything in between, there is some form of intelligence guiding our actions. In its most distilled essence, intelligence is:A means of receiving information from the world.Processing it to learn and make assumptions.Performing actions back into said world.It’s this middle step, the reasoning part, where the magic happens. Being...
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Our Favorite Beauty Launches Of 2018... So Far

In a world where a single click pulls up millions of lipsticks, eye creams, and shampoos (on Google alone, the numbers before those zeros read 67, 18.5, and 60, respectively), landing on the "best" beauty product of the moment can feel a lot like looking for a needle in a haystack. The most exciting launches to hit our desks so far this year, however, are a lot easier to spot.We may only be 11 days into 2018, but the future is looking bright. The new year is already ripe with lip balms that bel...
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The Not-So-Magic Trick These Magicians Use to Launch a New Product Every Month

Collaborating with artists can be a great way to produce unique design-centric products. But finding talent you can actually work with comes with challenges that you might not anticipate. In this episode of Shopify Masters, you’ll learn from two sleight-of-hand magicians who collaborate with artists to create new playing card products every single month. Twin brothers Dan and Dave Buck are the founders of Art Of Play: a curated collection of designer playing cards for magicians, cardists, gam...
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From DIY to a Million Dollars: How Alien Outfitters Scaled By Curating Products

Do-it-yourself entrepreneurs typically start small, making every item they sell with their own two hands. But when they start to see success, it generally snowballs into the same problem: How do you scale DIY into a business? In this episode of Shopify Masters, you’ll learn from an entrepreneur who went from selling homemade products to scaling her business by becoming a reseller. Ana Dee is the owner of Alien Outfitters: a lifestyle brand that sells a variety of graphic tees, kinky accessories...
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