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Howard Stern Explains How He Turned Into Terri Gross

Three years ago, the Times ran a feature about how the erstwhile King of All Media had moved on from the crazy, raunchy stuff that made him rich and famous and become an intelligent, sensitive, and generally admirable interviewer. Here, in an extended Q&A, he tells David Marchese just how it happened. (includes straight talk about Donald Trump, a longtime friend and frequent guest of yore) – The New York Times Magazine
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Howard Stern Explains How He Turned Into Terry Gross

Three years ago, the Times ran a feature about how the erstwhile King of All Media had moved on from the crazy, raunchy stuff that made him rich and famous and become an intelligent, sensitive, and generally admirable interviewer. Here, in an extended Q&A, he tells David Marchese just how it happened. (includes straight talk about Donald Trump, a longtime friend and frequent guest of yore) – The New York Times Magazine
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Robert Caro on Writing and Understanding Power

Working, a memoir from master interviewer and researcher Robert Caro, is coming out next week. David Marchese, no slouch himself when it comes to interviewing people, talked with Caro for the NY Times Magazine about his career, his process, and his ongoing multi-volume biography of Lyndon Johnson. Caro allows that his insatiable curiosity about getting the whole story might not necessarily be a good thing at times. I would like to have written more books. I’d like to finish this last Johnson bo...
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"What does it mean to know that there is a group of people out there having the somewhat morbid concern that you might not finish your book before you die?"

"It’s hard to avoid that. Every time someone does an article on me it’s there," said Robert A. Caro, answering the NYT interviewer David Marchese.Not to be morbid myself, but how does it hamper the work you have left to do when so many of the sources you’ve relied on are no longer alive? I was just saying to Ina that there used to be a group of people I could go back to with questions and now I can’t. Soon I’m going down to Austin on my book tour, and it’s poignant, because I used to know everyb...
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How David Marchese Will Transform The New York Times Magazine’s Talk Column

The things entertainers, from Quincy Jones to Alex Trebek and Maggie Gyllenhaal, have told David Marchese have gone viral before. Marchese's ability to get such personalities, who have already been interviewed countless times, to open up, let their guard down and show their vulnerability has made his "In Conversation" columns at Vulture and New York...
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The Star Wars News Roundup for November 9, 2018

Star Wars news for the week of November 9, 2018 The purpose of this roundup is to put all the Star Wars news from the week of November 9, 2018 in one location. If you read this each week, you should be able to converse fluently with any Star Wars fan on everything from the latest Star Wars developments to the latest toys. And maybe you’ll even share with them something that they might have missed. Let’s get to it! Episode IX News and Rumors Actor Richard E. Grant Provides Some Possible Cl...
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Watch Johnny Marr Play The New Song “Bug” On Conan

Late-night OG Conan O'Brien recently sat for a long interview with Vulture's David Marchese, and he talked about his plan to turn his hour-long late-night show into a half-hour show. To hear him tell it, O'Brien has gotten a bit tired of the nightly grind of interviews, comedians, and musical guests, and he's … More »
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Seth Rogen WILL Work With James Franco Again — Just Don't Ask Him About Those Messy Allegations!

It's going to take more than a movement to separate the bromance between Seth Rogen and James Franco. Rogen recently chatted with Vulture about his projects; past, present, and future. But when the conversation came around to #MeToo -- specifically, the allegations surrounding his frequent costar and collaborator -- the beloved comedian clammed right up! Video: Stormy Daniels Told Seth About Her Trump Affair YEARS Ago! While he was blunt about the fact that, "yes," he would work with Franco agai...
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Mike D Finally Breaks His Legendary Silence About 311

Mike D of the Beastie Boys is one half of a fascinating conversation in New York magazine today. (You will not be surprised to learn that the other half is David Marchese, the interviewer who has recently conducted wildly entertaining chats with Julian Casablancas, Quincy Jones, and Erykah Badu among … More »
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Julian Casablancas: “I Strive To Build A World Where… Ariel Pink Is As Popular As Ed Sheeran”

David Marchese, a guy I used to work with at the Village Voice, has quickly become probably the best interviewer we've got working. In long published conversations in New York magazine, Marchese has recently gotten fascinating, wild quotes from esteemed figures like Quincy Jones and Erykah Badu. Today, Marchese's got a … More »
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Quincy Jones Apologizes For Being Awesome At Interviews

2018 has been pretty damn rough thus far, but one of the great treats we've had has been Quincy Jones' not-giving-a-fuck period. In two long and fascinating interviews -- first with Chris Heath in GQ, then with David Marchese in New York -- Jones has been spouting off all … More »
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Music icon Quincy Jones says Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen can play guitar 'just like' Jimi Hendrix

Quincy Jones said in an interview with Vulture that Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen can sing and play guitar "just like" rock legend Jimi Hendrix. Jones also called The Beatles "the worst musicians in the world."   Legendary producer Quincy Jones unleashed an avalanche of wild answers in an interview with Vulture on Wednesday, including the revelation that he once dated Ivanka Trump. But perhaps the most surprising statement Jones made in the Q&A is the following claim: that Microsoft cofound...
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Turns Out, Judd Apatow Is NOT A Feminist

Welp, Judd Apatow is not a feminist. In an interview with Vulture, the producer-writer-cum-standup comedian said that he doesn't give himself that title."Do you think of yourself as feminist?" interviewer David Marchese prompts."I don't, at least not in those terms. I just try to do what's right whenever I see the opportunity," Apatow answered. He went on to discuss the film Bridesmaids, which many consider to be iconoclastic in the women comedy canon."With Bridesmaids, I never thought, 'It'd b...
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T.J. Miller Clarifies Statements About Men Being Funnier Than Women

Update: Miller has sent a series of tweets in a seeming attempt to clarify his remarks to New York magazine.In response to a tweet about Splinter News' writeup on the New York article, the comedian wrote that he is "getting used as click bait." Miller also sent several tweets explaining that he does believe "women are funny," but that "society" gets in the way.To be real, I'm getting used as click bait a lot. It's becoming frustrating that if I confuse interviewers they trash me. I DO NOT LIKE ...
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T.J. Miller Has A Theory About Why Men Are "Funnier" Than Women

Another day, another bizarre interview with T.J. Miller.The Emoji Movie star sat down with New York magazine senior editor David Marchese for this week's issue, and the actor's statements are just as puzzling as you'd expect. Miller talked about his recent move to New York, the comedians he admires, and, yes, his recent departure from HBO's Silicon Valley. But as with most Miller interviews, there are plenty of strange statements about unrelated topics, too. For instance, Miller apparently does...
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That's enough revolution for now.

ADDED: My post title is my own cheeky interpretation of Drudge's use of Napoleon to represent Macron. But what connections are people making, other than that Macron is young (39) as he takes office and so was Napoleon? Here's WaPo: Not since Napoleon has anybody leapt to the top of French public life with such speed. Not since World War II has anybody won the French presidency without a political party and a parliamentary base....He was, it is true, extraordinarily lucky (luck being the quality ...
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"The Rolling Stones have multiple songs that are lyrically reprehensible to women and people of color — often both at the same time."

"If I were questioned about this topic at the Pearly Gates, I’d suggest that the Stones’ offensive attitudes had more to do with a craven desire to be provocative than any fundamental malignant worldview, but maybe I’m a fool. Whatever the true motivation behind them, a handful of the band’s songs have been tarred by Jagger and Richards’s sex and race insensitivity. There’s no getting around it. Then there’s the matter of appropriation...."From the intro to "The Complete Works: Ranking All 373 R...
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David Letterman Has A Very Good Question For Anti-Trans Rights Advocates

David Letterman has kept a relatively low profile since retiring from late night television almost two years ago. ut thanks to a new interview in New York magazine, the comedian is back and he’s apparently got a lot on his mind. The sweeping conversation with writer David Marchese includes Letterman’s thoughts on everything from Trump, whom he refers to as “Trumpy” and calls “crazy,” to the ups and downs of living with a decidedly Walt Whitman-esque beard. But our favorite part of the interview ...
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David Letterman Is Back, And He Can't Stop Talking (Especially About Trump)

No, he's not back on TV, but he is talking to New York magazine's David Marchese about retirement ("I'm lonely, I can't stop talking. This is like visitors' day at prison for me."), late-night TV today (he never watches), and what he'd do if he got The Donald on camera.
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