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A 3-foot-long mammoth tusk hidden on the ocean floor could offer clues about the ancient creatures

Members of the science team at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute observe the mammoth tusk.Darrin Schultz © 2021 MBARI Scientists discovered a 3-foot-long mammoth tusk roughly 10,000 feet below the ocean's surface. The deep sea is ideal for preserving remains, though mammoth fossils rarely wind up there. The tusk belongs to a young female mammoth. Scientists are using it for clues about how she lived. To the untrained eye, it may have looked like a giant wood log. In reality, sc...
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A 3D Animation of Ocean Depths

The ocean is deep, deeper in some places than Mount Everest is tall. In this 5-minute 3D animation, we take a trip from the shallows of the shoreline to the deepest parts of the ocean, with occasional comparisons to things like the height of the Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower, and Mount Everest along the way. See also The Deep Sea. (via open culture) Tags: video [Author: Jason Kottke]
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Disclosure – “Deep Sea”

Disclosure officially release their new DJ-Kicks mix today. In addition to songs by Harry Wolfman, Simon Hinter, Slum Science, and more, the mix features two new tracks from the UK dance music brother duo themselves. We’ve already heard the first, “Observer Effect,” and now you can listen to “Deep Sea” and stream the whole mix below.
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Hake fishing gets eco-label for fourth time

But endangered sharks and rays are falling through the net, and other imperilled species are being scooped up as bycatch, conservation groups warn The post Hake fishing gets eco-label for fourth time appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Deepwater Sightings of Rare Bigfin Squid Reveal Some Serious Weirdness

An extensive survey of deep waters off the coast of Australia has resulted in a trove of bigfin squid sightings. And by trove, we mean the detection of five individuals—these deep-sea creatures are exceptionally rare, so any new observations are quite valuable to scientists. Read more...
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New Deep Sea Diver – Impossible Weight (ft. Sharon Van Etten)

Video: Deep Sea Diver – “Impossible Weight” (ft. Sharon Van Etten) Directed by Jessica Dobson, Peter Mansen, Tyler Kalberg. From Impossible Weight, out October 16th on ATO. I saw Deep Sea Diver open up for Wilco back in November, which was the last concert I went to before covid, unless I’m forgetting something, which I … Continue reading New Deep Sea Diver – Impossible Weight (ft. Sharon Van Etten) → Read more at Glorious Noise...
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L.A. Buzz Bands Show, tonight at 9 on The Independent 88.5 FM

Join me at 9 tonight on The Independent 88.4 FM for this week’s L.A. Buzz Bands Show, featuring new music from Irontom, Sam Morrow, Westerner, Osees, Oddnesse, Wallows, Elvis Perkins, Skofee and the Small Calamities. I’ll also have recent from Matt Costa, Dan Croll, Finneas and Deep Sea Diver, among other recent faves. If you’re out of FM range, click here to stream the show at 9. And if you missed a recent program, check out the archives here. Here’s your menu for tonight: Wallows, “Nobody Gets...
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Mining Deep Sea Vents Could Put Precious Ecosystems At Risk

The deep sea is one of the least understood places on Earth. Among its oddities are hydrothermal vents, cracks in the seafloor that pump out scaldingly hot water and form massive chimneys teeming with weird microbial life. Read more...
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The Deep Sea

As detailed in the exquisite documentary Proteus, the ocean floor was until very recently a repository for the dreams of humankind — the receptacle for our imagination. But when the H.M.S. Challenger expedition surveyed the world’s deep-sea life and brought it back for cataloging by now-legendary illustrator Ernst Haeckel (who coined the term “ecology”), the hidden benthic universe started coming into view. What we found, and what we continue to discover on the ocean floor, is far stranger ...
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Scientists Unlock the Secret to Ultra-Black Skin of Deep-Sea Fish

New research shows how some deep-sea fish, with their specialized, ultra-black skin, are able to avoid detection even in the presence of light.Read more...
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‘It Really Is Otherworldly’: What It’s Like to Visit the Hot Springs of the Deep Sea

Thousands of feet below the ocean’s surface, boiling hot plumes of seawater shoot like geysers into the abyss. There, some of the strangest life on Earth thrives. Thousands of white crabs with spindly legs creep along the seafloor. Eight-foot-long worms with bright red, mouthless heads poke out of white PVC-looking…Read more...
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Squid Are Nature's Fireworks

Depending on where you live, you might have zero appetite for fireworks shows right now. It’s been a rough year, so why not unwind this Independence Day (or regular Saturday for non-Americans) with nature’s fireworks with the assorted creatures of the deep sea?Read more...
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The Great Barrier Reef Is Bleaching—but These Striking Deep-Sea Coral Gardens Near It Are Hanging on

The Great Barrier Reef has been having a rough year. Warm waters have led to record coral bleaching this year and could hasten the reef’s die-off. But while surface corals are suffering, nearly a mile beneath the surface, deep-sea corals near the Great Barrier Reef are thriving.Read more...
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Make Up For Ever Aqua Resist Eyeshadow Sticks & Pencils; Matte Velvet Concealer for July 2020

Release Date + About the Launch This July, Make Up For Ever launches a new Eyeshadow Stick and Pencil Eyeliner in their Aqua Resist range, plus a 24-hour wear, high-coverage concealer. July 16th Sephora Make Up For Ever P...
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Scientists Found a Vast, Deep Sea Coral Garden off Greenland's Coast

In the depths of the water just west of Greenland, scientists have discovered a previously unknown coral garden. They described the ecosystem in a new study published in Frontiers in Marine Science on Monday.Read more...
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Scientists Captured New Footage of the Deepest-Living Octopus

Scientists have discovered a potentially new species of the adorable “dumbo” octopus in a very unique place. At more than 4 miles (6,957 meters) under the Indian Ocean, the newly discovered octo was found at the deepest depths of any cephalopod has been observed. The discovery—published in the journal Marine Biology…Read more...
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Life Is Thriving 2,600 Feet Beneath the Seafloor

You won’t see many living things above the ocean surface hundreds of miles southeast of Madagascar—an albatross or the occasional fishing vessel may break up the hours of solitude. But beneath the surface, lava from Earth’s mantle has uplifted a long, underwater mountain range with a flat top extending 5 kilometers…Read more...
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A Newly Discovered Deep-Sea Coral Garden Could Unlock the Ocean's Secrets

Australia’s most famous coral resides on its Pacific coast. The Great Barrier Reef is amazing, to be sure, and a bellwether of how climate change is impacting reefs around the world. Read more...
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Dead Alligators Dropped to the Bottom of the Sea Make for a Rare and Delicious Meal

An experiment to see how deep-sea creatures might react to the presence of an uncommon food source—alligator carcasses—has resulted in some fascinating new science.Read more...
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8 Oceanic Creature Features That Delight in Underwater Perils

Humans who find themselves living beneath the ocean in sci-fi movies might as well be living in space. Many of the dangers are the same, be they natural (oxygen scarcity, claustrophobic proximity to asshole co-workers) or unnatural (monsters!). Needless to say, it’s a setting that has inspired a lot of filmmakers.Read more...
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Best of CH 2019: Link About It

Scientific breakthroughs, surprising design collaborations and beyond As we publish our own original articles throughout the year, we also share insightful stories and videos from publications we respect. Crucial for our growth as writers, these pieces inform us as readers, listeners and learners. From the inspiring and interesting to the challenging and counterpointing, we promote these stories in our ever-growing Link About It section. There, …
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The Deep Sea

The Deep Sea is a fun little web toy where you scroll down into the ocean to see the depths at which different animals (and a few plants) hang out. Warning: if you start scrolling you probably won’t be able to stop until (spoiler alert!) you reach the bottom of the Challenger Deep. I was surprised to learn many things along the way, including that elephant seals can dive to 2400 meters (about a mile and a half), there’s such a thing called the headless chicken fish, the Cuvier’s beaked whale ...
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Bubble Subs Arise, Opening Eyes to the Deep Sea

Giant plastic spheres, with walls six inches thick or more, are making the depths of the ocean, and its strange denizens, more accessible.
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Get a glimpse of the ocean floor with remarkable images of deep sea creatures

A team from the Schmidt Ocean Institute in Palo Alto, California, have shared remarkable images from their expeditions to the depths. The team traveled off the coast of Costa Rica to collect information about deep sea ecosystems, The post Get a glimpse of the ocean floor with remarkable images of deep sea creatures appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Replacement Sand Art Components

Replacement Sand Art Components. Air Scales for Deep Sea or any rectangular sand art kits Syringe kit- Needle and syringe Mounting Hardware
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Strategy for 'No-Mining Zones' in the Deep Sea

An international team of researchers has developed a comprehensive set of criteria to help the International Seabed Authority (ISA) protect local biodiversity from deep-sea mining activities. These guidelines should help identify areas of particular environmental importance where no mining should occur. The new ecological framework is a set of 18 quantitative metrics to assess whether the number, shapes, sizes and locations of proposed zones will be sufficient to protect threatened habitats and ...
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New Device Brings Twilight Zone Sea Creatures Into the Sunlight

We’ve only explored a tiny percentage of the deep ocean, and most of its denizens remain alien to the public. Now, a team of researchers is working to change that with a portable device that transports creatures of the so-called mesophotic zone to the surface in one piece—that is, without causing their insides to…Read more...
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Special Order - Replacement Sand Art Components

Replacement Sand Art Components. Air Scales for Deep Sea or any rectangular sand art kits Syringe kit- Needle and syringe Mounting Hardware
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The Deepest Living Fish Ever Recorded Has a Wonderful Smile on Its Face

Normally, if a story about deep water sea creatures comes along it involves horrifying abominations of nature that have been hardened by some of the toughest conditions for life on planet Earth. But a team of researchers from Japan recently documented the deepest living fish ever seen, and it almost seems like it’s…Read more...
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