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Hell Yeah, Another Venus Mission Just Got the Green Light

It’s been just a week since NASA announced its two Venus missions, and now there’s another one to look forward to. The European Space Agency today announced EnVision, its own Venus-bound spacecraft, slated to launch in the early 2030s.Read more...
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NASA announces first Venus missions in more than 30 years

NASA will send two spacecraft to Venus toward the end of this decade in the first missions to the planet in more than 30 years.
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Hell Yes, We're Going to Venus

NASA announced Wednesday that two missions will visit Venus by the end of this decade, the first direct exploration of the hot planet since 1994. One spacecraft is set to orbit Venus, mapping it and studying it from above, while the other will attempt to land on the surface, sampling the planet’s atmosphere as it…Read more...
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Not Here

I am not in Paris right now, or even France. I am in Arizona getting my Mom set up in a new house. Her senior living place was getting cases of Covid and the staff couldn’t have much interaction with her so this seemed best. Fingers crossed. So, I have decided to make posts using photos I’ve never used or really old photos. The area my Mom is in does not make me want to take photos. The sun shining through the pyramid at the Louvre Museum. A look into a room at the Louvre where I bel...
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Art is everywhere in Florence from sculptures outside to paintings in museums. I made a quick visit to the Uffizi Gallery to look at some art famous from the Renaissance period. This was outside the Uffizi. I took the photo because of the clouds. It didn’t look this vivid in person. I did some adjudtments afterwards. It is said Michelangelo stood in front of this statue and said it was a waste of a large piece of marble. It certainly lacks the magic of Michelangelo. One of the very l...
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How companies are working around Apple’s ban on vaping apps

Apple banned vaping apps in November 2019. Since then, the company has said very little about its decision, leaving many companies upset and confused about its blanket prohibition. Three months later, companies are working around Apple’s ban. Here’s how they’re doing it. Apple’s wide-sweeping ban on vaping affected apps from Juul, Pax and many others, including apps that calculate electrical resistance because they can be used to build vape components. It appears to have hit the cannabis indu...
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CES takes half-baked stance on cannabis

A cannabis company won a CES award for 2020. Called Keeps, the desktop storage device features biometric security to secure cannabis products, and looks good while doing it. The CTA gave them an Innovations Award Nominee in October and then weeks later told the company they were unable to use the word “cannabis” when exhibiting. Keep Labs decided to stay home and not exhibit at the massive Consumer Electronics Show, potentially missing out on distribution deals, funding and increased brand aware...
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Cedar Shakes Forever with DaVinci Roofscapes

Nothing beats cedar shake roofing and siding for authentic charm. On the flip side, unfortunately, the weather frequently beats cedar shake. But DaVinci Roofscapes offers the best of both worlds—the lovely look of shake with the long-lived durability of composite. DaVinci’s Hand Split Shake Siding is a composite product that replicates the look of wooden shake. Utilizing a “simulated keyway,” the 10” shakes provide a convincing double for traditional 4” and 6” shakes, “to create a multi-width a...
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The Davinci IQ is the most innovative vaporizer you can buy right now

Innovation, in 2017, is a buzzword that’s lost its meaning. It’s used as a descriptor for anything the tech industry touches, from the mundane, like grocery aisles, to generation-defining achievements like private space travel. The cannabis industry is no exception. Every so often, however, a truly innovative product lands in your hands. And that's what the Davinci IQ is. A revelation in handheld form, the vaporizer makes the shoddily-rolled joints in Woodstock documentaries seem like the...
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10 Reasons Project Runway Is Like Musical Theatre

I have a confession to make.Mock me all you want, but I haven't missed an episode of Project Runway in ten years or more. In my defense, it's the only reality show I watch.But I realized years ago that at its core, Project Runway is really just a show about making art, a different kind of art from mine, sure, but still art. Many of the same rules, fears, uncertainty, and panic applies. The show also addresses on a weekly basis the age-old tension between art and commerce.In a surprising way (or...
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Wordless Wednesday: DaVinci and the ducks

My little friend DaVinci has been adopted! He got adopted several weeks ago and has settled in very nicely to his new home. His new owners just adore him and get lots of laugh from all of his antics. And, he has two older canine siblings who are looking after him and teaching him good dog manners. Most of his aggression and resource guarding behaviors are gone or greatly reduced, although they can still occasionally appear if he is extremely stressed or tired. His new owners have been following...
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Looking forward: Being proactive about training

Note: I wrote this post about two weeks ago, but haven’t been able to find the time to publish it. I think you’ll still enjoy it, though. Also, I’m happy to report that we’ve found what I think is going to be the perfect forever home for DaVinci! When DaVinci the old English sheep dog puppy came to stay with me, he was eleven weeks old and already had some pretty intense behavioral issues. We have been working hard daily to address these issues and he is making lots of progress already! He is g...
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Introducing DaVinci

I have a new foster pup staying with me. He’s an eleven week old Old English Sheepdog puppy named DaVinci. He’ll be staying with me for some training and then he will be rehomed through the rescue group that I work with. DaVinci’s previous owners made the decision to rehome him because he was already displaying some serious aggression and resource guarding type behaviors. The owners had been bit multiple times and were becoming increasingly scared to interact with him during certain types of act...
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