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With Melania Laying Low, Trump Campaign Turns to Karen Pence to Help Attract Suburban Women

(WASHINGTON) — Karen Pence has no shortage of projects. The wife of Vice President Mike Pence promotes the healing power of art therapy and help for military spouses. She’s into honeybees and supports sister cities. She’s a watercolorist who designs the family’s annual Christmas card and teaches art at a religious elementary school. Now, she’s beginning to campaign on her own to help win a second term for President Donald Trump and her husband. And with first lady Melania Trump largely avoi...
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[DEFEXPO 2020] New Series of Sniper and Assault Rifles from SSS Defense

After you’ve been to dozens of defense expos all around the globe, you don’t really expect to see anything new and exciting. The time when “big reveals” of new products were done at exhibitions are almost gone, there is the internet for that. And DEFEXPO was no exception until I walked into a booth of SSS […] Read More … The post [DEFEXPO 2020] New Series of Sniper and Assault Rifles from SSS Defense appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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[DEFEXPO 2020] New Indian CQB Carbine from Ordnance Factory Board

At the moment, the Indian Ordnance Factory Board (OFB) is the largest firearms manufacturer on our planet. With over 80 000 employees, 41 factories and 9 Training Institutes it dwarfs any other firearms manufacturer in any other country. And DEFEXPO exhibition is perhaps the only way for the general public to see OFB’s latest developments and […] Read More … The post [DEFEXPO 2020] New Indian CQB Carbine from Ordnance Factory Board appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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[DEFEXPO 2020] MG-M2, PKM Variant in 7.62x51mm From Bulgarian ARSENAL

The second most famous creation of Michail Kalashnikov, general-purpose Kalashnikov machine gun, had a multitude of names over the last 50 years: PK, PKM, M84 in former Yugoslavia, Konekivaari KK PKM in Finland. In some southern regions of Russia, where shooting at weddings is a mandatory part of the celebration, PKM is semi-officially called “the […] Read More … The post [DEFEXPO 2020] MG-M2, PKM Variant in 7.62x51mm From Bulgarian ARSENAL appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Enormous Waves Race Across Atlantic as U.K. Faces Another Winter Storm

(LONDON) — Enormous waves churned across the North Atlantic on Saturday as Britain braced for a second straight weekend of wild winter weather and flooding. Hundreds of flights were cancelled, and the Royal Navy joined the search for a missing man who went overboard a boat. Hurricane-force winds of up to 85 knots (98 mph) and monster waves that could reach over 100-feet-high ((30 meters)) were roaring across the North Atlantic, the U.S. National Weather Service’s Ocean Prediction Center rep...
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Defense Secretary says start of reduction in violence period in Afghanistan 'is a moving date'

Defense Secretary Mark Esper on Saturday said the US has not yet fully set a date for when it will begin a period of reduction in violence negotiated with the Taliban.
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Defense Secretary Mark Esper Says Taliban Deal ‘Looks Very Promising,’ But Not Without Risk

(MUNICH) — U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper said Saturday that a truce agreement between the United States and the Taliban that could lead to the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan is not without risk but “looks very promising.” Ahead of a formal announcement of the seven-day “reduction in violence” deal, Esper said it was time to give peace a chance in Afghanistan through a political negotiation. He spoke a day after a senior U.S. official said the deal had been concluded and ...
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World must 'wake up to the challenges presented by China,' says Defense Secretary

Defense Secretary Mark Esper called on the international community to "wake up to the challenges presented by China," telling an audience of world leaders and top policymakers on Saturday that America's concerns about China should also be Europe's concerns.
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Official says U.S., Taliban reach Afghanistan truce agreement

By MATTHEW LEE and KATHY GANNON MUNICH — A senior U.S. official said Friday the United States and the Taliban have reached a truce agreement that will take effect “very soon” and could lead to withdrawals of American troops from Afghanistan. The official said the agreement for a seven-day “reduction in violence” to be followed by the start of all-Afghan peace talks within 10 days is “very specific” and covers the entire country, including Afghan government forces. There were indications a formal...
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Defense Secretary Esper: US has reached a deal with the Taliban to reduce deadly attacks

The deal between the U.S. and the Taliban calls for a reduction in deadly attacks that have ravaged Afghanistan.         [Author: USA TODAY]
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‘Border Security Is National Security.’ Mark Esper Defends Shifting Defense Funds for Trump’s Border Wall

(MUNICH, Germany) — U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper on Friday defended his decision to divert billions of dollars in funding for Navy and Air Force aircraft and other military programs to help pay for President Donald Trump’s promised wall on the U.S.-Mexico border. Esper was asked by a reporter about criticism from Democrats and Republicans in Congress, including Rep. Mac Thornberry, a Republican from Texas, who called the diversion of funds contrary to the constitutional authority of Co...
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Esper defends Trump's plan to divert $3.83 billion in Pentagon funding to border wall

Secretary of Defense Mark Esper on Friday responded to bipartisan criticism of the Trump administration's plan to divert $3.83 billion in Pentagon funding to border wall construction as unconstitutional, saying the decision reflects the White House's prioritization of national security.
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$1.9B radar dropped from budget, Hawaii woman on cruise ship contracts coronavirus, Blangiardi running for Honolulu mayor, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Wind turbines in Hawaii ©2020 All Hawaii News Renewable energy rises 28% in 2019, Hawaiian Electric says. Hawaiian Electric said its use of renewable energy in 2019 increased over 2018 despite the unavailability of geothermal on the Big Island, and significantly lower wind energy production. Star-Advertiser.Hawaiian Electric Puts Activist Fund Manager On Board. The once-critical investor changed his tone on Wednesday. Civil Beat.=====Budget drops $1.9B radar. Funding for the $1.9 billion ...
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California Supreme Court vacates man’s conviction for LAPD officer’s murder

LOS ANGELES — The California Supreme Court unanimously agreed Thursday to vacate a man’s conviction for the June 1983 killing of a Los Angeles police officer in Lake View Terrace. In a 49-page ruling, the state’s highest court concluded that Kenneth Earl Gay, now 62, was “denied his constitutional right to the assistance of competent counsel” during the guilt phase of his trial, in which he was convicted of murdering Officer Paul Verna. The justices noted that the prosecution has the “opportunit...
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What the Trump Defense Budget Gets Wrong About the Future of War

The massive 2021 Department of Defense budget that the White House sent to Congress clocks in at $740.5 billion, with $705.4 billion earmarked for the Pentagon – the remainder to the Department of Energy and other government agencies for national security projects. As always, the preparation of the request to Congress was a long and tortuous project, spearheaded by the Secretary of Defense and his team through an interminable series of reviews. Each of the services fought hard for its share...
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For President Donald Trump, It’s Open Season for Getting Even

In recent days, President Trump’s mood in private White House meetings has veered between “ebullient” and “pissed.” He’s happy he’s survived the Senate impeachment trial and Robert Mueller investigation before that, but he’s “still pissed that he went through this for three years, that his kids went through this for three years,” a White House official says. “But he feels like he’s got the wind at his back.” For a more conventional President, that might mean putting the spectacle of imp...
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Trump Targets Major Weapons Projects To Fund Wall

The $4 billion in procurement reprogramming is part of a total of what is believed to be roughly $7 billion in military construction and counternarcotics funding that the White House is planning to divert.
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U.S. Brings New Charges Against Chinese Tech Giant Huawei

(WASHINGTON) — The Justice Department has added new criminal charges against Chinese tech giant Huawei and two of its U.S. subsidiaries, accusing the company in a plot to steal trade secrets from competitors in America, federal prosecutors announced Thursday. The company is also accused of installing surveillance equipment that enabled Iran to spy on protesters during 2009 anti-government demonstrations in Iran, and of doing business in North Korea despite U.S. sanctions there. The case com...
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In and Bezos victory, judge orders Pentagon to temporarily stop JEDI contract

A U.S. judge on Thursday ordered the Pentagon to temporarily halt work on the cloud computing 'JEDI' contract, in what represents a major win for and Jeff Bezos. In granting’s request for a preliminary injunction, the court has effectively paused the U.S. Department of Defense and Microsoft's up-to-$10 billion cloud computing deal. claimed they were unfairly discriminated against in the federal contract granting process by the administration of Donald Trump. J...
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Judge halts Microsoft work on JEDI contract after AWS request

A sealed order from a judge today has halted the $10 billion, decade long JEDI project in its tracks until AWS’s protest of the contract award to Microsoft can be heard by the court. The order signed by Judge Patricia E. Campbell-Smith of the US Court Federal Claims stated: The United States, by and through the Department of Defense, its officers, agents, and employees, is hereby PRELIMINARILY ENJOINED from proceeding with contract activities under Contract No. HQ0034-20-D-0001, which was awa...
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Judge temporarily halts work on JEDI contract until court can hear AWS protest

A sealed order from a judge today has halted the $10 billion, decade-long JEDI project in its tracks until AWS’s protest of the contract award to Microsoft can be heard by the court. The order signed by Judge Patricia E. Campbell-Smith of the U.S. Court Federal Claims stated: The United States, by and through the Department of Defense, its officers, agents, and employees, is hereby PRELIMINARILY ENJOINED from proceeding with contract activities under Contract No. HQ0034-20-D-0001, which was a...
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Trump to divert $3.8B from Defense to build stupid Mexico wall

White House plans to divert $3.8 billion from DoD to build Trump's long-promised wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, for which he lied that Mexico would pay “Trump is preparing to divert $3.8 Billion in total from programs across the Department of Defense,” tweeted Foreign Policy reporter Lara Seligman today, “including a controversial war account used to fund emergency requirements, as well as the procurement of ships, aircraft and Army vehicles, to build the wall.” An excerpt from her scoop...
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War on Autopilot? It Will Be Harder Than the Pentagon Thinks

Despite defense contractors’ glittering demonstrations, difficult realities are challenging the military’s race to network everything.
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US and Taliban have 'negotiated a proposal for a seven day reduction in violence,' Pentagon chief says

Secretary of Defense Mark Esper announced Thursday that the US and the Afghan Taliban "have negotiated a proposal for a seven day reduction in violence."
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Pentagon Nominee Who Questioned Ukraine Aid Holdup Denies Report About Her Ouster

A story from the New York Post ignited speculation that Elaine McCusker’s nomination could be withdrawn. It’s not clear that’s the case. Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class James Lee
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Warship Accidents Left Sailors Traumatized. The Navy Struggled to Treat Them.

Recent wars have forced the U.S. military to acknowledge and treat the psychological wounds caused by trauma. But some sailors who survived 2017’s deadly crashes say the Navy’s efforts to help them sometimes fell short.
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Army Isn’t Investigating Lt. Col. Vindman, Despite Trump’s Tweets

The Army officer and former National Security Council staffer who testified in the impeachment inquiry is not under Army investigation, a knowledgeable Defense Department official told The Daily Beast. But veteran Army officers caution that the lack of an investigation does not necessarily mean Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman has escaped reprisal. Ever since Vindman was escorted out of the White House on Friday, along with his twin brother, there has been intense speculation over the future of his mi...
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Trump shrugged off the Philippines' decision to scrap a defense pact with U.S.

Defense Secretary Mark Esper is a little concerned about the Philippines' decision to scrap a defense pact with the United States, but his boss thinks it's no big deal.The Visiting Forces Agreement was signed in 1998, allowing U.S. troops, ships, and aircraft to visit the Philippines and train soldiers, conduct joint exercises, and assist with counterterrorism efforts. But Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte has been pivoting away from the U.S. and toward China since he took office, so it...
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A Far Right Scandal Pushed Merkel’s Successor to Resign. Here’s How That Could Change Germany’s Political Future

It’s been a shaky week in German politics after Chancellor Angela Merkel’s handpicked successor Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (also known as AKK), resigned as leader of the Christian Democrat Union (CDU) on Monday. Her decision to step down came after a controversial local election on Feb. 6 that led members of her party in the tiny eastern state of Thuringia to elect—against her wishes—to work with the Alternative for Deutschland (AfD), a far-right, anti-immigrant and anti-Islam part...
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President Trump Wants Pentagon to Review the Conduct of Lt. Col. Vindman, Who Testified During the Impeachment Investigation

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump suggested Tuesday that the Pentagon should review the conduct of a former White House national security aide who played a central role in the Democrats’ impeachment case and potentially consider disciplinary action against him. Army Lt. Col. Alex Vindman, who until last week was detailed by the Pentagon to the White House, testified before the House impeachment panel that Trump inappropriately pushed Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskiy to investigate fo...
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