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Out of the window

Here's a language lesson: Máš vokno (pronounced mash vokno) is a colloquialism in Bohemia. It can be translated as 'out of the window' but usually means - 'it's somewhere in my head, but I can't quite remember it.'Ever had that feeling? It's often said by the Czechs when someone is a little worse for wear after too much alcohol. Me? I sometimes experience something similar when I'm sat in a boring lecture. In one ear - and out the other. And that's ironic. There's a bar, and a very bohemian...
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Hamr time

David and me in the studio - Photo by Steve Wheeler David Hamr is a well known Czech broadcaster and radio journalist. He produces programmes about social trends and culture and is particularly passionate about alternative education. Based in Liberec, in the north of the country, he operates out of Český Rozhlas Liberec radio station which has three fully equipped sound studios.Recently it was my pleasure, during a week of teaching at Technical University Liberec, to take some time out ...
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