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The psychology of moral grandstanding

Moral grandstanding is the use of moral talk for self-promotion. Moral grandstanders have egotistical motives: they may want to signal that they have superhuman insight into a topic, paint themselves as a victim, or show that they care more than others.Moral philosophers view moral grandstanding as a net negative. They argue that it contributes to political polarization, increases levels of cynicism about moral talk and its value in public life, and it causes outrage exhaustion.Grandstanders are...
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The real numbers behind abortions in the United States

The American society is close to split on the legality of abortions.45,789,558 abortions were carried out in the U.S. between 1970 and 2015.The abortion numbers are at an all-time low now, trending almost half of what they were. WHAT AMERICANS THINK ABOUT ABORTION Abortion is an extremely divisive issue that splits the country close to down the middle. About 48% of Americans consider themselves "pro-choice," but the same number – 48% are "pro-life," found a May 2018 Gallup poll. The numbers of p...
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How to Talk Shit Online

“People are just as allowed to dislike things as they are permitted to enjoy them,” writes cultural critic Kate Wagner in the Baffler essay “Don’t Let People Enjoy Things.” Wagner (creator of the architectural critique blog McMansion Hell) shuts down one of the dumber memes going around right now, where fans bravely…Read more...
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Watch: Tim Wu debates trustbusting with Tyler Cowen, who just wrote "a love letter" to Big Business

Competition scholar Tim Wu (previously) is one of the most cogent, accessible voices in the antitrust debate; his recent book on the subject is a must-read; this week, he debated George Mason University scholar Tyler Cowen, proprietor of Marginal Revolution and one of the leading voices for the expansion of unfettered, unregulated capitalism -- he's the face of the notorious Mercatus Center, where rich donors choose the faculty and out pop arguments against universal health care and Net Neutral...
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Watch: Tim Wu debates trustbusting with Tyler Cowan, who just wrote "a love letter" to Big Business

Competition scholar Tim Wu (previously) is one of the most cogent, accessible voices in the antitrust debate; his recent book on the subject is a must-read; this week, he debated George Mason University scholar Tyler Cowan, proprietor of Marginal Revolution and one of the leading voices for the expansion of unfettered, unregulated capitalism -- he's the face of the notorious Mercatus Center, where rich donors choose the faculty and out pop arguments against universal health care and Net Neutral...
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Befriend your ideological opposite. It’s fun.

Former president of the ACLU Nadine Strossen and Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia were unlikely friends. They debated each other at events all over the world, and because of that developed a deep and rewarding friendship – despite their immense differences.Scalia, a famous conservative, was invited to circles that were not his "home territory", such as the ACLU, to debate his views. Here, Strossen expresses her gratitude and respect for his commitment to the exchange of ideas."It's really sa...
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Free speech: The history every American should know

There's a reason you're free to wear clothing with protest statements on them today. In 1968, 19-year-old Paul Robert Cohen was arrested for disturbing the peace by wearing a jacked that read "F*ck the Draft" in a California courthouse. His case went to the U.S. Supreme Court, which decided that being offended by the jacket did not merit censorship.Jonathan Zimmerman argues that the history of debate in the U.S. – of who gets to say what, and how that has evolved – should be taught to every Amer...
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John Stuart Mill's big idea: Harsh critics make good thinkers

19th-century political philosopher John Stuart Mill defended the right of free societies to explore radical and dangerous ideas.One of his arguments was based on humility: You must be prepared to be wrong, and genuinely be open to being persuaded. Put your ideas into intellectual battle by exposing them to the harshest critics. These critics will show up your flaws and make you a more sophisticated thinker.Another of Mill's arguments was concerned with arrogance. He criticized the common tendenc...
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Minivan vs. SUVs: How to Select Your Next Family Vehicle

For many growing families, gaining an additional family member means another milestone: upgrading or changing the family vehicle. If you had a sedan, you may find that it’s not big enough to comfortably fit multiple car seats and passengers. Inevitably, you have to answer a question that defines your parenting: minivan or SUV?   OK, [...] The post Minivan vs. SUVs: How to Select Your Next Family Vehicle appeared first on The Megalomaniac Mommy.
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Why pitting prejudices against each other keeps society free

For society to stay open and free, you don't need to eliminate prejudice. You need the opposite: All kinds of prejudice pitted against each other.Intellectual diversity helps society as a whole learn the truth. And as long as society has rules that force ideas to be openly tested, the intolerant will not gain the upper hand."In America it's legal to be intolerant. It may not be right. It may not get you accepted or respected. But absolutely it's legal and it should be legal," says Jonathan Rauch...
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Opinion journalism keeps the lights on. But at what cost?

Basic facts are up for debate, especially in the realm of science and politics. So which facts can you trust? Start by looking at trusted sources like Wikipedia, Snopes, and"If people with money don't start supporting fact-checking systems then fact-checking systems will become increasingly rarer," says Dreger.Digital audiences are in the habit of sharing and reposting op-eds that agree with their existing opinions, rather than seeking out factual reporting. Opinion journalism mak...
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Reddit's wonderful "Change My View" forum launches its own independent website

Change My View (previously) is a wonderful subreddit founded by a Scottish highschooler named Kal Turnbull as a forum where people can conduct honest inquiry and debate, where the house-rules ensure that there is an open-minded willingness to have your views changed, and where those changes are marked with a Δ (delta) symbol. Turnbull is now 23 with a degree in civil engineering, and he and his community members have built a standalone Change My View site with help from Google/Alphabet's ...
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It’s Time to Teach Young People How to Stop Being So Offended

'Giving offense is the price of diversity, not an impediment to diversity'
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Why avoiding logical fallacies is an everyday superpower

Many an otherwise-worthwhile argument has been derailed by logical fallacies. Sometimes these fallacies are deliberate tricks, and sometimes just bad reasoning. Avoiding these traps makes disgreeing so much better. Logical-fallacy traps are all around us, and we get caught in them all the time. They trap us during discussions — okay, arguments — and make our heads want to burst. Sometimes we get derailed while we're trying to sort out important issues, and sometimes it's simply trying to adjud...
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If you lost friends in the 2016 election, watch this

As the saying goes: Diversity isn't rocket science—it's harder. Living in a diverse civil society isn't just about embracing the things we like, says Eboo Patel. That's the 'egg rolls and samosas' view. Diversity means cooperating through disagreements.Have you ever judged someone harshly, ended a relationship or avoided one because of a fundamental disagreement? "Does the fact of that disagreement—voting differently in a particular election, disagreeing on fundamental issues, immigration policy...
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Why you should tolerate intolerable ideas

Former ACLU president Nadine Strossen argues that without freedom of expression we don't have freedom of speech. With some major college campuses disavowing "dangerous ideas" from certain speakers on campus, this can lead to a slippery slope wherein ideas—and even ways of life—can be marginalized entirely. The Charles Koch Foundation is committed to understanding what drives intolerance and the best ways to cure it. The foundation supports interdisciplinary research to overcome intolerance, new ...
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Should sex with a robot be considered cheating?

A new study from Finland suggests that people view sex with a robot more kindly than they view sex with a human prostitute. The effect is maintained even when the customer is married.While the exact causes of these opinions remain unknown, several proposals have been made. They may well serve as ethical guides going forward. None Robot sex dolls are a thing now. A proposed robot brothel in California is in the crowdfunding stage, Chinese scientists are pitching lifelike dolls as the solution fo...
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6 environmental topics to spark discussion at the Thanksgiving dinner table

Nothing sparks political discussion and debate more than a family dinner during the holidays. In this explosive political climate, chances are the conversation will run wild during Thanksgiving even more than it has in the past. To give you some ideas for the upcoming holiday season, here are some environmental topics to help spur your political discussion while you enjoy your turkey dinner. Elections With a major midterm election happening just this month, politics will be a hot topic at T...
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How to bring more confidence to your conversations

To avoid basing action on external validation, you need to find your "authentic voice" and use it.Finding your voice requires asking the right questions of yourself.There are 3-5 questions that you would generally want to ask people you are talking to.
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Forced examination: How the free speech of others benefits us all

A majority of Americans believe we should protect people from deleterious ideas and speech. This belief may harm us, both as individuals and as a society, by ironically strengthening the very ideas that do us harm.Forced examination provides a means by which we can strengthen our own ideas while weeding the harmful ones from society, but it only works with free expression for everyone.In a recent interview with Big Think, moral psychologist Jonathan Haidt argues that children are "anti-fragile."...
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Compelling speakers do these 4 things every single time

The ability to communicate effectively can make or break a person's assessment of your intelligence, competence, and authenticity. President Donald Trump, for example, is frequently noted for his every-man communication style, and the way he "tells it like it is." In contrast, former President Barack Obama is often hailed as one of our nation's greatest orators for his poise and eloquence. Robert Dallek, a presidential historian and author of An Unfinished Life: John F. Kennedy, 1917-1963, ranks...
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“My-side bias” makes it difficult for us to see the logic in arguments we disagree with

In what feels like an increasingly polarised world, trying to convince the "other side" to see things differently often feels futile. Psychology has done a great job outlining some of the reasons why, including showing that, regardless of political leanings, most people are highly motivated to protect their existing views.However a problem with some of this research is that it is very difficult to concoct opposing real-life arguments of equal validity, so as to make a fair comparison of people's...
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5 communication pitfalls that are preventing people from really hearing what you're trying to say

If you identify as being a socially conscious person in today's age of outrage, you've likely experienced the bewildering sensation when a conversation that was once harmless, suddenly doesn't feel that way anymore. Perhaps you're out for a quick bite with family, friends, or coworkers when the conversation takes a turn. Someone's said something that doesn't sit right with you, and you're unsure of how to respond. Navigating social situations like this is inherently stressful.Below are five expe...
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How to raise a non-materialistic kid

Keeping a gratitude journal caused children to donate 60 percent more to charitable causes. Other methods suggested by researchers include daily gratitude reflection, gratitude posters, and keeping a "gratitude jar."Materialism has been shown to increase anxiety and depression and promote selfish attitudes and behavior. None The new Netflix drama The Kindergarten Teacher offers viewers a complex and uncomfortable narrative. Lisa Spinelli is worried that her teenage children are caught in the cl...
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The Catholic Church is Force for Good in the World

I love a good debate, and naturally so because I am the argumentative kind. Most of all, I like debates centered around religion.. The line dividing the opposing sides is sharp, and the positions irreconcilable. I delight in the skewering that monotheism takes in them. A superb example of that is the intelligence2 debate in … Continue reading The Catholic Church is Force for Good in the World
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Debate Club

And other cats. [Author: Doug]
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Some of the Best Reads for Casual Friday: Artificial Intelligence

Fridays can be the most productive work day, as you look to shore up everything before the weekend starts. Or, maybe instead, it’s a day filled with long lunches and listless Internet surfing, as you seek out all the interesting articles you missed during the week. Fear not: Xconomy has done the work for you, bringing a smattering of some of the most interesting reads out there. This week, we’re focusing on artificial intelligence, one of the buzziest fields in tech. From Facebook to Micr...
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Congressional forum interrupted by raunchy gay adult video

“Looks like we got hacked again, we’ll try to fix this.”
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Hacker Hijacks California Congressional Debate to Broadcast Gay Porn

Voters in California’s 1st congressional district tuned in Thursday night to a live stream of a political forum intended to highlight two candidates running for office. What they got instead was a brief clip of gay porn, the result of the broadcast being hijacked by hackers. Read more...
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How to Be a Convincing Debater

Argumentation is an art, but it is one that requires a great deal of time to master. Image Credit: julisaustria Arguments have played a vital role in shaping societies. In fact, we could have never progressed without challenging dominant viewpoints and changing the way others see the world. Argumentation is an art, but it is one that requires a great deal of time to master. After all, having the ability to persuade and influence people is never an innate skill. It never will be. It takes t...
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