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R&D Roundup: Ultrasound/AI medical imaging, assistive exoskeletons and neural weather modeling

In the time of COVID-19, much of what transpires from the science world to the general public relates to the virus, and understandably so. But other domains, even within medical research, are still active — and as usual, there are tons of interesting (and heartening) stories out there that shouldn’t be lost in the furious activity of coronavirus coverage. This last week brought good news for several medical conditions as well as some innovations that could improve weather reporting and maybe sav...
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Terrifying Things Happen When an AI Generates Fake Faces Synced to Music

We’re still trying to figure out the best applications for neural networks, machine learning, and all the recent advancements in artificial intelligence. Amongst all the practical research being conducted, there’s also lots of frivolous experimentation being done with results that walk the line between fascinating and…Read more...
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AI Trained on Moon Craters Is Helping Find Unexploded Bombs From the Vietnam War

There’s still no completely safe and surefire method for locating unexploded ordinance after a war is over, but researchers at Ohio State University have found a way to harness image processing algorithms, powered by machine learning, to study satellite imagery and locate hot spots where UXO are likely to be located.Read more...
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How To Train Your Robot, a free kids book by an engineer and his 10-year-old daughter

My buddy Ken Goldberg, a UC Berkeley professor of robotics, his 10-year-old daughter Blooma, and science communicator Ashley Chase wrote a delightful children's book called How to Train Your Robot! Illustrated by Dave Clegg, the story, about a fourth grade robotics club, is a fun and understandable introduction to how deep learning can help robots gain new skills in the messy, unstructured human world. Thanks to support from the National Science Foundation and UC Berkeley's Lawrence Hall of S...
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This robot plays the marimba and writes and sings its own songs

Shimon, the robotic maestro from Georgia Tech’s Center for Music Technology, is releasing an album and going on tour. To write lyrics, the robot employs deep learning combined with semantic knowledge and rhyme and rhythm. Shimon has also had a complete facelift giving it a much more expressive mug for singing. In IEEE Spectrum, Evan Ackerman interviewed Shimon's creators, professor Gil Weinberg and PhD student Richard Savery: IEEE Spectrum: What makes Shimon’s music fundamentally diff...
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Deepgram raises $12M for enterprise speech recognition

Deepgram, a startup focused on high-quality, real-time speech recognition, announced a $12 million Series A this morning. The startup, founded a half decade ago, according to Crunchbase data, with just a few million in raised capital, is interesting, as its success to date was founded on two consecutive experiments. The first dealing with its technology, and the second concerning its market. Deepgram sits in the midst of our continuing conversation about AI-grounded companies, or at least com...
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Amazon is now selling its cashierless store technology to other retailers

Amazon on Monday announced it will now offer its cashierless store technology called “Just Walk Out,” to other retailers. The technology uses a combination of cameras, sensors, computer vision techniques, and deep learning to allow customers to shop then leave the store without waiting in line to pay. This is the same technology that today powers the Amazon Go cashierless convenience stores and Amazon’s newly launched Amazon Go Grocery store in Seattle.  Reuters first reported the news just ahea...
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Clever Browser Tool Erases People From Live Webcam Feeds in Real Time

An extra post-it note is all you really need to prevent someone from spying on you through a laptop’s built-in webcam. But Jason Mayes apparently likes to do things the hard way: He’s developed an AI-powered tool for browsers that can erase people from live webcam feeds in real-time but leave everything else in the…Read more...
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Deep learning A.I. can imitate the distortion effects of iconic guitar gods

Listeners were fooled into thinking it was the genuine article
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Neural Networks Upscale Film from 1896 to 4K, Make It Look Like It Was Shot on a Modern Smartphone

There are lots of valid reasons to be worried about how deep learning techniques could potentially be used to manipulate footage for nefarious reasons. But as Denis Shiryaev demonstrates by upscaling some old black and white film footage from 1896, those AI-powered tools can also be a powerful way to bring the past…Read more...
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Skymind Global Ventures launches $800M fund and London office to back AI startups

Skymind Global Ventures (SGV) appeared last year in Asia/US as a vehicle for the previous founders of a YC-backed open-source AI platform to invest in companies that used the platform. Today it announces the launch of an $800 million fund to back promising new AI companies and academic research. It will consequently be opening a London office as an extension to its original Hong Kong base. SGV Founder and CEO Shawn Tan said in a statement: “Having our operations in the UK capital is a strategic ...
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During Brain Surgery, This AI Can Diagnose a Tumor in 2 Minutes

Expert human pathologists typically require around 30 minutes to diagnose brain tumors from tissue samples extracted during surgery. A new artificially intelligent system can do it in less than 150 seconds—and it does so more accurately than its human counterparts.Read more...
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Using Stylegan to age everyone in 1985's hit video "Cry"

Shardcore (previously) writes, "I took Godley & Creme's seminal 1985 video and sent it through a StyleGAN network." Every time I see a GAN face morph, it makes me think of the Godley & Creme video, so I decided to see what would happen if the two met. I split the Cry video into its constituent frames and asked the network to try and produce a portrait of each one. I then asked it to produce a slightly older version of the same face. Often this seems to involve adding a pair of glasses....
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Revisiting the rise of A.I.: How far has artificial intelligence come since 2010?

The 2010s have a good claim for being the greatest 10 years in the history of artificial intelligence. What were the biggest advances in A.I. over the past decade? Join us on a trip down memory lane.
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Facebook removes nearly 1,000 accounts with AI-generated profile photos

When AI-generated faces became more widespread and available, some people feared that these fake portraits could be misused. Well, their fears came true. On Friday, Facebook removed almost a thousand of fake profiles, pages, and groups that used photos generated by artificial intelligence. And according to the sources, all of them were used to push […] The post Facebook removes nearly 1,000 accounts with AI-generated profile photos appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Stemonix, Atomwise Team Up on Drug Discovery With MicroOrgans and AI

Two venture-backed startups that have developed technologies intended to speed up the drug discovery and development process are combining those tools in a bid to achieve their goals together.San Francisco-based Atomwise has developed deep learning techniques for use in structure-based small molecule drug discovery. Since 2012 it has raised more than $50 million to bolster the development and application of its tech, which has been used by pharmaceutical and agrochemical companies, as well as b...
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Google launches TensorFlow Enterprise with long-term support and managed services

Google open-sourced its TensorFlow machine learning framework back in 2015 and it quickly became one of the most popular platforms of its kind. Enterprises that wanted to use it, however, had to either work with third parties or do it themselves. To help these companies — and capture some of this lucrative market itself — Google is launching TensorFlow Enterprise, which includes hands-on, enterprise-grade support and optimized managed services on Google Cloud. One of the most important fea...
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Deep Learning Is Making Video Game Characters Move Like Real People

As video games give players more freedom to explore complex digital worlds, it becomes more challenging for a CG character to naturally move and interact with everything in it. So to prevent those awkward transitions between pre-programmed movements, researchers have turned to AI and deep learning to make video game…Read more...
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Even Your Parents Could Master Photoshop's New AI-Powered Automatic Selection Tools

Adobe has been slowly upgrading Photoshop with better tools to make the worst photo editing task—close cropping complex objects—less of a pain. The Magic Wand, the Magnetic Lasso, and the Quick Selections tools were all big improvements, but Photoshop’s AI-powered “Select Subject” tool was the quantum leap pixel…Read more...
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Nvidia's New AI Lets You Know if Your Pet Would Look Cuter As a Different Animal

Sure, you love your dog/cat/currently trendy animal people are keeping as pets, but is there a chance you might like it more if it were a different breed? You can’t simply trade in your Golden Retriever for a weekend test drive with a Schnauzer, but with Nvidia’s new GANimals tool, you can at least see if your beloved…Read more...
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Our digital future 10: Cognitive courseware

Image from Pixabay You have probably heard of data science, Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and cloud computing. You may also have heard of big data, The Internet of Things and Blockchain. These technologies are all beginning to play roles in our digital lives and will grow in significance in the future.But have you heard of cognitive technology? It's another way of saying 'computers that are capable of mimicking human characteristics'. Cognitive technologies can be defined ...
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Quantum Computing 101: Brilliant, Google, Microsoft Training Workers

From Microsoft and IBM to Alphabet’s unit X and Canada’s D-Wave Systems, companies are racing to build powerful quantum computers that may solve problems beyond the capacity of the most sophisticated conventional processors, and do it much faster.It’ll be some years before such uber-computers are robust and reliable enough for broad commercial use. But tech companies are already writing the novel kinds of software these revolutionary computers will need in order to operate—and businesses are ev...
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Samsung has developed an AI that turns still images into talking portraits

Deepfake has become a pretty hot topic in the world of visual AI over the last couple of years, and it’s come a very long way in a short amount of time. It’s an incredible and terrifying technology. And now Samsung has jumped on the bandwagon. Researchers at the Samsung AI Center in Mosci and […] The post Samsung has developed an AI that turns still images into talking portraits appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Get ready to waste your day with this creepily accurate text-generating A.I.

Remember the text-generating A.I. created by research lab OpenA.I. that was supposedly too dangerous to release to the public? Well, someone just released a version of it. Check it out. The post Get ready to waste your day with this creepily accurate text-generating A.I. appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Seattle Algorithm Marketplace and Manager, Algorithmia, Snags $25M

Algorithmia was founded on the idea that lots of people who write algorithms, from academics to private sector employees, have good products but no way to commercialize them. It launched in 2014 as a marketplace for people who want to buy or sell algorithms, and raised a $2.4 million seed funding round.Today, there’s more to the business, including a service launched in 2017 that helps developers manage and deploy artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms in their applications (ke...
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Voices in AI – Episode 85: A Conversation with Ilya Sutskever

[voices_in_ai_byline] About this Episode Episode 85 of Voices in AI features host Byron Reese and Ilya Sutskever of Open AI talk about the future of general intelligence and the ramifications of building a computer smarter than us. Listen to this one-hour episode or read the full transcript at Transcript Excerpt Byron Reese: This is Voices in AI brought to you by GigaOm and I’m Byron Reese. Today my guest is Ilya Sutskever. He is the co-founder and the chief scientist at ...
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A.I. could monitor farms from above to make sure they’re not illegally polluting

The idea of an A.I. that watches from the skies, seeking out wrongdoing, sounds like sci-fi dystopia. Actually, it describes a new tool being developed to detect farms that are illegally polluting. The post A.I. could monitor farms from above to make sure they’re not illegally polluting appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Facebook is using A.I. to create the world’s most detailed population maps

Using deep learning A.I., census data, and high-res satellite images, Facebook has created the most accurate population density maps ever. Here's how -- and why -- it went about it. The post Facebook is using A.I. to create the world’s most detailed population maps appeared first on Digital Trends.
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IBM helped NASA fix one of its satellites using cutting-edge deep learning A.I.

How do you fix a satellite 22,000 miles above the Earth’s surface? That’s a question that NASA had to answer when it ran into problems with one of its crucial satellites. The answer? Using A.I. The post IBM helped NASA fix one of its satellites using cutting-edge deep learning A.I. appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Discover Deep Learning with Nvidia’s Robotics Workshop on April 17 at UC Berkeley

Nvidia is partnering with TechCrunch Sessions: Robotics + AI to host a pre-conference workshop at UC Berkeley on April 17 titled Deep Learning for Robotics. In this eight-hour, instructor-led workshop you’ll get an overview of the Robot Operating System(ROS) and its associated architecture, followed by hands-on simulation and coding experience using a live GPU-accelerated environment. At the end of completing your assessment, you’ll get an Nvidia Deep Learning Institute certificate. Learn more a...
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