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the universal mother

Umair Haque has written what some might consider a controversial article on why AOC [US Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez] short-circuits the conservative mind and why the universal mother is the antidote to the authoritarian father. “The universal mother is the antidote to the authoritarian father. Think about it. Reflect on it. Remember it. Treat the bizarre and weird contradictions of post-modern gender theory with the skepticism they deserve — my gender is the most important thing in th...
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Fiction Plus Coercion Makes Reality: The Illegitimacy of the US-led Coup in Venezuela

After considering the economic foundation of current US intervention, designed to erase Venezuela’s economic sovereignty, the purpose here is to focus more on the political side of the equation, not that we can neatly divide the politics from the economics of either the intervention or the defence of sovereignty. What we find is a situation […]
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What socialism is — according to Bernie Sanders

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders has been calling himself a democratic socialist since the 1960s.Bernie's use of the word "socialist" has attracted both love and ire from the left.His definition of socialism is vague, but is the basis for many peoples' understanding of the concept. The unexpected level of serious consideration that many Americans are giving to socialism is due, in large part, to the popularity of Bernie Sanders during the 2016 Democratic primaries. The U.S. senator's support for "soc...
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What is socialism like in Scandinavia?

The American left and right often point to Scandinavian countries as examples of what government regulation can do, for good and bad.But are they actually socialists? How do their economies work?While stealing their social structures and trying to implement them elsewhere probably won't work, they do offer an example of a kinder, gentler capitalism.When Americans discuss the potential benefits of socialism, they often point to the Scandinavian countries as examples of what is possible. Bernie Sa...
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“It’s all going down.” Why journalism is up in flames.

Apart from media giants like The New York Times and The Washington Post, nearly every news outlet is laying off journalists or collapsing completely. The reason? No advertiser wants to put their ad next to serious, hard-edged news. Sensational content is favored by algorithms, and that isn't just annoying. It has terrifying consequences.Journalists are the watchdogs of democracy. The more local news outlets and independent media disappear, the more those in power can do as they wish. Unreported ...
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How millennials can become a successful generation

Millennials keep waiting for technology to fix their problems, but they can improve their quality of life now through voting and civic engagement.Baby boomers participate in politics and turn up to vote at much higher rates, so their priorities dominate the political system. (The median member of Congress is 59 years old. That's bad.)Removing roadblocks to voting will help millennials realize their political power so they can vote for issues that affect them most, like climate change policy, rai...
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#3quotes from Dewey

One of the most valued books in my personal library was first published over a hundred years ago, in 1916. It's by John Dewey and is called Democracy and Education. One of the first things I learnt from reading Dewey, is that we don't teach subjects, we teach people. Dewey opposed the mechanistic methods of education that were prevalent in his day, proposing (then) radical solutions. His thoughts about the nature of education extend to what cannot be taught, but is learnt by experience:"There i...
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Is free expression online threatened by content removal?

U.S. laws regulating online speech offer broad protections for internet intermediaries.Despite this, companies typically follow a "better safe than sorry" approach to protect against legal action or loss of reputation. Silencing contentious opinions can have detrimental effects, such as social exclusion and negating reconciliation. None Megan Phelps-Roper grew up in the Westboro Baptist Church. At the tender age of five, she joined her parents on Westboro's now notorious picket lines. She held ...
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Is free expression online threatened?

U.S. laws regulating online speech offer broad protections for internet intermediaries.Despite this, companies typically follow a "better safe than sorry" approach to protect against legal action or loss of reputation. Silencing contentious opinions can have detrimental effects, such as social exclusion and negating reconciliation. None Megan Phelps-Roper grew up in the Westboro Baptist Church. At the tender age of five, she joined her parents on Westboro's now notorious picket lines. She held ...
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What was socialism like in the United States during the 20th century?

While America seems like a haven for capitalists, socialism has a long and often successful electoral history here. Milwaukee had socialist mayors until 1960.Today's resurgence of interest in socialism has nothing on the red tide of 1912. None Socialist candidates are cropping up all over the country. In Texas, they are being elected to judgeships. Two of them serve in Congress, and another one works in the Senate. Chicago has a Socialist alderman and the city council of Sommerville, Massachuset...
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Congress needs your input (but don’t call it crowdsourcing)

Lorelei Kelly Contributor Lorelei Kelly leads the Resilient Democracy Coalition, a group working to make sure Congress succeeds in the Information Age. More posts by this contributor Our ‘modern’ Congress doesn’t understand 21st century technology The banana republic of big data Like many modern digital innovations, “crowdsourcing” is a concept borrowed from the commercial tech industry. It is a method to solicit ideas from the...
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'Can Democracy Work?' Is the Essential Question We Must Continue to Grapple With

None 'Can democracy work?' is a question whose answer in the affirmative seems less and less certain these days. On one hand is the rise of authoritarianism. In a recent segment of his HBO show Last Week Tonight, John Oliver expressed concern over the trend, citing the obvious, Vladimir Putin of Russia and Chinese President-for-Life Xi Jinping, but also Hungary's Viktor Orban, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan of Turkey, and far-right politician Jair Balsanaro, the new President of Brazil. On another, and e...
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Here's how the world picks sides in the Venezuela crisis

The U.S. has urged the world to 'pick sides' in Venezuela's constitutional crisis.This map shows which countries continue to support Maduro, and which ones have thrown their weight behind Guaidó.Could this be the first intimation of a new Cold War – or worse?Since last Wednesday, Venezuela has two presidents. The world map above shows which countries (in red) support Nicolas Maduro, whose re-election last May many observers say was rigged; and which ones (in dark blue) support Juan Guaidó, the o...
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Democracy is Bloodier than Monarchy or Aristocracy

John Adams (1735 -1826) was an American Founding Father, and the second president of the United States (1797 -1801). Read the wiki page on Adams. One marvels at all the natural wealth that the US has — immense land area, minerals, rivers, forests. You name it, the US has it all. But all that natural … Continue reading Democracy is Bloodier than Monarchy or Aristocracy
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What is socialism? Here's how 10 brilliant thinkers define it.

Like many ideologies, socialism can be many things to different people.These ten quotes show what it means to ten different thinkers, including Albert Einstein and Winston Churchill. While they leave the question of what socialism is unsettled, they do offer us great insights.Socialism is one of those words that has been used so many times to describe so many different ideologies that it has lost all meaning. That doesn't stop people from trying to describe it though. Here, we have ten quotes ...
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What is the Green New Deal?

Recent protests by the Sunrise Movement have taken the Green New Deal from forgotten policy to trending hashtag.The Green New Deal aims to move the U.S. to 100% renewable energy within a decade.Proponents also hope to catalyze a top-down restructuring of the U.S. economy and advance social justice issues. None In October of last year, the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a special report, titled 'Global Warming of 1.5°C'. The report's authors believed that human...
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citizen sensemaking

Finland has taken a private-sector initiative to introduce people to Artificial Intelligence and turned it into a state-supported program to train 1% of the population. “The idea has a simple, Nordic ring to it: Start by teaching 1 percent of the country’s population, or about 55,000 people, the basic concepts at the root of artificial technology, and gradually build on the number over the next few years.” —Politico 2019-01-02 This is a good idea and nobody could find fault with an educational p...
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the democratization of media

“You’re just hearing about it [microaggression] more, because the people who have been suffering it for a long time have decided that they aren’t going to suffer it anymore. The disempowered recognize that it’s time for them to be heard. Social media gives them a platform to broadcast that message for the first real time in history. Prior to a decade ago, they’d have to find some way to get their message out through media dominated by the very people who were looking down on them and oppressing...
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5 Elections to Watch in 2019

As voters prepare for elections scheduled for 2019, here are five to watch
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democracy and equality

Will technology empower or frustrate learning and will established powers control individuals or will something new emerge? These were the questions asked during the The Edinburgh Scenarios in 2004. The resulting scenarios were as follows. Web of Confidence: Technology advances, power shifts to emergent players. U Choose: Technology frustrates, power shifts to emergent players. Virtually Vanilla: Technology advances, power retained by established players. Back to the Future: Technology frustrate...
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A piddling elitism obscures a greater elitism.

Things not read this morning (click to enlarge and clarify): [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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saving democracy

Why do younger people generally think it is less essential to live in a democracy? Perhaps it’s because the times are changing. The first democracies (USA, France, and gradually the UK) emerged about 300 years after the invention of the printing press. A free press was a cornerstone of American democracy. All of these are representative democracies, electing people to go to a central location and represent a constituency. Maybe they are no longer suitable for a network era society. For instance,...
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Why the U.S. is an anomaly among democracies

From the time of the ancient Greeks, political philosophers believed the only way to have diversity in a society was for it to be an empire or a dictatorship. They thought homogeneity was the core of democracy: one ethnic group, one racial group, and especially one religion. Then America broke that mold in 1787.Eboo Patel cites historical examples of how Benjamin Franklin donated funds to different religious communities and built a pulpit for the Grand Mufti of Constantinople to preach Islam, i...
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How Democracy Is Losing the World

How Democracy Is Losing the World U.S.A. –-( If Donald Trump told Michael Cohen to pay hush money to Stormy Daniels about a one-night stand a decade ago, that, says Jerome Nadler, incoming chair of House Judiciary, would be an “impeachable offense.”This tells you what social media, cable TV and the great herd of talking heads will be consumed with for the next two years — the peccadillos and misdeeds of Trump, almost all of which occurred before being chosen as president of the U...
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GOP Lawmakers in Wisconsin Mount Lame-Duck Power Grab

If you want to see what Republican lawmakers really think about voters, look no further than their attempt to steal power from incoming Democrats in Wisconsin, while also trying to limit voters’ rights.Read more...
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Dear elites: Did you learn your lesson?

A globalized, interconnected world doesn't necessarily work for everyone... especially on the rural (and hyper-local) levels. While many got massively rich from technology and globalized trade it left many feeling locked out. Anand focuses on the rise of Trump and the huge popularity of Bernie Sanders to highlight the fact that the majority aren't satisfied with the current state of capitalism. Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changi...
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democracy 2.0

How print enabled democracy “The mass societies had many more decisions to make, and no way of making them in the old, egalitarian way. Their huge numbers made any attempt at discussing the question as equals impossible, so the only ones that survived and flourished were the ones that became brutal hierarchies. Tyranny was the solution to what was essentially a communications problem. Fast forward ten thousand years, and give these societies mass communications. You don’t have to wait for Faceb...
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7 prophetic writings by American presidents

Presidential candidates run on platforms of change and are elected by those who desire their vision of the future.We look at seven times presidents' writings that have been oddly, if accidentally, prophetic.Of course, there may be some hindsight bias in our selections.U.S. Presidents aren't just chosen to lead us through current events, but because they have a vision of the future their constituents want to be led toward. President Trump's campaign message in 2016 was to regain America's economi...
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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: abolish Columbus Day, replace it with Voting Day

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (previously), the youngest woman ever elected to Congress, has proposed abolishing Columbus Day (which honors a raping, murdering, enslaving, genocidal pedophile) and replacing it with a day off for voting (which most other developed democracies give their citizens). Ocasio-Cortez first mooted an Election Day holiday, then replyied to Daily Mail’s U.S. political editor David Martosko, who tweeted that "AOC hasn't even started the job yet and she's already angling fo...
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"Why Democrats Should Not Call the Georgia Governor’s Race 'Stolen'/There are three important reasons to cool this rhetoric..."

"... despite Brian Kemp’s odious voter suppression efforts," cautions lawprof Richard Hasen (at Slate). The 3 reasons:First, rhetoric about stolen elections feeds a growing cycle of mistrust and delegitimization of the election process, an attack pushed by President Trump and other Republicans who have been yelling “voter fraud” every time they are behind in the count. I’ve already set out my fear that Trump could refuse to concede the 2020 presidential election if he is ahead in the count on el...
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