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Copenhagen 1-1 Celtic: Neil Lennon disappointed at goal tally

Celtic manager Neil Lennon says he is "disappointed" his side are leaving Denmark with just one away goal after battling out a 1-1 draw in Copenhagen.
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Exactly how much Wokingham council paid for Denmark Street car park

The car park and buildings in the area cost millions for the council to buy [Author: [email protected] (James Aldridge)]
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Three Memorable Moments From Danish “Shark Tank”

The fifth season of the Danish “Shark Tank” called “Løvens Hule” (Lion’s Den) is coming to a close. In Denmark the sharks are called lions, and this season introduced new two new lions as well as series of interesting new businesses trying out their luck in front of the five angel investor. With the fifth season coming to an end, we have decided to pick out three memorable moments from the first five seasons. 50+ danish startups, entrepreneurs and inventors have tried their luck in front of...
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Bernie Sanders’ brand of socialism

Bernie Sanders leads the race for the Democratic nomination. He may become America’s first self-described “democratic socialist” president. What does that mean? Today, when Sanders talks about socialism, he says: “I’m not looking at Cuba. I’m looking at countries like Denmark and Sweden.” But Denmark and Sweden are not socialist. Denmark’s prime minister even came to America to refute Sanders’ claims, pointing out that “Denmark is far from a socialist planned economy.” Both Denmark and Sweden do...
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FC Copenhagen v Celtic: Neil Lennon says side won't underestimate hosts

Celtic will not underestimate a "smart, athletic and well-organised" FC Copenhagen when the sides meet in Denmark in the last 32 of the Europa League, says Neil Lennon.
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Denmark: New Salary Limits For Third-Country Nationals Under Pay Limit Scheme And For Foreign Researchers And Highly-Paid Employees Under Special Tax Scheme - Ius Laboris

New minimum salary limits now apply under Danish Pay Limit Scheme for third-country nationals and under the special tax scheme for foreign researchers and highly paid employees.
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"Parasite" searches ride an Oscars wave

It’s been over a week since “Parasite” made history, becoming the first non-English language film to win Best Picture. And people are still talking about (and searching for) it.Surge in search interestThere was already global interest in “Parasite” before the Oscars (turns out a lot of people could find something to relate to in a dark, funny story about two very different Korean families). Parasite was the third-most-searched Best Picture nominee in the week before the awards ceremony, behind “...
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Quote of the day - Not Real Socialism Edition

I just recently had a "discussion" with someone on FB on the topic of "democratic socialism."  He indignantly left the conversation when I posted this cartoon: But that's not the QotD.  This explanation - in its entirety - by Larry Corriea is:I keep seeing this idiotic thing where "socialism" is used as a synonym for "government". So if you like fire departments or roads, you're a socialist...BULLSHIT. These people drive me insane.Government and its many programs all existed before Karl Marx. S...
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The Guardian view on Europe after Brexit: unity is strength | Editorial

In challenging times, the world needs the EU to be at the top of its game. This week’s budget negotiations are a first testThese are strange and somewhat disorientating times for the European Union. A multipolar world in which China’s influence grows, and Donald Trump’s United States is at best an erratic ally, has created new dilemmas and dangers. Closer to home, Brexit, whatever eventual form it takes, is already transforming the political landscape. For the 27 remaining EU member states, life...
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Danish social worker jailed for stealing £13m of government funds

Britta Nielsen embezzled funds intended for vulnerable people by creating fictitious projectsA Danish social worker has been sentenced to six-and-a-half years in prison for stealing 117m Danish kroner (£13m) of government funding intended for vulnerable people.The case against Britta Nielsen has shaken the self-image of a state that has for years been ranked the country with the perceived lowest corruption in the world. Continue reading...
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Vivarium Trailer Traps Imogen Poots & Jesse Eisenberg in a Forever Home

BEGIN SLIDESHOW New Vivarium trailer traps Imogen Poots & Jesse Eisenberg in a forever home Saban Films has released the international trailer for their upcoming sci-fi thriller film Vivarium, featuring Imogen Poots and Jesse Eisenberg as a young couple who gets trapped in an ideal neighborhood. The film had its world premiere at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival and is set to premiere in select theaters on March 27. Check out the video in the player below! RELATED: New Guns Akimbo Trailer:...
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Due to Climate Change, Even Norwegians Are Skiing Indoors This Winter

(Bloomberg) — On a Monday morning in February skiers glided down the run, while snowboarders nearby practiced jumps on the ramps and tired visitors rested on red picnic chairs and munched snacks as they recovered. The scene could be that of any winter morning on any ski resort in Norway — the cradle of modern skiing — except that snow hadn’t fallen from the sky, and the view of a powder-coated Scandinavian forest was printed on a giant panel built on the side of the slope. Norway’s Sno re...
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Stockholm Design Week: The Archive Exhibition

Gloriously subtle and sophisticated objects made by Japanese and Danish designers At this year’s Stockholm Design Week, Japanese studios Ariake and 2016/Arita collaborated with Danish design houses LE KLINT and Friends and Founders to present the standout The Archive exhibition—a reflection of just how well their respective design aesthetics complement each other. The exhibition, curated by Hanna Nova Beatrice and styled by Annaleena Leino, was …
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Power Line: Tesla crushed by Sunrun in solar sales, battery breakthroughs, and a guide to the energy provider Arcadia

Hello, and welcome to Power Line, a weekly clean-energy newsletter from Business Insider.  Sign up here to get Power Line in your inbox every Friday. Most of our coverage is available exclusively to BI Prime subscribers. If you're looking for a discount on a subscription to BI Prime, click here.  Have a tip or feedback to share? Shoot me an email at [email protected] Is your phone always dying? This technology could help. Yes, I'm one of those people whose phone is always on the e...
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Tomasz Stepien – on Riding Shotgun With Charlie #66 ~ VIDEO

USA – -( Tomasz Stepien answered the call when I was looking for passengers at Gun Rights Policy Conference in Phoenix. I was excited to have my first international passenger in the stagecoach. This was quite an education for me and I hope it is for you as well. Tomasz learned gun safety in school! Can you believe that?!?! He started shooting .22 LR when he was young but took some time off for his career. A few years ago, he made some changes with his career and got back into...
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This Is How Scandinavia Got Great

The power of educating the whole person.
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Car 'Splatometer' Tests Reveal Huge Decline In Number of Insects

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Guardian: Two scientific studies of the number of insects splattered by cars have revealed a huge decline in abundance at European sites in two decades. The survey of insects hitting car windscreens in rural Denmark used data collected every summer from 1997 to 2017 and found an 80% decline in abundance. It also found a parallel decline in the number of swallows and martins, birds that live on insects. The second survey, in the UK county of Kent in ...
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New to Blu-Ray - SONS OF DENMARK

Fuelled by the rise of a nationalist politician, a young immigrant becomes radicalised. Read more >>> [Author: The Movie Waffler]
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'What is truly Scandinavian? Nothing' Airline clarifies ad after far-right criticism

Anti-immigration groups said campaign was disrespectful of Scandinavian cultureThe Scandinavian airline SAS has “clarified” an advertisement intended to highlight the role of travel, immigration and cultural diversity in forging the region’s identity after it was pilloried online by far-right and nationalist groups.The airline, the flag carrier of Denmark, Norway and Sweden, initially withdrew the commercial less than 24 hours after it was released saying the pattern and volume of reactions on s...
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Car ‘splatometer’ tests reveal huge decline in number of insects

Research shows abundance at sites in Europe has plunged by up to 80% in two decadesTwo scientific studies of the number of insects splattered by cars have revealed a huge decline in abundance at European sites in two decades.The research adds to growing evidence of what some scientists have called an “insect apocalypse”, which is threatening a collapse in the natural world that sustains humans and all life on Earth. A third study shows plummeting numbers of aquatic insects in streams. Continue r...
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Denmark’s Kristine Melberg Is in a Halifax-State of Mind

For the first time since 1992, Denmark will be competing in an IIHF Women’s World Championship. 2020’s tourney will be held in Halifax and Truro, Nova Scotia from Mar. 31 through Apr. 10. 19-year-old defender Kristine Melberg hopes that she will be one of the Danes selected to compete in Canada. She is one of the reasons why her country is even there to begin. “It means the world for me to play for the Danish Women’s National Team,” Melberg told THW. “The U18 team, as well as the seniors whe...
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From execs to budtenders, 2,000 people have lost their jobs in cannabis. We're keeping track of all the job cuts across the industry here.

Cannabis companies have been hit with a wave of layoffs, amounting to around 2,000 jobs lost across both startups and public companies. The job cuts come amid a broader downturn in the sector. One index of marijuana stocks lost about 50% of its value in 2019. On the private side, a tight funding environment has made it difficult for growth-stage cannabis startups to raise capital. Click here for more BI Prime stories, and subscribe to our weekly cannabis newsletter, Cultivated. The once red-h...
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Flexible wages are one path to a more humane market

Flexible wages are one path to a more humane market In recent years, conservative criticism of the free market has amplified. In a widely noted column, R. R. Reno of First Things wrote, “The dynamism, velocity, and mobility of capitalism are destabilizing our societies.… Capitalism has a marvelous capacity to innovate, create wealth, and expand prosperity. But it lacks the capacity to give people stability, solidarity, and a sense of belonging. In fact, in ...
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SAS - What is truly Scandinavian? Nothing (2020) 2:42 (Denmark)

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Barcelona's new solar-powered sports center features a green facade

Barcelona, a city well-known for its avant-garde architecture, both modern and historic, is going green. Local firm Architecture Anna Noguera has just completed work on the Turó de la Peira’s Sports Center, a solar-powered complex covered in a lush green facade. The building’s innovative hydroponic system includes a rainwater collection system that irrigates the vegetation year-round. Once known as a beautiful green area in the city, Barcelona’s Turó de la Peira Quarter was taken over by urban ...
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Storm Dennis to strengthen into bomb cyclone before battering Europe

A new windstorm threat looms for Europe just days after deadly Storm Ciara triggered widespread travel disruptions from the United Kingdom to Germany.Storm Dennis was officially named by the UK Met Office on Tuesday, making it the fourth-named windstorm of the season by collaboration of Ireland, the United Kingdom and Netherlands. Windstorm season traditionally runs from September through the end of April.Dennis is expected to rapidly intensify as it tracks across the northern Atlantic Ocean wit...
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Software Error Exposes the ID Numbers For 1.26 Million Danish Citizens

A software error in Denmark's government tax portal has accidentally exposed the personal identification (CPR) numbers for 1.26 million Danish citizens, a fifth of the country's total population. From a report: The error lasted for five years (between February 2, 2015, and January 24, 2020) before it was discovered, Danish media reported last week. The software error and the subsequent leak was discovered following an audit by the Danish Agency for Development and Simplification (Udviklings-og F...
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Climate-adaptive park in Copenhagen wins Arne of the Year Award

One of Copenhagen’s newest green parks, the Sankt Kjelds Square and Bryggervangen, has just received Copenhagen’s most prestigious architecture prize — the Arne of the Year Award. Designed by Danish design studio SLA, the nearly 35,000-square-meter urban park is most notable for its effective solutions to cloudbursts, a term describing sudden heavy rainfall that can trigger violent flash floods. Using blue-green space as a sponge for rainwater, the cloudburst adaptation project not only mitigate...
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The 5 Best Moments From the Confusing, Chaotic, Cathartic 2020 Oscars

Like every year, Sunday’s 2020 Oscars ceremony was a night of overwhelming highs and abysmal lows. But Parasite is now a four-time Oscar winner, so things are (mostly) right in the world. Because of that, we’ll only be counting down the highs of this year’s host-less Oscars ceremony, which ran the gamut of emotions from confusing, to chaotic, to cathartic. Here are our highlights of the 92nd Academy Awards. Janelle Monae is Our New May Queen In a gonzo opening number that would set the ...
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Denmark: Trademarks Comparative Guide - Accura Advokatpartnerselskab

Trademarks Comparative Guide for the jurisdiction of Denmark, check out our comparative guides section to compare across multiple countries
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