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Watch: dead whale explodes (without human)

In this footage, a dead whale explodes. Unlike more famous footage of a dead whale exploding, it wasn't the result of hare-brained humans and TNT, but of internal gases. Recorded by baffled and alarmed fisherman off the California coast, the eruption of blood and gore doesn't come with smellovision, but you can doubtless recreate the moment by leaving out a bucket of offal for a week in the sun and then having someone dump it on your desk as you play the video. — Read the rest
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Watch: This dog goes from sneaky to utterly guilty when caught stealing food

This golden retriever looks pretty confident in his obviously tried-and-true-routine of pawing at and sliding a covered bowl of food off the counter and into his mouth. But before he can make a quick getaway, his human announces her presence. "Unbelievable. — Read the rest
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A pet chihuahua surprises their humans at the airport when they open their suitcase

A Texas couple on their way to Las Vegas was told at the airport that one of their bags was six pounds too heavy. When they opened it up, out popped their pet chihuahua, who had snuggled into a cowboy boot that was packed inside the suitcase. — Read the rest
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Highland steer groomed

In this footage, a highland steer named Hamish is lovingly combed by its human, who explains that it is not a yak, that everyone calls them all cows even though they ain't, and how to pick a good pet one and look after it right. — Read the rest
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Check out this cute Cape Cod turtle born with rare case of two heads, six legs

The Birdsey Cape Cod Wildlife Center is the proud caregiver of a young diamondback terrapin turtle born with two heads and six legs. The turtle/turtles were born with a "rare anomaly" caused either by genetics or environmental factors, according to their Instagram. —
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Beautiful moths filmed in extreme slow motion

Behold one of the many delights of Ant Lab: "Sometimes, the most useful thing I can do as a scientist is to point the fancy science cameras at some moths flapping their wings in front of a purple background." Take off flight sequences captured at 6,000 fps! — Read the rest
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Bohemian Catsody – a Rhapsody parody song

I'm signing out of today's blogging duties with a bit of essential viewing for all cat companions. Many truths are revealed here. [thanks, Patrick!]
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I need one of these little guys for my next pet

In a video titled What is this bug, an unknown creature writhes around on someone's wall. It's too adorable for words. I hope they sell these things at Petco, because this is just the type of companion I've been looking for. — Read the rest
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Watch: This dog has the funniest expression while taking a bath for a child

Like a parent who sports a sparkly tiara while sipping tea at a cramped, child-size table, this patient golden retriever goes above and beyond. While sitting stone-still in a tiny makeshift bathtub for its young human, the dog's expression says it all, as if counting down the minutes until "playtime" is over. — Read the rest
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Things that look terrifying underneath a microscope

Scariest Things Seen Under a Microscope is a 10-minute video where you can learn about some of the tiny creatures that look the most terrifying when viewed up close. It's amazing to think that these creatures are crawling around the earth with us, but are invisible to the naked eye. — Read the rest
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Cat loves its portable hole

Click to expand A mouser of the highest pedigree is intrigued by this magnificent circular rug, with its mesmerizing black-and-white pattern that seems to swallow her into the floor. It reminds the splendid tabby of the labyrinthine passageways in the Palace of Versailles, and she is quite entranced. — Read the rest
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Florida man catches alligator with trash can

In this footage, an alligator lurks on the porch of a Florida home. The alligator retreats uneasily from an unusual adversary: a square trashcan turned on its side. The trashcan moves toward it under the direction of a man who is certainly not an animal control officer. — Read the rest
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Ivory-billed woodpecker and 22 other species declared extinct

The U.S. government has declared 23 domestic species of bird, fish and other wildlife extinct, including the Ivory-billed woodpecker, last observed no less than 15 years ago but with not reliably so since the 1940s. This begins a three-months consultancy period before the extinctions become official. — Read the rest
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Dog joins, wins Bosnian Premier League match

A Bosnian Premier League match between Sloboda and Posuje was joined by a dog, which outplayed at least two of the professionals on the field in its efforts to retain possession of the ball.
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These cute baby microbats are ready for supper

The bat rescue volunteer behind YouTube's Batzilla the Bat shows us these cute hungry microbat pups, found in Australia, who are waiting to be fed. They "eat their bodyweight in insects every night," the woman in the video says. But even when hungry, they look as placid and sleepy as a litter of newborn kittens. — Read the rest
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Watch: smart mice doing tricks

This guy trains his pet mice to collect coins, fetch a tossed bead, play basketball, ride a tiny skateboard, and more. [via Doobybrain]
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Watch an excited Labrador pull a BBC reporter to the ground on live TV

Reminiscent of a vaudeville comedy act, BBC's weather reporter Carol Kirkwood appeared on live TV with Flash, a frisky guide dog, saying, "She's very well-behaved, I must say." For nearly a minute she gushes about the 18-month-old Labrador before the excited pup sees her trainer off camera and decides she's done with show-biz. — Read the rest
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Watch: A cat is supposed to catch mice, but this one shares his water with a stray mouse

So much for basic instincts. You'd think that when a mouse entered a house in Punta Arenas, Chile, family member Simon, a black cat, would have done what all other cats do and catch the little creature. But instead, he kindly shared his bowl of water. —
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Dog solves problem

Good boy, Theo.
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An excited pup doesn't understand why a statue of Lincoln won't play frisbee

A frisky 1-year-old border collie, Nova, is excited to play frisbee with Abe Lincoln, who is sitting on bench in a suburb of Dallas. But no matter how many times she tries to hand him her toy, the fuddy-duddy statue won't budge. — Read the rest
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Watch: Fans come to the rescue when a dangling cat falls from a high deck

How a kitty ended up dangling from a high deck at Hard Rock Stadium during a University of Miami football game is unclear, but video shows the cat clinging for dear life with both paws. Fortunately, when one paw lets go, and then the other, fans below come to the rescue with a makeshift net created with an American flag. — Read the rest
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Alligator vs. Drone

In this footage, some people in the Florida Everglades—to be clear, they are gibbering morons—bother an alligator with their drone. The alligator devours the drone. "Oh god he's eating it." "That's probably not good."
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Watch: An excited puppy knocks his human onto his back

You know your pup is turning into a teenager when they can no longer jump into your lap without a mishap. In this case, caught on security camera, an excited Labrador was doing what it does best — retrieving — when she leaped into her human's lap. — Read the rest
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Baby panda insists on hugging zookeeper's leg

A young panda can't resist clinging to the leg of a zookeeper. In his attempt to dissuade the panda from clinging to his leg, the zookeeper moves the panda to another spot in the enclosure, but the panda runs right back and grabs the man's leg. — Read the rest
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This fancy decorator crab knows how to intimidate when need be

Scuba diver Jules Casey captured footage in July of this frilly decorator crab who, with its frozen, outstretched stance, was telling her to "Back off!" Known for adorning (aka camouflaging) themselves with found baubles such as seaweed, anemones, and coral, they normally look more cute than intimidating. — Read the rest
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This super excited dog manages a parkour move in front of delighted party-goers

A goldendoodle named Sparky Peanutbutter caught the zoomies during a backyard party in New Jersey, leading to quite a performance. He sped around from one end of the yard to the other, springing off furniture while doing a fast-motion meet-and-greet with the guests. — Read the rest
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Watch a woman prank her dogs by using words they love on a fake phone call

A TikToker pranks her two German shepherds by using pup-friendly words while on a fake phone call – last week's TikTok trend – and their synchronized head tilts are both hilarious and show just how smart they are. "Hello? Oh we're just at home hanging out with Hazel and Motley," the human says. — Read the rest
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Bear wanders into Los Angeles supermarket

A bear entered Ralph's supermarket in the Los Angeles suburb of Porter Ranch, and was allegedly recorded by actress Tisha Campbell who claims to have been shopping there at the time. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Tisha Campbell (@tishacampbellmartin) KCAL 9 has more: The Department of Fish and Wildlife said there were multiple sightings of the small adult bear. — Read the re...
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We have underestimated the giraffes

Giraffes have been misunderstood, reports Katie Hunt, and have social lives as deep as elephants. Far from the aloof and preening creatures of past understanding, they have cooperative social systems, matrilineal societies and elaborate systems of communication that we had no idea existed. — Read the rest
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A magnificent bobcat stares down a couple through their window

A playful mama bobcat romps around with her cub on the roof of a Phoenix, Arizona couple's home as they record her. But once she notices she's being watched, she turns the tables and, walking towards them, brazenly stares back until she is just inches from their window (starts 1:12). — Read the rest
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