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Netflix Trailer for Mexican Thriller 'The House of Flowers: The Movie'

"Something strange is going on at our house…" Netflix has unveiled the official trailer for The House of Flowers: The Movie, also known as La Casa De Las Flores: La Pelicula in Spanish, from filmmaker Manolo Caro. This is a continuation of the Netflix series and the first "movie" based on the "The House of Flowers" show, created by Manolo Caro who also directs this film. The members of the De la Mora family return home, well… former Casa de las Flores, with one single purpose: to fulfill Del...
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Everything You Need to Know About All the Movies Netflix is Releasing This Summer

This morning, Netflix released their 2021 Summer Movie Preview, featuring the first footage from over 30 movies that will be released between April and August. Since there are so many movies, we wanted to make sure you knew as much as possible about them ahead of time, so we’ve rounded up some trailers, first look images, synopses, and all the information you need to know about the full roster of Netflix 2021 summer movies. So let’s get to it. 2021 Netflix Summer Movies List Fear Street T...
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Episode #85: How To Add Personality To A Cookie Cutter Home

Hello, hello! This week, we’re talking about how to add charm and magic to a cookie cutter home. There are endless ways to add personality and character to a newer home and this episode will help to get your creative ideas turning. You can stream the episode here on the blog or on  iTunes ,  Spotify ,  Google Play ,  TuneIn ,  Pocket Casts , and  Stitcher . You can find the podcast posts archive here . Big thanks to this week’s sponsors! Be sure to check out the offers from Modern Fertility,...
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Episode #79: Emma’s Evangelical Upbringing Story

In this week’s episode, we dive back into the subject of our evangelical upbringing and how it impacted our lives. If you missed Part 1, Elsie’s story, be sure to listen to it first, as it lays the groundwork for many of things that Emma shares in this episode. Thank you for letting us share this little glimpse into our lives growing up. These two episodes are a topic that we heard from so many of our listeners/readers over the years that you wanted to hear more about, so here we are. It’s an in...
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Reports of Michael Keaton Leading the DCEU Debunked… For Now

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Reports of Michael Keaton leading the DCEU debunked… for now A lot of confusion was created yesterday when New York Times writer Brooks Barnes clarified a point in a recent profile of DC Films president Walter Hamada where the DC exec stated there will be “two different film sagas involving Batman,” seemingly confirming on Twitter that the second, non-Robert Pattinson one would be led by Keaton. PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone =...
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REPORT: Michael Keaton Will Be the DCEU’s Main Batman

BEGIN SLIDESHOW REPORT: Michael Keaton Will Be the DCEU’s Main Batman With production set to finally begin on Warner Bros.’ standalone Flash movie in just a few short months, a new development may see Michael Keaton’s version of the Dark Knight beyond a one-shot appearance in the Andy Muschietti-directed film. According to New York Times writer Brooks Barnes, who recently did a profile of DC Films president Walter Hamada, a quote from the WB exec actually indicates that moving forward K...
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Report: The Flash Begins Production In the U.K. In April

Report: The Flash Begins Production In the U.K. In April After an endless series of directorial shakeups and changes to the script, it looks like cameras are finally set to roll on Warner Bros.’ standalone Flash movie (via SuperHeroHype). A new listing found on Backstage claims that the film will start shooting in April, with Andy Muschietti planted firmly in the director’s chair. PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; PB.g...
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Turning the page on Google Play Books' first decade

With more time on my hands during this pandemic, I’ve learned that I’m not a gardener (yield from 7 tomato plants--> 2 teeny tomatoes), nor am I a furniture refinisher (but it seemed so straightforward on YouTube!). I am, however, a reader. I’ve indulged more in this lifelong hobby in 2020, finally getting around to books that have been in my Google Play Books library for a long time, and discovering new titles.  This week marks Google’s 10th year as a digital bookstore. On December 6, 2010, we ...
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The 10 Best Catherine O’Hara Faces

The 10 best Catherine O’Hara faces Before she became the Emmy-winning love of modern audiences’ lives on the acclaimed comedy Schitt’s Creek, Catherine O’Hara was dazzling audiences in everything from her breakout Emmy-winning work on SCTV to the too-forgetful Kate McAllister in Home Alone, overly-provocative Cookie Fleck in Best in Show and so much more. With the 66-year-old Canadian talent having her career revisited by fans on social media, is looking back at her various ch...
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‘The Unicorn’ Gets Complicated On An All-New Episode Tonight At 9:30 On CBS

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Malcolm Subban Has A Chance To Be The Starting Goaltender In Chicago

from Phil Thompson of the Chicago Tribune, Bowman said Crawford’s replacement will be a competition among Subban, Collin Delia and Kevin Lankinen and will play out throughout next season. Each contender likely will get several starts regardless of how well his rivals play. “When we made the decision we’re not going to bring Corey back, we (knew we) have these young goalies,” Bowman said. “They’re never going to get a better chance than this to prove they’re the No. 1 guy. They don...
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Exclusive 1 Night in San Diego Trailer Starring Jenna Ushkowitz & Laura Ashley Samuels

Exclusive 1 Night in San Diego Trailer Starring Jenna Ushkowitz & Laura Ashley Samuels is debuting the official trailer for the upcoming comedy 1 Night in San Diego, starring Jenna Ushkowitz (Glee), Laura Ashley Samuels (Modern Family), and Alexandra Daddario (San Andreas). You can check out the trailer now in the player below! PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; PB.gptAutoRefresh = PB.gptAutoRefresh || {'gptAds':[],...
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Ranking NHL Teams By Goaltenders

Now that the 2019-20 NHL season is over and the Stanley Cup playoffs are in full swing, it’s time to rank the teams by position once again. Starting with the goaltenders since that position seems the most solidified on paper across the league as of today. When it comes to ranking goaltenders, starters still carry the most weight despite the fact it’s becoming a two-goalie league, and positional depth is more important than ever before. With that in mind, in the first of a four-part seri...
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Boomer Dems backlash vs #cjreform in Austin, Prison TikTok, Texas' first, truly 'progressive' DA, and other stories

Here are a few odds and ends that merit Grits readers' attention: Travis County elects Texas' first 'progressive' prosecutor Jose Garza in Austin is arguably the first truly "progressive" District Attorney elected in Texas (to the extent one can be progressive in that job). Younger voters turned out in droves to support him and other #cjreform-minded candidates. In earlier election cycles, when it came to prosecutor races, "progressive" was more or less a euphemism for "Democrat." Kim Ogg in...
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Modern Meets Organic in the Brooklyn Apartment of Delia Kenza’s ‘Bad Ass’ Client

A sure-fire sign that a designer and a client are sympatico? When the client asks for the exact same furniture and lighting that the designer has in her own home. “She purchased her place and saw a photo of my Brooklyn home, and she said she immediately bought the chairs and light that I had—and then realized she needed my help and gave me a call,” explains designer Delia Kenza, of how she came to be hired. “The client’s vibe inspired the project. She appreciates things made by hand, prefers a v...
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Blackhawks’ Roundtable: Management, Crawford & the Power Play

Hello Chicago Blackhawks fans! Well here we are at the beginning of April 2020, and it’s quite literally the end of the world as we know it. The COVID-19 pandemic has most of us quarantined in our homes to prevent the spread of this novel disease. Meanwhile, an extremely brave select few are working day and night at hospitals and clinics to help save lives. And several other essential workers are tirelessly continuing to provide the supplies and services we need to hunker down and wait this out....
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Malcolm in the Middle: Blackhawks Goaltending Analysis

It’s been a few days since the Chicago Blackhawks traded beloved goaltender Robin Lehner to the Vegas Golden Knights in exchange for goaltender Malcolm Subban, defensive prospect Stanislav Demin, and a second-round pick. It’s very easy as a spectator of the sport to have a knee-jerk reaction to trades as they happen. Now that the dust has settled, I still stand by my reaction when I first heard of the trade; that it was a redundant trade. Before we get into that, I want to talk about the foca...
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The Long Tail of ‘Where the Crawdads Sing’

Delia Owens’s debut novel has sold more than four million copies — an astonishing trajectory for any new writer, much less for a 70-year-old wildlife scientist.
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Blackhawks’ Roundtable: The Draft, Player Departures & Predictions

Welcome to the first summer installment of the Chicago Blackhawks’ roundtable! We here at The Hockey Writers are just as sad as you that the Blackhawks are once again in the midst of a long summer. And to top it all off, we now must choose who to root for between the Boston Bruins and the St. Louis Blues for the winner of the Stanley Cup. Oh boy! I think I speak for all of us by saying the division rival Blues and the pesky Bruins are no favorites here in Chicago. Hopefully things won’t be s...
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Derby delight as Badalona put one foot in the playoffs

Laprovittola delivered a gem of a game as Badalona controlled the derby to all but guarantee their spot in the ACB playoffs. Emmet Ryan fluked his way into picking the most important game in Pavello Olimpic in years for this trip and took it all in Derby day, or Derbi day rather, between 8th and 9th in the race for the ACB playoffs. Just 64km separate Manresa, to the northwest of Barcelona, and Badalona, a northeastern suburb. As soon as they were let into their seats in the upper tier, the Man...
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The 10 Greatest Moments in the Pokémon Movies

Since 1996, the worldwide phenomenon known (in many countries) as Pokémon  has left a mark on pop culture as a whole. With multiple video games, a long running anime TV series, card games and other media, Pikachu and the rest of the gang have become as much a part of our lives as cereal mascots, commercial jingles, and any of those other bits of nerdom mush. But one aspect of the Pokémon franchise that doesn’t get enough credit are the films released during its 20 plus year history. Much l...
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Comment on cannellini aglio e olio by Delia

I love gussied up beans recipes! I made this for a quick dinner tonight, and also threw in some sundried tomatoes that have been staring at me from the fridge for a while. Delicious!
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The Best YA Books Written By Black Women That You Haven't Read Yet

Angie Thomas. Nicola Yoon. Tomi Adeyemi. Even if you’re not that into young adult literature (YA), you probably already know those three names. Their respective young-adult debuts either became blockbuster movies (Thomas’s The Hate U Give), book-club juggernauts (Adeyemi’s Children of Blood and Bone), instantly beloved teen classics (Yoon’s Everything, Everything) or all of the above. These authors — all Black women — have dominated YA bestseller lists and changed the face of a genre that seeme...
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Who won MasterChef 2019? Irini Tzortzoglou wins in first ever all-female final

The MasterChef 2019 winner was revealed in the final, as Irini Tzortzoglou took the title against Jilly and Delia [Author: Charlotte Tutton]
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hamster hands

This is Mochi, our hamster. There is a zine about her you can buy from Sadie. She is so special. She waits for us every night to play with her. Pete is quite attached.  We are in the beginning of spring break and I have a lot of sewing to do getting ready for spring shows. I had some not great success dyeing nylon, so thank god for Goodwill. I found the vests I needed and don't have to worry about the first dozen refusing to cooroperate. I have banished them into deep storage for now. I hav...
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Who was Renty? The story of the slave whose racist photos have triggered a lawsuit against Harvard

The photos of Renty and his daughter Delia, taken in nude in 1850 against their will for a Harvard University professor, are now the subject of a lawsuit that Tamara Lanier has filed this week.            [Author: USA TODAY]
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Who is Renty? The story of the slave whose photos have triggered a lawsuit against Harvard

The photos of Renty and his daughter Delia, taken in nude in 1850 against their will for a Harvard University professor, are now the subject of a lawsuit that Tamara Lanier has filed this week.            [Author: USA TODAY]
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Harvard sued by descendant of U.S. slave photographed in 19th century

The photos, depicting a black man named Renty and his daughter Delia, were taken as part of a study by Harvard Professor Louis Agassiz and are among the earliest known photos of American slaves. A representative for Harvard declined to comment and said the university had not yet been served with the complaint. Tamara Lanier of Norwich, Connecticut, who claims to be the great-great-great-granddaughter of Renty, accused Harvard of celebrating its former professor who studied "racist pseudoscienc...
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Morning Player Notes (Mar 15)

It sounds like Cam Ward is ready to return to regular backup duties for the Chicago Blackhawks, so rookie keeper Collin Delia was reassigned back to the AHL from his emergency recall, only appearing in relief once, when Corey Crawford couldn't finish a game due to illness.  Delia will likely be getting a good chunk of work with the minor league team down the stretch, which the Blackhawks are [Author: Clayton Corley]
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AHL Central News: One Month to Make A Stand

We have one month left the American Hockey League’s regular season. Less than 20 games remain for the teams of the Central Division to make their final stand. The top three teams continue to battle for home-ice advantage in the first round of the playoffs while the rest of the division duke it out for one postseason berth. Shorthanded Wolves Playing Best Hockey of the Season The Chicago Wolves (36-18-5-2) have been hit with a late-season injury bug but they have responded by playing some of th...
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