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France Is Trying To Raise Millions To Buy De Sade’s Filthiest Manuscript

“The French government is appealing for corporate help to acquire the manuscript of the Marquis de Sade’s notorious The 120 Days of Sodom, valued at €4.5m (£3.9m), for the National Library of France.” – The Guardian
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The British Library Digitizes Its Collection of Obscene Books (1658-1940)

Many people are cheated out of an authentic education in English literature because of a longstanding puritanical approach to its curation. One might spend a lifetime reading the traditional canon without ever, for example, learning much about the long history of popular pornographic British writing, a genre that flourished in the 18th and 19th centuries as the popularity of the novel exploded. Everyone knows the Marquis de Sade, even if they haven’t read him, not least because he lent his name...
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"Romantic love and the longing for God are closely intertwined in our music and literature, in our theology, and, beneath all that, in our souls."

Writes Kevin D. Williamson in "The Psalmist and the Sex Doll" (National Review). The "psalmist" is Leonard Cohen, and the essay begins with a discussion of the song "Hallelujah." As for the "sex doll," he's writing about the new brothels (in Toronto) where men pay to have sex with realistic looking/seeming dolls.The sterility of the act in question is not merely biological. Regulation of that act is not entirely beside the point, but it is not really the point itself, either. Imagine, if you can...
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Nude Scenes Will Never Be The Same Post-Harvey Weinstein, Says Director Robert Lepage (Especially In A Play About De Sade)

"Only a few months ago, ... Lepage would never have thought twice about a nude scene with an actress. But the sexual harassment scandals that have wracked the entertainment industry since the Hollywood mogul's fall have forced the Québécois master theatremaker to rethink how he works. The fact he was also rehearsing a play, Quills, […]
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De Sade's '120 Days Of Sodom' Declared National Treasure By France

"Officials ordered that the 18th-century erotic masterpiece be withdrawn from sale, along with André Breton's Surrealist Manifestos, banning their export from France, the Aguttes auction house said."
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Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds do the rite thing at the Greek Theatre

[See image gallery at] A long time ago a friend (and leader of a very successful band) shared the secret of his success. “We mean very much to a very few,” he revealed, explaining the fervent cult-like adoration feigned upon him despite a lack of mass media stardom. That sort of cunning accurately characterizes the hysteria around Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds. One could accurately argue that 6,000 people behaved as if they’d seen God himself during the 18-song set Thursday night at th...
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Revenge of the Blood Beast Blu-ray Review

Revenge of the Blood Beast Blu-ray review Release Date: January 17 Click here to order your copy of Revenge of the Blood Beast! “Do you mean you stay around so there won’t be any new outbreak of sorcery? Is that it?” At age 25, British director Michael Reeves seemed poised to embark on a truly remarkable film career, but then something strange happened: He died. When he passed away from an accidental barbiturate overdose, Reeves had three pictures to his name. Those include the 1967 Boris Ka...
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Waiting for Lipchitz at Chateau Marmont -- A Contemporary Hollywood Satire c/o Novelist Aris Janigian

Aris Janigian's latest novel--a scathing dispatch of Hollywood and American culture both-- has spent over 5 weeks on the L.A. Times Bestseller list. I recently spoke to Aris by phone about this most enticing and original of projects-one that seemed to stand out from recent efforts by other American novelists and cultural commentators. CA: There are some obvious/possible sources of inspiration for you in this book, for example Beckett and Nathaniel West. Care to discuss? Other examples? AJ: Act...
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The Ars Poetica of Perfume: A Manifesto

"I’m so glad I’ve checked myself out of all attractiveness rhetoric,” I said to one of my friends recently and she laughed. “Says the girl who doesn’t leave house without perfume,” she said. I quoted Monroe – a girl who doesn’t wear perfume has no future – and she rightfully noticed that if that’s what it takes to have a future, she’d rather do without. It’s hard to find a beauty item easier to poeticize than perfume: each fragrance interacts with the natural smell of your body, producing a uni...
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