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The rise of David Dobrik, a 23-year-old YouTuber worth over $7 million who got his start making 6-second videos

David Dobrik is a popular YouTuber known for his vlogs and antics with a group of creators dubbed the Vlog Squad. Dobrik got his start on the now-defunct video-sharing app Vine in 2013, and is now worth an estimated $7 million. Here's everything you need to know about the 23-year-old Dobrik, who was born in Slovakia and now has more than 14 million YouTube subscribers. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. A 23-year-old YouTuber by the name of David Dobrik was recently named Gen...
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Fewer than 0.1% of Instagram users have bought into the hype of the platform's latest Snapchat competitor, Threads

Facebook released an app for Instagram last week, called Threads, that's and instant messaging with those on your Close Friends list. In Threads' first week, an estimated 220,000 people out of Instagram's billion-plus users have downloaded the app, according to data from Apptopia. That's significantly less than the amount of people who downloaded Instagram's other apps in their first week: IGTV saw an estimated 1.5 million downloads, and Boomerang saw an estimated 2.8 million downloads. Visi...
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Angry Instagram users are leaving 1-star reviews on the wrong Threads app on Google's app store

Facebook released an app for Instagram last week, called Threads, that's made for quick photo-sharing and instant-messaging with those on your Close Friends list. However, searching for "Threads" on the app stores for both Android and iOS devices has led some users to mistake a same-named workplace communication app for the new Instagram platform. The has since been hit with several one-star reviews, but has also seen its download numbers boost six times over. Visit Business Insider's homepa...
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The top 14 talent managers for YouTube creators and influencers who are shaping the future of digital media

Business Insider is recognizing the leaders who are helping shape the careers of YouTube influencers in 2019. We are highlighting 14 power players of talent management, based on who is successfully assisting creators in their digital businesses. These talent managers help their clients diversify their online brands, build lasting partnerships with companies through influencer marketing campaigns, and even develop consumer products. Click here for more BI Prime stories. YouTube creators are do...
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From David Dobrik to The Rock, these are teens' favorite people to follow on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter

Piper Jaffray, a financial analyst company, released the results of its most recent survey of Generation Z's habits and favorite brands. As part of the survey, teens were asked about their favorite influencers and personalities to follow on social media. The top 10 social media personalities include four YouTubers, two beauty influencers, and President Donald Trump. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Teens' icons and role models aren't just actors and athletes anymore — now, ...
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Guest Post: What Can Small Business Owners Learn From The World’s Top Vloggers?

Top gaming vloggers like PewDiePie rake in $2.3 million a month, while beauty gurus like Tati Westbrook earn around $89,000 monthly from their respective YouTube channels alone – according to YouTube’s Social Blade. Indeed, for many of these creators, YouTube is their main source of revenue and more than one has quit their ‘full time job’ to dedicate themselves fully to video content creation. Despite not having a background in business or marketing, they have managed to build successful online ...
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VidCon Unveils Creator Attendees, Industry-Track Lineup for 2019 U.S. Confab

Viacom’s VidCon US 2019 this summer will feature appearances by over 250 digital content creators — including Jacksepticeye, David Dobrik and Olympian Adam Rippon — along with a lineup of industry execs. YouTube again will be the title sponsor of VidCon US, the 10th annual edition of the event in Anaheim, Calif., set to run […]
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How to get freebies and buy one, get one deals on National Burrito Day 2019

Chipotle Mexican Grill is out to grow its digital customers, and it couldn’t make that intention more clear on Thursday, April 4, National Burrito Day. The Newport Beach chain is partnering with YouTube influencer David Dobrik on a Dorbrik Burrito, which includes chicken, brown rice, black beans, tomato salsa, extra corn salsa, light cheese, and a side of guacamole. It’s available through Chipotle’s app or online through April 7 and costs $10 when ordered online. That’s convenience, because Chip...
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YouTube Unveils 2018 Top-Trending Videos: Kylie Jenner’s Baby, Liza Koshy and David Dobrik Breakup Top the List

Heading this year’s ranking of top-trending YouTube videos were two emotionally resonant events: The birth of Kylie Jenner’s baby girl and the breakup of YouTube power couple Liza Koshy and David Dobrik. YouTube’s 2018 top-trending videos are “really a portrait of the modern celebrity – it’s dominated by YouTube creators who’ve built huge audiences and […]
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We talked to YouTubers about why they keep making videos about their breakups — and a relationship expert who says it may not be a great idea (GOOG, GOOGL)

YouTubers keep making breakup videos — a video where two halves of an ex-couple explain in great and personal detail why they decided to end their relationship.  They're nothing new. But breakup videos have come into the spotlight this summer as a high-profile YouTube power couple shocked their audience by announcing that they had continued to make videos six months after they broke up.  We spoke to YouTubers, who say that it's all a part of building an authentic connection with their audience...
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YouTube Stars Liza Koshy and David Dobrik Announce Breakup In Sad Video

They tried to keep it light, but couldn't hold back the tears.
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David Dobrik and Liza Koshy announce split in emotional video

YouTube couple reveal they separated six months ago due to the pressures of work but will remain best friends.
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Watch The Moment Josh Peck & Drake Bell Reunited At The VMAs!

What's better than finding out two feuding celebrities have made up? Watching their chummy reunion! Thanks to Josh Peck documenting his entire the MTV VMAs experience for YouTube, we got to see the moment he and Drake Bell came together following their very public beef. Related: How Katy Perry Handled Taylor Swift's Video Premiere At The VMAs In the clip, Josh surprises his former on-screen step-brother backstage and hilariously begs Drake to call off his Facebook fan army -- who are apparently ...
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