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Playfully Modern Classic in Germany

Photographer and blogger Martina Klein (55) lives in Munich, and documents her outfits on her blog Still Sparkling. Her style is a mix of Modern Classic Polish and Trendy Playfulness. She likes to wear neutrals that are occasionally punctuated with pops of colour, and enjoys remixing the classics with fun trends. “Over the last five years my style has become more brave. I love to mix materials and my outfits normally have an eye-catcher with a twist, while my prevailing colors have a natural hu...
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MIT’s Top 5 tech breakthroughs for 2020

Each year, Massachusetts Institute of Technology lists the biggest tech advances on the horizon.Pivotal new technologies will change the way we communicate, spend, and get well.We're about to find out what recent discoveries really mean in our daily lives. Massachusetts Institute of Technology is no stranger to technology. It's one of the world's most productive and forward-facing tech research organizations. Scientists at MIT recently published their top 10 technological breakthroughs for 20...
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Steal This Look: An Interior Designer’s High/Low Scandi Living Room, Ikea Sofa included

Last month, Holly Marder, an interior designer and co-founder of Avenue Design Studio, shared her recently renovated home in Delft with our readers. (Missed the story? Go here.) We loved it so much, we’re revisiting one of our favorite moments from the house tour: the living room. “The goal in this extended space,” she wrote on her Instagram post, “was to create a luminous, light-filled living area that feels spacious despite its humble size, with plenty of contrast and materiality to counterbal...
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In a "Flying Wing" Airplane, Would Passengers Sit Facing Forwards, or at an Angle?

I was just thinking about those "flying wing" airplane concepts like this one, where the plane is shaped like a V because that apparently improves fuel economy, and wondering: If these things go mainstream, what are the interiors going to look like, in terms of seat orientation?In subways, trains and buses you always sit facing forwards, backwards or sideways relative to the direction of travel; in civilian aircraft you always face forwards, as I imagine the thrust of takeoff is less pleasant in...
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4 Iranian separatists arrested in Denmark and Netherlands

Four members of an Iranian separatist group, the Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz, have been arrested in Denmark and the Netherlands. Three were arrested Monday in Ringsted, 60 kilometers (40 miles) southwest of Copenhagen, for the suspected spying of people and companies for an unnamed Saudi intelligence service over a period of six years from 2012. Another was arrested in the historic Dutch city of Delft for allegedly plotting one or more terror attacks in Iran and for memb...
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Texture and Light: A Designer/Photographer’s Own Family House in the Netherlands, Revamped

I read once a clever design tip: If you can’t figure out what to do with a room, photograph it. Something about stepping back and capturing the space as an image helps unlock even the trickiest of design conundrums. (I’ve tried it; it helps.) Maybe it’s this dual visual sense that makes Holly Marder’s spaces so good. An interior designer and partner, with Hedda Pier, behind Avenue Design Studio in the Netherlands, Holly is also a photographer, and her eye for composition and interest is perhaps ...
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Dutch University to Develop Climate-Smart Agriculture in Iraq

By John Lee. Wageningen University and Research (WUR) will support six Iraqi universities to develop climate-smart agriculture and efficient water management in Iraq. Together with the Institute for Water Education (IHE) in Delft and ICRA Global, Wageningen researchers will train academic staff and develop knowledge transfer facilities. Iraq is one of the focus countries of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. For that reason, the Ministry asked WUR to explore the opportunities for cooperat...
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Blue Sea Glass Collection from New Ravenna Mosaics

It’s blue skies ahead with New Ravenna’s ode to Pantone’s Color of the Year, Classic Blue. The Blue Sea Glass Collection captures the color’s timeless allure, its simultaneously stunning and calming effect. No wonder Cean Imminger, Creative Director at New Ravenna, says, “can’t think of a color that is more universally loved than a classic rich blue.” Part of this attraction has to do with its organic appeal. Aurelia, for instance, captures the look of both sea and land, as the intricat...
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Door of the Month: Delft, Netherlands

I took a quick train trip to Rotterdam and Delft, Netherlands last week for an article I am writing. Delft is a charming, small city much like Amsterdam, with canals and handsome 17th century buildings. Of course, I spotted many outstanding doors. Some are from houses built in the Art Deco period and have patches of stained glass above and on the sides of them.   I am pleased as punch to have my friend...
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Engineers Develop a Hyper-Compressible Material Using Artificial Intelligence

You may not realize that among more conventional applications of artificial intelligence like apps and search engines, emerging technologies are transforming yet another unexpected area of design: materials. A fascinating new material study released by Delft University is showing how machine learning may upend our assumptions of how materials are capable of behaving.The Delft study, led by assistant professor of materials science and engineering Miguel Bessa, has developed a new meta material th...
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5 Books for Middle Grade Nonfiction Fans

I am a lifelong nonfiction lover. When I was a kid, I read a lot of biographies, mostly because there weren't very many accessible science titles for curious young readers. At least I couldn't find them in my local library. Kids these days have access to so many terrific nonfiction titles and series. The middle grade STEM and other books I've run across (and read) in the last few years have impressed me on several levels. First, the science books tackle important subjects like conservati...
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Cepezed completes the first self-sufficient bus station in the Netherlands

Delft-based architectural firm cepezed has completed the Netherlands’ first self-sufficient bus station in the southern city of Tilburg. Designed to generate all of its own energy, the new transit facility features a massive solar panel-topped awning that provides shade and gives the bus station its modern and sculptural appearance. The Tilburg bus station was completed as part of the large-scale revitalization of the city’s public transit hub and offers easy access to the neighboring train sta...
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The Four-Hundred-Year Flower: Arminius, Dort, and the Battle for Grace

I grew up in a cultural context that believed — mostly in jest, but not entirely so — that “if you ain’t Dutch, you ain’t much.” We had wooden shoes on the fireplace, Delft blue in the kitchen, and Dutch plates hanging on the walls. My mom liked to ask two questions whenever I was interested in a girl: Is she Reformed? And is she Dutch? (I got the important one right.) Looking back, I don’t think there was ever a serious sense that being Dutch was better than being German or Irish or Mexic...
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Solo Female Travel in Europe: Complete Travel and Safety Guide

Kate in Copenhagen Looking to travel solo in Europe? You’ve come to the right place! My name is Kate and I teach women how to travel the world safely on their own. While I’m American and I travel all over the world, I’ve spent the most time in Europe. Several years, when you add it all up. I have traveled to every single country in Europe and have lived in two of them (Italy and the UK). This continent has given me so many happy travel memories and I want you to have them, too. And yet…you have...
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GeoPhy grabs $33 mln Series B

GeoPhy, a Dutch AI-powered real estate valuation platform, has secured $33 million in Series B funding. Index Ventures led the round. PRESS RELEASE Delft, The Netherlands, January 24 2019 — GeoPhy, an AI-powered real estate valuation platform has raised USD $33 million from investors to boost its global expansion. Index Ventures, the London and San Francisco-based venture capital firm, led the Series B round. They were joined by existing investors Inkef Capital and Hearst Ventures. Co-founded by...
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An art gallery in your pocket: See Vermeer’s paintings in augmented reality

Over 28 years ago, two art thieves dressed as police officers made their way into the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston and stole multiple artworks, including a Vermeer painting that was one of only 36 attributed to the artist. With an estimated value of over $200 million, “The Concert” remains one of the most expensive missing items on the FBI’s list of stolen art. With the rest of Vermeer’s masterpieces scattered across 17 collections in seven countries, people have never had the oppor...
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Fancy apothecary-style jars to hold your peyote, hash, LSD, and shrooms

These porcelain druggist jars by Jonathan Adler are certainly conversation starters but do you really want to label your drug stash so obviously? Expand your horizons with our Druggist Canisters. Dreamy third-eye mindscapes rendered in Delft-inspired blues and accented with real sparkly gold. High-fired porcelain elevates the experience. Stash your secrets in a single trippy vista, or cluster all four to create your own surreal apothecary. Prices range from $228 to $298 per jar.
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Solar-powered Technova College nearly hits net-zero energy in the Netherlands

Designed by Delft-based cepezed and cepezedinterior, the Technova College in Ede has recently opened its doors as the newest branch of the Regional Education Center ROC A12 with a strong focus on sustainability. Powered by energy from a biomass plant and on-site solar panels, the nearly energy-neutral building largely owes its eco-friendly design to an executive consortium (Team Technova) responsible for overseeing maintenance and the energy supply. The school’s highly transparent design fills ...
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Weathered steel trees wrap around a solar-powered school building

Delft-based architectural office cepezed recently completed a solar-powered branch for Graafschap College in Doetinchem that — unlike most school buildings in the Netherlands — eschews natural gas in favor of a power supply that’s 100 percent electric. Built for the students of the Sports & Exercise and Safety & Craftsmanship departments, the new school building prioritizes a healthy indoor learning environment that maximizes access to natural daylight and views of the outdoors. In homage of th...
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KLM’s adorable present

Everyone wants to fly business. The seats are large and comfortable; you don’t have a neighbor to take up your arm rest; you can fully lie down; you get real cutlery, ceramic plates, and a menu; and the crew treats you like the Duchess of Sussex, even if you’re wearing sweatpants. But if you fly with KLM, the Royal Dutch Airline, as a World Business Class passenger, the legroom and the glass of Champagne before take-off are the least appealing perks of sitting on the left side of the blue p...
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A disused railway will become a sustainable green corridor in Taiwan

Delft-based architecture firm Mecanoo has unveiled designs to transform a disused railway and dyke in Taichung, Taiwan into a vibrant linear park. Dubbed the Taichung Green Corridor, the project will reuse the former rail that traverses Taichung’s downtown and stretches over a mile in length. The project aims to preserve the area’s strong historic character while spurring urban revitalization and improving the area’s biodiversity. Set to begin construction later this year into next year, the ...
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Scientists Make First 'on Demand' Entanglement Link

Researchers at QuTech in Delft have succeeded in generating quantum entanglement between two quantum chips faster than the entanglement is lost. Entanglement - once referred to by Einstein as "spooky action" - forms the link that will provide a future quantum internet its power and fundamental security. This opens the door to connect multiple quantum nodes and create the very first quantum network in the world.
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Delft scientists make first 'on demand' entanglement link

Researchers at QuTech in Delft have succeeded in generating quantum entanglement between two quantum chips faster than the entanglement is lost. Entanglement -- once referred to by Einstein as 'spooky action' -- forms the link that will provide a future quantum internet its power and fundamental security. This opens the door to connect multiple quantum nodes and create the very first quantum network in the world.
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AK Monthly Recap: May 2018

What a wild month! Three trips, three countries, one conference, one talk and one panel. I’m typing this from Starbucks in Nicosia, Cyprus, and I’m exhausted. For the past two years or so, I’ve been very good about balancing work and travel (for instance, I’ve kept my travel down to about 25% of the time, and I do very limited work while traveling), but I think this month may have pushed things a little too far. The Maryland trip was originally supposed to happen in April, but I had to push it ...
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Macy’s 10 Days of Glam Starts Today with a Cool It Cosmetics Deal

Morning! Well, afternoon for me! I am blessed enough to be sitting by a canal in Delft as I type this today and I’m dreaming of Vermeer. Of course, my day dreams are the Colin Firth slash Vermeer variety. Sigh! But most important of all is today’s sale! As you know Macy’s has a 10 Days of Glam Event going on with 50% off daily on different beauty, skincare, fragrance, and makeup items. Today the Origins Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash in the 5 oz size is $11.50 and Smashbox Spotlight Highl...
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Maurice and I decided to do a quick trip recently. We were talking about various options when I mentioned I’d love to see the tulips in bloom in Holland and off we went. It turns out we were two to three weeks too early for the tulips but we still had a great time. Tulips originally came from the middle East and became crazy expensive in Holland and made many people a fortune. They were like gold. I heard that the ones we buy now for our homes as cut flowers come from green houses not fields. Ho...
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Quantized Majorana conductance is progress to Topological Quantum Computers

Since the breakthrough discovery of the Majorana particle in 2012 in Delft, researchers faced great challenges. The group of professor Leo Kouwenhoven at QuTech and Microsoft collaborated with... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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Majorana trilogy completed

Since the breakthrough discovery of the Majorana particle in 2012 in Delft, researchers faced great challenges. The group of professor Leo Kouwenhoven at QuTech and Microsoft collaborated with theorists and material scientists of various institutes to understand the next steps required to improve the experiments. Now, the scientists provide a definite proof for Majorana existence paving the way towards Majorana quantum bits. They publish their work in Nature.
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Mystery of Superior Leeuwenhoek Microscope Solved After 350 Years

Researchers from TU Delft and Rijksmuseum Boerhaave have solved an age-old mystery surrounding Antonie van Leeuwenhoek's microscopes. A unique collaboration at the interface between culture and science has proved conclusively that the linen trader and amateur scholar from Delft ground and used his own thin lenses.
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Loops, Loops, and More Loops: This Is How Your DNA Gets Organised

A living cell is able to neatly package a big jumble of DNA into tiny chromosomes while preparing for cell division. Researchers in Delft now managed for the first time to isolate and film that process, and proof that a single protein complex called condensin reels in DNA to extrude a loop.
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